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Ok on to the story J

**Bella's POV **

"OMG Baby sis where are you? I've been looking for you for over 4 months!" my brother cried out.

"Calm down Benj. I'm living with my dad it's not my fault that you constantly change your number and never call." I said a little annoyed rolling my eyes.

"Sorry Bells." He said sheepishly.

"ooooooh guess who I met?" I asked excitedly. He replied with a quick "who?". "MY MATE JASPER!"

"Jasper who?" he asked scared.

"Whitlock? Why?" I asked

"Crap!" he said

"What?" I said panicking. "he's the god of war bells. He scares me." I laughed "don't laugh at me!"

"ok your coming over right because you gotta meet everyone." So we made arrangement and he will meet us in Texas in a week. I miss my brother.

"so back to the story, it was a week later that I learned my eyes turn color and I was stronger than normal, I was in like zombie mode for 4 months before I realized I was destroying my family because of it. But it turns out the venom also saved me because I was diagnosed with cancer 4 weeks prier to that."

I was sobbing by the end. So jasper wrapped his arms around me.

"That's a terrible story bells I thought it was gonna be happy!" peter said sobbing and I looked over to see Rosalie was crying in Emmet's arms. I got up and pulled her into my arms knowing we went through the similar pasts. Rosalie told me about a month ago what happened and I cried for her to.

So from there we all left heading for Texas. It took us 1 day and 9 hours to get there. When we got there it was a small town. We were just outside of the town we pulled on to a hidden driveway where we drove for like 5 minutes before we pulled up to a beautiful log house. It was huge.

" wow!" I said amazed. That's when I saw a bunch of stunning horses running along a fenced area.

"YAYYYYYYYYYYY" I screamed I noticed everyone wince." Sorry" and we all got out and got settled in and me Alice rose and char went to the mall for clothes. It was 5 hours before we left the store it was a nightmare. We got home and I went up to my room.

So here I am in mine and Jaspers room in this new lingerie waiting for jasper. I want to try soon because I want to change before next year. But not only that I couldn't wait to have him. I'm finally ready. I hear the door nob turn. I see him walk in and hear the door shut and an intake of breath and what sounded like a husky growl. That's when he pounced and the fun began.

**Rosalie POV**

So no one knows how I really feel right now. I'm so jealous. Bella has her chance to have kids and get she wants to turn. But I guess I can't do anything because it's her mate and I see that clear as day. Don't get me wrong she the best sister ever but I still envy. All my chances at having kids and growing old with an amazing husband were stripped from me. But the positive thing is I met my great amazing teddy bear.

**Bella's POV**

So its been a little over a month since my first time. I smile at that thought as I cuddle into jaspers cold naked body.

"oh my" I said as I took the sheet and wrapped myself with it and I ran to the bathroom. I threw up in the toilet. I frowned.

"what's wrong" jasper said worriedly running into the bathroom. Then a bright smile formed and he went into the cabinet above the sink and pulled out a pregnancy test. I smiled and kicked him out of the bathroom while I took it.. man I hope it's positive.

So what does everyone think not much humour sorry. Pls review I haven't been vary confident with my story and what story should I do after this paul/bella, jared/bella or maybe even jake/bella . let me know.