This morning would see a change in the usual droll routine that Loki faced day after dreary day. The moment the business of the realm was taken care of, Loki was escorted to the training grounds. It was packed with soldiers and mercenaries striding purposefully or pausing to test their weapons with practice strikes and swings. They were competing for a chance to join Loki and the royal guard on their survey of every one of the Nine Realms. Ever since the incognito change in command, Loki was discovering how much of a true dunce the AllFather was in comparison to himself.

Thirteen centuries. That's how long it had been since in-detail surveys had been submitted of each of the Realms.

Loki sat back and watched with interest as the first battle took place. It was a standard free-for-all between one hundred able-bodied men and women, with each one fighting to be the last one standing. They fought until the last twenty Aesir were left, then departed to the side to allow the next hundred to enter the arena. It took all day for them to finish the accursed thing. In the end, the decision was made to take the remaining one-hundred from the ultimate contest.

Loki was watching the servants pack the last of his things early that next morning while he was busy trying to write with one eye. How Odin didn't lose his mind trying to do things with just one eye, Loki didn't know. Their first realm would be Jotunheim, for it had received the most change. Part of that was because of Loki himself, he thought amusedly. It was a twelve day journey by vaskebjørn, a massive beetle-looking thing with a thick layer of fur and fat. Loki went to go back to his rooms but was intercepted by one of the servants. "Allfather, we are prepared to leave," the servant knelt to his knees. It seemed that the AllFather had a superiority complex. "Heimdall reports that Lord Byleistr would like to accompany you until you reach the High West Mountains."

Loki merely nodded and changed course. There were several squadrons of soldiers waiting as he strode through the grounds. All of them were saluting as he passed; oh, if only they knew just who they were really saluting. He only nodded to Heimdall as he activated the Bifrost, channeling the entire surveying party to the icy surface he truly belonged to. The air itself burned his lungs in Loki's Aesir form, and it was quite dark despite Jotunheim's twin suns being up at high noon. Loki looked up at the five vaskebjørn awaiting their party. They were massive. Just one of those could likely feed the entire Asgardian royal court for five years including Volstagg the bottomless pit.

"Ah, many greetings, AllFather," a voice called out. A large Frost Giant appeared wearing the traditional loincloth and furs, but his were more...decorational and elaborate. So...this was his brother? He wasn't impressed in the least.

"Lord Byliestr, many greetings from Asgard. I hear tell that thou shalt be joining us for a short time."

"Yes, you hear true. Shall we mount?"


On the back of the vaskebjørn, Loki looked around him. Its back was broad enough for him to walk across, and it was about four times the AllFather's chamber in size. Their shoulders had been fitted with some kind of railed barrier that would help prevent them from falling off. How kind, Loki mused. Byleistr joined them, as did several other Jotun appeared to be members of the royal court. They were all warriors. There were some younger looking ones running about playing though.

"AllFather, sire look out!"

Loki turned just in time to see one of said children coming straight for him. Before he could do anything, he was hit and on his back with a wheezing groan. He opened his eyes to see everyone gaping at him. Curses. Loki looked down at his hands and saw that lo and behold he was Jotun. The jig was up, as Midgardians seemed keen to say. He stood slowly, dropping his guise. All the Aesir began raising their weapons.

"Heed me," he commanded. "Odin, AllFather, is dead. I, as the only remaining royalty to take the throne, have saved you from total anarchy and destruction. Be aware of these things as we travel onward," he commanded, picking up his cloak. "Show me to my section," he snapped waspishly.

"As you wish, King Loki," Byleistr said with a sneaking grin.

They moved away from the main group to the center of the vaskebjørn's back.

Scaffolding had been erected in various places around the edge but there was only one section in the middle. Loki walked through; Byleistr had to duck behind him. The furnishings there were comfortable, and the cushions from the bed were piled onto the floor. Byleistr eased himself down onto them and smiled at him. "We'll be underway in a little while, they're just doing the last checks now."

"You said nothing about children and that entire court of yours coming along," Loki snarled, pacing. "Thanks to you, I nearly lost the Throne in two seconds."

"Be at ease," Byleistr said casually. "There is nary a way anyone can get word back to Asgard with this information. It is contained, brother mine."

"Do not refer to me so informally." Loki felt the floor lurch beneath him. They were finally getting underway.

"Have it your way," Byleistr smirked.

"My King," a Jotun knelt outside the door. "Your wives request your presence at the head. It seems the city wishes to give their best."

"Indeed," Byleistr said, having to nearly crawl out.

Loki glared daggers and knives at his brother's back as he left. He had to remain calm. If he let his temper overrun him once again, they would have another Bifrost situation all over again. He nearly died from that disastrous fall. He just needed to keep a level head…level. Loki flung a flask of wine, causing it to shatter as he heaved air. It seemed the Norns were ever against him. No matter, he'd curse them all anyway. He would reign eternal, for he was ever the trickster.