Itachi's POV

He didn't like this one bit. Not. One. Bit. He stood in the very back of the gathered group next to his best friend and older cousin, watching the young girls and women parade themselves across the stage in front of the audience in the heat of the sun. It was summer of course, and per tradition in Konoha, they were holding the annual Swimsuit contest yet again. Other years he hasn't quite minded the huge event. He'd even gone with the older male a few times for nothing but to humor the man. It was not a secret that his cousin was one of the biggest perverts around. And yet again this year, his cousin had dragged him to the event. Except one of the females parading on stage was none other than his younger brother's best friend and college classmate.

Haruno Sakura was her name. He had known her since she was young though he had never really had close interaction with her. Not as much as Sasuke had at least. She often was over at the house helping his mother cook meals and could often be found up in Sasuke's room scanning through whatever medical books could be found within the house of playing whatever video game their other friend Naruto brought over. Itachi had always considered the girl to be more of a sister than anything else. She also had always been a very pretty girl. Waste length pink hair, bright viridian eyes. She did has a slightly large forehead but it seemed to fit her somehow. He had to admit that lately she was filling out more and had become a very beautiful woman. And the worst part was…he was attracted to her. And he didn't like it. Not at all. He wanted her to still be in the sister slot in his life. And he certainly didn't like that she had entered this contest against Sasuke's, Naruto's and HIS own wishes. Shisui, being the pervert he was, encouraged her to do it. Told her that it would be a great experience for her. Itachi shot his cousin a covert glare which was answered by a wink from Shisui, who turned back to the stage when the next girl's name was called. Yamanaka Ino. Itachi knew that after Sakura's friend Ino was done on the stage that it would then be her turn.

Sakura's POV

Sakura stood nervously behind the curtain that kept the stage and the backstage separate. She was nervous. She couldn't help it. She had never done this before and she couldn't believe that she had let Ino and Shisui talk her into it. She should have just listened to what Sasuke and Naruto had said and not participated. Sasuke's brother also had protested to her entering the contest. She wasn't exactly sure why but he had been right. This wasn't her thing. She peeked around the edge of the curtain where Ino was strutting around the stage in her dark purple, barely there bikini. She watched her friend for a few moments before taking a quick glance at the crowd. She spotted Naruto and Sasuke in the front of the huge crowd of people. Sasuke had a bored, somewhat pissed off look on his face while Naruto's face held a hint of the pervert that she knew he could be. She wasn't surprised to see them there. They were her friends and had come to support her/protect her from the unwanted hands that seemed to rise from the crowd to attempt to cop a feel from the girls. She knew that if anyone got handsy with her that her boys would break faces. She smiled at the thought before doing another scan through of the group and her face heated up bright red at two figures that stood in the very back. She knew that the tall males were the perverted Shisui and his younger cousin Itachi. Both Uchiha's were watching Ino, one with a slight leer on his face while the other held a bored expression. Yeah…she really regretted entering this contest.

Through all the years that Sakura had been friends with Sasuke and had been spending her time at the Uchiha house, she had run into Itachi many times. They rarely spoke except for the initial greeting and some small talk whenever she came for dinner and he happened to be there, but she had developed a crush on the older man. He was very attractive. Any woman would agree with her and Sakura knew that she didn't stand a chance with him. Not when he could have much more beautiful women. Sakura didn't consider herself to be pretty. She considered herself to be average. Her forehead was huge and she had a huge butt. Or that's what she thought anyway. So she had kept her crush a secret from everyone around her. She knew that Ino suspected something but she had always made some excuse for it. If Sasuke and Naruto found out they would no doubt try to kill the older Uchiha. Shisui would probably just laugh and then hit on her like he always did. She was indeed surprised to find the two boys there. Shisui maybe not all that surprising, but Itachi. She hadn't known that he would be there. She couldn't go out there now…not in front of him. She turned to shoot a fearful gaze at the brunette standing behind her.

"Ten-Ten I don't think that I can do this." She said in a strained voice. The brunette, Ten-Ten, gave her sympathetic look and glanced over the pinkette's shoulder as Ino finished her strutting.

"You'll be fine, Sakura!" Ten-Ten encouraged her, giving her friend a warm smile. "Don't even think about it! Just go out there and knock them dead." Sakura swallowed hard and glanced to where Ino was walking off of the stage, shaking her ass as she went, which sent cat calls from the audience.

"Next we have Haruno Sakura!" The announcer bellowed through the microphone. Ten-Ten patted her friend on the shoulder and pushed her gently towards the stage. Sakura closed her eyes and sealed her resolve before opening her eyes again and taking that first step out onto the stage. In front of a sea of ogling men. She could do this she thought.