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Chapter 1 : Seriously! I 'm bored out of my mind!

Within an ancient shrine, located in Kawakami City, an elderly yet still powerful man could be found alone, deeply focused on his own thoughts. In fact, despite his advanced age his body was still so strong that few could rival him at even half of his age. Dressed in his shrine robes the Grandmaster of the Kawakami school sat in his room and meditated over his latest dilemma.

Kawakami Tesshin, the Grandmaster of Kawakami style, found himself deeply concerned. Momoyo, his heir and also his granddaughter, was becoming more unhinged with each passing day. The need to battle, to absolutely crush any who stood in her way, was starting to overwhelm her self-control. She was growing more reckless, seeking fight after fight wherever she went, even going so far as to intentionally handicap herself to make her fights more interesting. The girl was was living dangerously on the edge as a martial artist.

It truly was a shame that there was not one person in her age range who could pose a challenge her anymore, she had overcome every opponent and the only ones that could actually give her a decent challenge now would be the other three Devas.

"Hrummph.." Kawakami Tesshin sighed again as he inhaled another puff from his peace pipe. 'That girl, what am I ever going to do with you Momoyo?' He asked himself for what he felt was the hundredth time.

"Yo! Long time no see Tessy!" A familiar old crackling voice said unexpectedly.

The Elder Kawakami snapped open his eyes and looked to where the voice originated, beside him. Very few people could sneak up on him and the only one that had done it last was twenty years deceased. Yet when he looked, he found his deceased friend.

"Happosai!" Tesshin whispered before clapping his hand together and bowing his head in respectful silence for the dead.

"Hey! I'm not dead yet!" Happosai, Grandmaster of the Anything Goes School protested indignantly.

Tesshin eyes widened with surprise momentarily before shock was replaced with joy and his mouth formed a wide smile. "Happosai! I was told you were dead! Yet here you are alive, how?" He asked his long time friend.

"Hmph!" Happosai said crossing his arms before taking out his own pipe. "Two of my students tried to kill me but they failed, it's not that easy to kill someone as great as me." He said puffing out his chest in pride.

Tesshin merely sweat dropped with his friend's words. Most normal students wouldn't try to kill their master. He briefly shuddered at the thought of Momoyo trying her hand at it before banishing the image and turning his attention back to his friend. "Well I must say, it's nice to see you again it's been to long! Come, stay with me for a drink!" He said happily and called his maid in by ringing the servant bell.

"Yes Master Kawak- Urk! Happosai!" Reiko, the long time servant of the Kawakami clan, said in disgust after catching sight of the old diminutive troll, one she had hoped to never see again. "You're supposed to be dead!" She pointed at the three hundred year old pervert accusingly.

"Reiko..?" Happosai muttered softly as he spied the long time servant in her traditional kimono. The emotion in his voice apparently took her by surprise as she actually softened her eyes as he approached her. "Reiko..." He said softly looking at her and before she knew it tears started to flow from his eyes.

"Happosai..." Reiko said softly, touched by the emotion the old pervert was showing. Perhaps time matured him?

"You got old and fat!" Happosai wailed crying river of tears while pointing accusingly at the loyal care taker.

"Die." Reiko said flatly and took a tea tray that she had with her and smashed the old pervert like a disgusting cockroach. "I'll take my leave Kawakami-sama." She bowed politely to her master before exiting the room gracefully.

Tesshin breathed a sigh of relief, Reiko honestly scared him sometimes, but then again she was the only one that could keep Momoyo and the kids in line. He looked back to his friend and was not surprised to see him quickly recovering. "Well just like old times, eh Happy?" He grinned and watched as his old friend right himself with no apparent sign of injury and return his grin. "Calls for a celebration don't you think? You being alive and all?"

"You read my mind Tesshin!" Happosai said with a happy dance in his step as his old time friend took out bottle upon bottle of his stash of fine sake.
"To life-" The two old men said together. "- And young nubile girls!" They finished.

"DIE PERVERTS!" Was the only warning they received, as twin trays immediately flew in from the window and smacked them both right in the back of their heads.
Twitching on the floor Happosai was the first to recover. "Tes-tessy?" Happosai croaked out, wishing that the world would stop spinning so he could get off.

"Ye-yes Happy?" Tesshin answered with a wince.

"Reiko got mean." Happosai said sagely, finally clearing his head and getting back up like nothing had happened.

Tesshin could only nodded in the same sage-like manner.

++++ Later that evening +++++

The sounds of shuffling feet echoed as the Kawakami children returned from yet another excursion from their private hang out, an the old abandoned building. First and always at the helm was the elder sister of the group, long slim legs, large sized breasts, a sultry face with blood red eyes and framed by beautiful long black hair, their martial artist extraordinaire and battle-crazed wild woman, Momoyo Kawakami. Trailing right behind her like a good underling was a shorter boy with dark brown hair that was not neatly combed, was their resident tactician, Yamato Naoe. Attached to the arm of said boy was a sexy girl with a short apple bob cut, Miyako Shina.

Trailing behind the three a tall handsome boy with wild hair wrapped in a bandana was Soichi Kazama, the acknowledged Captain of the group. Next, flanking his side were his two most dependable friends, his brothers in arms. Morooka Takuya often called Moro, was a small short quiet boy with a blue bang covering one of his eyes. Gakuto Shimazu, who was on the other side of Kazama, was the complete opposite of the small effeminate looking Morooka,being tall, buff and rather extroverted.

Finally the last group to go in was a trio of girls. The first one that stuck out would be the blond foreign exchange student from Germany, Christiane Friedrich, her beauty stunned the her class mates right away. Unfortunately her notions of Japanese culture were mostly incorrect, and her general outlook on things came from Historical-period Japanese dramas. The girl chatting animatedly next to her with long dark brown hair and two little ornament balls as decoration on in her hair was Kazuko Kawakami. Though the cheerful and energetic girl was Momoyo's sister, they looked almost nothing alike as Kazuko was adopted.. Her cheerful demeanor earned her the nick name Wanko, which means puppy, of course, it doesn't help that she responds to anyone using a dog whistle.

Lastly was the shy and quiet one of the three girls, who was trying very hard to fit in with the rest of the group. At a glance, she was a cool looking beauty with a long pony tail reaching to her back. Mayuzumi Yukie was on a mission to make a hundred friends. Due to her training whenever met with a stressful situation, her facial expressions would become intimidating, scaring people away. Her only companion in her trying time was Matsukaze, a horse shaped phone strap that allegedly was possessed by a spirit to befriend Mayuzumi. Of course, a little known fact is that Mayuzumi is an expert ventriloquist and have yet to fool anybody with her 'spirit' story.

"I'm going to my room see ya!" Gakuto the sturdy man of the group said. " I'm pooped."

Shortly after, both Moro, the silent one of the group and the Captain, the bandana wearing leader of the group excused themselves leaving Yamato alone with the girls.

Yamato looked over to his love and noticed the way she fidgeted, clearly uncomfortable about something. 'Momoyo Kawakami, the epitome of a Yamato Nadeshiko, a Japanese Beauty. Long dark beautiful hair, red seductive eyes, huge breasts and as an ass man would have to rate as the best.' He thought with admiration.

Truly the best...too bad she rejected him…twice. Life could be so unfair.

"Enjoying the view little bro?" Momoyo asked in her seductive voice to her pseudo little brother/underling. She then raised her arms up and stretched in a sexy pose and noticed the small blush on his face. "Too easy." She laughed lightly as she walked up the stairs to her room.

Once inside and alone, she closed the door to her room and leaned back on the frame before giving off a tired sigh. Already she could hear the dispute between the girls over who would do what for Yamato. She loved Yamato, she truly did, but as much as she loved him, he was unable to stand on equal footing with her. She huffed ruefully blowing a few strand of hair from her forehead out of her eyes; she doubted that anyone could at this point.

Momoyo sighed once again as she started to unbutton her school uniform jacket when she sensed a powerful presence nearby, and gave a feral grin. Unable to stop herself, the blood in her body started to boil at the thought of a strong opponent to fight. Something to relieve her of her boredom; heck even taking out the girls in a three on one fight wasn't cutting it for her anymore, and messing with Yamato only helps so much.

Before Momoyo knew it, she found herself at the door to her grandfathers' studies and opened it without even knocking only to find her grandfather drunk off his ass with a pint sized old man who was small in every sense of the word.

"Oh~ my~, Tessy! Joo been holting ouch on meee!" The tiny old man slurred drunkenly before, to her amazement, the man lurched forward and then disappeared…as if he had never been there to begin with!

Confusion ruled her senses at first, until she felt some sort of pressure on her chest. Looking down she saw the tiny old man, now identified as a pervert, fondling her breast while motor boating it at the same time…. Amusing. " Are you quite done?" Momoyo asked politely.

Happosai was in pure heaven! These were grade S breasts, definitely supreme, there were no doubt about it. 'These might be better then Ranma—chans!' Hearing her question he nodded blissfully before his combat instincts sharply kicked in, making him leap away from the extremely pretty girls bosom. An instant slower and he would have been bisected by a powerful Ki-enhanced attack.

"Hey hey now," Momoyo said with a beautific smile, but with a dangerous glint in her eyes. "You got your feel, now you just gotta pay a small fee for it that's all." The smile never leaving her face.

"Fee?" Happosai asked quickly sobering up. "How much?"

"Oh nothing too much…just your life!" Momoyo declared as she charged at the old pervert, rearing her fist back to end the mans life. "Consider yourself lucky, not many had ever touched my breasts." Unleashing her strike, expecting to end it all in one blow…. However, to her utter joy she found that he had dodged her once more, and whats more it seems like he used little to no effort to do it! Using her impressive instincts she turned around and homed in on the pervert intending to kill him.

Once again, to Momoyo's utter delight, her strikes were all being dodged! Grinning ferally, she realized that this meant she could let loose even more and lose herself in the bloodlust completely! "Yes! Yes! Make this fun for me, make it fun!" She yelled out sadistically, eyes darkening in bloodlust.

Happosai was dodging for his dear life, this girl...this girl was incredible! Her skill was incredible, and the power behind those punches was nothing to sneeze at. He could be seriously hurt, or worse, if she landed even a single solid blow. "Now now, sweet heart, can't we just talk this out?" He said in between her blurred fist.

"No! No talking, talking ruins the fun! Fight me!" Momoyo yelled completely loosing herself in the battle…


…Before a sharp "WHACK" to her head brought her back to her senses.

"Momoyo stop this now!" Tesshin shouted, having seen the look of pure joy radiating on his heir's face. He did not doubt Happosai's skill, but at his age any real strike by his granddaughter could be potentially fatal. Especially with him half drunk as it was.

"But he copped a feel and I haven't had a good opponent in SOO Long!" Momoyo pleaded desperately while looking at the tiny pervert, bloodlust still prevalent in her eyes.

Not much scared Happosai, but there was one rule he sticks by, "Don't mess with the crazy one". The girl here seemed to be a little too battle-crazed and fatalistic for his taste. "A student of yours, your heir I assume? She's too good to be anything else." He asked politely giving a knowing look to his old friend.

"Yes, my granddaughter, Momoyo Kawakami." Tesshin replied to his friend proudly.

"You realize she's..." Happosai wanted to say a berserker, but what he saw did not quite fit a berserker who would lose themselves completely, this girl was just battle hungry.

"Yes." Tesshin said with a solemn nod looking at his granddaughter and saw her merely give a pout. "However, she has hit that invisible wall."

Happosai eyes widened in disbelief and understanding. "I see." He muttered to himself before turning his attention back to Momoyo. "No one wants to play with you huh."

"Yes, so you should, you should totally let me play with you." Momoyo said hastily before shooting the tiny pervert a seductive look. "I'll even let you touch - my - breast." She whispered out huskily, bringing her hand to slightly cup her bosom to further entice the old man.

"Oh my god! She's just like Sakura!" Happosai said his eyes widening in complete understanding.

Momoyo looked a bit startled. "Grandmother? What about her?" She asked, honestly confused as to what her grandmother had to do with all this… most importantly why no one was fighting yet!

"She was just like you, always searching for the next battle and losing herself to it completely, at least, before your grandfather tamed her of course." Happosai said with a sly grin to his friend. "My dearie, you have an itch that needs scratching badly." He said sagely only to find the girl standing before him, he could even see underneath her skirt.

"Fight me." Momoyo said again, a tone desperate need in her voice.

Happosai looked at his friend, then looked to his friends' granddaughter. "My dear, if I was two hundred years younger I would take you up on that offer, but the one that is likely to defeat you would win your heart."

"So, don't you want a nubile girl like me at your beck and call?" Momoyo said in her seductive tone leaning down so to give the small pervert a view of her chest.

Happosai gulped and nearly nodded yes, but then quickly remembered something important. "My dear, defeating you is a certainty. Surviving the night with you, however, would be the end of me." He said with a shudder. The girl would kill him! Give him panties, not death!

Momoyo looked down at the old pervert in disappointment. Guess she wouldn't be able to kill him or go all out..disappointing. Breathing in and out, slowly and deeply, she turned her back to look at her grandfather. "I guess I'll be going now." She said casually and was prepared to return to her room when the old pervert jumped in front of her. She raised an eyebrow to wondering what he wanted.

"You didn't let me finish my dear!" Happosai said smugly. "I might not may be able to do anything for you but my future heir can." Happosai said with an evil smirk. Oh that ungrateful heir of his was about to get payback of the highest order, besides Momoyo would make the Anything Goes line extremely powerful, definitely a better candidate then Akane.

"Your heir?" Momoyo asked cupping her chin, trying to picture the heir of this old pervert. The only image that came to her was another old geezer, though likely less ancient, because surely anyone near her age worth fighting had already been defeated by her. "He's as old as you I take it, give or take a couple of hundred years?" She asked wryly.

"Nope, the boy's only seventeen and he's going to be my heir whether he knows it or not!" Happosai chuckled sinisterly, but was surprised to see the disappointment on the girls face as she once again started to walk away. "Hey! Where are you going?"

"To my room," Momoyo replied curtly. "A seventeen year old cannot hope to stand up to me." She said confidently, without a shred of doubt as in her experience nothing stood to disprove the fact. "Anyone that's worth their salt has already been defeated by me." She said thumbing her chest for emphasis.

"She's right," Tesshin said to his friend. "All the best fighters in her age group and some even older have been bested by her, I'm sure your heir is skilled but he probably wouldn't hold a candle to Momoyo." He said confidently, puffing his chest out in pride.

'Challenged accepted.' The old pervert thought at his long time friend dismissive tone."He killed Saffron." Happosai said casually and smirked as he saw Tesshin face looked complete and utterly shocked at this one simple statement.

Momoyo heard her grandfathers gasp and stopped right where she was. Turning back she saw the look on her grandfathers' face. "Saffron? The Greek spice?" She asked, wondering why the mention of a spice could incite such a reaction in her grandfather.

Shakily, Tesshin took a deep breath. "Your heir…defeated Saffron? Bested the Phoenix King of Jusendo?" Tesshin couldn't believe his friend was telling the truth, but the smug self-satisfied way his friend was carrying himself and the pride he radiated was all too real.

"Hey, who's Saffron old man?" Momoyo asked impatiently, as she had rarely seen her grandfather so shocked like this.

"He is…Saffron is a phoenix , a fire lord. An unbeatable, unstoppable, and unrelenting God-King of the Phoenix Tribe of China." Tesshin whispered gravely, his spine shuddering at the thought of that…being. "Happosai and I fought him over a hundred years ago to a draw, and even then we nearly died." Tesshin whispered reverently remembering the intense battle. "He could create fire that would melt rocks within seconds, and any damage inflicted upon him was healed almost instantly. An immortal warrior."

"Oh?" Momoyo simply asked, her interested piqued. She dreamed of having an all out one-on-one battle against an opponent like that. She began to lose herself to fantasies of just such a fight when her train of thought suddenly halted as she recalled Happosai's words and her grin turned down right bloodthirsty once again, turning to Happosai with a bright if nearly unhinged look in her eyes. "You said your heir killed him?" She asked biting her lower lip, trying to hold back her sheer explosive excitement at the thought of the supposed young heir of Happosai, which became even more difficult with the diminutive Master's nod.

"How?!" Tesshin asked in a hushed whisper. He and Happosai saw no way around both Saffron's power and regenerative ability. It was simply too much to accept easily.

Happosai, seeing Momoyo's hungry look, could only grin. The girls in the Kawakami family only go for strong men, in that respect they are much like the Amazons, only instead of dominating the male, they submit to them if proven worthy. Still, he should get something out of this deal that he was arranging for his ungrateful heir now, shouldn't he?!

"Hmmm, my mind seems a little fuzzy, maybe if you give me your bra my memo- hotcha!" Happosai exclaimed, as before he finished the word bra, Momoyo had quickly determined his intent and removed the the pervert found it on top of his head, and it was black and lacy to boot! "Oh my silky darling! Such power!" He cooed as he rubbed his face against the bra cup.

"Talk!" Momoyo demanded simply, her need to test herself against this new challenger being held back by a mere hairs width. "How come I haven't heard of him before if he's so powerful?" She found her knees shaking with barely contained excitement. Very few people earned respect from her grandfather, yet at the mere mention of this Saffron's defeat she saw it. She wanted to know more about this mysterious boy.

"That is because unlike the Kawakami school of marital arts, which is aggressive and set to detect any hint of hostility. MY school focus on the passive aggressive side so we do not give away our intention." Happosai said puffing out a ring of smoke from his pipe, that he just seemed to pull out of thin air as they were talking. "The reason why you never sensed him was because he never gave off any killing intent."

Tesshin stroked his bread in consideration. What his friend had said was indeed true, the Anything Goes school would be blind to the Kawakami detection technique due to their more passive aggressiveness as opposed to his styles' pure aggressiveness.

"Give me your panties and I'll tell you something even more intresti- hotcha!" Happosai exclaimed in excitement once more, as he saw the black panties being held in Momoyo's hand.

"It better be interesting or else I will burn it." Momoyo said evilly, now knowing the little perverts' weak spot.

"No! Don't burn the silky darling sister!" Happosai pleaded with watery eyes. "I'll tell! I'll tell!"

"Better. Be. Worth. It." Momoyo enunciated each word carefully, Happosai easily reading the underlying threat if it wasn't, and the unspoken promise given if it was true.

"Do you two remember the Mount Horai incident?" Happosai asked as he looked at the two Kawakami practitioners, though one eye remained glued to his prize.

"What about it?" Momoyo asked impatiently, started to fill her hand with Ki to destroy her panties. What did she care about some mountain?

"It was said to have been destroyed by an earthquake, are you telling me was not, my friend?" The Grandmaster of the Kawakami school asked, an eyebrow rising steadily.

Happosai pounded his chest proudly and grinned at Tesshin. "It was destroyed in an earlier battle my heir fought." He said with a grin.

Tesshin's eyes sharpened and searched for any signs of deception from his old friend. Finding none, he felt the need to ask. "You're serious aren't you? He actually destroyed that mountain?" He asked his old friend.

"I don't know the details, he didn't see fit to share it with me. " Happosai grumbled, such an ungrateful student. "However! I do know that he came out of that battle the victor and the mountain was destroyed by his own actions."

"Incredible." Tesshin whispered before looking at Momoyo and, for the first time, he felt hope take root in his heart. If his heir was all his old friend said he was, then maybe, just maybe, he might be able to help Momoyo after all.

"Oh!" Bringing Tesshin out of his thoughts, as Happosai pounded his fist into his open palm. "Did I forget to mention this was almost a year ago when he did this? He's grown much stronger since." Happosai said, in a matter of fact tone as he rubbed his knuckles on his shirt.

Momoyo could not believe this, she was half convinced that she must be in some kind of dream at this point. She was pretty sure that, given time, she could destroy a mountain. But something like that would take a lot of her energy and this..Heir of the old man did it. "Let me fight him and you can have these." She said twirling her black lace panty around her finger casually.

"DEAL!" Happosai said instantly and jump up to grab the silky undergarment from the girl's hand. Instantly he buried his head into her panties and took a deep whiff. "Ahhhh, so pure, so fresh. Young girls are the best!"

His sense of nirvana was cut short when suddenly the bra and panty from Momoyo caught on fire and were reduced to ashes before he could respond. Before he could even shed a tear, Tesshin spoke up. "Were those anyone elses, I would have let you keep it. However, she IS my granddaughter." He said sternly.

Happosai stared silently at his friend feeling betrayed.

"Old man." Momoyo said softly, surprised at her grandfather protectiveness.

"If anyone should be groping her panties it should be me!" Tesshin yelled loudly, the fires of perversion igniting within his eyes.

"Knew it." Momoyo said flatly and promptly ignored her grandfather in favor of the old diminutive pervert. "Now tell me, what is your heirs name?"

"His name is Ranma, Ranma Saotome." Happosai said with a grin. "You wouldn't happened to be interested in fighting him would you?" He asked in an off hand manner.

"He won't disappoint me?" Momoyo asked seriously.

"My dear, he my be disappointing in a lot of things, but martial arts is something no one, or even those older than him, have bested him at." Happosai said laying it on thick.

"That's because he never met me." Momoyo said giddily. "I am going to destroy him." Oh the battle she would have!

"You can try." Happosai said egging her on, only to be surprised when the girl picked him him and put him between her breast. It happened so fast that by the time he thought to grope she had let him go.

"Bring him here to fight me-" Momoyo said and looked at Happosai. "and you can have anything in my lingerie drawer as payment." With that she skipped away, giddy at the prospect of fighting an opponent that could level mountains. Perhaps this Ranma Saotome would be worthy foe? She prayed to the Kami that he would not fall short of his promised ability like most of the other men she faced before.

Tesshin watched his grand daughter go, a skip in her step, an actual skip! He then turned back to his old friend. "You felt her power, you truly think your heir can handle her?" He asked for confirmation.

"Tessy, after seeing her and experiencing her strength and skill, I can honestly say he was born to fight her," Happosai said sagely. "I'll bring Ranma here in three days time, tell Momoyo I will do my shopping then."

"Hey! That's not fair! I told you anything by Momoyo is mine!" Tesshin Kawakami protested.

"YOU PERVERTS!" Two metal trays of steel homed in on the two Grandmasters and smashed into their bald heads.

Both, face first on the ground, groaned in shared pain as the metal trays had warped around their targets. Giving a detailed impression of the back of their bald heads.

"T-tessy," Happosai groan out in pain.

"Ye-Yes Happy?" Tesshin replied in just as much pain.

"Reiko-chan got REALLY mean." Happosai barely finished before passing out from the blow to the head.


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