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The smell of eggs and bacon filled the small apartment of the Gorillaz as Russel stood in the kitchen, humming to himself as he cooked. Noodle, who had just rolled out of bed herself, had smelled the food and made her way slowly to the kitchen. "Morning Russ." She greeted as she sat down at the table. "Where's 2D and Muds?" She then asked as she looked around the somewhat empty apartment.

Russel shrugged, "If I had to guess, probably in bed." He answered. "Nice bed head." He smirked as he turned to look at Noodle. Her hair was sticking every which way. She stuck her tongue out at the man playfully. "Hungry?" The drummer asked and Noodle nodded.

She watched the man as he was turned to the stove, having all of his attention on the food as he made sure not to burn them. Noodle gave a small yawn and looked around at the messy kitchen. "We live like pigs." She pointed out with a tired grin.

Russel shrugged, "You know what happened last time we tried to hire a maid. Murdoc can't keep his hands to himself. We don't need another one suing us like last time." He gave a small chuckle. "He's completely against a butler so that's out of the question."

Noodle sighed, "I know this is crazy, but maybe we could just clean up after ourselves." She suggested. "That's just my advice."

Russel chuckled, "You know Murdoc would never go for something like that." He replied. Speaking of Murdoc, the bass guitarist had finally woken up, and was making his way to the kitchen as well.

"Someone's up early." Noodle said as she watched the Bassist slump down in the chair across from her. "I wonder if you actually got in bed at normal time instead of bringing all of those disgusting women home with you." She shuttered. Russel had done a good job keeping Murdoc and 2D's sex life away from her when she was younger, now she wished he still had.

Murdoc smirked and leaned back in his chair, "Sorry Love, you know my usual routine. This one actually had a job though, even woke me up. Bloody bird, pretty though." He glanced over at Russel. "Make toast with mine." He ordered as he balanced on the two legs of his chair.

Russel rolled his eyes at Murdoc, "Is 2D up yet?" He asked.

"How the bloody hell should I know?" Murdoc asked.

Russel sighed, "Never mind."

"I can go wake him up!" Noodle volunteered. "I miss us all having breakfast together!" She said as she jumped up out of her chair, and before the others could protest she was running to 2D's room.

Walking up to his door, she lightly tapped on it. She waited silently for an answer. When receiving nothing, she knocked again but harder. Giving a small pout at the silence, she grabbed the handle. "Toochi, I'm coming in." She huffed and opened the door. "Good Morn-" She was interrupted by the sight and her face immediately darkened a crimson color.

2D was laying there shirtless, the blanket barely at his hips. Next to him, a naked blond curled up at his side. The two were sleeping heavily, most likely from staying up lately doing their... activities.

Noodle quickly backed up and quietly closed the door, trying not to wake them. She couldn't believe she had seen that. She had seen 2D shirtless multiple times but not as much as she had just seen. She had also never seen a naked woman before either. Biting her lip hard, she slowly made her way back to her seat in the kitchen and sat down. "Toochi's still sleeping..."

"You said you were going to wake him up..." Russel replied as stirred the bacon, listening to it sizzle..

"Did he have a bird with him?" Murdoc chimed in with a smirk, already knowing the anwer.

"I'm not sure..." Noodle lied. "It was dark in his room." She muttered as she hoped her blush was no longer there though she did feel the heat still.

Russel shrugged, "Well, looks like it'll just be the three of us for breakfast." He said as he began filling their plates with food. "I guess we get more food this way." He added on as he set the plates down in front of the other band members.

Murdoc looked down to see he had no toast like he had ordered. "What in the bloody hell fat arse? I wanted some toast!" He said angrily, not even flinching when Russel glared back at him.

"Make your own toast man. The breads right there, the toasters right next to it. Lazy." He said as he dropped down next to Noodle.

"Lazy?! Who are you calling lazy!" Murdoc yelled with wide eyes as he glared at Russel. "You want to fight? Put your fists up." He ordered as he stood. "Let's go. Stand up."

Noodle just shook her head as she took a bite of her egg. She couldn't help but think about what she saw. It wouldn't leave her mind. She needed something to distract her. "Don't fight." She said calmly as she continued to eat, but her other band mates ignored her. Suddenly, 2D made his way into the kitchen.

"What's all the ruckus?" He asked as he took in the site before him.

"He called me lazy!" Murdoc said as he slammed his hand down onto the table. "And now he's acting like a coward and won't fight me!" The Bassist huffed.

Noodle stared down at the table with a blush, knowing it was definitely visible now. She wasn't hungry.

2D tilted his head in confusion. "You are lazy though Muds." He pointed out. His eyes widened when Murdoc suddenly glared at him. "I mean..."

"I am not lazy!" Murdoc yelled. "You lot can go to hell, I'm going back to bed." He grumbled as he stomped back to his room.

Russel chuckled and took a bite of his bacon. "Over a piece of damn toast," He shook his head and looked at 2D. "You can have his plate since he obviously doesn't want my cooking. He then looked over to see Noodle also wasn't eating. "What's wrong baby girl? Not feeling good?" He asked worried.

Noodle shook her head and stood up, "I'm just not hungry. I'm tired too, I'll be in my room." She mumbled quickly before rushing past the two. Slamming her door shut, she jumped in her bed and hid under the covers. What should she do? Under the covers, she drifted off back into a peaceful sleep. She couldn't get the thought of 2D and that girl out of her head though, and it made her have a weird dream.

It was just her and Russel, alone in the apartment, 2D and Murdoc were nowhere to be found. It was like Russel was trying to talk to her or something, but she couldn't make it out, and suddenly, the two were both taking off their clothes.

Noodle awoke with a gasp, and saw that it was nearly night time. Had she really slept all day? And more importantly, why in the hell was she dreaming about a naked Russel?

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