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The frigid gusts swirled around them, robbing them of the ability to speak. Skye could barely even see Fitz through the snowstorm - his blue parka was often obscured by the large white flakes. But he was her lifeline - he knew where the cave was. And without the cave, it wouldn't be long before they froze to death in the depths of the remote mountain range. It took all of her concentration to keep walking, trying to stay in Fitz's footsteps before they were completely filled in. The thought made her chuckle slightly inside, despite her fear. He had insisted on walking in front of her so that he could break a path for her through the snow. One foot slipped, and Skye fought back a scream as she fell into the snow, unsure if she was going to have the strength to get back up and continue to fight the blizzard. But then Fitz was there, pulling her to her feet and half-dragging her into the mouth of the cave. They had made it.

"Are you okay?" Fitz shouted into her ear, the wind still making it difficult to hear.

"I think so!" Aside from feeling like she might freeze into a block of ice, Skye didn't think that there was anything else wrong with her.

"This way - come on!" Grabbing her mittened hand in his, he dragged her further into the protection of the cave.

"What now?" Skye asked in a normal tone of voice once they were far enough into the cave to be protected from the storm outside.

Fitz shrugged. "I suppose we wait 'til it stops and the team can come rescue us."

"Oh. Fun." Her sarcasm was lost on Fitz.

"Want to have a picnic?"

"...what?" Skye was sure that she must have heard him wrong. A picnic?

"A picnic," he confirmed, setting his backpack on the ground and pulling out a couple sealed baggies.

"You brought lunch?" She couldn't keep the incredulity out of her voice.

"Of course." Fitz looked offended that she would even ask. "And it's a good thing, too."

"No complaints here," she replied, holding up her hands to as if to ward off his indignation.

Handing her a sandwich, he grinned at her. "Ham and cheese."

Accepting it gratefully, she commented, "My favourite."

"I know."

Controlling her surprise, she bit into the partially frozen sandwich. How did he know my favourite sandwich? She didn't have long to dwell on that thought, though, before Fitz pulled out an apple as well.

"Want a slice?" Using his small pocketknife, he carved a slice and offered it to her.

"Yes, thanks." The whole situation just felt so strange to Skye. They were in a frozen cave in the middle of the mountains in a blizzard, but here they were, calmly having a picnic.

"So," Skye said, breaking the silence that had fallen while she was chewing, "Since we are stuck here, let's talk."

The look Fitz gave her almost made her burst out laughing. "Talk." He said flatly. "About what? Feelings?"

"Well," she leaned forward expectantly, "If you want. Or hopes. Dreams. Anything to pass the time."

Shifting uncomfortably, Fitz didn't make eye contact. "Why?"

Coming over to stand next to him, Skye responded, "Because we have nothing else to do. Here - I'll go first." She took a deep breath. "I haven't told anyone, but I want to have a house with a family one day. It's silly, I know, but I've never had it before."

Fitz slipped his hand into hers. "I don't think it's silly."

"Thanks." She smiled up at him. "What about you?"

"Hmm," he mumbled, considering. "I've always wanted to start my own school - one just for nerds like me. One where they can all feel special and included."

"I like that idea." Not wanting their moment of honesty to stop but still feeling self-conscious, Skye let her hair fall as a curtain between them. "And I want to find the truth about myself and my parents. I keep trying to act like it doesn't bother me to not know where I can from, but it does."

Feeling a hand brush her hair out of her face, Skye looked up to see Fitz regarding her intently. "I'm sorry." There was no trace of humour, just sincere compassion. "I can't pretend to understand."

"It's okay." She blinked quickly a couple times to hold back her tears.

"If it helps, you have a family here. With us."

Touched more deeply than she wanted to show, Skye laughed quietly. "That sounds so cheesy. Even if it is true."

"It is. And you're not the only one who feels lost." Fitz looked down at his hands. "I feel like I am out of place as well - not the perfect scientist like Simmons or the perfect soldier like Ward. I'm just stuck somewhere in between."

"Hey," Skye soothed, "That's a lie. We need you. I need you." A shocked look crossed her face when she realized that she had said that out loud. Probably identical to the look on his face, actually. "Can we...can we pretend…?"

"Yeah." Fitz agreed.

The conversation continued on a much less serious note for hours until the blizzard ended. The team found them there, holding hands and both looking more at peace than ever before.

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