Disclaimer: Of course I don't own the lyrics to In My Life, silly! Or any other part of Les Mis. Oh, and sorry about the formatting. The thing messed it up :(

Cosette: How strange, this feeling that I've found the Internet at last

This change, can people get a thousand hits so fast?

What's the matter with you, Cosette?

Have you been too much IRL?

So many things are dull, I'm too lazy to spell

In real life, there are so many boring assignments that I have to do

But online, there are people to chat with who constantly post new material too

And it seems that the world's at my fingertips

On my screen, just a sidebar away, beneath all those blips

Now I feel so alive, though I know it's not real

Everyone seems to care what I do, what I feel

In real life, they would call me insane, but online I can do as I please

No one knows, no one sees.

Valjean: Cosette, you're such a nerdy child

How socially inept you seem to me.

Believe me, if all our wi-fi power

Got knocked out for an hour

I bet that you would go crazy

From losing all your company

Cosette: There's so little you say that I'm longing to know

Of the blogs that you run and the gifs that you post

Valjean: It's "jifs", Cosette...

Cosette: There's so little you say of the fandoms you're in

Of the pairings you ship and the pics that you pin

So late, so late at night, the fanfic that you write.

In real life, I have food, clothes and shelter, but still I am not satisfied

But online, I can stay in a fantasy world I create till my brain becomes fried

Valjean: No more words, or I'll take your computer away

There are sites that are better unjoined; go outside and play

Cosette: In real life, I'm no longer a noob, and I yearn to go viral like you

Just show me what to do.

Valjean: You will learn, those who live life online all the time, have no lives.

Marius: In real life, I am still just the nobody loser I always have been

But online, I've been featured, re-tweeted, shared, forwarded, followed, and even linked in

Éponine, you're the friend who's reblogged me here

Thanks to you, I am one with this blog, and web fame is near

And I surf through a net that's uncensored and free

Éponine: Every word that he posts is a cookie for me

On the net, there's been no blog like his anywhere, anywhere I can find

I'll repost, I'll subscribe.

Marius and Éponine: In real life, I just want an escape from real life

Marius: On my dash

Éponine: Please don't crash