Author's Notes: First of all Kenshin is not mine.

Now that that's over… This is my attempt in making an A/U fic. This is my second fan fiction ever and also the second time I write in English.

Warning: This story is post Seissouhen so if haven't watched the saddest movie ever do not read because there are spoilers ahead.

There can be some spelling and grammar mistakes so I apologize in advance.

Anyway read and tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is also welcome. Enjoy

Heavenly Lost

Prologue: Another Friend Lost

She was lying down in her futon with her eyes closed. Yahiko was seating beside her. He had been there for the last two days without moving more that it was necessary. It was late at night so only the slight light of a candle was illuminating the room. Kenji was knelt beside Kaoru. He was holding his mother hands between his. He had been a long time staring at her face. He could see she was in pain but Kaoru being the woman she was never let a cry out. She was having trouble breathing and everyone could see how she struggled to get some air. Kenji looked up just to meet an equally sad face. Yahiko looked at him with his brown eyes and Kenji lowered his glance when he realized what was happening: his mother was dying.

It was no secret. Yahiko had traveled all the way to Kyoto to tell him that a few weeks before, but he didn't want to believe it. He was so focused in surpassing his father that he didn't think about his mother. Yahiko had taught him a lesson in Kyoto, now he had the sakabato by his side but he had lost so much. He realized all the time he wasted in Kyoto but now it was too late, there was no more time, his mother would dye.

The door slid open and Tsubame walked in carrying some tea.

Kaoru opened her eyes when she heard the noise. She looked at the familiar faces around her and smiled. Yahiko gave her a sad smile in return. Many years had taught him the meaning of that bittersweet smile of her 'sister'. Maybe it was too late to admit it, but Kaoru was his sister. She took care of him the way a mother would do but with the fresh relationship that exists between brothers. Now he was witnessing the last moments of that person and he felt the closeness that was between them. They didn't need words; they had a bond created by time and love. Kaoru felt his son hand holding hers; she tightened the grip a little and looked at him. He had grown up. He was already a man. His violet eyes and his red head were a constant reminder of his father. And then she felt like his expression while looking at her was the same Kenshin gave her when he was sad but didn't wanted to worry her. "He is like his father in more ways than he thinks" 

Tsubame putted the tray aside and seated beside Yahiko. Kaoru felt happy when she realized they would be together and that they would take care of each other. After all they were her family. She knew she didn't have much time left but she was joyful because she knew her loved ones wouldn't be left alone... After all, loneliness was an awful feeling.

Yahiko looked at the woman lying in front of him. Suddenly flashing memories of the pass started passing through his head. Thousands of moments, names, laughs, fights and cries… the old times. When they were all together living like a family. He closed his eyes remembering… It had been so long since the last time he saw Sanosuke. He knew he was out somewhere and that he was fine, but still the separation with a friend was a hard thing to handle.  Megumi was back. She had come back from Aizu a month or so ago to take care of Kaoru. She realized soon that there was not much she could do. Kaoru was dying and there was no stopping it. She had an incurable disease and all the female doctor could do was try to ease her pain and keep her company. And Kenshin… he was gone for so long and he finally came back only to die in Kaoru's arms.

"At least they saw each other one more time… Those two souls can only be apart for so long… eventually they will find a way to meet again"

So Kenshin kept his promise and returned. Kaoru waited patiently for him and when they saw each other again he allowed himself to die. Now it looked like Kaoru was following his path.

Megumi knew her old friend was very sick and she also knew that the only thing that kept her alive was her promise to wait for him. Now her promise was kept and her struggle had ended; she could finally let go.

Kaoru opened her mouth and a slight and almost incomprehensible sound came out of it. Yahiko understood and walked out of the room to come back accompanied by Megumi. The doctor seated beside Kaoru. She looked at her for a second and knew her old friend would be leaving earth that night.

Kaoru looked at the people around her… her family.

She was so weak, she didn't knew if she would have the strength to say what she wanted but she knew  that if she didn't do it then her words would remain unspoken.

"Arigato… gozamasu… mina-san… Always remember that… that you are family… and… it doesn't matter how far away… you are from each other… your heart… your heart doesn't know the meaning of the… of the word… distance…"

And with those words Kamiya Kaoru the master of the Kamiya Kashin Ryu, the wife of Himura Kenshin, the mother of Himura Kenji and the loving and caring friend gave his family one last smile before she closed her eyes forever.

*   *   *