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Harry's next line of buisness, after gathering all of his belongings from the Slytherin Common room, was heading to Riddle Manor.

He quickly apparated off of the grounds of Hogwarts - yeah, he can do that - and onto the land of Riddle Manor.

One of the Death Eaters cautiously glanced at him. None of them knew the fate of Voldemort.

Just another thing that Harry has to take care of...

He was so enjoying the Dark Lord's company, too. Sigh, oh well.

Harry walked through the manor until he reached his room. "Open," he hissed to the snake. The wall opened up to reveal his little hidden room. He unpacked his trunk so that it was free of his school nonsense and he re-packed it with everything he thought he might need. Of course, he knew that he had to stop by Gringotts and cash in Voldemort's will, as well as see if he could get it all transferred to the France branch of Gringotts.

Learning French was part of his 'Cliche Summer'. He had bought the memories off of an odd merchant in Knockturne Alley who he couldn't find again, of course.

Because that is all that ever happens during Cliche Summers. He goes to places and buys Plot-relevant items, but he can never go back.

Anyways, Harry gathered up everything in his magic Cliche trunk and he shrunk it to fit in his pocket. Of course his trunk can do that - can't yours?

Harry then went up the stairs and worked his way to the Meeting Chamber. Wormtail was there - wait, hadn't Nagini-? You know what? Harry doesn't want to know.

He summoned Wormtail over, and he quickly did so.

"Dark Mark, Peter." Harry said. The man quickly lifted his sleeve, where the Dark mark was. However, it was ever so slowly fading. Harry quickly pressed his wand to the mark.

Instantly, thousands of pops sounded throughout the room.

Harry sighed, after the last of the people entered the room. "Are we missing anyone?" He asked Lucius.

"No, Dark Prince." He replied, bowing. Harry's eye twitched. Since when was this a thing?

"Good." Harry said, turning to the gathered audience. "My Death Eaters," He paused, trying to figure out how to word it right. "Oh, screw it. Voldemort's dead, and I'm releasing all of you from your duties."

An uproar followed. Harry sighed and lowered himself into Voldemort's throne, rubbing his fading scar.


Once that was over, Harry apparated to Diagon Alley. Many were now aware of the large-scale massacre that had occured at Hogwarts the day prior, so the streets were nearly empty.

He quickly made his way to Gringotts. Once he walked in, most of the goblins stopped and stared at him.

"Is that the one?" He heard one ask to another in Gobeldegook.

"Yes, that is him. That is the Conquerer. The destroyer of hundreds of Wizarding Children!" The other responded.

"Should we not celibrate him, for eliminating more of those idiot wizards?"

"That is an issue at the minute, Grimbark*. You are too young to understand, but this relation is a bit of a thin one. He killed many, many heirs, but anyone who knows anything knows that their parents are still alive. So should he inherit their fortunes, because there is no longer an heir, or should he not, because their sterile parents are still alive?"

"I do not know, Griphook." Harry raised an eyebrow in a questioning mannor. He recognized that name.

He shrugged to himself as he continued his trek to the front desk.

The goblin sneered at him. Harry smiled and said, in Gobeldegook, "Good Morrow, and may your day prosper with Gold. I would like to speak to His Kingship, Lord Ragrok.**"

The goblin was surprised. "Yes, sir. One moment, please."

Immediately, an old, regal-looking goblin stepped from the shaddows. "Come, Mister Potter." He said, beckoning the teen.


Six years later.

Harry smiled, relaxing against the main part of the tree he was currently sitting in. His life was, dare he say it, perfect. He was currently living in France, and he had been for the last six years. He owned a nice house that had been part of the Potter fortune he inherited. He technically owned the town that he was staying in, due to his inheritance of the Riddle fortune.

Yeah, life was great. He had a nice job cooking for one of the local resturaunts, which was pretty fun. He constantly used magic to make things his work his way, but this was beside the point, of course.

Harry's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden sniffle under his tree. Carefully, he lowered himself down, and he noticed a little girl sitting against the trunk of his tree. She was the source of the crying he had heard. She looked no older than six, and her knee was scraped. Her hair was long, red and curly, and he could see hints of freckles on her face.

"Hey, hey, hey." He said soothingly, as he sat down next to her. "What's wrong?" he asked, rubbing circles on her back.

"I-i" She sobbed, unable to get a good word out. "I can't F-find m-m-my mommy!"

Harry smiled sympathetically. "Here, I'll help you find her and I'll fix your knee for you. How does that sound?"

She looked up at him, through large, brown eyes. "R-really?" She asked.

"Yeah! Watch; it's magic!" He took out his wand and glanced around. He knew that there was no one over in this section of his park, but he checked to make sure anyways. Once the coast was clear, he said, clearly, "Episky." Sure enough, the wound closed right up. There was only dried blood left, and he cleared that right up with a quick "Tergeo."

She gasped, her tears forgotten, and she inspected her knee. "That's awesome!" She said, jumping up and hugging him. "Are you a Wizard? My mommy's a witch but she said to not tell nobodies! But you're a Wizard so it must be okay, right?"

Harry smiled. "Your mother sounds like an amazing person. Now, we just need to find her. What's her name?"

The girl smiled wide. "Her name's Hermione Granger! I'm Ophilia Granger!"



*Grimbark - Homestuck Reference

**Ragrok - I think that's how you spell it. Too lazy to look it up, deal with it.

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