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"He was left on Bella Swan's doorstep, poor little dear," I hear Nanna Jones explain to a visiting reporter. "Forks won't be the same without him."

They'd come from as far away as Seattle to hear his story, and I know if Lucky were here he'd be hamming it up for the cameras and answering all their questions in that adorable smart-ass way that only he could ever get away with. He'd be lapping up the attention of everyone in the room.

But he's not here today, he can't be.

The entire town had shown up for this day, filling the hard wooden pews and any available standing room in the building. Today was as important for them as it was for Bella and I.

And for Lucky.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I'd never really believed that before I returned to Forks. And now...now I believe. Bella may be Lucky's mom, the only mom he's ever known, but Lucky belongs to Forks. Hell, judging by today's turn out, I think Lucky may actually be Forks. It's heart and soul anyway.

Bella's sweaty hand tightens around mine as the side door opens and the man in his long robes enters. He walks at a slow, measured pace to the centre of the room, where he waits for silence to fall over the gathered crowd.

I look towards my girl as she stares straight up at me, biting her lip so hard that I'm almost expecting to see blood running down her chin. She takes a deep, shuddering breath before directing her attention to the front of the room.

I follow her gaze, watching as the man takes a calming breath of his own and clears his throat.

Nobody moves.

We wait.

And we listen.

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