Oct 2002

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Hide Your Love Away
Chapter 35

*One month later*

Tasha Jade cradled the new baby in her arms as she looked out the window of the Space ship. So much had changed in the month since they'd made their demands from the council.

Obi-Wan and Anakin had been granted their Master status, not just the honorary title from teaching a padawan. Padmé had asked for, and received, a large ship, big enough to house not only their two small families, but any children who'd wanted to come with them. Tasha was a recognized Jedi Knight, heading towards her Mastery, having been granted the permission to create a mobile Jedi academy. The large ship Padmé had asked for suited the purpose excellently. Able to house 30 people along with a small crew compliment of 6, it was perfect for their uses. As it stood, there were 2 other Knights on board with 4 children. Not a bad beginning for their small school. They were, however, on their way to fulfill the last of their requests from the Council.

Tasha rose from the chair in her personal quarters, carrying the child carefully as she stepped into the hallway. Making her way to the cockpit, she stopped in the doorway. The baby began to fuss and she soothed her with a thought.

Obi-Wan turned to look at her as Anakin checked the display for their exit vector. Padmé was sleeping, having done the flying with Tasha through most of the night. "Up already? Is Mara fussing?"

Tasha walked over to him and gently placed the baby in his arms. "She just wants her daddy."

Obi-Wan's expression grew tender as he looked down at the baby. "Hello, little one."

Mara gurgled, one tiny hand reaching up to grasp a strand of his red hair. She smiled at him and he laughed softly. "You're just as beautiful as your mother, did you know that Mara Jade?"

Tasha sank down into a chair across the way, leaning her head back. She was exhausted. After being on duty for most of the night and looking after Mara, she was almost drained. She took a couple of minutes to replenish herself with the Force as Obi-Wan admired his daughter. When she finally opened her eyes, he was watching her, the baby gumming a few strands of his hair in one tiny fist.


He shrugged. "Thank you for this miracle. I still don't see why you won't marry me."

She laughed softly, glancing at Anakin who looked absorbed in his flying. She wasn't fooled though; he could hear everything. "I told you why. I'm just not ready for that commitment yet. I will, however, stay to teach at the academy and give you the chance to change my mind."

He reached up to cup her cheek. "I intend to. How much time do we have, Anakin?"

"Two minutes until we're back in real space."

Tasha stood, only to be swept into a hug by Obi-Wan. "One day, Jedi lady, you'll tell me you love me."

She chuckled, "In your dreams, Kenobi."

"All the time. You look tired, Pearl, why don't you get some sleep, I can manage Mara for awhile."

"Are you sure?"

He nodded, pulling her down to his level and gently placing a kiss on her lips. "Honest. Sleep, we'll be fine." He looked down at the squirming child. "Won't we pet?"

Mara laughed, waving her arms contentedly.

Tasha moved away, a soft smile on her lips as she looked at the baby. "Wake me if you need me."

Obi-Wan nodded as she disappeared before turning back to the console, bouncing Mara gently on his lap.

Anakin spared him a glance. "I still don't see why she wouldn't marry you. I mean, heck, you did father her baby."

Obi-Wan shrugged. "I'm happy for the moment, Anakin. I admit I wish she had accepted my proposal, but she's not ready for it yet. I'm afraid she feels she needs to make amends for all the pain she put me through. She doesn't realize that I don't hold it against her. It's her own pride, that's all."

Anakin chuckled. "I'll take your word for it. Coming out of hyperspace in 3... 2... 1..." he pulled the levers back and the starlines faded. Below them, stretched out in all it's splendor, was Tatooine. Anakin looked at Obi-Wan, his smile roguish. "Well, I know Tasha needs her sleep, so how about we all pack it in for the next few hours and head to the surface after that?"

"You're sure you can wait? You've been talking about nothing else but seeing the twins since Mara was born." Obi-Wan hugged his daughter gently. "I can see why, too."

Anakin nodded, setting the ship into an orbit above the Lars family's homestead, before unbuckling his crash webbing. "I can wait another eight hours. Go sleep with your woman, Obi-Wan, keep her company. I'm going to find my wife and curl up with her."

"You're such a sap."

Anakin shrugged, chuckling. "At least I know it." He winked at the other man before disappearing from the cockpit.

Mara gurgled, grabbing his hair and gently tugging. Obi-Wan untangled her fist from his hair and stood, carrying her gently. He walked through the corridors of the ship, catching Tasha just as she was about to slip into her room.


She stopped, turning to look at him. "You can't handle her after all?"

He shook his head, flowing her into her room and gently placing Mara in her crib before turning to face her. "I can handle her, it's you that's got me tied in knots."

She turned to face him as she carefully sent Mara into a Force induced sleep. She didn't need to hear her parents fighting... or anything else. "How am I doing that? It's been a month since we've had a chance to be alone."

He grimaced, stepping towards her, "That's part of the problem. You see, I have this problem that no one else can remedy but you."

She raised an eyebrow, backing a step away from him only to run into the wall. "Oh?"

He nodded, pinning her against it as he stepped forward again. "Yeah. I can't seem to keep my hands to myself."

She shivered, her gaze never leaving his as his arms slid to bracket her body, his forearms resting on either side of her. She stared at him, licking her lips. "Obi-Wan, we can't..."

"I want a kiss, Pearl. A simple, little kiss. Is that too much to ask? You're killing me."

She swallowed hard. "Nothing is simple with you, Jedi."

He leaned in closer, his head coming down to stop a whisper away from hers. "That's your fault. You drive me to distraction, woman. What do you think I should do about it?"

Her hands crept up to grasp the front of his tunic. "Kiss me, Jedi, try and change-"

His lips covered hers, cutting off the rest of her sentence. She allowed him to, her hands creeping up around his neck and sliding into his hair. Obi-Wan kissed her soundly before dragging his mouth from hers and hiding his face in the curve of her neck. "That was a bad idea."

She stiffened, "What?"

"I want nothing more than to throw you down on that bed right now."

She choked before laughing softly. "Oh. That's not wise for another week, you know that."

"Doesn't stop me from wanting to do it."

She pushed him away before slipping out from under his arms. "I'm going to take a nap. Think you can behave yourself if I ask you to curl up with me?"

He took a deep breath, slowly letting it out before pushing away from the wall. "I think so. We head to the farm in eight hours."

She crawled onto the bed in the corner of the room, kicking off her shoes and waited only until he'd shed his robe and boots before pulling him down with her. Curling up in his arms, she laid her head on his shoulder. Obi-Wan echoed her contented sigh and closed his eyes. Eight hours wasn't much, but it certainly felt like heaven.

Padmé stepped out of the transport, her feet barely hitting the sand before she was running towards the homestead. Anakin, an eager expression on his face, ran after her, catching up just as Beru stepped out of the entryway.

A smile on her face, the homey woman caught Padmé in a hug before turning to Anakin and hugging him too. "You're back! Did you manage to talk some sense into the Chancellor?"

"He's dead," Padmé told her, "But we'll wait until Obi-Wan and Tasha join us, this is a long story."

Beru wisely held her tongue, clasping her hands in front of her as the transport's engines shut down. She was eager to know what had happened, but wise enough to know when to have patience. Her eyes widened with surprise when Obi-Wan and Tasha, dressed in their Jedi robes and carrying a small baby, descended the ramp. They walked towards the small group and stopped.

Beru smiled as Anakin made the introductions, shaking each of their hands and marveling over the small baby. "I'm not used to having such distinguished guests."

Obi-Wan smiled. "Mrs. Lars-"

"Please, call me Beru."

He inclined his head. "As you wish. I feel obligated to inform you that Anakin and Padmé are like family. And so, to an extent, so are you. We're simply here to offer you something."

She frowned, holding up one hand to stop him. "Before we get down to business I'm sure you'd all be more comfortable inside. And I'm sure this little Angel needs to get out of the heat."

Mara gurgled as Beru gently stroked her cheek, her cherub-like face splitting in a smile.

Anakin tucked his hand under Padmé's elbow. "If it's not too much to ask Beru, Padmé and I would like to see our children."

"Oh! Of course, how awful of my not to bring them out to greet you." She led the way into the house, settling Obi-Wan and Tasha at the main table before leading Anakin and Padmé to the room they'd shared when they'd last been there. Opening the door slowly, she stepped aside and allowed them to enter.

Padmé went in first, her eyes lighting up at the sight of her two babies, larger than they'd been three months ago, resting on a blanket in the middle of the bed. She stepped to them and scooped them into her arms, hugging them together. Tears gathered in her eyes as she inhaled their clean, pure scent. They gurgled delightedly, small, chubby arms holding onto her with surprising strength.

Anakin stepped next to her, taking Luke from her arms as she cradled Leia against her chest. Tears trailed down her cheeks, tears of joy at being reunited with her children. Anakin felt the burn behind his eyes but didn't allow it to go further as he hugged his son. He wrapped an arm around Padmé's shoulders and pulled her close so the twins were hugged between them. He could feel their joy, their love, and stretched through the Force to allow Padmé to feel their joy. She sobbed once, kissing each of their foreheads. "We're finally home."

Anakin nodded, leaning down to kiss the top of her head. His contented silence spoke louder than words.

Beru was talking with Obi-Wan and Tasha when the couple emerged, each holding one of their children. Beru was trying to keep her stoic expression, but tears glittered in the depths of her eyes.

Anakin sat, Padmé next to him, as Beru took the seat at the head of the table. "I'm-" her voice was choked but she tried again, clearing it. "I'm sorry Owen isn't here. He's out on the south range until later tonight."

Tasha reached out unexpectedly. "We're not here to see Owen, but I'll be glad to finally meet the man who's helped to take care of the Skywalker children."

Beru wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry, I... they've been such a delight to have and..."

Anakin nodded to Padmé. "Angel, it was your idea, would you like to have the honors?"

Padmé smiled at him before looking at Beru. "Beru, I know your fondest wish is to be a mother. Would you allow us to grant it?"

She blinked. "Pardon? I don't see how, you know I'm barren. I didn't think you'd be cruel, Padmé, not after everything that's happened!"

"I'm not saying it to be cruel," Padmé's voice was filled with compassion. "We've been given the means to give you a child. A child from your own body. Owen's child."

Beru sat, stunned, at the table. "How?"

Anakin looked at Tasha and Obi-Wan before looking back to Beru. "The three of us combined have the power to fix whatever problem your system has, which will enable you to have children. It's our way of saying thank you, if you'll let us."

Her face was white, shocked. "You... you have the power to do this?"

Tasha passed Mara to Obi-Wan before grasping the young woman's hands in her own, drawing her complete attention. "We'll be channeling the power of two other Jedi Masters along with our own. Four Masters and me, as a focus since I'm female, can help you if you'll let us. I have my baby, and would do anything for her. She's my pride and joy and I never wanted to be a mother. You, Beru, from everything I have seen thus far and been told, deserve a child of your own to love. Will you let us help you achieve your dream?"

Beru's tears spilled down her cheeks. "Why? Why would you do this for me?"

"Because you opened your heart and your home to us and our children," Padmé's words were soft. "You've given so much and expected nothing. You were willing to be a mother to my children if something happened to me, and even for a short time, you've loved them as your own. I can tell; Luke and Leia aren't going to want to leave. If we can somehow give you the happiness you've helped bring us, we want you to have it."

"I'll have to talk to Owen."

"Talk to me about what?"

Beru spun at the sound of Owen's voice. His expression had been quizzical, but quickly changed to concern when he saw her face. "Beru? Are you alright?"

She nodded, unable to speak. Owen's gaze went to his step-brother and his face darkened. "If you've done anything to hurt her, I swear, Jedi or not, I will string up-"


He looked at his wife, stepping to her and placing his hands on her shoulders as she cut him off. "What's wrong?"

She glanced at Padmé and Anakin. "They've offered us the chance at having a child. That's why I'm crying."

Owen looked as if he'd been punched in the gut. "What?"

Beru laughed, her eyes sparkling, "That's what I said. I guess they can use the Force to heal me, to make me whole."

Owen eyes went to his step-brother in shock. "You can do that?"

"Not by myself no, but Obi-Wan and Tasha, along with two other Jedi Masters, can make it a reality."

Owen still looked skeptical, but Anakin's eyes were wide with pride, determination and honesty. He truly believed he could make it happen. He turned to his wife, barely nodding at the guests he just realized were sitting at his table. "This choice is yours, Beru, I can't make it for you. Whatever you decide, I'll support you."

She reached out and wrapped her arms about his waist. "Thank you, Owen."

Anakin waited while Beru thought it over. Finally, turning back to the table, Owen's hands on her shoulders, she nodded. "I want nothing more than to be a mother. To give Owen a son or daughter. If you can really make this happen, Anakin, I would be forever in your debt."

Anakin reached over and grasped her hands in his. "No. This will clean the slate. Padmé and I can never thank you enough for protecting our children, but this is a way to start."

Her eyes shining she squeezed his hands. The sound of babies gurgling contentedly filled the room as her eyes spoke louder than words. The Skywalkers, Tasha and Obi-Wan had granted her the one thing she'd never hoped to have. Children.


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