Tim whined as he stumbled on the stairs. Sprawled out, he let out a huff of air before looking up. He had seen Bruce come this way, right? He was sure of it. However, where had Bruce been going and why hadn't he taken Tim with him? This bothered Tim. He had seen Bruce leave up the stairs. Had the man forgotten about him? No, that couldn't be right, Bruce would never forget about him, he must have been doing something important or maybe he'd gone to find something for them to eat.

After all, there wasn't a time that Bruce had left him behind and forgotten him… he couldn't… right?

That couldn't be it. Tim was old enough to follow on his own, so that meant that Bruce wanted him to follow. Shaking his head, Tim forced his legs to push him forward. After five more stairs he decided that he would have to climb them using both his hands and feet. It made it easier on his body. He still had little practice with his legs.

A few more stairs later Tim saw a door. Struggling up to it he sniffed the air. Bruce had come through here. Sliding into the room, he stumbled a bit to the floor before taking a breath. Carefully he got up before heading down a hallway and pausing.

It smelled like Dick and Jason.

Turning, Tim headed towards his brothers' scents.

Dick struggled where he lay, heavy chains covering his body. The only good thing was that the cold tile floor was keeping the heat off. Both he and Jason had been chained up, tossed into this large room, and had been given a good beating.

Now they watched as men started to fill a large thing that looked like a fireplace and Dick was sure that it wasn't going to be used to keep them warm. They put lighter fluid on the wood. Looking over at Jason he could tell that the other knew very well what was about to happen.

"It would seem," Ra's' voice sounded somewhere behind them. "That the two of you do not have the same talent as your youngest brother. No pearls. Such a shame it is that my heir would waste his time with such useless things."

Jason growled at him.

"However, as Thomas said before, it is easy to get rid of distractions." Ra's walked to a window, looking out. "After this our agreement should be complete with you, dear uncle."

"Jericho, what is it?" Anne asked.

"I just remembered," he said, pulling out his phone. "Nightwing and Red Hood have tracking devices in their collars. We added them in and I'm the only one who has the key to take them off."

"So you can trace them?!"

"Yeah. Here turn right here."

"On it."

"Slow down!"

Anne drove for a few minutes before she saw the car. "Found it!"

Jericho nearly flew out of his seat as his girlfriend brought the car to screeching halt. "Let's go, come on, hurry up!"

"Oh, right." Jericho got out of the car, heading up to the stairs. "We need to be careful."

Anne ran past him with her gun.

"I need to stop dating redheads." Jericho sighed before going after her. "Wait for me!"

Dick sank his claws into the man's leg. There was no way in hell he was going to let them drag him to that fire and toss him in! The man yowled before hitting him, but Dick held on tightly. Going into the fire was not an option, so someone trying to drag him into it was also unacceptable. Biting down on the human was his only alternative.

It looked like Jason had the same idea and was biting down on a more interesting person. Dick had a feeling that Ra's was not amused as the man tried to pull the mermaid off his left leg. Jason growled darkly, sinking his claws in as well.

"Stop this nonsense and get them into the fire," Ra's demanded, doing a great job of keeping the pain off his face. "Hurry, before we run out of time."

Thomas entered the room then, watching the two struggle as they were drawn closer to the fire. He calmly walked up to one of the men who had gotten his legs loose from Dick's hold and was trying to bind them behind his back.

"We need to speed this up. I know Bruce is here," Thomas said before he pulled out a knife. "I think it's fitting for someone who is family to end such matters."

Thomas grabbed the back of Dick's neck, raising the knife high. Dick's blue eyes widened, but in a split second they darted over Thomas' shoulder. Before the man could even turn, someone collided onto his back before teeth sank into his shoulder, claws joined in digging deep into skin, forcing Thomas to drop both the knife and Dick.

Dick struggled in his bindings. "Tim!"

Tim growled angrily but refused to let go. He had an advantage this way. Thomas couldn't reach him like this and the only way Thomas could hurt him was if he smashed his back up against something.

"Get him off!" Thomas bellowed, struggling to reach the small teen. "You little brat!"

The men moved forward to grab the merchild when a small yellow pearl landed on the floor and a boy in a red hoodie above them yelled "Shazam!" Bolts of lightning broke out of the pearl, zapping the men.

Billy had to cover his eyes as the room lit up with the bright lightening blots. As it faded, he jumped up, looking over the railing. Tim had let go of Thomas and was next to Jason, trying to get the chains off. A few feet from them Dick was using someone's knife to cut off the bindings.

A hand reached out to grab Tim by the hair, dragging him back. He hissed, reaching up with his claws, scratching at the hands. The hand let go, causing Tim to fall. It was enough for him to scramble away. Suddenly two sets of hands grabbed his arms and forced him to run, which was hard to do.

"Get them!" Thomas bellowed. "They're getting away."

"Oh, shit, here comes a bunch of humans!"

"Just hold onto Tim and run, Jason!" Dick yelled. "We need to get to the ocean!"

They ran, Jason and Dick had trouble with their burning legs, but Tim was dizzy still from the drugs and from the fact that his legs were already burning from trying to follow Bruce. They made it to another room that had a lock on the door. Jason locked it before knocking over a side table and breaking off its leg to put in the hoops of the handles.

Dick was on the other side of the room with his ear pressed against the door, listening for anything. When he heard nothing, he cracked it open. Peering in he saw that it was a hallway. Looking up and down, he turned back to his brothers.

"All clear."

"Let's get the hell out of here," Jason growled, pushing the door open before running down the hall with his brothers. Brother. He paused and looked back down the hall behind them. "Where's Tim?"

Tim had found a little door. It was simple enough to pick with his nails before pushing it open. Bruce's scent was in there. It was mixed with something else, making an almost new smell, but mers had scents that could overpower all other smells in the world: humans, animals, land animals, and magical creatures.

Bruce had said it was because of their powers, the magic inside their bodies would transfer to loved ones such as their family. When Bruce had made them his children he had transferred some of his blood to them so they would be forever known as The Sons of Bruce Wayne, the most powerful merman in the seven oceans. It was why, when mers met them who had met their father they knew that they were his sons by Bruce's scent mixed with theirs, claiming them as his family.

However, there was one here at Ra's' castle. It was strange that it would be mixed with another scent. An almost human scent, Tim wasn't sure, but it was there. Some power in it, and since his mind was kind of fogged with whatever Jericho had given him, the wise thing to do in his state of mind was to leave his brothers and find out where that scent was coming from.

As Tim crawled further he could hear Dick and Jason calling for him to come back. Looking back Tim paused, seeing them. He really should go back with them. After all they should go back home and into the ocean.

A second later Tim started to turn back when the scent got stronger. Sniffing the air, Tim continued on, ignoring Dick's hiss and Jason's colorful words. As he came closer to the scent he heard movement and found that the hall turned.

Turning the corner, Tim banged into something. Shaking his head, Tim whined before he noticed that someone was grumbling under their breath. Rubbing his head, Tim looked up and was met with jet black hair and familiar blue eyes. The person looked shocked to see him, eyes widening.

Tim tilted his head in confusion. "How did you get so small, Bruce?"

If Tim's mind had been clear he would have understood that Bruce was too big to fit in this small space and that this was the mixed scent he had been following.

"I am not Bruce," the not-tiny-Bruce said. "I am Damian, Heir to the Demon."

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