It had been the toughest year for both of them. When they first decided to start a family they had no idea what an adventure they were embarking on. It had seemed too easy. You fall in love with someone and build a life together. However, this had not been the case.

It was always assumed that Anna would be the one to carry their baby. She was warm and motherly but most of all had dreamed of being pregnant ever since she could remember. But by the fourth round of In vitro they started to see the light. Anna just wasn't able to get pregnant. Devastated and heartbroken, it took months for Elsa to get Anna to even consider trying again. Ever the optimist, Anna knew the only way they were going to have a baby was for Elsa to become pregnant instead of her.

So here she was some months later with a pregnancy test clutched in her hand. Biting her lower lip as she read the front of the box.

"Come on Elsa this one says you can take it five days before. It's five days before today. Right?"

Anna flipped the box over several times scrambling to find the instructions.

"I'd rather wait. You know how awful it feels when we only get that one ugly red line." Elsa refused to remove herself from the couch and instead focused on the New Year's Eve coverage on TV. She was not about to give herself false hope again only to be disappointed.

"Please Elsa. It could be different this time. And if it's negative we'll just wait another five days. Pleeeeeeese!"

Elsa knew she could never hold out against Anna. And she'd be lying if a small part of her didn't also want to find out.

"Fine," she said in a defeated tone. "But I'm not reading it."

She slowing pried herself away from the couch and made her way to the bathroom only to find Anna grinning with the test stick in her hand.

"Just to be clear. I am only here to pee. I don't want to read it and if it's negative I don't want to hear anything about it." She may have come off a bit cold but Anna knew Elsa well enough to know she was just scared.

"No problem Elsa. You just take this stick and do your thing. I'll take care of the rest."

When Elsa had finished she handed the stick off to Anna who immediately set the timer on her phone for five minutes. Elsa didn't want to admit how nervous she actually was to Anna and feared how devastated they would be in matter of a few minutes.

Elsa plopped herself back on the couch and tried to lose her focus to the glittering ball in Times Square on the screen. Anna followed not long after with a grin plastered across her face. She could hardly contain herself and shifted her eyes between Elsa and the screen, searching for any signs of excitement on Elsa's face.

"I can't stand it anymore. I'm going to go check."

Anna leaped over the side of the couch in one swift motion and ran back to bathroom, still grinning.

"Anna no! It's only been two minutes. You have to wait five. Please don't do this to yourself."

Elsa stared in the direction of the bathroom waiting for the sounds of disappointment. They had been through this before. Always ending in heartache. Elsa didn't know if she could take it again.

"Elsa! You'd better get in here!"

It took a moment before the blonde could even gather herself to respond.


"Just get in here. You're gonna want to see this!"

Anna was now yelling at full volume. For some reason Elsa couldn't get her body to move, her gaze still locked on the slightly open door of the bathroom. Suddenly a flash of red hair entered her line of vision and she was able to snap out it. Anna popped her head out into the hallway and smiled at Elsa like a Cheshire cat before dashing back into the bathroom. Making her way down the hall, a thousand thoughts began to swirl in Elsa's head.

"Look there's two lines!"

Elsa grabbed the stick from Anna and stared at it with a twisted look on her face.

"Oh my God. There's two lines. Two really thick lines."

"Yes, there are." Anna squealed as she wiggled in delight.

"The most beautiful lines I've ever seen in my life!"

Elsa held the stick in one hand and the instructions in another trying to confirm the miracle her eyes had just witnessed.

"We should take the digital one. Just in case this one is wrong. Remember when we got that bad test that one time."

Anna flung herself to a nearby cabinet, frantically searching for a digital pregnancy test they had bought over five months ago. "Okay here. Hopefully you can pee again."

Elsa smiled for the first time in what felt like forever. "I think I can manage."

Several minutes later the two huddled over the test stick awaiting a "YES" or "NO" to pop up on the screen. It felt like hours had gone by.

"How long for this one?" Anna groaned.

"It said it could take up to four minutes."

Anna was now covering her face with her hands but with her fingers around her eyes so that she could still see. And with that, a "yes" filled the test screen. Their jaws dropped in synchronization as they both gasped. Elsa grabbed the stick and reread it a few more times, as if she was making sure she hadn't made a mistake. Anna brought her hands to her mouth as she tried to control what felt like a damn of emotion that had just burst within her. All of the hard times they'd been through began to replay in her head. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

"We did it. Elsa, we're having a baby!"

Still overcome with shock Elsa slowly began to let a smile creep across her face. She had been the one that had to be strong for both of them for so long and now she could finally give in to the joy they had been longing for.

"We are. We're having a baby!" They both fell into an embrace that last longer than any they had ever shared before. Anna couldn't hold it in any longer and began to cry into Elsa's shoulder. She held Anna close and softly caressed up and down her back.

"I love you so much Anna. And thank you for being inpatient and making me take the test early." Anna smiled up at Elsa and their eyes met. "I love you too." The faint sound of counting could be heard in the background.

"Oh my gosh, I forgot it's New Years. Well what a way to start the year!" Elsa let out a soft giggle as she squeezed Anna tighter.

"A new year and a whole new beginning."