Title: Tuesday Afternoon

Author: Sybil Rowan

Pairing(s)/Characters: Kanou Somuku /Ayase Yukiya, Doumeki Shizuka/Watanuki Kimihiro, Kuba Misao/Watanuki Kimihiro (Blame Chevonne Knowels for that last one!)

Rating: M

Summary: Kanou starts wondering more about the mysterious shop where Watanuki works while he watches Ayase get cooking lessons. He send Misao to go spy on Watanuki to see if he can't invest in the business and trouble ensues. Watanuki is also dealing with his baffling, secret, physical relationship with Doumeki while coping with his passionate crush on Misao. Companion piece to Blue Monday.

Warnings: implied rape, and talk of violence, I do refer to Someya as "he" for sure because I read Henshin Dekinai and he's very clear that he is male underneath his clothing.

Author's Notes: I had so much fun writing Blue Monday, I decided to do a follow up. This is kind of a story where for once Kanou bites off more than he can chew. Blue Monday was named after a New Order song, this one is named after a Moody Blues song.

Disclaimer: xxxHolic and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and Legal Drug characters, belong to CLAMP. Okane ga Nai (No Money) was created by Hitoyo Shinozaki and illustrated by Tohru Kousaka.

My beta reader? Of course, my Generous, Kind, Sweet, Intelligent, Ravishing, Loving, Adorable WingedPanther73. SR – I decided to keep his compliments towards himself :) WP – You're gonna make me blush :D

Date: March 8, 2014, 11:13 am

Word Count: on going

Part 1:

Kanou looked over the folder for a business he had just foreclosed on. He was now flush with money. He snorted at the figures. He had actually made out like a bandit in the deal. He had known the business was going to fail, so he had put in safe guards that would benefit him when it happened. He had been able to claim some seaside property for collateral and had been able to make a killing on the resale.

He leaned back and decided he needed to find another investment, another failing business that he could turn around quickly. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door and Ayase bounding from the kitchen. He looked over from where he sat on the sofa. It was just the otaku high schooler.

He had about put the younger Kuba twin's nuts in a vise last Sunday evening when he realized the man had spent the night over at the kid's apartment. The last thing he needed was the police sniffing around his financial firm because one of his men was caught messing around with a high schooler. Misao said it was above the board, so he decided to let him off with a warning.

Kanou tuned in to Ayase and Watanuki's chatter while he consulted the newspaper for any clues to a business he could invest in. Ayase asked, "Watanuki-kun, are you okay? You look kind of down."

"No, I'm fine, but Yuuko-san said that I have to bring her whatever you cook from now on as payment."

Kanou's ears perked up at "payment." Ayase shook his head. "Oh no. I'm now costing you, aren't I?"

"Well, she says it's cutting my time at the shop, so you have to make the payment to her," Watanuki explained. Then he put on a smile. "It's okay, though. She could have asked for a lot worse. Besides, I have fun visiting you."

Kanou's curiosity was peaked as he watched them move into the kitchen. Whoever this Yuuko was, she sounded ruthless, at least, judging by the few times he had heard the otaku high schooler rant about some incoherent things.

Kanou figured Watanuki must be involved with some weird group of four cosplayers and their pet. From what Kanou had gathered, they owed this Yuuko some extremely large debt. Watanuki surely bellowed enough last week when his boss-lady took the cosplayers' clothing hostage and it fell to the high schooler to care for each garment. It was all about something concerning Yuuko getting cheated on White Day gifts by the four cosplayers. Maybe this Yuuko was a financier, as well?

"Hey, Ayase," Kanou called out. Ayase poked his head out of the kitchen, baffled. "I needed you to do me a quick favor." Kanou stood and got money from his pocket. "I want eggplant tonight."

"AHHHGGGG! Not EGGPLANT!" Watanuki bellowed from the kitchen. They both looked over at him as his waved around a knife in the air. Kanou thought Watanuki was about to have a nervous breakdown, judging by the face ticks and eye twitches.

"What do you have against eggplant, Watanuki-kun?" Ayase asked, looking worried over the spastic teen.

Watanuki's face turned red and he shook his head vigorously. "A dream didn't go very well and my boss took advantage of it," he said cryptically. Then Watanuki smiled and said, "I admit, it didn't turn out too badly, because I did make some friends out of the whole ordeal."

"Well, that's what I want, so that's what you'll cook," Kanou insisted.

"We'll go get it. Come on, Watanuki-kun."

"No, he stays here. It shouldn't take you long," Kanou said.

Ayase looked disappointed, but took the money and left quickly. Kanou scowled at that look of disappointment on Ayase's face. His heart thudded painfully at the idea of giving Watanuki one minute alone with Ayase. He decided he needed leverage over Watanuki to get more control over the situation. He had the perfect idea.

"So, let me apologize for Kuba the other night. He was just supposed to drive you home and not impose on you."

Watanuki's eyes softened. His smile got brighter and there was this whole dreamy expression, now, along with flushed cheeks. This was the look he wanted to see on Ayase's face when his name was mentioned. Kanou got worried. Now he wondered just how far above the board Misao had stayed, but then again, it was Misao and not Homare.

Watanuki shook his head. "No, it was fine. I really enjoyed his company, since I live alone."

Kanou couldn't imaging anyone enjoying Misao's company. It was obvious this kid didn't have the first clue about what kind of person Misao was or what he did in his employ. As a matter of fact, at this very moment, the Kuba twins were "collecting" a payment from someone who was late. Kanou had told them to not take "no" as an answer, so someone would be missing some money or some body parts by the next hour.

He couldn't really imagine what it was about this kid that brought out that one social flare in Misao. Maybe it was because he could see the kid's face properly? That wasn't good if he wanted Misao to stay stone cold as always. Part of what made him so perfect as Kanou's employee was that he was cut off from humanity because of his disability. He'd worry about Misao later. He had to hurry up with his business with Watanuki before Ayase showed back up.

"Let me ask you, this boss-lady of yours, what kind of business does she own, and is it solvent? What kind of profit does she make?" Kanou ventured.

Watanuki looked put on the spot. "I don't really think she makes a profit of any sort. It's kind of a consultation firm, I guess you'd call it."

"Consultation firm? What good is it, if it doesn't make a profit?"

"Well, she helps people."

"Like what?"

Watanuki shrugged and said, "Different things. What ever the customer needs."

Kanou now felt toyed with. "I'd like to visit your boss-lady and take a look around her shop. I'd like to see if I can invest in her business and help her turn a profit."

Watanuki face grew blank, and then he burst out laughing. He shook his head to Kanou's irritation. "Um... Yuuko-san doesn't take appointments without a reason. Besides, I've never seen her accept or deal with money in her business affairs. She told me money has no value to her."

Kanou gave Watanuki a skeptical expression; he was starting to get peeved with the kid. "Then how does she pay you?"

"Um... I'm working for her in exchange for a favor."

"What favor?"

"I want her to take something away from me."

"How long will you have to work for this favor?"

"I don't know, but it's such a large favor." Then Watanuki scowled and grumbled, "Knowing her, I'll be there for the rest of my existence."

"Well, if she's so miserable to work for, why don't you think about introducing me to her and let me talk her into make this 'consulting firm' profitable? Then maybe you can earn some money and get someone else to cut the thing off? Whatever it is..."

Kanou figured Watanuki must have some sort of skin growth or something and this lady was going to hack it off, because the kid probably couldn't afford a real doctor. Who knew, this kid didn't give straight answerers at all.

Watanuki looked confused and then saddened. "I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. Besides, the chores she has me do aren't too horrible. I could have a worse job," Watanuki said, giving Kanou a pointed look.

Kanou gritted his teeth, wanting to choke the snot out of the high schooler for that not-so-subtle jab, but Ayase came bouncing in the door with a bright smile and a bag of eggplants. Kanou ignored them as they went to the kitchen to cook. Eventually, Watanuki left for the mysterious shop with Ayase's cooking project, not a word said to Kanou.

"Ayase, come here," Kanou ordered. The fair-haired boy did as he was told and waited for Kanou to say something. "Tell me what kind of shop Watanuki works at after school."

Ayase looked down slightly, as if he were embarrassed. "Well, the owner of the shop kind of trades things. It's like a second hand shop where you give her something and she gives you something in return."

Now Kanou was pissed off all over again, because that was totally different than what Watanuki had said. He had suspected he'd get different answers. "You aren't lying to me?"

"No, not at all, Kanou. I just didn't stay long enough to get a real feel for what the shop was like," Ayase said with a rush of sincerity. Kanou still had the feeling Ayase was holding back something.

"Okay," he said, letting Ayase get back to his cooking. Kanou picked up his cell phone and hit the speed dial.

"Kuba, here," Homare answered.

"Did you finish collecting on that debt?"

"Not yet. Misao is discussing the client's two repayment options. It looks like he won't be going with the first one," Homare said. That was code for the guy couldn't raise the money owed, so Misao was right now retrieving a finger. Sure enough, Kanou heard gutless whining in the background.

"Tell your younger brother I have a job I want him to do for me. He's to visit me after he's finished with my client. Tell him a bonus could be involved." He switched the phone off.

Maybe Misao could be used to get to Watanuki and the shop he worked at. The high schooler did seem to trust Misao. Despite that, Kanou was going to set down some guidelines about how Misao should conduct himself around Watanuki. He was still leery of getting the police brought around his business over some silly misunderstandings.

To be continued.