Once-ler looked out the window, watching Ted drive away on his motorbike. He had hope for him...

It wasn't too long that he heard the joyful chorus from the citizens of Thneedville singing on the radio. Just like the Truffula trees...he recalled the memory of first hearing their song so long ago in his youth when he joined with Fiora. With all the strength he had, he grabbed his axe and broke down the boards in the window, sticking his head out, staring at the glowing light towards Thneedville. His sky blue eyes flooded with tears and a smile stretched across his face.

"Thank you, Ted!" he said finally full of gratefulness.

He knew that it would happen now. The trees would come back. The animals, Lorax...everything...

Ted dug a hole in the ground in the center of town: it was the perfect place to plant Her. Let her see Her children grow up for miles. He held the small Truffula seed...the tiny foliage was multicolored...just like the tree the Once-ler had described in his tale. This would be the new Mother Tree. She would return in a glorious rebirth. She would grow...bring forth Her children like She did once before.

Fiora would've been proud...if she were here... Once-ler thought to himself.

Every day Ted and Audrey, his girlfriend, watered and cared for the new Mother Tree. She got bigger and bigger. Soon, more seeds came...new trees began to grow. Ted and Audrey were responsible for taking care and protecting Mother Tree. Mother Tree was so beautiful! The citizens of Thneedville loved to sit under the shade and watch Her colorful tufts flutter down in a feathery shower of joyful blessings.

When Mother Tree and Her children returned, all life began to return: little spikes of grass began to grow in the once contaminated wasteland where the destroyed forest once was. The sky cleared from the pollution. The rain came back, clean. The clouds were fluffy white.

Once-ler picked up a watering can and went outside, staring at the blue sky, sighing as he smelled the clean fresh air like he did once before when he first came to the Truffula valley. Still, it was difficult to breathe...all those years living in the pollution damaged his lungs...

He looked at the little dandelion sized Truffula trees that were scattered all over his lawn. He sprinkled water over them with a smile. Then, he heard a quack and saw a shadow up in the sky. He looked up to see a swomee-swan flying overhead...

Yes! The creatures were returning. The valley would return to its former beauty like it did many years ago. This time, Once-ler promised he would care this time. Care for all the trees just like...


Then...there was the brightest golden beam of light coming from the heavens...there was the Lorax descending towards the pile of stones...he smiled at him with a nod, pleased. Once-ler laughed, overjoyed that his friend had returned.

"You've done good, Beanpole," he said. "You done good."

Once-ler hugged his friend tightly.

"By the way, nice mustache," he laughed.

"Thanks," he said with a smile.

But there was only one question he had in mind for Lorax...

"Fiora?" he asked, feeling the pang in his heart...hopeful yet ready to hear any bad news.

Lorax nodded with a smile. Then he opened his palm, showing him the very bright golden light the size of a button. He placed it on the stone pile...it hovered for a moment, becoming blindingly white that Once-ler had to shield his eyes from it...the light took a shape...he couldn't be sure since it was so bright. Soon, the glowing stopped and standing there, multicolored flower-adorned hair, green skin with vines...completely naked was...

Once-ler's eyes lit up as he beheld her, feeling tears flooding...his heart was overwhelmed with with utmost joy that he couldn't speak.

She was here!

The sprite blinked her mossy eyes a few times, looking around like she had woken up and found Once-ler standing there. She only smiled and took one step...immediately flowers and small Truffula trees began to blossom. He smiled as he watched her bare feet walk towards him, leaving a trail of small Truffula trees in her steps. He looked right into those mossy eyes, seeing her cheeks glittering, her face just as he remembered in his youth.

Fiora looked at the man. Though he was older, she still remembered him just the way he was. She was happy to be with him again. With a sad look, she could sense he was sick and suffering. With just a smile, she took his hand and pulled off a glove, interlaced her fingers with his. Oh! To hold hands with his love once again! A gold light emitted from her hand, her eyes closed and she drew out the illness and pain. Everything felt just as he did in his youth. He was able to breathe again...better, easier now. His joints no longer ached and he was able to stand up easier. She healed him.

She opened her eyes, looking into his sky blues with her mossy green. He removed his coat and wrapped it around her, which she gladly took.

"Hello, Oncie," she spoke in that silvery voice he once remembered.

Soon, they embraced. Once-ler smelled that floral scent again that he missed for the longest time...happy his love was here once again...

At last!