A/N: Let's go to Dubai!

It was the evening before Elsa's flight to Dubai and she was buzzing around the house methodically packing last minute items for the trip. Anna was lazily hunched over the counter in the kitchen flipping through Elsa's itinerary while munching on a bag of overly salted popcorn.

"So not only are you leaving me behind for an entire week but they're flying you first class, in your own private onboard suit? You're such a stinker." Anna dusted popcorn residue off her hands before turning to the next page.

"I think the client felt guilty about flying a pregnant woman all the way to the Middle East." She jested as she laid out her passport and other travel documents on the counter. Curious, Anna grabbed the burgundy passport that hardly ever saw the light of day any more and perused through it.

"Should I feel weird about my American wife still holding on to her Norwegian citizenship?" Clearly joking.

"I have dual citizenship and you know that. But once I renounce the Norwegian it's difficult to reinstate. Besides I was too lazy to apply for a new passport when we got married."

"Why does the lion on the front have an axe? That seems a little violent for Norway don't you think?" Remarking on the Norwegian coat of arms on the cover of Elsa's passport.

"I forget what the lion represents but the axe represents St. Olaf who's the patron saint of Norway. Something like that. Anyways, can I put in the travel bag please?" Extending a hand towards Anna.

"Here." Anna held out the passport before snapping it back just as Elsa was about to grab it.

"It'll cost you a kiss." She teased and fanned herself with the document.

"I have to finish packing but I promise tonight...I'll give you more than just a kiss." She pressed herself up against Anna and moved to pry the passport from her hand.

"Then I require a preview, just a little something." Impatient as ever.

"Fine." Elsa guided Anna up against the stainless steel refrigerator, locking their lips in a tongue filled kiss before reaching down to caress between Anna's legs.

"Go finish packing now. Now, hurry!" Puffing a breath as she tried to repress the stirring arousal in her loins. Elsa giggled as she scampered away and smirked back at Anna. "I'm almost finished." Interesting choice of words Anna thought to herself.

Later, after they'd taken the opportunity to enjoy one last night of carnal pleasure, Anna was wrapped in Elsa's arms as they lay naked, bodies twisted together as she danced her fingertips along the freckles of Anna's arm. No words, just the brilliance of the moonlight on their bare skin as they basked in the afterglow of their near perfect consummation. Anna desperately tried to be present and take in everything, savoring the moment she knew would be gone come tomorrow.

The firm had planned to send a car to drive Elsa to the airport but Anna insisted on dropping her off instead. She was never very good at goodbyes and Elsa urged her to let the car take her and spare Anna the depressing ride home alone from the airport. True to form, Anna protested and Elsa ended up throwing in the towel to the feisty redhead and agreed to let her drop her off. The morning of her flight had finally come and Anna rolled Elsa's enormous black suitcase to the car.

"You're going for a week right? You're not moving there?" Anna grunted as she strained with all her might to lift the bag she swore had to be full of rocks into the trunk.

"Ha ha. Very funny." Elsa retorted as she sat herself down in the front seat and set her carryon bag on her lap.

As Anna approached the drop off area of the airport she spotted a young woman holding a sign that read "Arendelle" near the curb. She begrudgingly pulled over and began to help Elsa with her bags.

"Mrs. Arendelle. I'm Samira from Emirates Airlines, I'm here to escort you to our VIP lounge and assist you with your travels this morning."

Anna couldn't help but give the woman a look of contempt. Not because she'd done anything wrong but because this woman was about to escort her wife right out of her life, to a VIP lounge no less. She felt like a divorced parent about to hand off her child for a routine weekend visit with the other parent.

"Thank you. Can you give me a minute." Elsa replied as she turned back to Anna and intertwined their fingers together.

"Please take your time." The woman walked a short distance away and gave them some privacy.

"I guess this it. I'll call you as soon as I can. It's a fourteen hour flight so I might not be able to call until I get to the hotel."

A whole day of not being able to talk to Elsa. Anna felt like she was being forced to endure some kind of torture for no reason other than she had to share her wife with United Arab Emirates so that they could have their fantastic new waterfront towers. Elsa was her's dammit. And she didn't like sharing her pregnant wife, with anyone. Even if it paid the bills.

Anna looked at the exotic young woman waiting to take Elsa into the terminal and knew she had to let her go. That awful feeling of abandonment began to sink in and Anna began to tear up when she looked into Elsa's eyes. At first she tried to stop it, but that only made her cry harder. It broke Elsa's heart to hear Anna's frantic little gaps for air as she tried to hold back her tears.

"Anna, no. Please don't cry." She gently cupped her hands against Anna's bright red cheeks and wiped away her tears before kissing her dampened freckles. She didn't care how long that woman waited, she wasn't leaving Anna like this.

"Come here." She tucked Anna's head under her chin and held her tight against her chest. She knew Anna was telling herself how alone she was, how empty the house was going to be when she got home. So she whispered in her ear the only words she knew would bring comfort in that moment.

"You're not alone. I'm just away for little while and I'll be right back. I'll call you every day and text you every chance I get. You are brave and strong and I love you with all my heart."

It didn't take away all the pain but it made Anna feel good enough to pull away and let Elsa go. But not before bending down to say goodbye to the baby, placing one last kiss against Elsa's swollen belly.

"I love you. Have a good flight." Anna sighed as their lips pressed together for a final time. She took a few steps back and watched Elsa pick up her carry-on and follow the woman into the terminal, her eyes locked on Elsa's blonde braid until the automatic doors shut behind her and she was gone.

Anna had already been back at home for more than two hours by the time Elsa made her way down the narrow jetway where she was greeted by a stylishly dressed flight attendant in a khaki waist coat, her red pillbox hat sat atop a gossamer white head scarf.

"Welcome aboard Mrs. Adrenedelle. I'll show you to your suite." She chirped as she lead Elsa down the aisle to her suite on the right side of the enormous plane.

The firm had said they booked her a suite but she had no idea that she was basically flying in a miniature luxury hotel room. Instantly her worries about being cramped like an uncomfortable sardine flew away as she started to think the flight might actually be quite enjoyable, refreshing even.

"The crew has alerted me that you're one of our expecting passengers. Congratulations. Please let me know if there is anything you need during your flight. We will not hesitate to go the extra mile to make this anything but a pleasurable experience for you." With that she nodded and made her way back up the aisle.

The opulent suite was lined in a light grey leather and trimmed with a rich amber mahogany that shined like the interior of a fine automobile. A small flat screen tv was nestled into the front wall that also functioned as a vanity area, complete with a gold accented table lamp and a round mirror surround by a string of pearl sized lights. She had not one but two windows all to herself with a fully stocked mini bar situated just below. All of which was nonalcoholic, much to Elsa's delight. Suddenly a fourteen hour hour flight didn't seem as dreadful as once thought. She could never go back to coach after this.

Elsa placed her bag in the foot space beneath the vanity area and settled herself into the plush leather seat, wedging a small pillow behind the small of her back. The seat was so comfortable her eyes lidded closed almost as an involuntary reaction, her body imploring her for some much needed rest.

When the city below faded into the distance and the okay was given to begin use of electronic devices, Elsa turned from the window and decided to cozy up with her tablet and get some much needed pleasure reading done. When she took her tablet out from her bag she noticed a card with purple flowers taped to the screen.

Go to your music app and open the "Baby" playlist. Then flip this over and read part two. -Anna

Moved by Anna's surprise she smiled to herself before smelling the card, knowing it came from the redhead's desk and would have a trace of her scent still lingering on it. Mmmm...Anna.

Interested to see what the redhead had up her sleeve she swiped the screen and opened the playlist and proceeded to read the second part of the message.

These are some of my favorite songs from when I was little. Your voice is too beautiful not to share with our daughter.

Please learn some of these, and translate the ones you like, because there will be a quiz when you get home.

I love you always,


Elsa sighed as she clutched the card against her aching chest. Anna never ceased to amaze with her surprises. Time had been flying by so quickly that she hadn't had a chance to learn any children's songs, even though she desperately wanted to start singing some to the baby.

She pulled out a pair of earphones from her bag and popped them in her ears while she glanced down at the playlist to select a song. None of them looked familiar so she decided to just go in order and listen to them all, starting with Baby Mine.

Elsa didn't even make it through the first verse before she had to slide the door of her suite closed and privately cry the most beautiful tears of joy as she succumed to the suge of hormones and emotions; pressing one hand against her trembling lips and the other just under her belly where she could feel the baby making tiny whooshing movements with her feet.

There were too many emotions churning inside her to focus on any one in particular. Just the thought Anna had put into the playlist alone was overwhelming. It reminded her that they really were in this together, despite any shortcomings Elsa might have felt she had about becoming a mom. She still couldn't bring herself to talk about it but she carried a huge amount of guilt for not having great mothering skills passed down to her like Anna did.

Elsa wanted nothing more than to be a loving and caring parent in the way her parents never really were to her. Being raised primarily by nannies and governesses didn't allow for much quality bonding time with her parents, unless it was to discuss business or to remind Elsa about the pressures of her preordained future. But Anna would see to it that Elsa's past didn't stop her from becoming an amazing mom.

After an emotional start to the flight she made a list of the songs she liked and began to translate a some into Norwegian, struggling to get the number of syllables to match the timing of the music. One song that seemed to translate quite easily happen to also be one she liked the most, Blinke Blinke Stjernelill (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

Others were not as easy to translate or didn't work out at all. She fell in love with "You are my Sunshine," it so perfectly reminded her of Anna, but "Du er mitt Solskinn" did not work out as she had hoped. What was a beautiful song in English was a mouthful of jumbled harsh sounding words in Norwegian.

Eventually she had a number of songs in one or both languages to work on, hoping to surprise Anna in return by singing some when she returned home.

The rest of the flight ended up being better than Elsa could have ever dreamed. Everything from the menu to the complementary pajamas and slippers was five star all the way. After devouring the most succulent poach halibut she'd ever had in her life, she reclined the seat into a fully flat bed and slipped on an eye mask. Everything was so astonishingly comfortable she couldn't get over the fact that she was on an airplane. She'd slept in hotels that weren't as comfortable as this seat. Comfortable enough that she was able to enjoy an uninterrupted seven hours of sleep, confirming her suspicion that the baby's was going through a growth spurt, followed by a rejuvenating shower at 30,000 feet in the air. She'd have to consider doing business in Dubai more often.

Anna was sound asleep when she heard her phone buzz on the nightstand. Part of her was trying to convince herself to ignore whoever it was and go back to sleep until she suddenly remembered that it was probably Elsa. At last her painstakingly long wait, not to mention a dreadful night's sleep alone, had come to an end.


Groggy and still half asleep she went into the other room to retrieve her laptop and quickly scurried back into bed to cuddle up for a much awaited chat with her beloved. Anna was in such a hurry to get the app open that it was actually making the computer run slower than if she had just taken her time.

Curse you stupid computer!

Eventually she got it to open and clicked on Elsa's face in the icon and anxiously waited for her to answer the call as she huddled around the screen scrunched up in a tiny ball with her toes bouncing off the edge of her laptop.

"Good morning sunshine!" Elsa beamed from her hotel room. Anna wasn't exactly sure what had happened to Elsa on her flight or if it was just that she missed her but she looked, well...good. Really good.

"Elsa, you look different. It's a good different." Anna said as she reminded herself that Elsa could see her every facial expression and tried not to ogle her wife too much, if there was such a thing.

Something about Elsa did look different. She looked incredibly fresh and well rested with her flaxen hair splayed over a white cotton robe with the hotel's name embroidered on the front pocket. The usual lines of stress that plagued her porcelain features were nowhere to be seen and her smile was bigger than ever as she flashed those perfect pearly white teeth of hers. Even her giggle sounded more bubbly.

"Thank you. I had a really good flight over that was very relaxing to say the least." She gleamed from a desk off to one side of the room, swiveling in her chair with those bewitching baby blues peeking out from behind an ethereal curtain of blonde hair.

"Your room looks...nice. I guess they really like beige over there." Anna brought her face closer to the screen to get a better look at the room.

"I know right? I was expecting this whole Arabian Night's theme but the designer obviously had a love affair going on with every shade of beige imaginable. So not my taste. But the bathtub is amazing, and huge. Actually it's why I didn't call you sooner. Once I got in I couldn't get myself out." Her eyes hadn't moved away from Anna even once since they'd been talking and the redhead felt like those big blues were going to pull her right through the screen. Or so she wished.

Anna once again caught herself staring, this time with her mouth hung open like a codfish before shuffling back down under the covers and curling up around the screen. It was almost as if Elsa was in bed next to her, not nearly as good as the real thing but it would have to do for now.

"I miss you." Elsa said as she bit her bottom lip and sighed longingly. She wasn't making this easy for Anna who was about to reach out and touch the screen just to be closer to her. Elsa didn't care that Anna had a ridiculous case of bedhead or that she still had sleep crusted in the corners of her eyes. Just the sight of those adorable freckles that dusted Anna's cheeks made her go weak in the knees.

"Oh God Elsa, I miss you so much. I had the worst time sleeping last night. I can't sleep without you next to me." Her voice made Elsa's heartache.

Anna had spent most of the night tossing and turning with her eyes wide open into the early morning hours. She missed the feeling of her wandering feet meeting with Elsa's underneath the sheets and entangling their legs together as they drifted off to sleep. There was no warm body to spoon next to. No mass of platinum locks to bury her face in and savor Elsa's sweet scent.

Worst of all, no Elsa meant not baby to wrap her hands around in the middle of the night. Anna didn't know if Elsa knew or not, but night was a time when she felt that her and the baby could truly be alone. She'd wait until Elsa had drifted off to sleep before scrunching down to the swell of her abdomen and lovingly place a hand on each side. Hoping for kicks or any sort of movement but mostly just to feel that connection. She swore her hands felt entirely different once they were near her baby, like they tingled from some unexplainable electricity. She'd whisper in her lowest voice, trying not to wake Elsa, and tell baby how much she loved her and how excited she was to see her.

Some nights she'd address the baby almost as if she were writing in a diary, telling the baby about various things that happened to her that day or how she was feeling. It was strange how someone who was still in the womb could be such a good listener. For some reason talking to her baby was the easiest person to talk to. She'd share memories about her mom and always remind baby how lucky she felt to be her mom. It was their own personal and intimate bonding time. But now there was nothing but an empty and cold side of the bed and she dreaded the thought of six more nights of this.

"Well I'm about to go through the same thing. I have this giant bed and no one to share it with." She glanced over her shoulder at the lavishly turned down king bed.

"Look, they even left two chocolates out on the pillows to remind me that you're not here." Still staring back at the empty bed.

"I'm sorry. Did you just complain about having chocolate?" Anna mocked playfully.

"Yes because I'd rather have you." Her tone turning slightly more seductive as she leaned in towards the screen; the knot of the robe loosening enough to expose a hint of cleavage.

"You did have me, remember? And then you got a plane and left the next morning." Folding her arms across her chest.

"Ugh, Anna. How am going to make it a whole week...alone?" She bemoaned.

"You and your hormones are on your own. Guess you'll be practicing the art of self love this week." Something about denying herself to Elsa made her feel just the tiniest bit better about being the one left behind.

"By the way, what are you wearing? Is that a full on long sleeved night gown? I didn't even know you owned anything like that."

"I was cold last night okay. I didn't have my personal Elsa heater to warm up next to." Suddenly aware of how frumpy the nightgown was.

"Well take it off. Now." Elsa snapped.

"Oh, so now we're demanding. It's nice to see you again hormones. I've missed you so. I'll take this off but we are not having Skype sex. I'm drawing the line. Beside I have to get ready for work soon." She said as she sat up with her legs crossed Indian style as she removed her nightgown and let it fall to the floor; exposing her peachy skin that made Elsa lick her bottom lip before biting it, hard.

"Are you touching the screen?" Anna said when she realized she couldn't see Elsa's hands.

"Yeah so. I miss you." Her fingers lightly tracing the outline of Anna's body on the screen, imagining them meeting the warm touch of Anna's soft skin instead of the cold flat screen. She would be lying if she said her hormones weren't going into overdrive again, but another part of her realized how absence made the heart grow fonder.

After being together for over six years it was only natural to become so used to being together that they'd forgotten what it was like to actually miss each other. Elsa thought back to when her and Anna first started dating and they couldn't bare to be apart. Their apartments became a mishmash of each other's belongings because they would inevitably talk the other one into staying the night. Anna would always have a huge exam in the morning or Elsa would have to get up early for work, but they couldn't bring themselves to part. One goodbye turned into several and before they knew it a night of passion had ensued and they'd wake up in a tangled mess of limbs the next morning.

Now they lived in their own home and were together whenever they weren't at work. They rarely went out with friends without the other one and tended to stick to hanging out with other couples.

Elsa couldn't help but think how this whole trip might end up being a blessing in disguise, for both of them. She could have some time alone with her thoughts and Anna could get out and do some socializing and get a break.

"I hate to ruin the moment but I have to jump in the shower and get ready for work."

"You in the shower. That's a nice thought to leave me with. Well just remember that I'm eleven hours ahead of you, so I'll probably only get to talk to you before and after you go to sleep." Elsa reminded.

"Wait before you go, take off your robe a little." Anna asked, eliciting a look of confusion from the blonde.

"I thought you said no online sex stuff."

"No, I want to talk to baby. Stand up and take it off enough so I can see your bump. Elsa did as she was told, her belly filling the screen on Anna's laptop.

"Hi baby! It's mommy! You're other mommy. I miss you." Speaking in a drawn out high pitched mommy voice that seemed to come naturally to Anna.

"Somebody knows her mommy. She's kicking right here. Can you see it?" She pointed just to left of her belly button and rubbed the spot, trying to encourage another kick. It didn't take long before Anna could see what looked like a small flinching spasm where the baby was kicking. Anna gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

"Oh my gosh I can see it. That is crazy and weird, but great. She did that just when I started talking to her?"

"Mmhm. I think she misses you too." Elsa replied as she looked on with Anna as the tiny pulsating kicks continued.

The only thing that could make her wife's new figure even more perfect were the signs of life coming from within it. While Anna had been relishing the idea of Elsa missing her for once, she was again saddened at the thought of being away from her baby for a whole week.

"Okay, well...I love you. Sleep well." Anna murmured.

"We love you too. Bye." She blew Anna a kiss before closing the video chat and started getting ready for bed.

Back at home Anna was still staring at the blackened screen. Her hand pressed against it as she closed her eyes and thought of her baby.

Anna loved her job but she loved it even more now that it spared her from the sullen loneliness she felt in their giant empty home. Everywhere she turned something reminded her of Elsa or the baby. But work was the ultimate distraction. She had a schedule to follow, lessons to teach, and children to give her undying attention to. She even had enough gusto to approached Merida in the staff lounge at lunch to see if she wanted to go out to happy hour on Friday night. To which the redhead agreed to without giving it a second thought.

Friday was still another day away and Anna was struck with the worst case of boredom and sulkiness, the worst combination. She aimlessly wandered around the desolate house, trying to find something to do. There weren't any papers to grade, no lesson plans to write. She was almost mad at herself for not having procrastinated on her work just so she'd have something to do.

After taking a quick shower she changed into her pajamas and slipped on her robe before heading downstairs to watch a movie, preferably something Elsa would never agree to watching. She grabbed a pillow and curled up on the couch when she felt something poking her leg. Puzzled, she reached into the pocket and pulled out the picture Elsa's family. She'd completely forgotten that she'd put it in there the morning Elsa tried to put her krumkaka iron away and almost had a full blown panic attack.

There they were in their Sunday best. The mystery family. Alone, with absolutely no one to look over her shoulder, she pulled out her laptop and stared at the blank Google search bar on the screen; her fingers twitching above the keyboard as she debated with herself whether or not to finally get answers to her burning questions. She decided she'd just search a little, a little wouldn't hurt anyone, justifying her curiosity with the notion that it was information Elsa should have shared with her years ago anyways. A small thrill of exhilaration shot through her body and she began to type those elusive words into the search box. Agdar Arendelle.

Girls night out had started out well enough. Anna had borrowed one of Elsa dresses and heels and was looking rather hot when she hopped into Merida's car that evening. She was nice enough to volunteer as Anna's driver for the evening, knowing she hadn't had a night out sans Elsa in ages and was probably dying to live it up a little.

The two were chatting away in small booth in the back of a pub near the university area of town. The place was crawling with frat boys and students but Anna was so happy to get out she didn't care where Merida took her.

After her third whiskey and ginger, it was clear to Merida that Anna was not only making up for lost time but she was trying to drown out some feelings as well.

"Anna is everything okay? You seem like you're having a good time but I can tell something is wrong. Is it Elsa? You miss her?" Lightly swirling her drink in her hand before taking a sip. She was still the only woman Anna knew who drank whisky on the rocks.

"No. I mean yeah, I miss her it's just...there's been so much going on since she got pregnant. I've been going to this group to get help but there's just so much stuff coming up lately. Not just hormones but this thing with Elsa and her past and her dad...me not being pregnant. I could go on and on. And I did a stupid, stupid thing last night and looked up her dad on Google. Now I know a whole bunch of stuff about her family that I'm not even supposed to know and of course I can't tell her." She confessed as her hands flailed about making intricate hand gestures.

"Like what? Anna you can talk to me. I'm here for you, you know that." Giving Anna a reassuring smile.

"Stuff I never knew before like the company she was was supposed to take over, it's a shipping company. Like a huge worldwide shipping company. Her family is loaded. I couldn't figure out why her birth certificate says Bergen when I thought she was from Oslo, it's because they have like four giant homes in Norway and Bergen is their summer home." She professed.

"You found out all that from just from searching his name?" Merida peered over the rim of her glass at a despondent Anna.

"Well, I may or may not have paid thirty bucks to get a history report on him...and my wife. Oh God that sounds so bad." Quickly covering her face in humiliation. A part of her cringed at thought of what she'd done, thinking how it all could have been different if it had been Elsa who told her instead. She berated herself for not being patient, not trusting enough or giving Elsa the time she said she needed.

"No not entirely. I mean you've known Elsa for what, six years and she has never told you any of this? Don't you think as her wife you had the right to know?" Her bushy red brows lifting toward the heavens.

She thought about Merida's question, as best she could through her intoxicated haze. She'd never pushed the issue in the beginning. When they first met she respected Elsa's space and then life became a rollercoaster of a ride and Elsa's past took a backseat to death, marriage and all the other things life threw their way, until now.

She loved Elsa completely and wanted to be with her the rest of her life. Her past didn't matter. It wasn't until recently that Elsa's inability to open up had began to bother Anna. Her refusal to let her in had festered within her over the past few months. Yes Elsa was making small attempts but she was still keep much to herself. Anna knew it was painful for Elsa to talk about but at the same time she felt like she didn't seem to understand how painful it was for Anna to be kept in the dark.

"I don't know if I had the right but she should have told me by now. It's a little embarrassing to be married to someone and not know much about their childhood, their parents or even hear them speak in their first language for crying out loud. Course there isn't anyone around here that speaks Norwegian, so I can't really hold that one against her but still." Unaware her voice was getting louder, not that it seemed to bother Merida.

Anna was on a roll. She'd opened up pandora's box and there was no stopping her from putting out every deep dark thought she'd been holding inside.

"And you saw her at the banquet. She looks gorgeous. She looks even better pregnant. How unfair is that? Even when she's trying to not get attention people still come up and ask her about the baby, instead of me."

"Anna you know that's not Elsa's fault. She really was trying to let you have your moment that night." Merida replied.

"No I know that. I'm not really mad at Elsa, I'm mad at whoever did this to me. I mean I tried for over six months to get pregnant. Six painful months of in vitro and Elsa gets pregnant the first time. This is what I get for being a good person and trying to always have a positive outlook on life. First my parents die then I find out I can't have children. If I didn't have Elsa and the baby I wouldn't have anything. " A hiccup of sadness was washed down with another sip of her astringent spirit.

"Just be thankful that Elsa did get pregnant." She reminded. Anna never stopped to also realize that if it wasn't for Elsa, they wouldn't be having a baby at all. As disparaging as not being able to bare a baby herself was, it had to be incomparable to the travesty of not being able to start a family all.

"I am, I really am. Everything's different than I imagined. Now I'm the one who won't get to share that special bond with the baby." Placing a hand on her chest, taken aback by the sudden pang of emotion.

"Why not? Just because you're not the one carry the baby doesn't mean you can't be close with her too." Merida added.

"Not the same way. She's carrying her. They get to be together all the time and bond, she hears her voice more than mine. This goes beyond pregnancy. She'll be breastfeeding too, not me. I get stuck with a bottle at best." Anna had given her drink a rest and dejectedly slumped back against the booth with a thud.

"Anna you're hurting really bad. Why haven't you told Elsa this?"

"Because it's like you said. It's not her fault, I don't want her to feel guilty. But I can't talk to her about this and she won't talk to me about these things openly. It's just too much for me sometimes." Her elbows made the silverware rattle as she put her elbows on the table and dropped her head into her hands.

"You need to talk her. She needs to hear how you feel and then you can really start healing." Merida urged.

"Merida you sound like a therapist."

"Well maybe you need one." She half joked back.

"I'm going to one. Well a group anyhow. Actually there's a couple's night coming up when she gets back. I was going to talk about this but I'm afraid it will upset her and the baby too much."

"But you have to do this for the baby too. She needs you two to get this stuff out in the open. And do it before she's born because trust me, you're going to be way too sleep deprived to handle any of this if you wait."

Anna had missed their planned Skype session the following morning and Elsa was starting to worry when she hadn't heard from Anna two hours later.

Bitterly disappointed that she hadn't gotten to talk to Anna in almost two days she decided to step away from the posh work party at her client's home in the Cyan Tower near Dubai's pristine waterfront and give her a call. It took three attempts before Anna answered her phone in a rather raspy voice.

"Is everything okay? I had to call three times to get you to answer and you missed our Skype call over two hours ago." She heatedly paced back and forth in a spare bedroom her client had offered to provided a little more privacy for her phone call.

"Yeah no, no, no. Everything's fine. I just stayed out a little too late with Merida last night that's all." Anna rubbed her bloodshot eyes as she felt her head begin to pound with a thunderous fury; blurred images from the previous night flashing through her mind.

"Why do you sound hungover?" Elsa asked, the stomping of her heels coming to a dead halt in front the of room's expansive floor to ceiling windows.

"I'm not I just stayed out late. What are you, my mother?" Immediately regretting her remark and realizing just how hungover she really was.

"No I'm not but I know when I'm being lied to. It's not a big deal. I don't care if you go out and have a good time, it's just normally not like you to drink so much that you get a hangover the next morning." It bothered her a little but not enough to make a big deal out of the fact that Anna could drink and she couldn't. It's not like Anna wouldn't trade places with her in a heartbeat and be the pregnant one if she could.

"I hear drinks clinking and laughter in the background, what exactly are you doing?" God it was like she kept shooting herself in the foot. It was impossible to hold her tongue with a persistent drum banging in her head.

"I'm at a client's place for a work gathering. It's proper to entertain out of town visitors." Lowering the volume of her voice to a hushed whisper.

"Well have fun with your room full of rich eligible businessmen." Her words dripping with sarcasm and jealousy, adding insult to injury. She really was grouchy when she was hungover.

"Oh please Anna I'm a pregnant, married lesbian who's whiter than the snow. No one here would even be remotely interested." She scoffed.

"Look I won't be able to talk to you until tomorrow morning your time so could we please be civil? I really do miss you." She looked out over the boats skimming about the marina as the city lights glimmered in the distance.

"I'm just going to chalk this up to you being mad at me for having to leave. If that's what it is then I'm sorry." She leaned her forehead against the cool glass of the window and closed her eyes, trying to imagine Anna's face as she lay in their bed. Wishing she were next to her instead of at a dull party with a bunch of strangers making small talk.

"I do miss you and no, the past four days have not been easy. I'm sorry for being grumpy. I just hate waking up and not having you next to me. Let's try again tomorrow and we'll Skype okay?"

"You don't have to apologize. I have the day off tomorrow and I'm going sightseeing so let's make it a little later than normal. I love you."

"Love you too. Have fun at your party."

"I won't but I'll try. Bye." She waited for Anna to hang up first and when she did there was nothing left but an empty feeling. She looked out at the skyline of the city, the neon lights from the towering buildings reflected off the water in the black of the night.

Here she was with a city renowned for its innovative architecture right in front of her eyes and she couldn't feel once shred of happiness.

She still had to make it through the party and put on a show for her clients, appearing as the ever calm and collected professional they expected her to be.

But tomorrow would be a new day. She didn't have to work and had made plans with the concierge to take in the cultural side of Dubai. A smile began to creep out from the corner of her mouth as she wistfully thought of an entire day filled with markets and mosques. Hopefully it would take her mind off things long enough to relax and enjoy some time exploring on her own; away from her problems, away from work. Away from every care in the world.

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