Hello and welcome to The girl on fire. I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but this isn't an update.

I started this story with ilusion and hope, ready to combine two fandoms that maybe they seem difficult to blend. And I wrote, oh yes, I did it. I had all the story planned inside my head, ready to come to life.

However, it seems like that sparkle of ilusion has extinguished. It's not that I don't like it anymore, I still love it, but I can't make myself write a story when I don't have motivation. Moreover, it didn't have a good backup from the readers and that (even if you aren't willingly to accept it) slows you down.

So I made the desicion to put this story on hiatus for a while. Maybe if I finish another of the stories I've been writing I can find my inspiration again.

Do not worry, fellows, I'm not abandoning it, just clearing my mind a bit.

I really hope to see you soon.