Gohan POV

Grandpa Bardock was telling us a story about how he died and what happened later when he found out that he survived Friezas blast. Wow, I guess that being legends runs in our family. I couldnt help but notice that dad really looks a lot like grandpa, I mean even Goten looks a lot like them.

« And now I'm here. « finished grandpa as he took a sip of cola. As he did he scanned the can of coke, which made me a bit confused

« What's this called? It tastes good « he asked as he sniffed inside of the can

« And the smell isnt so bad either « he added and I couldnt help but chuckle a little.

Mom rolled her eyes, « but its certainly bad for your health, especially when you're still healing « said mom as she took away his and Gotens can.

« H-hey mom I wasn't finished with that « said Goten as he jumped on the couch and called for mom

« Like I said, It's bad for your health « said mom as she threw the cans in the trash can.

Hmph, what a waste of good drink.

« But I'm not injured mom, I'm healthy, grandpa is healing not me « he started explaining

but mom just ignored his whining. After a while Goten gave up and crossed his arms.

« Calm down kid, We're gonna get that drink one way or another « I noticed grandpa whispering to him and it kinda made me smile. I enjoy seeing them bond together.

In just a while, dad will be here too. And I cant wait to see him.

I turned on the tv and it was right on the news.

Looks like there's a robbery in the bank. I glanced at Videl looked back and gave me a small nod. Just as we were about to fly off, someone showed up in front of us.

« Where do you think you're going!? « said my mom angered that we're leaving just like that

« Can't talk mom, trouble in the city « I said as I dragged Videl out

« Son Gohan you better come back alive! « I heard mom shouting from behind us

Bardock POV

What the heck was that? I mean Gohans reaction was really weird, and to make it more weird my daughter in law came back all growling and annoyed, and why the hell is my grandson laughing?

« Goten this is not funny young man! What if your brother got injured? « she yelled at Goten. Is anyone planing on explaining to me what the heck is going on.

« Sorry mom, but you look funny « he said laughing...why is my daughter in law turning all red and why is smoke coming out from her ears?


If I were my son...I would never make this woman mad.

« Ugh you're just like your father « she added as she headed to the kitchen.

Goten was somewhat shaking in fear but then he calmed down as he looked back at the black object thats showing some clips.

« Whats that? « I asked

« Whats what grandpa? « asked Goten

« Dont call me grandpa...the black object with clips that you're watching « I said pointing at whats-it-called. Goten looked confused and I growled. I got up and picked up the black thing that reminds me of a box a lot. I started shaking it to see will they get out.

Hey maybe they're stuck and need help. I may be a saiyan but let me remind you that I am the one who risked his life to save my entire race.

« Grandpa what are you doing to the TV? « asked Goten. I stopped and looked at the black box

« Whats a TV? « I asked as I scanned the box from top to bottom

« Its a television grandpa, its where you watch movies,news,cartoons lots of shows and bunch of other stuff worldwide « he said. Oh...I guess that these clips are what he just said.

« Oh...so this clip that you're watching..what is it? « I asked as I put down this uhm...did he call it television?

« Its the news grandpa, Heey there are Videl and Gohan! « he exclaimed

I went back to my seat next to Goten and looked at some man in a rediculous outfit, and the girl was wearing something similar. Then the two flew off and some old man with glasses and beard showed up in front.

« And the day was saved thanks to Saiyaman and Saiyawoman « ...please dont tell me that was Gohan.

« Here he is Gohan, and as a hero he's a Saiyaman « said Goten.

Ugh just great, my grandson is a town clown.

« Goten come on its time! « shouted out his mother..whats her name again

Chura, China, Chimi, Chan, Chicha...

« Coming momma! « said Goten as he followed outside. I came behind his rubbing the back of my head. As we got out, bunch of people were there. A man that was similar to King Vegeta...I assume this is Prince Vegeta, a small purple haired boy that was much to my grandsons age. I could see the same look on his face just like at Vegetas. Hmph, the boy must be his son. A blue haired woman. Some old man with beard and glasses. A guy with a scar on his eye, some pig, a blonde haired woman that seemed rather bored. A small guy with black hair and he held a little kid in his hands...I think I saw that guy in one of my visions, along with the blue haired woman. What surprised me is that there was a namek too. What the hell...

« ChiChi..why are we waiting for Goku since he's here « asked the blue haired woman.

« Thats not Kakarot Bulma...they may have the same clown face but I can tell that its not him « said Vegeta and it made me angered. Like father like son, both bastards and weaklings hiding behind their title and pride.

« Vegeta's right Bulma « said Gohan as he came behind me. I have got to burn that suit of his. Its rediculous! « This is my grandpa Bardock. Bardock these are Bulma and Vegeta, and the kid is their son Trunks. Thats master Roshi, Oolong, Yamcha and Piccolo « introduced Gohan. Did I bother remembering their names? Absolutely not.

« Why are we here again? « I kneeled down to Goten who looked clueless as well.

« Momma said that daddy's coming back « he said.

Kakarot is coming...