She licked her chapped lips as her fingers twitched beside her. Penelope did her research and figured out exactly why she had to look around the corners with a mirror the year prior. The young witch was on rounds, the other prefect was absent. Her heart was racing as she believed to hear something slither by. WIth a whip of her head, she strained her neck only to see that nothing was behind her. Swallowing hard, Penelope kept on walking, only hearing the echoes from her shoes on the castle grounds. The witch was getting closer to where it had to have happened, and the walls around her seemed to be spinning. She remembered not what happened before she was petrified, but her imagination ran wild with her studies. . That's all she remembered reading. A basilisk has yellow eyes; they were meant to kill. A chill ran down her spine as she believed to have heard another hiss from around the corner. Dumbledore assured her parents that she was going to be fine. Was this fine?! "H-hello. Is anyone there?" A facade of stuttering bravery was put up, however, her arms were twitching. She took a step back as her back came to the wall. This was the corner of where it happened. This was the last thing Penelope remembered. Hot tears streamed down her face as she clumsily took out her pocket mirror only for it to fall to the ground at her feet. A sob escaped her lips as she squatted down to retrieve it. Penelope's heart was being profusely in her chest. For a moment, she thought it was just going to burst it way from her body. "Please no one be there. Please no one be there." Her whimpers were mumbled to herself as she placed her hand in front of her that held the mirror. On the count of three she would look to see what was down the corridor like she always did when alone. "3 2 1." She dared her eyes to look in the reflection only to see that the corridor was empty. It was a punch to the gut seeing that nothing was ever this way. Her weak and wobbly legs gave out as she slid to the floor. Penelope buried her hands into her hands, only wishing that she could get over the event itself. Dumbledore lied. She wasn't okay.