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Rated M for several reasons.



I cannot believe I've ended up in this podunk, one horse, shit ass town. You have to collect your own pizza for fuck's sake!

There aren't words for the level of horror.

My stupid parents have been trying to ruin my life forever and now they've finally hit a fucking home run.

There really are no redeeming features to this cluster fuck.

When Mom left Dad here all those years ago I was broken hearted. Too young to appreciate what a break leaving for Phoenix was, only old enough to be crushed that I was losing my Dad.

But as I got older things kind of settled down. She may be a slightly dodgy Mom but we rubbed along well together in the warm desert heat and Dad felt so bad that I was growing up without him that vacations, whether I visited Forks or he came to me, were always fun and filled with the sort of spoiling Mom couldn't afford.

Then she had to go and fall in love. Like she hadn't learnt her lesson the first time?

He's a complete dick and there's an irony in the fact his name is Richard, Richard Royce King, King of the Dicks.

I tried to be nice to him, I really did.

But jeez, he made it fucking impossible.

In the end I was 'so out of control' that everyone decided to exile me to Dad's. Surely a Chief of Police can straighten out one excessively surly teenager?

We'll see.

Though they might be right.

It's not like I can get in much fucking trouble in Forks, Washington. Is it?


Somehow in all the chaos I'd completely failed to register that I'd be starting class at the local High School mid semester.

Total fucking yay.

Its complete shit, even though I'm probably a foot taller and a degree of civilisation better educated than the local losers. Being tan, blonde and beautiful isn't exactly gonna hurt either.


It sucks to be me this morning.

I can't afford a car and Dad won't buy me one so he's dropping me off in his cruiser.

My normal school attire is borderline appropriate, as in as much tanned skin on display as I can get away with, but it's so fucking cold in the rainiest town in the continental US that I'm wearing jeans and three t-shirts under the thickest sweater I own.

I seriously need to go shopping.

"Rose?" Dad hollers from downstairs. "Ya ready?"

"Yeah Dad!" I shout back.

"As I'll ever be." I whisper with one last practice scowl at the mirror.