I'm so sorry I haven't updated this story in so long! Life kind of got busy what with it being my senior year with all the nonsense that comes with it (ie. finales, AP tests, prom, graduation...). Then summer came and all of my friends wanted to hang out all the time because we all where going to different colleges. Before I knew it college started up and I got an internship! Somewhere in the middle of all that craziness I decided that since I was so behind on updating that I should just finish the story then post the chapters as I edited them. Good idea huh? Yeah I thought so too, but apparently my laptop didn't think so. I had just finished the story when my laptop decided it no longer wanted to charge. And I know what you're thinking... Are you sure it wasn't just your charger? (That's what the butt head at Best Buy said) It wasn't fun explaining to the guy that my power jack in my seven year old laptop was broken (yeah I know computer stuff too buddy). Unfortunately the cost to fix it wasn't worth it (not to mention that my hard drive started ticking and that sometimes it would turn its self off because it over heated) so I just got a new laptop. My other computer only had about an hour charge left so I had to quickly transfer what I had on my old computer to my new one, and like the idiot I am, I forgot that a good majority of my stuff was already backed up. Everything except my fan fiction stuff, and guess what I forgot to transfer! (face palm)

So... yeah... there's that. But please don't give up hope! I've put in too much effort into this story and it's going to freak'n get done! Not sure when, but it is! With my college work and internship going I can't promise that I'll have updates every week but there should be one at least once a month (I hope, fingers crossed!).

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P.S. I've already started the rewriting process and I hope you don't mind if I only really focus on Edward and Bella's relationship. Last time it got really complicated trying to showcase everyone's relationships, and I didn't really like where the story ended.

P.S.S. Don't worry, I'll take this down once the actual chapter is up so it doesn't interrupt the flow of the story.

P.S.S.S. If anyone wants to write something but needs help with ideas, I've got tons that I'll never get to. So if you need an idea person I need a writer! Maybe we can make stories together! (- I worded that really weird, I'm sorry XD)