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"Oh come on Raven! Let the poor girl help you dress up, she'll die if she doesn't manage to get a hand on you before the end of the night!" Exclaimed the pink haired titan with a smirk as Raven was trying to get out of the room. The dark girl sighed and looked at Starfire who was pleading her with puppy eyes. She waited another few seconds, to make her hesitation as believable as possible and finally nodded, almost imperceptibly, before sitting on the chair next to Jinx in front of the large mirror.

"Okay… But just the makeup!" She said in her usual monotone. Starfire smiled and clapped in her hands happily with a huge smile, she jumped from side to side in excitement.

"Huzzah! I am so happy to be your make up artist tonight!" This made Raven sigh once more and rub her temples, she already felt the headache coming.

"Good choice Rae, you won't be disappointed, she really does a great job!" Said Jinx with a chuckle, her smirk still there.

"I hope for you both." Replied the dark girl. "And it's Raven, not Rae." She added with an unnerved look.

"Alright, alright! Raven if you wish. I'm happy just being able to talk to you without you wanting to kill me…" Replied the pink haired girl while she held her hands up. Raven did not reply and simply face forward, looking in the mirror. Starfire stood behind her and put a plate full of creams and other instruments of torture that she was happily about to use on her reluctant friend. As Jinx was focusing on brushing her hair, the redhead leaned down discreetly and whispered in Raven's ear.

"Sorry for this spectacle and imposing this on you my friend, but I had t make it as believable as possible. Don't worry, I'll be quick." This time it was the brunette's turn to smirk, though she was careful not to show it to the witch sitting besides her. They all thought that she would never come until the green bean managed to convince her, that she would never accept to wear a costume and most of all that she would never find a date. Well they were all in for a surprise. Even Starfire who knew what she would be dressed as and that she had a date, didn't know all of it. With great difficulty she tried to remain serious, and not to burst out laughing, as her friend started brushing her hair in long curls.

"It will be glorious dear Raven!" Exclaimed Starfire with a huge smile as she did so.

"Better be Star…" Replied the sorceress in her monotone as she observed the pink haired teenager ruffle her hair a bit and make two long braids on each side of her face. She was apparently going as a character named Yuno, a psychopath from an anime that she had recommended to Raven. After a bit of research, the sorceress found that the character did fit the person quite well. This thought made a small smile appear on her face, smile that she was quick to make disappear as she forced herself to regain her composure. The tall tamarean started brushing her hair, slowly taking out all the knots and making them as straight as possible before making it into large curls on the side. Some times the sorceress would wince at the stinging pain of having her hair pulled in every direction but she let out no complaint. She also tried to count the number of pins and accessories that the red-head was using but she lost it after coming up to eighteen and feeling a sharp stinging sensation on the top of her neck.

"Ow!" She exclaimed, and Starfire stopped immediately.

"Oh I am so sorry Raven, did I hurt you?"

"Yes, a bit." Admitted the dark-haired teenager. "But don't worry, I'm strong, you can keep going." She added with a light smirk, to which Starfire answered with a bright smile. The hairdo was coming up quite well, Raven had made sure to show her friend a picture of the hairstyle she wanted (without showing her the whole disguise of course) and Starfire was doing a great job of replicating it. Finally after almost half an hour of intense work she was finished. Raven sighed in relief and was about to get up when Jinx held her down by putting her hands on her shoulders.

"Oh no! You are not getting out of it right now! You have made up to put on!" The pink haired titan smirked evilly.

"I can put on the makeup myself." Replied the sorceress coldly. But it didn't discourage Jinx and she held her down firmly.

"No no no, that's my job, and you don't get any say in this!" She stated whiled looking at Raven straight in the reflection of her eyes. Raven sighed again and stopped struggling.

"Alright, but just the makeup then, because I have to put on my dress next and I don't have much time left!"

"Don't worry I'll be quick!" Smirked Jinx. And indeed, she was quick. Of course there were a few mistakes that had to be hastily corrected, but in a matter of a few minutes and with a minimal number threat from Raven's part, Jinx outdid herself. When she finally opened her eyes Raven almost didn't recognize herself, her face was someone else's. Someone beautiful and charming, someone definitely not her. It made her uneasy during the first seconds but as soon as Starfire started squealing again she forgot all of it to concentrate on trying to silence the tamarean.

"You are beautiful Raven! Jinx did a wonderful job! I can't believe you actually agreed to this, it's a wonderous event! Hurray!" She jumped all over the room and almost fell down, coming this close to ruining her own makeup and hairdo, which after Jinx had pointed it out, calmed her down to Raven's relief.

"So, only your dress is left I guess." Said the pink haired which as mater of factly as possible, but the dark girl knew she was avid to know what she was going to wear.

"Yes, only the dress now. Thank you for the makeup and the amazing hairdo girls, but I don't have much time so I must go!" She replied hastily to escape any further question, and before any of them could react she teleported into her room. Immediately she checked herself in the mirror, fortunately teleportation did not ruin makeup nor hairdo, which was a great upside. She stayed like this for a moment, simply admiring the girl in the mirror, still not believing it was her, before turning around to face "the dress". She really wasn't confident with it, but he said she would look amazing with it, and he hadn't been wrong many times about her, so she was trusting him. It wasn't that she didn't like it or that it didn't fit her, it was just that it wasn't her usual style. Usually she wore darker things, less revealing clothes, anything else made her feel uncomfortable, edgy. But this time she was making an exception for two reasons, one, to see the looks on their faces, and two, because he liked it. And she liked that he liked it.

As soon as the dark girl disappeared Jinx cursed.

"Damn it! She really is going to make us wait 'till the end, isn't she?" Exclaimed the witch.

"Friend Jinx, friend Raven not extremely comfortable with these kind of things, it is almost a miracle that she decided to come so if she wishes to keep the surprise I will not make her to otherwise. Be patient."

"Yeah, whatever…" Replied Jinx grumpily. She finished putting the last bit of makeup on her eyelashes, trying to make them as thick as possible, which was not an easy task as they were pink. Fortunately she had chosen a character that didn't require major change in her hairstyle, she had no idea how she would've had done to dress as anyone else without a wig. "I'm so curious…" She finally admitted, which made Starfire smile. "She is keeping everyone in the dark, whether it's about her disguise or her partner. Its unnerving."

"Raven is Raven, and nobody can go against that." Simply replied Starfire as she put on the purple glove that completed her dress up. "So, how do you find me…?" She asked in a sultry voice that Jinx would have never believed her to be capable of. The witch laughed.

"Robin won't be able to utter two coherent words if he sees you like this…" She replied while her whole body was shaking. Starfire blushed at the compliment/thought which made Jinx laugh even more.

"No! Don't blush, you are the seductive Jessica Rabbit now, you have to play the part, just like me." She added before standing with a devious smile and wild eyes while she was holding a phone in one hand and a knife in the other. "Alright girl, let's go, the boys are waiting!" Se added before Starfire could reply, and she dragged her out of the room by the wrist.

The party was crowded, all of the teenage heroes had made it, even the Young Justice were there, when the Titans arrived. Robin came in first with Starfire at his arms, which caused a few of the boys to whistle, to the leader's greatest displeasure and greatest pride at the same time. He smiled brightly at Starfire but sent a quick glare in the direction where the whistles had come from. Kid Flash and Jinx walked in next, the first sending shouted spells towards everyone and the second giving her best impression of a psychopath as she clung on her boyfriend, the false bloody knife hidden in her back. Third came a more robotic Cyborg than usual, he was now completely covered in his Cybermen suit, while Sarah Simms was walking besides him, pointing a sonic screwdriver in his direction. The giant robot turned backwards for a second to watch Beast Boy walk in alone, the changeling had a weak smile on his face, that brightened as Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian came to greet him. The green trio might have seemed strange to anyone exterior but, by a twist of fate, the three of them had become good friend in the past few years, meeting during a mission of the Young Justice team on whom Beast Boy had stumbled indvertantly. They had, with Artemis, chased down a mud monster that had escaped in the sewers of New York, and Beat Boy had offered to help as he was on the scene at the moment. Unfortunately for them, Artemis had afterwards refused to become a member of the G-Club, deeming it "too childish for her to be part of a group just because she wore green". This fact had not discouraged Megan and Garfield who had forcibly convinced La'gaan to join them.

"Are you worrying about him?" Asked Sarah suddenly.

"Huh?" Replied the cyborg, surprised.

"I asked : are you worrying about Beast Boy?" She repeated with a smile.

"Yeah…" Sighed the tall young man inside his mask. "A bit, I don't know if he has been lying to me or not about all this, but I have this feeling he is not ok even though he tries to hide it…" Sarah sighed lightly in turn.

"Victor. He will be alright. I know you know him better than anyone, but trust me, if he is the Beast Boy you talk so much about than don't worry, he'll be fine! And if he is not, you can go comfort him, I won't stop you. But just have some faith, okay?" Cyborg stayed silent for a moment before replying.

"Okay, alright. I'll leave him alone for tonight. Wanna dance?" He then asked, pointing towards the dancing floor where a Super Boy dressed as Chuck Norris was already dancing along Aqualad, wearing an elaborate clown disguise, and Zatanna, playing around with her appearance which changed every second, going from her magician outfit to a bikini, passing by an egyptian dress and a nurse outfit before settling on a geisha. Sarah nodded and they walked over towards the group, stopping a few feet before and starting to move in a synchronized robot dance. Kid Flash and Jinx walked towards Mas and Menos, Kole and Hot Spot who were each tasting the different drinks offered at the bar. The two young brothers were both dressed as the Duracell rabbit, which Kid Flash found particularly funny, Kole had come as princess Bubblegum and Hot Spot was disguised as Frozone, which once more made Kid Flash laugh loudly, before Jinx stopped him with an elbow in the ribs.

Bumblebee walked towards Starfire and Robin as they came in, followed by Herald. The leader of Titans East was dressed as an Amazon while her date was an excellent imitation of Agent J. He flashed both of the Teen Titans before even greeting them.

"This is no the party you are looking for my friends…" He added with a smile while Bumblebee shook her head in disbelief.

"Oh, but I believe it is!" Replied Starfire in her best Jessica Rabbit impression.

"And who might you be?" Asked Herald as he partly took of his sunglasses to look at her, wriggling his eyebrows.

"If I told you, then i'd have to kill you." Replied Robin in a serious tone, before cracking a smile at Herald's shocked expression.

"Wow, watch out Malcolm, he might really mean it!" Laughed Bumblebee beside him, and Starfire joined her as Agent J suddenly paled by a few shades. Robin laughed too, although he sent another glare towards the black MIB officer, finding it more fun than he had ever realized to intimidate people.

"Say, is Raven not with you guys? She didn't want to come?" Asked the Amazon.

"No, she is coming." Replied Robin. "She wasn't ready when we said we were going so she told us to go first and that she would come later."

"Oh alright!" Smiled Bumblebee. "Well it's good to know she's coming. So, does she have a date?" This time it was Starfire who answered as Robin simply shrugged.

"She wouldn't say, but I presume she does. At least she has taken time to disguise herself." Bumblebee nodded, she seemed thoughtful and more curious than she wanted to let on but she didn't press them any more and instead pointed towards the bar.

"There are some drinks over there if you want, the dance floor is that huge area there and if you need to relieve yourselves you can find the restrooms over there." She added as she pointed to a corner of the large ballroom. "It's good to have you here guys. Now let's get this party started!" She added with a big smile before pointing towards the DJ, who was none other than Jericho, and motioning him to turn the sound on.

The party had already been going for almost an hour when Cyborg decided it was time to get a drink.

"Want something to drink?" He asked Sarah, but she replied negatively so he walked alone towards the bar. He poured himself some iced tea before noticing his green best friend sitting awkwardly in his too big costume on a chair at one end of the long table. He hesitated to go check on him, seeing that he was still alone, and finally decided for it. He slowly walked towards Beast Boy who was playing with his phone, looking bored and a bit depressed.

"You okay?" He asked. Beast Boy looked up to see who was talking to him before sighing and putting up a small smile.

"Yah, just waiting for my date to arrive, seems like she's late."

"Who is this mysterious person anyways?" He asked, genuinely curious and a bit irritated to still not know. But Beast Boy proved to be as stubborn as ever as he answered.

"You'll see when she gets here." Smirked the green man. "Now, I'll go check outside, she shouldn't be long." He added before getting up and slowly walking towards the entrance, his phone in one hand and his large pants in the other. Cyborg didn't know how to react, he had known Beast Boy for years and rarely had he seen him down like this. Something was going on to make him that miserable. If he caught the girl who had let his friend down tonight… But he never did finish formulating the threat in his head as someone put a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to find Sarah looking at him with a gentle smile. Cyborg sighed.

"I know, I just worry about him…" He stood up and offered a drink to his beautiful date and was about to invite her to dance once more when Bumblebee and Speedy walked to them. The redhead was dressed with a mexican poncho and a large sombrero and he had whiskers drawn on his face.

"Hey, guys, guess who I am!" He asked with a huge smile.

"Speedy?" Asked Cyborg in a blazé tone, understanding the joke his redhead friend was trying to make.

"No!" Replied the archer. "Uh, wait… yes! Well yes and no. I'm Speedy, but not Speedy Speedy, Gonzales Speedy!" He added with a 'tadaa' gesture.

"Wow, great one!" Said Bumblebee as she sighed. "As if no one had guessed already…" Sarah and Cyborg laughed at her remark while the concerned crossed his arms and started sulking.

"So, you must be Sarah!" Exclaimed Bumblebee, turning towards the blond woman with a smile. "Cy doesn't talk about you a lot, but when he does he worships you." She smirked and Sarah chuckled in turn.

"Yes I believe it's me. And you must be Karen and Roy, well Bumblebee and Red Arrow, am I right?"

"Exactly right!" Exclaimed Speedy, who seemed to have forgotten that he was offended.

"Yes, that's us." Replied Bumblebee with a smile. "So, how do you guys find the party?"

"Oh, really cool!" exclaimed Sarah. "It's amazing to be able to meet all these people who save the world, I found Victor impressive when we met but you guys as a group… wow!"

"And how did you guys meet exactly?" Asked Bumblebee, curious. Sarah explained how she had been taking care of a child physical rehabilitation support group when she met Victor, he had amazed the kids with his 'robot parts' and they had spent the whole afternoon together, looking after the children. The went on talking about how they had met up a few times after that and finally started going out until Sarah announced she had to go to the bathroom. At that point Speedy had already left the conversation to meet up with Kid Flash who was playing a game of darts Wonder Girl and Red Star, both coincidentally disguised as cow boys. Cyborg filled his glass once more and shot a look towards the main entrance. It had already been more than ten minutes and still no sign of Beast Boy. He was starting to wonder if he would ever come back and was about to go check on him when Bumblebee gently grabbed his arm.

"Hey, are you okay? You seem stressed up…" She asked with a concerned look.

"Uh? Nah, I'm fine, it's just that Beast Boy seems a bit out of it tonight and I'm worrying about him a bit, that's all…" He replied with a smile. Bumblebee was about to ask what he was talking about when she suddenly tensed up.

"What the…?" She didn't have time to finish her question as the sound of a commotion caught everyone's attention. Cyborg turned around to look at where she was looking but saw nothing, the crowd was too thick. There were a few panicked exclamations and the two fo them rushed over. As soon as he saw what was causing it, Cyborg stopped in his tracks and his blood froze.

"Beast Boy?" He asked, almost in a whisper.

There was a huge green creature filling up Beast Boy's costume. The Beast! Was the first thought going through his mind as he was ready to jump into action and try to contain it. What the fuck happened? What could have caused his green friend to lose control after all this time? It roared and everyone screamed in excitement, whistled and applauded. Is anyone measuring the danger here? He cursed. I have to warn Robin and fast. The tall Titan looked around, hoping to spot his friend and found him standing on the other side of the half circle that had formed around Beast Boy, his mouth was wide open and his drink was starting to spill on the floor. Aw don't tell me he's too shocked! Not now! Cyborg took off his mask and was about to jump on his transformed friend as he walked in the room when Bumblebee gasped beside him. He turned towards her and saw she had her hand over her mouth..

"Oh my god…" She whispered, her eyes going wide.

"What?" Asked Cyborg, slightly irritated by this sudden obstacle.

"Look!" She simply replied, pointing at the Beast in front of them. Cyborg turned towards the green creature once more and looked closer, trying to take in every detail. He slowly noticed something was off about it, it didn't look like usual. This Beast had a more prominent mane, it had two huge teeth protruding from its bottom lip and two horns growing from its forehead. This took Cyborg aback a bit, why was it different than usual? Is it a different transformation? he wondered. What struck him next was that the Beast was calmly walking forward, it had a huge grin on the face and that the costume fit it perfectly this time and it was holding a rose it its right hand. Is that his disguise? That's when it turned towards his general direction and he saw that Beast Boy wasn't alone. A dark haired woman in a golden dress was walking at his side, their arms around each other's, her face also reflected pure happiness and she was holding a blue book in her left hand. The golden dress illuminated her pale skin and her hair was tied in a complicated series of knots to create an elaborate be elegant hairdo. Cyborg stared at her blankly for a few seconds, his upgraded brain cells taking much more time than they should have to process the information he was receiving.

"I can't believe it…" Said Bumblebee, almost mechanically.

"Who…?" The cyborg whispered, still unable to believe what he was seeing. A loud squeal then resounded in the room as Starfire had joined Robin to see what the commotion was all about. That's when it finally hit him. He almost screamed a loud and unbelieving "WHAAAAAAT?!", but only managed to open and close his mouth repeatedly like a fish, his eyes threatening to bulge out of their orbits.

"Raven?" He finally managed to say.

"I think it is her!" Exclaimed Bumblebee. "I barely recognized her when they walked in…" She seemed as taken aback as the Cyborg but a large smile had spread on her face. Cyborg looked back at the two titans who had just arrived and noticed Beast Boy had spotted him, he had bent over a little due to the difference in height between him and the dark girl, and was motioning towards them. The two of them slowly walked towards him and Bumblebee. Beast Boy or the Beast, as Cyborg had guessed, was displaying a huge gloating smile and, for once, Raven was doing the same, apparently enjoying herself a lot.

"Hey Cy!" Simply greeted the changeling as he approached his old friend. His voice was deeper than usual, probably the effect of his transformation.

"Hi Cyborg, hi Bumblebee." Added Raven with a curt nod.

"See, I told ya I had a date!" Smirked the green teenager, displaying the impressive sharpness of his new teeth.

"How-" Started Cyborg, unable to finish his sentence. "How- Why- What- What?!" His mouth was still imitating a fish out of the water.

"You were right Gar, it is fun." Said the dark sorceress with a smile which made Beast Boy laugh.

"See, I told ya!" He replied as he flashed her a bright smile. "Well, not that wouldn't enjoy gloating all evening and relishing the face you are pulling right now but I owe this gorgeous damsel a dance. I told you I had a gorgeous date, didn't I?" He exclaimed before pulling Raven towards the dance floor, almost not leaving time to his friends to see the deep blush starting to creep on her face. Cyborg stared at the two as they walked away, saluting the other guests before getting in place on the dance floor and starting to dance slowly.

"Ahem…" Said a voice behind him after a few seconds. Cyborg turned around and found Sarah standing on his right, he hadn't even heard her come back. "I'm going to start getting jealous if you keep staring at them so much!" She teased.

"Sorry." He finally managed to say. "It's just…"

"It surprised you? Yeah, I could see that." Sarah finished his sentence with a giggle as she put her arms around his neck seductively.

"Yeah, who didn't…" He replied as he pulled her into a kiss. He still had difficulty believing he had been played by the two of them so well. Usually he was very good at reading the changeling but he had suspected nothing. Or at least not that. Though, now that he knew it seemed almost evident, how Beast Boy had overacted his depression and how Raven had kept hidden the identity of her date. He was both angry at both of them for playing him like that and happy for them to have finally had the balls to tell each other what they had been thinking for years. Oh well, he thought, I'll have my revenge sooner or later… A smirk growing on his face. As he and Sarah walked over to the dance floor to join the Disney cosplay couple, he heard Robin shout.

"Ha! I knew something was off!" And then came Starfire's reply.

"Of course, boyfriend Robin, you always know. Now, will you stop thinking about it and come dance with me?" She said in her most sultry voice, all the while exposing her legs and batting her eyes. The leader's reply never came, instead a loud thud could be heard, quickly followed by a worried Starfire's concerned shout. Newb. He thought with a smirk as he started dancing.

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