Birds of Prey


Author's note: I just watched the second episode, "Slick", so I've decided to write this short story. I got the idea for it shortly before I saw the pilot episode last Tuesday. This story occurs after the pilot episode and before "Slick".

The following story is copyrighted © 2002 by Mark Moore. I wrote this story on Wednesday, October 16, 2002, from 10:30 PM (10:35 PM for the story itself) to 11:46 PM. All comments and questions are welcome. Enjoy the story!

Helena Kyle and Barbara Gordon were hanging out on a couch in the clock tower.
Dinah soon walked over to them. "Guys, I've been thinking."
"Now, there's a scary thought." Helena commented.
Dinah giggled and sat down to Helena's right. "Shut up! Listen, we're the Birds of Prey, right?"
"Last I checked." Helena said.
"Well, why?" Dinah asked. "Where'd the name come from?"
"Um, well..." Barbara began, but she couldn't think of a reason or an origin.
"I mean you I can understand, cuz you're Batman's daughter." Dinah told Helena. She faced Barbara. "But you're not Batgirl anymore, and I'm...what am I?"
"Phoenix." Helena replied.
"I'm serious!" Dinah protested.
"Fine." Helena said. "Junior Supergirl."
Dinah giggled. "Okay! So, why are we called the Birds of Prey, if only one of us is the kid of a bird?"
"I'm gonna flip you the bird in a moment." Helena threatened.
Dinah shook her hands in front of Helena in mock fear. "Ooh! Is that supposed to make me shut my beak?"
Helena casually raised the middle finger on her right hand.
"Helena, finger down." Barbara ordered.
Helena lowered her finger. "Heh. You're no fun."
"Dinah, continue." Barbara told her.
Dinah grinned. "Okay. We need a name change."
"No, we don't." Helena told her.
"Helena." Barbara chided.
"Well, maybe not a name change, but maybe acronymize it." Dinah suggested.
"Say what?" Helena asked.
"Yeah!" Dinah's grin widened. She illustrated a sign with her hands. "How about BOP?"
"BOP?" Helena asked in disbelief. "You have got to be kidding us."
"No, it's great!" Dinah insisted.
"'Never fear! BOP are here!'" Helena mocked. "Gimme a break!"
"What's wrong with BOP?" Dinah asked her.
"Nothing." Helena replied. "I bop myself every morning and night."
"I really didn't need to know that." Barbara told her.
"People are gonna think we're a bunch of teenyboppers!" Helena told Dinah.
Dinah illustrated a sign with her hands again. "Okay, how about She BOP?"
Helena made a stabbing motion with her right index and middle fingers at her pants.
"Okay, how about The BOP Squad?" Dinah tried again. "I can see it now!"
"You can also bite my ass." Helena told her.
"Okay, okay, how about - "
"Give it a rest, Dinah." Barbara told her.
"Yeah." Helena agreed. "We're the Birds of Prey."
"But those three words are so meaningless!" Dinah insisted.
"Oh, you want meaning?" Helena raised a finger on her right hand with each spoken word: "Fuck off, bitch."
"You don't appreciate me!" Dinah stood up and ran off.
Helena was silent for a moment, then she shrugged. "Well, I agree with her on that."
"Try being a little bit more sensitive to her feelings, Helena." Barbara requested.
Helena thought about it. "I'll try."
"And change that damn outfit." Barbara added.

The End