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Daisuke walked slowly into the apartment. "Ken?" He called out softly. There was no answer. He tried again, a bit louder this time. "KEN?! Where are you?" Again silence. I wonder where he's gotten to?' The older boy had called him earlier. Apparently Dai had left something at Ken's the other day but Ken couldn't bring it to him because he had to study for an exam. So instead he invited Daisuke to come retrieve the object himself. Dai of course jumped at the chance to visit his best friend. Maybe he could even drag the genius away from studying for a little while.

"Keeeeeee" He started to whine but was cut off as a dark cloth suddenly blocked his vision. "WHAT THE!!!!" He reached up to remove the obstruction and a gloved hand latched onto his wrist.

"Be still!" a soft voice in his ear commanded. Daisuke stiffened and then trembled as a harsh wave of desire swept through him. His bones turned to water and he kept his feet through shear will power alone. A hand, the one not holding his wrist, slipped languidly around his waist and pulled back against the tall lean frame behind him. "You know, Daisuke, you really shouldn't leave that sketchbook lying around where anyone might see it." The voice whispered again, it's tone gently mocking this time.

"Wha?" What sketchbo OH! THAT sketchbook!' Daisuke swallowed hard as he remembered one particular sketchbook filled with drawings of him and Ken and him and the Kaiser in several Ahem! Interesting' situations.

"You know," the voice continued, "I'm not sure if some of those are even possible." Daisuke moaned half from embarrassment and half from what that soft voice was doing to him. God! If he can do this to me with just his voice' He squirmed in the taller boy's embrace.

"K-k-k-k-ken?" Dai stuttered.

"Hmmm?" The older boy replied nuzzling the skin beneath Daisuke's ear.

"Wha What are you going" He swallowed another moan. " Going to do with me?" His only reply was a delightfully wicked chuckle.

"Why Dai-chan, if I tell you then it won't be a surprise, now will it?"