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I've been a vampire for nearly a century now, there are parts I love, and parts I tolerate, just like any life. But take it from me the constant sore throat with venom pooling in it gets old after a while, drool is one of the reasons I was never a dog person and its not a good look on a perfected immortal, even me.

Andersons, or rather Roths, Frannie and Steve did indeed get married, and their descendants are still running Reynolds Hardware, and very well too.

I even had half brothers and sisters, Bella says that happens when you have a hot Dad. Not Claire's children though, she outgrew him in the end, it was sad, he was sad, but she was only young. There was a new teacher at Forks High, she and Dad hit it off big style. Jonathan, Simon and Elise were born in rapid succession. Jonathan was a bit of a disappointment, truth be told, poor old Dad was always bailing him out of some get rich quick scheme or other, I knew why, Grandkids, but Jonathan was still a douche, even his kids thought so, you should have seen the lousy funeral they reluctantly forked out for. Simon didn't produce any Grandkids if you get my meaning but he will always be, in my opinion, the coolest Hale. And Elise? Well, she was my kind of woman and her daughters haven't turned out bad either. In fact I voted for the eldest, just last week, not sure what trouble a Hale will cause in Congress but we're gonna find out . . . .

Dad died eventually, of course he did, but he lived a good life, passed in his bed surrounded by his family and had a kick ass funeral that put Jonathan's to shame.

I have killed a few humans, but I've never tasted one, not that I wasn't tempted back in the day. Jasper says vampirism amplifies your human gifts, and I was always a vicious bitch when provoked. I just got provoked a lot in those early years. I never mean to kill anyone, I just forget how strong I am.

Em and I were married in the Whitlock's meadow in Forks. Ang's Dad presided. My dress was a Brandon original, now in a museum in Brooklyn, and I looked amazing. Though truth be told I was a little wobbly on my newly released ex broken leg. Jasper told me not to shave it, but I didn't listen, boy was that a painful mistake . . . .

Em was perfect and I mean that. From his superbly fitted tux to the loving smile on his face, perfect. For me. No one else was getting anywhere near him.

The party Alice laid on was epic, even some of the wolves came. Not Jacob though, he's still a mardy asshole, even all these years later. He thought I'd stop visiting when Dad died, but I have family here, what does he expect?

Em and I have been all over the world, some of it with our family, some of it more than once. I did love Paris, we went there on our honeymoon, and all the other places he said I would, though he was surprised how much I loved Iceland. It's beautiful, Fire and Ice, you should go . . . .

I wanted him to make love to me so badly. But he couldn't, wouldn't. He was terrified that he'd hurt me. I was terrified he'd hurt me too, in fairness. But there was a load of other stuff he could do, we could do, that kept us happy, in our last year. I wasn't sure I wanted to consummate my relationship with Em in my out of control newborn phase but my sisters, Bella and Es, talked me through it, better to be fearless than fearful.

It kind of worked out.

Em and I are infamous now for houses knocked down, furniture ruined, ground scorched and love made. It took a while but it was fucking, pardon the pun, worth it.

Frigid my ass.

I hadn't wanted him to bite me either, but in the end, who else was I going to let do it?

We went to Denali.

I was ready, at least I thought I was, but it still took a month or so.

Dad thought we were touring Europe.

I don't know what I was waiting for. A sign? It didn't seem necessary, Em was it for me and no one else would ever be capable of loving me as much. I loved his family, they were my family too.

We were sitting in a snow drift when I realised that I was just wasting time. What more human experiences did I need or want? Everything I needed and wanted was on the other side of the change I was so afraid of.




"I'm ready."

"You sure? There's no hurry."

"No there isn't, thanks to you, but its time. I love you, you're my husband, I want forever with you, I'm ready for it to start."


He touched me, so loving, so gentle, and I came apart in his arms, too warm and languid to care when his teeth sliced into my neck.

It's the only mark that made it with me into my new life, all Dick's scars were washed away in the change. Only Em's remained, fitting, right, wanted.

And he's as proud of it as I am.

My wedding ring, his teeth marks, these are what define me now.

Loved and loving.

"Moochie moochie Hale." He booms, swinging into the tree next to mine. "Bells and Eddie the Monster are graduating in precisely ten minutes, she'll be pissed if we miss it."

"She'll be pissed at you." I point out. "I was expelled, I'm not even supposed to be going, Principal Humphrey will probably have me arrested."

"Honey, you dared her to do it, it's the first time she's made it through school with a perfect unblemished record, the least you can do is eat crow and watch her graduate."

I laugh, it was fun, no matter what I did that last semester I couldn't get her to misbehave and in the end all I managed was to get myself excluded. Though I'm still not convinced the mind reader wasn't helping her out, no matter how much he declared himself Switzerland.

"You know whether you go or not you'll still have to pay the forfeit." My husband chuckles, shaking a branch to get my attention.

"Em." I level the Hale stare on him. "You're really going to let me get a job at Hooters?"

"No." He confesses with a wink. "But I am going to let you go through the interview process and get the uniform."

"You are such a pervert."

"Come over here and let me show you." He taunts.

"You'll be late." I remind him.

"I don't care, she's only a very little sister."

Growling the way he likes I launch myself at him, both of us laughing as we crash through the branches to the ground, helping each other out of our clothes on the way. . . .

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