Covers events from Chapter I - XII

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Summary of Background of Plot

* Indicates day on which story begins.

Day 1

Awakusu-kai has job for Izaya. Wants information on famous Yakuza, Yamaguchi-gumi. Izaya accepts job, provides information to Awakusu-kai. Shiki offers a generous sum of money if Izaya can obtain illegal weapons of Yamaguchi-gumi. Izaya is bored and accepts. Izaya knows where Yakuza hideout is, but is heavily guarded.
With information on Yamaguchi-gumi's two enemies who are allies; Kudo-kai (part of Yonsha-kai, anti-Yamaguchi-gumi organization) and Yamaguchi-gumi arch rival Sumiyoshi-kai, and the alliance meeting with its potential new ally Kokusui-kai, Izaya plans Yakuza war.

Day 2

Mafia Boss Severino Bassini arrives in Japan in morning, 10AM. Requires information of potential ally Yamaguchi-gumi, goes to seek Orihara Izaya out, claiming to be a low ranking member of Dojin-kai, another Yakuza part of Yonsha-kai. Requests information on enemy. Izaya takes the opportunity to involve him and Dojin-kai in the Yakuza war he has planned, tells of Yamaguchi-gumi alliance meeting he believes Dojin-kai will interrupt.
Severino leaves after paying for the information, seeing alliance meeting as chance to introduce Bassini famiglia to Yamaguchi-gumi and form an alliance.
Izaya pulls his strings as Chrome with Kudo-kai and Sumiyoshi-kai spy in Yamaguchi-gumi. Misleading information is circulated along. Sumiyoshi-kai spy knows about Yamaguchi-gumi meeting with potential ally the next day. Seeks information of Kokusui-kai from Chrome. Chrome tells him Kokusui-kai intend to team up with Dojin-kai to attack Yamaguchi-gumi. Spy relays information. Sumiyoshi-kai believes Dojin-kai is intruding upon their territory, killing their arch rival before they did. Kudo-kai believes Sumiyoshi-kai had betrayed their agreement.
Izaya's manipulation for all three enemies of Yamaguchi-gumi is complete.

Day 3


Yamaguchi-gumi is originally supposed to meet their ally Kokusui-kai. Izaya tricks another Yakuza into conflict with Kokusui-kai, causing them to be unable to show up on time.
Yamaguchi-gumi is suspicious ally has requested change of time, thinks sudden Yakuza conflict is too coincidental. Higher ups contact information broker Chrome, who relays to them information that Kokusui-kai was planning a betrayal tactic with arch rival Sumiyoshi-kai and the meeting was an ambush with other Yakuza. Yamaguchi-gumi thinks ally has betrayed them and they are meeting Yakuza who would kill them, angrily tells Kokusui-kai to meet at original time. Tells men to prepare to kill Sumiyoshi-kai. Makes preparations for battle.
Sumiyoshi-kai spy is alarmed, unaware of how Yamaguchi-gumi knows. Sneaks away to contact Sumiyoshi-kai to warn them. Is killed in the process by Yamaguchi-gumi men who think he's a coward and the one who contacted Sumiyoshi-kai to team up with Kokusui-kai.


Severino arrives, along with Sumiyoshi-kai. Yamaguchi-gumi sees their enemies, associates Severino with them. Yamaguchi-gumi attacks Severino and Sumiyoshi-kai. Sumiyoshi-kai attacks Severino and Yamaguchi-gumi.
Fighting breaks out.
Minutes later, other rival of Yamaguchi-gumi, Kudo-kai arrive. Attack Sumiyoshi-kai for breaking agreement. Sees Yamaguchi-gumi, attacks too.
Yamaguchi-gumi thinks rivals are teaming up. Calls hideout for full manpower. Reinforcements arrive, Yakuza war breaks out. Many killed and injured.


Severino survives but badly wounded. Figures out what is going on. Manages to get away, calls ambulance. Claims to be foreigner victim of Yakuza gang war. Passes out in ambulance.

Izaya sends Nakura to Yamaguchi-gumi hideout to collect illegal weapons. Nakura protests, but Izaya reminds him of what he did. Nakura reluctantly agrees.
Nakura returns unharmed but frightened at having been inside hideout of most famous Yakuza in Japan, and hands weapons over to Izaya. Izaya reminds Nakura he still is going to make him suffer for as long as he lives for what he did to Shinra. Nakura runs away.

Izaya's job for Awakusu-kai is done. Izaya's plan to start a Yakuza War is completed. Izaya's intention to scar Nakura is fulfilled. Izaya laughs, delighted at having killed three birds with one stone.


Severino wakes up in hospital. Knows and is angry that Izaya tricked him. Calls Michele and Luciano to kill Izaya.

Day 4*


Namie turns on TV. News of Yakuza War makes headlines. News reports foreigner was caught in the gang war and is now recovering in hospital. Severino appears on the screen. Izaya is surprised.

Nakura goes to Shinra's and Celty's home, coming to Shinra for plastic surgery.
Outside, Shinra asks him about what happened as Celty watches the news which is showcasing the Yakuza war. Nakura tells him Izaya sent him to Yamaguchi-gumi hideout and pleads Shinra to change features of his face so they won't recognize him. Shinra agrees in return for money.
Nakura leaves, Celty comments on her feeling that the Yakuza war is Izaya's doing. She is suspicious Izaya only has one delivery job for her in the evening and wonders if he took care of the other jobs himself.
Shinra is just happy he is able to have Celty all to himself. Brandishes the money from Nakura and offers to get Celty a present.
Celty punches him in embarrassment for saying so and his affectionate hug. But eventually relaxes and enjoys her time with Shinra.
Though Shinra gets another punch when he hugs Celty when she says she doesn't need a present for Shinra is all she wants.
Shinra is still happy, even at the violent display of love from his beloved.
Actually, he's ecstatic. Especially as Celty doesn't punch him a third time when he cuddles her on the couch lovingly and says how much he loves her. But blushes smoke instead.
Shinra thinks she's adorable. But is smart enough not to tell Celty so, not wanting to ruin the sweet moment.

Simon sees news, gets information that Severino Bassini is in hospital. Contacts Killing Machine Igor. Igor confirms Italian assassins Luciano and Michele are on 8AM flight from New York to Tokyo, Japan, will take approximately 14 hours.

Will reach at about 10PM.


Shiki calls and asks about job. Izaya tells him job is completed. Izaya asks if Nakagawa Hiro is in Dojin-kai. Shiki says if he is so, he isn't anyone important, asks why. Izaya tells him, Shiki is amused at Izaya's carelessness, tells Izaya Doijin-kai is violent Yakuza and wouldn't approach for information and if they did, wouldn't send a low ranking member to get information. Izaya is not amused. Shiki asks if Izaya wants a list of Dojin-kai members to confirm, Akabayashi can send it over. Akabayashi is laughing in background.
Izaya is even more unamused. Asks Shiki when he wants the package. Shiki tells Izaya to meet him in Ikebukuro, 7PM sharp. Izaya agrees and hangs up.
Namie mocks him for being careless, which Izaya ignores.

Izaya does research, finds out client came from Italy and is actually Mafia Boss. Gets another client – gang who wants information on Heiwajima Shizuo. Is about to decline because only he needs to know Shizuo's information. But is annoyed at being tricked, and decides to take his anger out on the one who pisses him off the most.

Provides Shizuo's information to gang at price.


Shizuo chases debtor. Is stopped by gang which Izaya provided information to. Gang tells him so. Shizuo beats them up, allowing debtor to get away. Debtor's partner informs that partner has the money. Tom comments that he borrowed a lot of money.
Shizuo feels guilty and blames himself and Izaya. Tom tells him to take a break. Shizuo declines, but Tom says he will be setting a bad example to Vorona with his lack of concentration.
Shizuo reluctantly leaves after apologizing to Vorona. Is pissed off Izaya tricked him, looks for Izaya, but Izaya is not in Ikebukuro.
Is further pissed off. Wants to go to Shinjuku to kill Izaya. Is stopped by Simon. Ends up going into Russia Sushi to spend his money on better things. Drinks sake Simon offers. Gets drunk without knowing.


Izaya comes to Ikebukuro to deliver suitcase of Yamaguchi-gumi illegal weapons to Awakusu-kai. Is stopped by Shizuo. Izaya readies to defend himself from Shizuo's anger at gang attack. But sees happy Shizuo. Is stunned. Finds out Shizuo is drunk, requests for Simon's help.
Simon declines, believing happy Shizuo is peaceful and good.
Shizuo carries Izaya and leaves despite Izaya's protests. Whispers erupt in Ikebukuro at the sight. Mikado, Anri, Kamichika Rio, Kadota and his gang sees them.
Kadota thinks Shizuo has finally snapped. Erika thinks Shizuo is happy he finally gets Izaya for himself.
Celty drives away at the sight, much to Izaya's displeasure.
Izaya is forced to take clingy, happy Shizuo along to Awakusu-kai.

Simon tells Dennis about Severino Bassini involved and injured in Yakuza war by Izaya's doing.


Awakusu-kai thinks Shizuo is his bodyguard from guy who turned out not to be Yakuza Dojin-kai. Izaya declines, sees no need for a bodyguard.
A Misunderstanding occurs and Shizuo almost attacks Akabayashi, who explicitly concedes Izaya to him, making Shizuo calm down.
Shiki is very amused at Izaya's exasperation and Shizuo's resentment of him, but recognizes that Shizuo is dangerous even when drunk and follows Akabayashi's example of giving Izaya over to Shizuo. Then asks for what Izaya owes him.
Izaya hands the suitcase of illegal weapons of the Yamaguchi-gumi over, Akabayashi checks and confirms everything they wanted is there.
Shiki is satisfied and tells Izaya he will transfer the money over to his account, and sends Izaya off with his dependable bodyguard who is still growling at Shiki.

When Izaya and Shizuo are gone, Shiki tells Akabayashi that since Izaya managed to infiltrate the security of the Yamaguchi-gumi, they will have further use of him as he may be more useful than they thought.
Akabayashi agrees, and says that they should increase the scrutiny on Izaya so that Izaya won't be able to do anything like the Awakusu Akane incident again.
Shiki has no objections. He and his men leave the area.
Shiki mentions that having those illegal weapons of the Yamaguchi-gumi would indeed pose an advantage to the Awakusu-kai, and they can't be traced back to them.

Alone with Izaya again, Shizuo reverts to his happy, nuzzling state.
Izaya is forced to take Shizuo along to meet other people.
Shizuo turns from happy to grumpy.

Izaya is annoyed because the men are scared of Shizuo's threatening glares, ruining his plan to make them let their guard down, and thereby ruining further plans.
Izaya is also annoyed because Shizuo refuses to let go of him. Izaya is further annoyed because Shizuo only lets go of him to beat the men up.
Izaya crosses those men off his clientele list and makes sure Shizuo doesn't beat the next clients up.
Because "Flea mine" is not an acceptable reason for Izaya to lose his clients and have his future plans beaten into the dust.

8PM – 9PM

Shizuo is still awake and grumpy. Izaya goes home in taxi with Shizuo who claims flea belongs to him.
Izaya rejects this claim. Shizuo is unhappy. Izaya accepts this claim just to shut Shizuo up, but ends up making Shizuo noisily happy instead in a series of repetitive "Flea mine – my flea~"
Izaya is highly resentful of Shizuo and his humans who gave him to Shizuo without his permission.
Shizuo suddenly gets angry at taxi driver and wants to beat him up for the apparent reason of 'Staring at his Flea'. A tired Izaya touches his arm and tries to calm him down.
Surprisingly, it works.

At same time, Celty reaches home and tells Shinra of 'alien' Shizuo.
Shinra tells her Shizuo may be just hypnotized or drunk. Inwardly drools while thinking of hypnotizing Celty. Celty hits him for being a pervert. Then hits him again for suggesting the notion of Shizuo and Izaya in love.
Seeing Celty so concerned over her friend, and observing his own lack of jealousy, Shinra is reminded of how much he loves Celty and smiles.
Celty tells Shinra Izaya didn't look happy, and wonders if he didn't do it. Shinra agrees, and looks forward to seeing Izaya's reaction.

Izaya makes his way to his apartment with Shizuo nuzzling him all the way.
Izaya reaches home with Shizuo, Namie is incredulous, but then amused at Izaya's frustration. Asks Izaya what happened, to which Izaya recounts while blaming Simon.

Namie laughs at the comedic interaction between Izaya and drunk Shizuo, especially when Izaya imitates Shizuo's drunken speech in vain.
Izaya tells Shizuo No Nuzzling, upsetting Shizuo and causing Shizuo to kiss Izaya instead. Izaya and Namie are shocked. Izaya pushes Shizuo away and hides behind Namie.
Namie declares Izaya as hiding for fear Shizuo will kiss him again. Shizuo is downcast when he hears Izaya is afraid of him. Namie corrects that Izaya is afraid of kissing, not him.
Shizuo is less downcast, and compromises No Kissing, but want hug Flea. As she is not like Izaya who would reject Shizuo's plea, Namie moves aside and gives him Izaya.
Shizuo is happy he is able to hug Izaya. Izaya protests that he is not Shizuo's. Namie agrees with Shizuo that Flea is his, to Shizuo's appreciation. Asks Namie for her name and thanks her.
Namie leaves, Izaya goes to bed. Strictly rejects Shizuo who wants to sleep with him. Shizuo accepts, bids Izaya goodnight with a kiss.
Shizuo goes to sleep on couch. Collapses on couch and closes his eyes.
Izaya leans his head against his door, wondering what is happening to him. He goes to bed afterwards.


Izaya is unable to sleep. Goes to sleep on couch. Tries to get Shizuo to get off his couch.
Shizuo tells him to shut up and pulls him onto the couch instead.
Izaya ends up sleeping with Shizuo on couch.
Wonders why the couch is so warm.


Michele and Luciano get off plane, arrive in Japan. Jet lag, decide to go hotel.


Shizuo wakes up, finds Izaya in his arms. Is caught between dilemma to be pissed off or not.
Goes outside, down the stairs and out of the apartment complex to clear his dilemma.


Izaya wakes up in darkness, finds Shizuo is gone. Thinks Shizuo has left, goes to bedroom to sleep.
Thinks bed is especially cold that night.

Michele and Luciano make their way to Izaya's apartment in Shinjuku.


Shizuo ends up going back to Izaya's apartment, sees Michele and Luciano. Will not let assassins kill the flea he's supposed to kill.
Misunderstandings occur, ends up breaking Izaya's door. Advances towards them with door above his head but eventually calms down.
Proposes to take the fight outside, doesn't want to end up destroying Izaya's apartment and having to pay for the damage.

Tsukumoya reflects on the situation and its ironic poetic justice in comparison to the Nakura case. Mentions that Izaya killed three birds with one stone but accidentally injured a snake in the process, who wants revenge.
He reveals that the Awakusu-kai found out about Izaya's manipulation and kidnapping of Awakusu Akane as Izaya who cheated death, sleeps, unaware that he has gotten Shizuo involved in one of his schemes again.

1.15AM - 1.45AM

Shizuo fights Luciano and Michele. Gets stabbed and shot.
Snaps when Luciano uses ballistic knife which reminds him of Izaya's flying knives. Throws public property. Throws tree. Uses lamppost to bat Italy assassins away.
Shizuo comes back to his senses, wants to kill flea who made him use violence he hates. But can't do it because Izaya is asleep, and Izaya took care of him when he was drunk. Gets into another dilemma.
Is even more pissed off.

Michele and Luciano fly away, found by Celty in Ikebukuro. Celty takes them to Shinra to get treatment.
Celty tells Shinra they were foreigners attacked by Shizuo.
Shinra puts two and two together, figures out that they're assassins after Izaya and deduces Shizuo just happened to be there to save Izaya. Is very amused with circumstances and wonders if he will receive a surprising visit the next day.


Shizuo enters Izaya's bedroom, Izaya wakes up and confesses loneliness.
Shizuo decides to stay with Izaya, believing this is that 1% of trustworthiness he had the generosity to give the flea.
Because the lonely flea only has him and technically, not even him.

Day 5


Shizuo wakes up in Izaya's bed, decides to take a bath, but doorbell rings. Goes to get the door.
Talks with Namie, rejects poison. Namie tells him Izaya's appointment is at 9.45AM. Namie leaves.
Shizuo goes to take his bath to get rid of flea germs.


Izaya wakes up alone. Thinks yesterday night was a dream. Happily goes to take bath. Encounters naked Shizuo out of bath.
Freaks out.
Storms out in embarrassment and anger. Sees broken door near desk area downstairs. Is pissed off. Shizuo is pissed off. Yells to Izaya that he will explain later. Izaya tries to convince himself he did not mean the things he said to Shizuo yesterday night.
Shizuo is amused. Izaya is not.


Shizuo catches Izaya off guard. Captures the flea. Thinks Izaya's neck is food. Izaya disagrees vehemently. Shizuo ignores him until Izaya slams his foot down onto Shizuo's foot, pissing Shizuo off.
Izaya accuses Shizuo of being ungrateful. Feeling guilty, Shizuo decides not to eat Izaya's neck but repay his debt.
Izaya is very annoyed at Shizuo's decision and thus subsequent monstrous presence. Retreats into his bedroom and bathroom to put back the pieces of his pride. Spends half an hour washing his neck with his strongest soap.

Shizuo takes in what a real information broker's office looks like then goes to the fridge for ingredients for Izaya's breakfast. Is grinning and happy to be able to piss Izaya off. Plans his revenge.


Izaya's appointment with client. Izaya exits bathroom to see client.
Shizuo is not happy. Client is scared.
Izaya gets Shizuo to go into the kitchen and prepare the breakfast he's supposed to prepare. Apprehensive of Izaya's sudden relentless insistence, Shizuo does so.
Client is sacred, at mention of breakfast, thinks Izaya and Shizuo are a couple.
Izaya cajoles client. Izaya mentions client's employee embezzling his company's funds is Yakuza.
Shizuo gets pissed off. Izaya is also pissed off.
Shouting match ensues. Shizuo, not wanting to punch Izaya and be accused of being ungrateful, decides to focus on preparing breakfast.
Izaya is exasperated. And annoyed.
Client is still very wary and scared. And feels as if he should come back another time. But is too scared to leave at Izaya's chilling smile.


Luciano and Michele wake up in hotel, contact Severino about failure.
Severino replies they are leaving Japan on 5.30PM flight.

10.15AM – 10.45AM

Izaya and Shizuo have breakfast.
Izaya asks Shizuo about broken door.
Shizuo tells him about assassins who were out to kill Izaya.
Izaya is shocked. Reflects on his mistake.
Realizes Shizuo saved his life. Thanks Shizuo. Shizuo brushes it off as not being a problem.
Izaya is embarrassed by Shizuo calling him by his name. Shizuo notices, comes to conclusion that repaying his debt will piss Izaya off.
Shizuo is happy. Izaya is annoyed.

10.47AM - 11.20AM

As Shizuo washes the dishes, Izaya checks the fridge and proceeds to draw up a grocery list that will keep Shizuo out of his apartment for at least an hour. He writes vertically, with big spaces in between in order to make it as long as possible. He includes the names of the department stores in the list next to the groceries.
The list is so long Izaya is still writing once Shizuo is done washing the dishes, so Shizuo entertains himself with looking around Izaya's apartment. Izaya looks to make sure Shizuo doesn't go to the bookshelves where Celty's Head is.
Shizuo finds a colourful cube laying around. He picks it up and examines it. Is annoyed at the colours not being together. Izaya calls him and he pockets it without thinking and goes to the flea.
Izaya presents the list to Shizuo with a flourish and smile - and promptly jumps out of the swing of Shizuo's punch.
At the mockery in Izaya's eyes, Shizuo restrains himself from tearing the list, that almost reaches the floor, to shreds and stomps out of the apartment without slamming the door - because there is no door to slam as it's on the floor.

Izaya is delighted he has a monster-free hour of peace. Is in a much better mood as he skips to his chair and sits down, switching both of his computers on. He then proceeds to do his own work.
Until he can hear the roar of a monster. Izaya thinks it's his imagination, but then it gets louder, so he goes over to the balcony and sees Shizuo on the ground floor shouting something about money.
The way Shizuo is shouting sounds as if he's a robber demanding money.

Izaya is disappointed Shizuo realized so early he hadn't given him any money. He had wished to cause Shizuo embarrassment and anger when he realizes at the cashier that he didn't have any money and would have to use his own. Even better if Shizuo doesn't have enough money to pay and he's arrested for not paying for the goods he bought.

The noise pollution by the monster is still going on, drawing attention to them. Izaya's name along with vulgar expletives is being broadcasted to the whole neighbourhood.
Izaya reluctantly goes to get his credit card, then goes back to the balcony and drops it down to Shizuo like dropping food down to a dog.

Shizuo catches it, almost crushes it in his hand, gives Izaya the finger and stomps away, creating cracks in the ground.

Izaya shakes his head at his plan having been foiled and goes back to his chair at his desk.


Shizuo is at the second department store indicated in the list. The queue is especially long.
Is pissed off. Swears he will kill Izaya when he gets home. But then remembers he can't kill the flea today.
Is even more pissed off. Exudes angry, dangerous aura and mutterings of "Kill...kill...KILL..."
Looks up and realizes there is suddenly space in front of him. Moves forward and finds himself at the front of the queue.
Is surprised and mystified, but shrugs as he puts his purchases on the counter.
Is oblivious to the people cowering away from him, and the nervous look on the cashier's face.

Shizuo exits the department store, and looks at the list for the location of the next one.


Shizuo is done with grocery shopping. Wonders why he had to travel to so many different department stores when there is a supermarket near Shinjuku station -

Which makes him abruptly realize that he didn't have to, and the flea tricked him and made him waste his time by going to so many places to get the different items.

Is pissed off again. Residents of Shinjuku are scared at the Monster of Ikebukuro's roar of "IZA-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" in Shinjuku.

Izaya sneezes. He wonders if someone is talking about him. He looks at the time on his computer and smiles, wondering if Shizuo realized he had been tricked.


Shizuo is still pissed off, shoves his hand into his pocket and clenches it. Or tries to, but there's something inside.
He takes it out, looks at it, decides he can't stand the annoying mess, and proceeds on turning it to put the colours back together.
When he's done, he feels much more relaxed and less angry. Each face of the cube is now organized with a different colour and it's a pleasant sight to his eyes.
Shizuo smiles, wonders if he should get one for himself, pockets the cube and heads home.
While still planning to get his revenge on the flea of course.


Izaya is chatting in the Dollars chatroom when he hears Shizuo say "I'm back." He automatically replies, "Welcome home."
Does a keysmash at his own internal shock.

Shizuo is amused at the embarrassment on Izaya's face. He walks over to Izaya's desk, places the many bags on the floor, shoves Izaya away and types that he's a liar.

Izaya wrestles him for the keyboard, barely managing to reassure his chatmates before Shizuo shoves him away again onto the floor and keeps him there with his foot on his chest.

Now Izaya is the one pissed off as Shizuo types things that will ruin his reputation in the chatroom and he can't do anything about it.

Shizuo thinks revenge is sweet. And he likes sweet things.

Decides he likes revenge on the flea.

12.33PM - 12.43PM

Shizuo finds out Tanaka Taro is Ryuugamine so he did tell the Dollars' leader he was quitting after all. And that Izaya is in the Dollars which means he was in the same group as Izaya.

Is pissed off enough to attempt to strangle Izaya but decides eventually that it's Simon's fault for he was the one who invited him into the Dollars while knowing Izaya was in the Dollars too.

Izaya is pleased at this - for he too is annoyed at Simon for getting Shizuo drunk and causing him embarrassment the previous day -

Except that he also saved his life.

Shizuo mentions that there is an annoying flea in his home which will not die.

Celty in Ikebukuro jolts in shock. Contacts 'Kanra' through a private message.

With Izaya's help, Shizuo replies angrily to 'Setton' who knows who he is.

Is stupefied when Setton says he's Celty, while Izaya taunts him. Blames Izaya because everything is Izaya's fault, upon which Izaya reminds him that he was the one who wanted to talk to Setton when he could have just asked the information broker sitting on his desk.

Shizuo has nothing to say at this.

Saika and Tanaka Taro excuse themselves, Shizuo notices Tanaka Taro knows who he is, Tanaka Taro reassures that he won't tell anyone. Izaya tells him Saika is Sonohara Anri. Shizuo feels the name sounds familiar but he can't remember who.

Shizuo eventually tells Celty he will talk to her another time because he and the flea are hungry. They continue chatting for a while until Izaya interferes and leaves Celty with words about Shizuo that cause her worry in Ikebukuro.

Because Shizuo left so abruptly, Celty panics and wonders if Shizuo is alright. Her imagination eventually leads her to worry that the Shizuo she talked to may be an alien impersonating her friend. Or that Izaya is an alien who hypnotized Shizuo.

Heads home back to Shinra to make sure he hadn't been replaced by an alien too, much to Shinra's delight.


Izaya is happy as he watches Shizuo working for him like a housewife or maid.

That is until his lip is bruised by something flying which turns out to be the Rubik's Cube that Shizuo solved because he wanted to put the colours back together.

Because Shizuo ruined his latest entertainment puzzle and solved it before him, Izaya is resentful and plans a mess because that is what he's good at.

Only this time Shizuo won't be clearing it up as the Monster of Ikebukuro but as the Secretary of the Information Broker of Shinjuku.


Shizuo and Izaya have lunch which Shizuo cooked together. Without much fighting.

After which Izaya presents to Shizuo his new task and the peace is ruined.


Izaya's client Kimura comes in as Shizuo and Izaya are fighting over Shizuo's personal information.

As Kimura talks about the beautiful Namie, Shizuo mentions he respects her. The other man wonders if Shizuo is interested in her. Izaya replies that Shizuo was only just aware of Namie's existence, though as an older woman, she's just his type. Implies if so, he couldn't be interested in Vorona or Akane.

Shizuo snaps and threatens to kill Izaya if he does anything to Vorona. Izaya mentions Vorona might be an assassin but Shizuo is undeterred, claiming Vorona is a good person and if she is an assassin, she has good reasons, unlike Izaya.

Izaya doesn't like being falsely accused and is irritated at Shizuo's trust in Vorona despite implicating information which is indeed true. Starts the meeting with Kimura, who is freaked out at how Shizuo is glaring at him like he wants to kill him.


Shizuo apologizes to Izaya for falsely accusing him.

Izaya claims his preference for their cold war, but accepts Shizuo's apology with a smile and word of gratitude, extending his forgiveness.

Shizuo mentions if Izaya were more sincere and honest more often, they might even be able to get along. But shows fondness that 'fleas wouldn't be fleas if they weren't fleas'.

The peaceful atmosphere is ruined when client comes in and is scared at the sight of Shizuo, to which Izaya responds there is nothing to fear as he is just for show, pissing Shizuo off.

3.20PM - 3.30PM

In the midst of taunting between Informant Izaya and Secretary Shizuo towards each other, Izaya finds out Shizuo was shot while he was protecting him yesterday.

Gets Shizuo to show him bullet wound.
Fears confirmed, insists on taking Shizuo to Shinra.

Izaya and Shizuo leave Izaya's apartment.
Izaya is worried and annoyed at his worry.
Shizuo is happy Izaya is annoyed.


Severino finds Izaya is not in his apartment. Is contacted by Luciano and Michele who are on their way to Narita Airport.
Has no choice but to leave without getting his revenge.


Severino, Luciano and Michele leave on the flight back to Italy.


Yamaguchi-gumi, Sumiyoshi-kai, Kokusui-kai, Dojin-kai, Kudo-kai are all real Yakuza organizations in Japan.

Yamaguchi-gumi is the most famous and is known outside of Japan, Sumiyoshi-kai is the second most famous. Yamaguchi-gumi and Sumiyoshi-kai are arch rivals, the rivalry has settled down but tensions are still very high. 2007, Suguira, senior member of Sumiyoshi affiliate was shot by apparently Yamaguchi-gumi and Sumiyoshi-kai shot at groups linked to Yamaguchi-gumi, firing into Yamaguchi-gumi offices. 2012, Yoshiaki Furukawa, former senior member of Sumiyoshi-kai was shot by gunman who police said is likely member of Yamaguchi-gumi. Shooting occurred in public, in Denny's in Togane City in Chiba Prefecture.

Kokusui-kai, smaller Tokyo-based Yakuza, allied with Yamaguchi-gumi on September 2005 (coincidentally same year as Durarara, Mikado's school year started in 2004, Celty finds out Shinra is hiding her head. Saika attacks, Dollars-Yellow Scarves gang war and events of the novel such as Hollywood and kidnapping of Awakusu Akane by Vorona and Slon are in the next year, 2005).

Whether this is the meeting of alliance which failed because of Izaya's manipulation or this is a meeting after the alliance, is up to the reader's imagination.

Dojin-kai and Kudo-kai are both part of Yonsha-kai, an anti-Yamaguchi-gumi organization. Dojin-kai is one of the more violent Yakuza syndicates.

Kudo-kai is allies with Sumiyoshi-kai.

Further Trivia

I've edited the chapters to fit the layout of Izaya's apartment (which is so damn complicated) But basically -

- Izaya's apartment door is a double door, Shizuo ripped one of them off in his anger. When Namie rang the doorbell, Shizuo went to open the other door for Namie (even though she could have just come in due to lack of one door, because he's considerate like that).

- Izaya's bathroom is not in his bedroom like normal people. His bathroom is next to his bedroom. They are separate.

- Izaya's bedroom is on the second floor, there are steps to the landing of his bathroom and bedroom (which are opposite each other)

- Izaya's bathroom has two parts, the sink area/toilet area and the shower area. There's a door to the bathroom, then a door to the shower. Shizuo left both the bedroom door and bathroom door open when he went to take a shower, but closed the shower door. The bathtub is in the shower area (how relieving he does actually have a bathtub). There's a rack opposite, the kind to hang towels and clothes.

- Izaya does not have a glass door, but outside his apartment there is a balcony (since it's an apartment complex and in the novel there was a picture of Namie looking down from the balcony at Shizuo who was tricked by Izaya and pissed off). Shizuo, Luciano and Michele jumped off from there.

- Luciano and Michele did not know the code, so they hacked into Izaya's apartment, since they are experienced in invading homes as professional assassins. They are both hackers. But Luciano is a much better hacker than Michele, so he did the job, knowing the apartment complex of Shinjuku's information broker will be a challenge to tackle. Michele's other specialty is inventing weapons.

- Shizuo was pissed and didn't bother to close the apartment door/doors when he left to clear his head, making Luciano and Michele think Izaya was careless.

- Shizuo doesn't know the code to Izaya's apartment complex (remember him punching in random numbers in the manga/novel?) so he jumped off with his superhuman strength from the ground to the balcony to get back to Izaya's apartment on the 2nd floor after clearing his head. Both times. Before he fought Luciano and Michele, and after.

- Izaya has two swivel chairs at his desk area, one for him of course but the other presumably for his client

- The fridge can be seen from Izaya's desk area (where he usually works)

- Izaya got Shizuo to move his dismantled door away from near his desk area to near the doorway.

Yes not only is Izaya troublesome, his apartment is troublesome too. The pictures can explain way better than I can, so I will post the layout I stumbled across on tumblr in my profile for those who are curious (sorry I forgot to save changes to profile 'cause I was exhausted, I've posted it again now).


Dojin-kai is actually not originally involved in Izaya's plan. Izaya was tricked by Severino who claimed to be from Dojin-kai, part of Yonsha-kai (same anti-Yamaguchi-gumi organization as Kudo-kai), so he decides to involve Dojin-kai in his plan. Originally, he had only planned for Sumiyoshi-kai and Kudo-kai to be involved.

Izaya thinks the Yakuza war is between 4 Yakuza. In reality, the Yakuza war is between 3 Yakuza - Yamaguchi-gumi, Sumiyoshi-kai and Kudo-kai. Dojin-kai is not involved and is actually Severino Bassini. Kokusui-kai, Yamaguchi-gumi's ally was delayed by Izaya's manipulation and arrived at the meeting turned war at a later time.

To Summarize the Yakuza groups and their Roles

(In Order of Izaya's manipulation, refer to Chapter V)


(Bolded parts indicate Izaya's main manipulation and intentions, and consequences for each yakuza group which culminates in the Yakuza War)

(Bolded and italic indicates Izaya's side manipulations, intentions and consequences, or 'coincidences' in certain cases)

(Italics indicate Izaya's mistakes)



- Also part of Yonsha-kai, this is the Yakuza group which Severino Bassini pretended to be a member of to gain information on Yamaguchi-gumi, his potential ally.

One of the more violent Yakuza syndicates - Izaya was lacking this information and was thus tricked, as he did not intend to involve Dojin-kai in the first place and thus did not do his research, but did so because it was part of Yonsha-kai, anti-Yamaguchi-gumi organization.

Severino pretends to be enemy of Yamaguchi-gumi as he knows Izaya's reputation for causing chaos and would give more accurate information for such a cause. In Izaya's POV, the more enemies the more chaos, the better for Izaya.

Izaya provides 'Dojin-kai' information of Yamaguchi-gumi's alliance meeting.

(Severino was lacking information that Izaya had planned to involve Dojin-kai in a Yakuza war and was caught unaware in the crossfire, and Izaya was lacking information that member of Dojin-kai was actually Mafia Boss who would seek revenge for tricking him later)



- Second most famous Yakuza in Japan, arch rivals with Yamaguchi-gumi. Has a spy in Yamaguchi-gumi, which Izaya used to manipulate.

When Sumiyoshi-kai spy seeks information of Kokusui-kai from Chrome because of alliance meeting between Yamaguchi-gumi and Kokusui-kai the next day, Chrome tells him Kokusui-kai intends to team up with Dojin-kai to attack Yamaguchi-gumi.

(Except for the teaming up part, this information is actually true, for Dojin-kai (Severino) had asked for information, and Izaya had told him about the alliance meeting with Kokusui-kai, which he believed Dojin-kai would interrupt.
Or it would have been true had it really been Dojin-kai and not Severino – which Izaya doesn't know)

Sumiyoshi-kai believes Dojin-kai (part of Yonsha-kai, anti-Yamaguchi-gumi organization) is intruding upon their territory, killing their arch rival before they did.

This is why they interrupt the alliance meeting with the intention of taking down Yamaguchi-gumi and Dojin-kai.

(Sumiyoshi-kai spy is shot and killed before the battle, unable to warn them with new information)

(After which the next day Izaya insists to Shizuo he is not responsible for any coincidences that might happen, that Matsumoto Hiroto is found dead by fire after he provides the information to client. Assumes Matusmoto Hiroto aka Sumiyoshi-kai spy is dead because Yakuza War happened - meaning Matsumoto didn't get the chance to warn Sumiyoshi-kai of new information that Yamaguchi-gumi knows (which Izaya as Chrome provided them). Izaya is 99% sure because he knows Matsumoto is a timid, gullible man, having manipulated him in the past. Nevertheless, has no confirmation, so asks secretary Shizuo to alter the status of dead or alive to 'unconfirmed')



- Allies with Sumiyoshi-kai, against Yamaguchi-gumi. Part of Yonsha-kai (anti-Yamaguchi-gumi organization)

Izaya tells them as information broker Chrome that Sumiyoshi-kai their ally will be attacking mutual enemy Yamaguchi-gumi at alliance meeting (because of information Chrome gave Sumiyoshi-kai that Dojin-kai will attack Yamaguchi-gumi before them, because Izaya had told 'Dojin-kai' about the alliance meeting), resulting in Sumiyoshi-kai breaking their agreement with Kudo-kai to not make any move on their mutual enemy yet.

This angers the violent Kudo-kai, causing them to interrupt the alliance meeting with the intention of confronting both Sumiyoshi-kai and Yamaguchi-gumi.



- Yakuza which Yamaguchi-gumi is meeting for alliance meeting (2005), delayed because Izaya tricked another Yakuza to fight them. Got caught up in the war later on, arriving late.

Contacts Yamaguchi-gumi for request of change of time.



- Most famous Yakuza in Japan, known outside of Japan, Yakuza which Severino Bassini wants to form alliance with. Yakuza which Awakusu-kai wants Izaya to get illegal weapons from, thus leading Izaya to plan Yakuza War and subsequently send Nakura to get those weapons in the distraction.

Because ally Kokusui-kai requested change of time, Yamaguchi-gumi is suspicious. Higher ups contact information broker Chrome, who relays to them information that Kokusui-kai was planning a betrayal tactic with arch rival Sumiyoshi-kai and the meeting was an ambush with other Yakuza (this fits Yamaguchi-gumi's suspicion of coincidental sudden Yakuza conflict being fake, even though it is real, though only because of Izaya's manipulation and trickery).

Yamaguchi-gumi thinks ally has betrayed them and they are meeting Yakuza who would kill them. Tells men to prepare to kill Sumiyoshi-kai.

Makes preparations for battle, no longer going for alliance meeting but Yakuza fight.

Sumiyoshi-kai spy is alarmed, unaware of how Yamaguchi-gumi knows about Sumiyoshi-kai's plan to attack. Sneaks away to contact Sumiyoshi-kai to warn them. Is killed in the process by Yamaguchi-gumi men who think he's a coward and the one who contacted Sumiyoshi-kai to team up with Kokusui-kai.

(Ironically, the spy thought it was Dojin-kai who was teaming up with Kokusui-kai)


Yakuza's Views of Enemies

Sumiyoshi-kai – Dojin-kai teaming up with Kokusui-kai (against Yamaguchi-gumi)

Kudo-kai – Yamaguchi-gumi naturally, but mainly Sumiyoshi-kai which betrayed their agreement, 'excuse' to attack, Kudo-kai is violent Yakuza

Yamaguchi-gumi – Kokusui-kai teaming up with Sumiyoshi-kai (and perhaps other Yakuza as Chrome suggested, Kudo-kai's presence confirms this)
And Severino as he appeared with Sumiyoshi-kai, making them think he is their enemy.

('Dojin-kai' or Severino and Yamaguchi-gumi ally Kokusui-kai know nothing and get caught in the chaos from the various views of the different sides which Izaya manipulated)

Izaya's identity is as of yet unrevealed as he provided information to all three Yakuza as Chrome. He only provided information as Orihara Izaya to Severino who he thought was of Dojin-kai.

With this incident that gives the possibility of the Yamaguchi-gumi not trusting information broker Chrome, Izaya gives them the possibility of them turning to Orihara Izaya for information, gaining him a valuable client.

If that is the case, Izaya killed four birds with one stone, and not three.

1. He fulfilled his plan to start a Yakuza War.

2. He got the illegal weapons from the Yamaguchi-gumi the Awakusu-kai wanted.

3. He scarred Nakura by sending him to get those weapons from the Yamaguchi-gumi hideout.

4. Since Chrome has proved untrustworthy, the Yamaguchi-gumi may turn to Orihara Izaya for information instead.

Though it only matters because Shizuo saved his life from the hidden 'snake' seeking revenge with his 'two fangs'.