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Chapter 6

Kyoya moaned as his nipple was taken into the hot mouth, sharp teeth nipping at it then soothed by a hot, wet tongue. He arched up towards his lover, willing him to take more, to give Kyoya the needed stimuli that his body begged for…

He felt his lover smirk against his chest before he felt a hand reach for his neglected cock, rock hard and already wet in pre-cum. Kyoya was slightly embarrassed as he let out a whine when all the hand did was ghost touches over his rock hard cock, desperate for more; not these touches that never really touched him and only further drove him into a lust frenzy.

"Shh, my love…soon you will be all mine…" his dark lover seductively whispered on his ear, the hot breath arousing him even more and Kyoya didn't know how much more he could take before everything would become too much…before he looses his mind in the red haze of lust that had taken over his mind and body…

"H—Hadrian...please…I want you…" Kyoya groaned out as his lover finally took hold of his cock in a hard grip, trying to get more friction but the hold his lover had on his cock was unrelenting. He whined, but he no longer cared that he was acting like a bitch in heat, only wanting—no—needing the touch of his lover to finally reach his release.

"All in good time my little Prince…" the Britain said in his husky voice before leaning down and letting his hot breath to ghost over Kyoya's chest, down his sensitive nipples, letting his slick tongue to dip into his bellybutton until finally reaching his hard and weeping cock. The emerald eye man gave Kyoya a scorching look before engulfing his cock in the fire hot mouth of his. Kyoya lost all trail of thought, mind hazy and all he could think was moremorehothothotmore

Kyoya tried to will away the arousing images from his night fantasy as he ate breakfast with his father, praying to Kami that his body wouldn't betray him with a blush or worse yet, an erection. But he didn't have to worry for his father stood abruptly from the table without touching his food and leaving without a word much less so a look towards his youngest son. Kyoya allowed himself to sigh aloud and dropped his spoon on the rapidly cooling soup before following on his father's actions and leaving. His driver was already waiting for him with the door open, the old man giving him a soft smile in good morning and taking his book bag without a word.

On the drive to Ouran he felt a mixture of embarrassment, anxiousness, and somewhat anticipation; all thanks to what happened the previous day with the Britain and the erotic dreams that plagued his sleep all night. He sighed and blush lightly when he remembered he still had to talk to Haruhi to make sure the girl hadn't and wouldn't talk about what she had seen (and interrupted his mind sneered) to anyone else. But Kyoya was sure the only female host wouldn't do it regardless, after all her father was a cross-dresser and she wasn't a gossip like the rest of the female population. Haruhi was also a person that respected privacy so he was sure that Haruhi wouldn't have divulged what had happened to anyone else but better to be sure than sorry.

Upon arrival he was greeted by an overly excited Tamaki, the blond jumping up and down in endless energy and babbling on before he could even get off the car. He sighed, feeling exhausted since although he had slept he was feeling anything but rested; his body too strung up in repressed arousal. And he blames Potter Hadrian for it.

"…it came to me as I was playing with…and I thought 'why not' and 'boom', the perfect plan to get Potter to join. What do you think?"

Kyoya blinked when Tamaki's face got uncomfortably close to his and blushed heavily before shoving the blond away from him, fixing his glasses as he expertly ignored Tamaki's pained cry. He was about to scold his best friend when he saw the familiar car that belonged to Potter arriving. He froze for a second before he made to run the other way, anything to escape having to confront the boy he had made out with just yesterday.

Tamaki stared at his friend's back in surprised but quickly followed after him," Hey Kyoya! Wait up!"

Hadrian took a deep breath before shoving his nervousness to the side and gathered all of his Gryffindor courage to do what he had set himself to do.

Get to know Kyoya Ootori. And possibly woo him. Maybe.

Hadrian had debated on what to do all night, whether to get as far away from the source of his rising new feelings or stay and explore them, try to see if something more could come out of whatever this was. It hadn't been easy, far from it. His mind, his rational side, the part of him that had been wary from past failed romantic attempts had been against it, urging him to get away and forget all about it. But his heart, still weary and bearing scars and bruises from failed attempts, was still hopeful of the opportunity to have someone to love and care for. He debated between both choices until finally he gave into his Gryffindor side and opted to stay, consequences be damned.

He sighed and grabbed his schoolbag, leaving his blazer in the car and leaving his tattoo in plain view. As he walked towards his class he heard the students' gossip about him or more specifically his tattoo, the girls looking at him with some lust in their eyes and he honestly couldn't fault them, Hadrian knew just how dangerous and hot he looked; he presented a very sexy bad boy image according to his past lovers.

The day went on fast, between taking minimal notes in his classes and barely paying attention to the professors Hadrian had attempted to make conversation with the Ootori heir, every attempt shot down with coldness and a glare. Hadrian was confused by the rude treatment and he wasn't the only one, all of the Host club would look between them in an attempt to find why their vice-president was acting so not Kyoya.

He sighed and massaged his head, trying to will his headache away. Every time he approached the object of his interest he was with Suoh meaning that the pale blond took every chance to convince and trick Hadrian into joining the…host…club.

He blinked.

And blinked.

And blinked.

Of course!

How hadn't he thought about it before? It would kill two birds in one shot!

He stopped on his way to his car, turning sharply and calmly walking back to the school building. The halls were almost deserted and soon he was outside the doors that could possibly lead to a happy future or heartbreak. He steeled himself and with a last exhale threw open the doors. His last thought- This better be worth it.

NoNoNoNo! This can't be happening!

Kyoya kept a calm expression on the outside but internally he was panicking and cursing his life. And Potter, can't forget about Potter.

Hadrian Potter sat in front of him with a self accomplished expression on his face and Kyoya wanted nothing more than to punch said expression off him. Only ten minutes prior the Britain had stormed in and accepted joining the host club, shocking everyone in the room since although Tamaki has been constantly trying to make him join it was mostly expected by all that Potter would never accept. But by now Kyoya suspected that Potter Hadrian was one of those people that always defied all expectations and was getting used to it now. Not that he particularly like said trait when used against him, like right now.

"You know, we never got around to setting a place or time to continue working on our history project," Potter said non-chantingly.

Kyoya gulped and averted his gaze hoping that he wasn't being too obvious in his embarrassment or discomfort. Potter was right but Kyoya just knows that being in the presence of the Britain for more than necessary and alone wouldn't be in his best interest after the last time they were left alone.

"Hey Kyoya, you with me?" Hadri—Potter snapped him out of his flashback of warm lips, hot tongue, and-yeah, Kyoya needed to focus on the situation at hand.

"I think we can continue working in the library like we did last time; no need to-"

"My place. Tomorrow. After school. Okay, see ya tomorrow!" Potter was already gone when Kyoya was able to find his voice, the res of the hosts looking at him strangely.

"Kyoya-kun, do you have a date with Potter-kun tomorrow?" Hunny-sempai was the first to break the awkward (for Kyoya at least) silence. Kyoya flushed at the question, the rest of the room staring and then descending into chaos (re: Tamaki and the twins).

"What! Mommy, how could you do this to Papa!"-Tamaki

"The Shadow King has a boyfriend!? Who knew!"-Twins

Kyoya was quick to deny it all, giving each and every host a glare that wasn't as effective with the bright, red blush he sported. All it did was make Hikaru and Kaoru laugh harder. Not willing to submit to such humiliation from his friends he snapped his notebook close and calmly (because Ootori's do not rush) picked up his book bag and left the music room.

"Kyoya-sempai, wait!"

He waited for Haruhi to reach him before continuing walking to the school entrance where his driver was without a doubt already waiting for him. "Yes, Haruhi?" he asked when his kohai said nothing as they reached the school gates.

"Hikaru said during lunch that you wanted to talk to me," Haruhi said as they stopped near the exit, Kuro-san waiting patiently for them to go back to the manor.

He blushed in remembrance of the previous day; well aware Haruhi had caught him in a very compromising scene with another guy and if rumors of such thing ever reached his father or worse yet, his father's rivals before his father even knew, Kyoya would have brought great shame upon his family and father. At worst Kyoya would be disinherited and forced to leave the family name, left to his own devices and without the support of his family; the best he would be punished with would be banishment to another country far away from the rest of the family and anything that could connect him to them.

"Yes, I wanted to talk to you about yesterday afternoon. I wanted to know if you told anyone of yesterday," Kyoya was nervous and slightly (very) terrified of her response although he knew instinctively that Haruhi wouldn't do such thing but better to be safe than sorry.

"Don't worry sempai, I didn't tell anyone and never will unless you allow me. It is your secret to tell not mine," Haruhi said reassuringly, a light smile pulling at her lips. Kyoya gave her a genuine thankful and warm smile in thanks.

"Well, I have to go sempai so see you tomorrow. Goodbye."

"Wait, Haruhi, let me give you a ride. It is late after all," Kyoya regained his 'Shadow King' persona, face set in a closed-off expression. Haruhi smiled once again and accepted without denial, knowing that all her refusals would be ignored.

"Thank you, sempai."

Hadrian had heard countless stories of how his parents had finally gotten together after six years of his dad chasing after his mother but never did he thought that he himself would be following in said tradition.

One way or another Kyoya Ootori would be his.