The green Waddle Dee stood outside the throne room door, clutching his spear tightly. He had to do this. Taking a deep breath, he pushed open the door and peeked inside. There he was, eating.

"Great King...?"

"Yes, what is it? I'm busy here!"

"Well, it's just that... Well, some of my squadron are starting to feel sick, and—"

"And what? I'm no doctor! Take 'em to the medic!"


"No! I don't care about your squadron's bellyaches! Leave me alone!"

"... Y... Yessir."

The Waddle Dee quietly exited the throne room. Tears welled in his eyes. If he didn't do something about this, his whole squadron could die! He started walking down the hallway, slowly.

"Go to the medics," he mumbled, mocking the King's voice, "Yeah, Tried that! They didn't know anything!" he stabbed his spear into the ground out of pure frustration. The sound echoed through the mostly-empty hallway outside the throne room door.

"And there he sits, eating his lunch while his soldiers die," Said a new voice from down the hallway.

"Wha-?" The Waddle Dee looked up, blinking away tears. "Oh, it's you." A Waddle Doo, navy blue in color with dark gray feet, stood at the end of the hallway, leaning on the wall, eye half-closed in what would probably be a frown if he had a mouth.

"Yeah, it's me. I tried asking the 'King' too. Didn't work. He just doesn't care, even though this is a lot worse than he knows."

The Waddle Dee looked at the ground where his spear was still stuck and sighed.

"It's getting worse." He held up his stub to show that it was spotted black. The Waddle Doo walked over to inspect it.

"And now even the squad leaders are getting infected?!" The Waddle Doo yelled, "We have to let someone know about this!"

"But who?" The Waddle Dee inquired, "Anyone who could do something, doesn't care enough. And everyone who would care, can't do anything."

"Perhaps I could be of assistance?" A voice said from the end of the hallway.

At the end of the hallway stood a young Star Warrior, blue in color with purple feet and strange, white eyes, clutching what looked like the hilt of a sword.

"Who're you?" The Waddle Doo asked commandingly.

"My name," The Star Warrior stated calmly, "Is Meta Knight."

-20 Years Later-

The pink Star Warrior with red feet ran through Grape Gardens. He clearly had somewhere to be. Grabbing a Warp Star which he had hidden in a cave, he began flying to his destination, which just happened to be Mt. Dedede. Or more specifically, the castle atop the mountain.

In the castle, a masked Star Warrior happened to glance out the window and saw the Warp Star speeding toward the top level of the castle. The masked Warrior sighed.

"Dedede, what could you be up to now?" He wondered aloud, and began running toward the throne room.

He got there just in time. Right as he opened the door, the Warp Star crashed through the wall. The pink Star Warrior tumbled to the ground (and bounced a few times) as the Warp Star continued to sail through the air and smashed through the opposite wall.

"What is going on?!" an obnoxious voice yelled from the throne. The pink Star Warrior stood up and charged blindly at source of the voice, which was the fat blue penguin, Dedede himself. The pink Star Warrior was of course, Kirby, and the masked one was Meta Knight, but I'm sure you've already picked up on that.

"Gah! Kirby!" Dedede yelled, "I didn't do anything this time, I swear!" Kirby stopped charging and looked confused. He looked at Meta Knight and tilted his head questioningly.

"Are you quite sure, Sire?" Meta Knight inquired. It certainly wouldn't be unlike the self-proclaimed King to have some kind of mischief going on.

"No really!" Dedede said pathetically, "Whatever it was, it wasn't me! Please don't hurt me!" Kirby looked more confused than ever.

"Kirby, what happened?" Meta Knight asked.

"Dark... Dark Matter!" Kirby was still learning to talk properly, but those were words he knew well. And he looked worried.

"What, again?" Dedede yelled.

"Are you sure?" Meta Knight asked, ignoring the King and gripping the hilt of Galaxia. Dream Land had barely survived the last attack. If there was another one about to happen, it would be pure devastation.

Kirby nodded vigorously, and gestured in the direction he had flown from.

Meta Knight unfurled his wings.

"Show me."

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