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"Bijuu/Demon Speaking"

'Bijuu/Demon Thinking'

Jutsu/Special attacks

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-X-Location/Time change-X-

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Session 5: A Hard Day's Night (Finale)


Coming back we find our devil hunting duo walking through the woods, the male gushing over his new 'toy'. His toy being an upgraded shotgun that he named Exodus.

"I love this thing!" He shouts as he cradles the demonically enhanced shotgun, rubbing his whiskered cheek against it.

"I still don't understand why you like that thing so much..." Diana admits, slightly disturbed by the amout of affection he is showing over an inanimate object.

"How can I not?" He asks, as he stops rubbing his face against it, bringing it out in a flourish, flipping it with it's lever and pointing it one-handed towards a tree branch, pulling the trigger a basket ball sized orb energy is fired from the barrel, completely obliterating the demon monkey that was about to leap at them.

Now you may be wondering where he got such a weapon, well...

[Flashback- A few minutes ago.]

Naruto and Diana are walking through the forest, alert to any surprise attacks when they break trough a thick wall of bushes, and into a clearing.

"By Hera..." The Amazon gasps, unprepared for the horror that she is witnessing.

Within the clearing is a campsite, or more accurately the remains of a campsite. Torn up tents splattered with blood, a dying fire, coolers either not open or completely destroyed, and a group of three dead, and torn apart by what ever attacked them.

"... If I ever needed a reminder why I hunt devils..." The blond mutters to himself, heading closer to the camp to check for survivors.

Looking trough the tents and around the area, he doesn't find any other signs of life, but he did however find something else.

"Well I didn't find any survivors... but I did find a cool looking gun." Naruto informs Diana as he inspects the lever action shotgun in his hands.

"So what are we going to do?" Diana asks wanting to know what the senior devil-hunter's plan is.

"Well first, I'm going to make some clones to give these poor people a proper burial... then I'm taking this sweet new shotgun." He says, starting out in a somber tone of voice then switching to a more happy tone as he imagines what he could do once he upgrades the weapon.

"Naruto, that's disrespectful to the dead!"Diana shouts, her disapproval at stealing from the dead, obvious in her voice.

"Maybe in your culture... but in mine, it's disrespectful not to steal from them..." He says, telling her a bit about the lives of ninja's without telling her anything."Besides, they have no further use for it."

Not happy, but willing to understand that they don't really need it anymore she begrudgingly concedes the point, "...Fine."

The blond nods as he sets aside the gun the make a few clones to bury the dead, acknowledging that she is still a bit uncomfortable with idea of taking a dead person's weapon, hell he was the same way... well at least he was before the war, and before some of the more harsh truths of the world were thrust into his face.

"Okay, now that that's taken care of, time to bring out Hephaestus." He says as the clones start to carry off the bodies.

"Hephaestus... you can call forth one of the gods!?" Diana exclaims in surprise, not expecting her companion to summon one of the olympians.

"Not exactly." He says as his hands are surrounded in smoke and a popping sound is heard. As the smoke is blown away by the light wind in the clearing, his hands are revealed to be covered in a pair of workman's gloves, solid black with thin tubing running across the surface, withinthe tubes there appears to be a liquid that looks a lot like liquid metal. On the back of the gloves covering the rear of the hand is a stylized H, "These are Hephaestus.." He states showing the gloves off.

After giving Diana a good look at the gloves Naruto picks the shotgun back up and he activates one of the gloves abilities and the metallic liquid flows from the gloves to cover the gun, eventually encasing the gun in a rectangular mold.

After a few minutes the mold starts breaking apart before it shatters violently and explodes in a burst of light and energy, revealing a completely changed gun.

Where as before it looked to be just a standard lever-action shotgun... something you could find in just about any old gun shop. Now... now it's different, sawed-off and shortened to just under a foot and a half long, solid black barrel with lines of a golden metal criss-crossing all the way down to the grip, so that if one saw it from the side it would appear to have three golden X's going down the barrel, the lever have remained mostly unchanged just a bright gold in color. On the grip are pictures, on one side is image of a beautiful female angel, blond with dusky skin and radiant wings garbed in silk, on the other is a seductive female demon pitch black hair and pale almost white skin, with bat-like wings she is clothed in dark leather, at the bottom of the grip is a short silver chain attached to it is a small X, black and gold on one side, black and silver on the other.

"Okay this is awesome."He proudly states as he moves the lever, as he does so six vents (three on each side) open up on the forestock. Once they are open he starts feeling the natural and demonic energy around him being drawn into the gun, as the golden X's start glowing dimly, becoming brighter each second as more energy is absorbed.

Pumping the lever some more the X's rapidly glow brighter, 'The more I pump, the faster it draws in energy...' He theorises.

Once the golden X's are glowing strong enough to illuminate most of the area, he aims the shotgun towards a random bunch of trees and pulls the trigger.

A moment later there is a 10x10 glassed trench going out 30 feet starting at where the trees were.

"*whistles*... Damn!..." He says in amazement, "...I'm going to call you Exodus... because you will make anything leave this world..."

Diana was unresponsive at the destruction, a shocked look stuck on her face.

[Flashback over.]

"Fine, the weapon is impressive." The amazon finally admits, "But must you treat it in such a way?" Diana asks, a bit disturbed by the fact that he's treating it like one would treat a child or favored pet.

Looking away from hand-held death cannon, Naruto simply states "Yes." Before elaborating, "The changes I made with Hephaestus are only temporary... well at least until I have enough time and materials to make them permanent, and I want to enjoy it as much as possible until it times out."

"You've made your point, I can understand why you would favor that weapon so much if you only have a short time to use it. But must you act so carefree?" Diana asks slightly exasperated.

Not losing his smile Naruto stops walking as he turns to face her, "Say Diana, the amazons are a warrior people right?" he asks as he leans against a tree.

Surprised by the question, she stops walking and looks at him stangely, "Yes, why?" She answers not knowing where exactly he was going with this.

Nodding he continues, "And do you have medics?"

Still slightly confused she answers, "Some of my sisters do take the path of healers, yes."

"Not you?" He questions.

Shaking her head, "No, I wasn't suited for the healing arts." Diana explains.

"Same here, however my godmother was a medic... the best we had actually, so she taught me a few things." He closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he reminisces on fonder times, "One of the most important things she taught me was how a Medic must act."

Opening his eyes he looks at Diana, "She said one of the most important things for a healer to know is that, no matter how you feel, you never let them see you sweat." Stepping forward he continues, "It doesn't matter if you are tired or hungry, if you are stressed beyond belief or if you just want to curl up and cry," Naruto looks at her with a fire in his eyes, "When you are on-duty or with a patient, you have to at the very least look like you are the absolute best, the one in control and in peak condition."

Looking at her with a smirk he asks, "So... do you think I learned that lesson well?"

Staring at the man who's posture shows only confidence, and who's voice carries certainty, "Yes... I do believe she taught you well." The amazon says with a swift nod, "And... I'm sorry for doubting you.

"It's fine not many get that and think I'm making light of everything..." He says trying to get rid of her worries, "Besides... it's not the first time I went through something like this..." Naruto remarks, some pain finding it's way into his mirthful tone.

And air of uncomfortable silence falls over the duo as they make their way towards the two large signatures of demonic energy.


-X-Base of the mountain, twenty minutes later.-X-

Breaking through the tree line the two demon hunters walk into a large clearing surrounding the base of the mountain, maybe half a mile between the trees and the rocky outcropping of the start of the mountain. Looking around they take notice of the large boulders in the area, along with many other stones of various sizes.

"So devil hunters, you've finally arrived..." An arrogant yet feminine voice calls out from nowhere, cause the two to snap to attention, Naruto cocking Exodus and scanning the surroundings while Diana draws Sivir as she eyes the boulders believing their foe is hidden behind one of them.

"No, no up here..." The same voice says, drawing their attention upwards to the source; a woman covered by a dark feather-like cloak and strange metallic helmet, floating in the air.

"Okay... who are you?" Naruto questions pointing his new weapon at the floating figure.

The figure chuckles, "Me?" She asks rhetorically, "I am Raven; Daughter of Trigon and his Blackbird of Terror..." She proclaims, raising her arms to her sides as her cloak opens to reveal her gray skin, "And you, are my prey!"

"Quite presumptuous of you, thinking that you alone could kill both of us." Naruto taunts as he tightens his grip on Exodus.

A dark smirk crosses Raven's face, "Oh? Who ever said I was alone?" The sorceress asks as she snaps her fingers.

As soon as she does this part of the mountain begins to shake and rumble, the dark stone appears to fall from the cliff face, as the rocks hit the ground they start moving, taking the shape of a large beast made of hundreds if not thousands of large stones, as the demon stands it reveals it's true form.

A large lion, easily twelve stories tall, with a mane of jagged stone and glowing yellow eyes.

Looking at the giant stone cat, Naruto can't help but comment, "I really should have kept my mouth shut..."

"Nemean!" The witch calls out gaining the stone monster's attention, "Kill them." She orders pointing at the two devil hunters.

"Uh, Naruto any ideas?" Diana ask as she hurls her weapon at the great stone beast, watching as it bounces off, not leaving any marks.

Firing his gun at the lion and watching it barely scorch the rocks that make up the creatures body, the blond devil hunter answers as he starts trying to but more distance between him and the rapidly approaching demon.

"Not at the moment, no. Well, nothing that doesn't involve running away anyway."

The Nemean Lion pounces as it closes in on the two of them, forcing them to dodge least they be crushed, rounding on Naruto as it did damage to it, as miniscule as it may be but damage now the less. The great demon bares it's fangs at the blonde in a powerful roar causing Naruto to have to channel chakra to his feet or be blown away.

"Well shit." He deadpans jumping back to dodge the demon's claw that was sent to crush him, and tilting his body in such a way to avoid the small jagged rock launch from the ground as shrapnel by the lion's attack.

Meanwhile as Naruto is doing his best to dodge the demon's frontal strikes, Diana was trying to avoid being crushed or skewered by the monsters huge spiked tail as it lashing about in a frenzy. After ducking the tail once more, she quickly grabs hold of the large appendage, careful not to impale herself she strengthens her grip on it and pulls with all her might spinning on her heels, she then sends the lion flying away from the two of them to give themselves a short bit of time to breath.

"Nice job, that should buy us a few..." Naruto started to say before being engulfed within a shroud of darkness and vanishing from the area much to the confusion and concern of amazonian ally.

"Seconds... Crap." The blond finished lamely, taking a look around the new area after his forced relocation. "Mountain top... well I can't say you don't have a sense of atmosphere and-" His comment was quickly silenced however by the rather large boulders attempting to render him into a fine red paste, "Well that was just rude, didn't your parents teach you that it was impolite to interrupt?"

"My Father taught me how to kill those foolish enough to stand against him." Raven stated coldly, levitating more boulders for the next barrage.

"When then, I suppose it's time to see just how good a student you were." The demon hunter remarked as a set of silver wings attach to a demonic looking backpack appeared upon him.

-X-Meanwhile at the base of the mountain-X-

"Naruto!" Diana exclaimed in shock seeing the shinobi vanish in a pool of darkness before her very eyes, moving toward the spot to investigate she rapidly flies upwards as the spot she was occupying just a few seconds ago is rendered into a crater by the pounce of the gigantic stone feline which then turns to face her, preparing itself for another leap.

'Sorry Naruto, looks like you're going to be on your own for a bit.' The warrior princess thought, bracing herself for a long a difficult fight.


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I was working on other stories, but all that I had writing up for one of them, just up and disappeared and that hit me right in the determination, also I just lost inspiration for this story for a bit of time, I could think of what to do next or where the story would go, so I didn't want to write anymore and end up forcing myself into a corner that I could escape from so I took a small break to work on some ideas and watch a few shows, and play some game to get ideas on what I could do...

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