2 and a half years later

"...and don't you dare come back here in the holidays with any piercings or tattoos. I have seen the students who wander around that place!"

Mildred rolled her eyes and chuckled, moving to place the books her mother had just handed her into her trunk. She had returned to Cackles for a couple of days before heading off to start her time at Weirdsister College to gain some last minute advice and borrow some books from her mother and Amelia.

She had graduated from Cackles Academy two months ago, with full honours and marks she and the rest of the school body would have believed ridiculously unattainable five years previously. She had even outdone Ethel Hallow, who needless to say was less than impressed at the situation. Ethel had been completely gobsmacked and almost went into complete shock when she found out Constance and Mildred were infact mother and daughter, but from that moment on, never said an unkind word to Mildred again, knowing her bullying would not go unnoticed anymore. More than that, she and Drusilla had called a silent truce with Mildred and her friends, life became much more pleasant and bearable for the entire class who would all willingly work together and try hard to achieve what they needed to do.

Whilst the rest of the school were certainly surprised by the announcement of the relationship and the gossip spread like wildfire, it died down quickly. Mildred was not given any special treatment in classes, she still called her mother 'Miss Hardbroom' during school hours and did not suddenly start acting as though she was above everyone else, it wasn't in her nature. The only change had been Mildred would spend occasional evenings with her mother in her chambers and began to grow in confidence and ability, realising her potential power, improving in classes and self esteem.

In her final two years, Mildred spent the majority of her holidays still with her adoptive parents, going home to her haven of non-magic and good food. However, she would always leave a few days after the other students and return a few days early to spend some one on one time with Constance. They would spend these idyllic days chatting, learning about each other, whilst out picking herbs, walking, broomstick flying, brewing complex potions, or simply reading away in the library or Constance's chambers with an abundance of tea. Constance would teach Mildred unusual, advanced spells and potions outside the school curriculum only during this time out of fairness to the other students. She would eat with all the teachers who were around during these times in the holidays, developing friendly relationships with each and particularly Amelia who seemed to almost take on a grandmotherly role which Mildred welcomed having lost all her grandparents at a young age. Mildred had even persuaded her mother to accompany her and Amelia on their necessary trips to Cosie's on the odd occasion, once even getting her eat a cream bun!

"Are you sure, you don't want me to accompany you tomorrow?" Constance enquired.

"I already told you, I'll be fine. Anyway, can you imagine the scene if I arrived with the 'famous Constance Hardbroom'. I'd have the entire student body and professors pre-judging me, gossiping and putting pressure on me before I even start. I know it will come to light who I am eventually and I will never deny you being my mother when asked, but I'd at least like to start out normally if I can." Constance sighed.

"You are right. You know, I applied for two other jobs before before I came to Cackles, neither would take me on despite my outstanding academic background because I mentioned Hecketty Broomhead's name. It seems her reputation was widely known and everybody would avoid any form of association with her."

"Hmmm I wonder why?" Mildred replied sarcastically, continuing to stack her remaining books.

"My point is I had to hide my past to make a future, to be my own person, so I understand."

"But you are no Hecketty Broomhead, the situation is different, I won't hide my past, I'm not ashamed of you, it's just maybe not day one discussion material." Mildred looked into her mother's deep brown eyes. "You do know I love you."

Mother and daughter met in a bone crushing hug, after a moment Constance whispered:

"And I you, my darling little girl. Now come, we must see what other books of mine you can 'steal' so you can go and be your own person."

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