Hello, everyone. Reborn Dark Phoenix here (as if you were expecting anyone else, really?). This random and out of the blue update comes from a conclusion I've reached and a decision I've made.

As you all know (I assume you do, at least), this story was intended as a rewrite of the original "919: Earth's Mightiest Heroes." This was because I felt I could do better with the story if I started over. I liked what I had written thus far, but I wanted to change things to impact later arcs, add more detail and the like. While I had done some retcons in several of the chapters, I chose to just start from scratch all over again. My other main reason was because I believed that there were just some things I wrote out that just didn't fly well even in comic standards. I also felt I had written myself into a wall with how I handled Doom facing the Avengers and such. So I decided (maybe badly, but that's neither here nor there) to just go back to the drawing board and make a clean slate.

And that was how Version II came about.

And it didn't go as I thought it would.

Most know I mostly stuck to the same plot for "Assemble!" with some changes there and here. The villains remained the same: Loki, the Enchantress, Executioner, the army of Jotun Frost Giants and the creation of the Wrecking Crew of this continuity. Almost immediately, one of my readers advised me of how this could backfire. We discussed and exchanged opinions and views, and I carried on with my business.

Writing the rewritten Chapter 7, though, showed me how much I've been pushing the limits of my writing out of the characters, and it's led me to a dead end. One I just can't get over or around. In the original chapter, Wanda just did a "No More *insert whatever here*", and that got rid of the Frost Giants. I didn't like that I did that and resolved to do something different here. Unfortunately, I just can't come up with a comic-realistic and believable reason to have the heroes win. And looking back, what I wrote my plot to be really didn't help: the army of the Frost Giants being in the thousands, running all over the place and whatnot. That definitely didn't help. I had tried to form a way to have Thor and Wanda work together to have the Jotun forced back to Jotunheim, with the rest of the heroes holding the Giants off, but I had too many of them to fight off.

The Wrecking Crew: having Asgardian level supervillains running around on top of the Rogue Asgardians? It didn't help in the slightest in the scenario I was trying to write out; how could the heroes fend off the Jotun dealing with the Crew at the same time? Yeah, like a good friend on the site told me, I shot myself in the foot there (or hand lol).

I also saw how exaggerated I portrayed the characters' actions waaaaay too much. Seriously, looking back, half of the non-empowered heroes should've been dead by this point, honestly. The numbers they were facing, and a bunch of other stuff...yep, I had no idea what I was thinking. And the plot itself was more than somewhat exaggerated.

And this wasn't just in the rewrite, but in the original, too. It wasn't one of the original reasons for the rewrite, but looking back I see that this was a major issue with what I wrote and the plot I was going with.

Basically, I jumped into this not really knowing where I was going. Thanks goes to SnarkyBacterium for helping me recognize I had messed up along the way.

So, all in all, the rewrite wasn't a success and I'm shutting it down.

Now, let me be clear, this doesn't mean "919: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" is a lost cause of mine.

No. It is just now on hiatus until I figure out where I really want to go with this story. I've put a lot of effort into 919, too much to abandon it. If I'm going to do better, I have to make sure I'm going to do better and plan this out right.

Now, here's the reason I posted the new version as a whole new story: I honestly never thought to just post the new first chapter on the original story and delete all the chapters before it, thus restarting from there. I honestly never thought that I could just do that. I know, a massive fail on my part. But now I know; why is this relevant? I will be re-uploading the future new rewrite here on the original story. So keep your eyes on this story in the future, because the new story will be on here.

Now, on another note. By the time this is uploaded, I'll have posted a poll on my profile page. I really want to hear your opinions, so I urge you to place your votes. I'm considering a new motive for the Avengers to assemble, although I am also wondering if I should stick to using Loki. There are several options I have to chose from, and I want to know what you all would like to see. I already have an idea for two of them, but there are a few choices I want to explore. So, I'd like you all to check out the poll and vote on it, see what could be a great way for the Avengers to assemble. Check it out!

In regards to the roster itself...I may change some of the original roster, or not. Still thinking about it.

That's all for now. Until next time, readers, I ask you all to check out my other stories.