Unforgiving Hate and Sorrowful Eyes by ArkytiorOswinSong

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Pairing: NicoxPercy mainly

Plot: Nico di Angelo lost his best friend and sister to a freak car accident when he was sixteen. And the driver inside the car that hit her appears years later in the form of Percy Jackson. Despite his turbulent feelings for the man, he finds that forgiving is impossible.

Prologue: How It Started

It was raining that day like as if sky was weeping. Cold, hard droplets of icy rain patted down on the di Angelo home in what was supposed to be sunny California torrentially.

Nico di Angelo tried his best to focus on his English assignment inside his room/attic. This dyslexia thing was making it near impossible and he found that he couldn't sit still due to his ADHD.

Dyslexia and ADHD sadly ran through in family.

"-you can't!" his father's boomed through the headphones. Nico pulled the earplugs out of his ear, wondering what got his father, who was notorious for having a temper as do most men in his family, got him in such a temperament.

He abandoned his work to go to the source of his father's voice which was still roaring through the house all the way to the study. The door was left slightly ajar and Nico peeked through it to find his sister standing firmly in front of her father's desk, father and daughter locked in a heated argument.

"The Hunters Company said I had potential – great potential! Even their vice president came down personally to invite me. Me!" Nico's sister, Bianca, shouted at her father, making several gestures with her arms.

"And I said no as I will again, Bianca!" Hades roared back. "I couldn't care less if the Queen came down to invite you for tea."

"Daddy," Bianca used a pleading tone and Nico knew she was using her puppy face, "you know how much being a dancer means to me."

"Obviously, you've become hard of hearing, my dear daughter. No. N-O. Non, nein, ohee, bú. No."

Bianca furiously growled, yelled at Hades that he was a stubborn pale-ass goat and stormed out of the room.

Nico watched his sister stomped down the hallway, banging doors, yelling. His sister wasn't one to blow her temper so seeing this scared Nico. He glanced back to his father inside his study, hands clasped, eyes darkened, scarily and silently simmering.

It was only moments that Nico followed his sister to front of her bedroom door where it was locked. Nico knocked once – twice, quietly waiting, before saying, "Sis, it's me. Do you want to talk?"

Silence. A silence that screamed do-I-sound-like-I-wanna-talk?! Nico waited patiently for her answer, if she ever answered.

Bianca opened her door five minutes later, heaving and panting, an unfamiliar fire in her eyes. "Nico," she said, breathing easier. "Get a bag, suitcase, whatever, we're leaving this place."


"You heard me. We're leaving – now."

Nico opened his mouth to protest but then there was this frightening look on his sister's face that said she was not to be messed with. He went back to his room, thinking that she would back out in twelve or so hours when she cooled down, emptying his school bag of its contents and filling it with clothes (he was playing along), snacks, his phone, papers for being on the road, his wallet and his laptop.

He got a text from his sister as soon as he finished packing. I don't know but u have 2 sneak out. ~BdA. Luckily, he wasn't carrying much so he managed to sneak out of his window and scaled down the wall of his family's three storey house without fuss. Well if you called going down a pipe in a rainstorm "without a fuss".

His sister was waiting for him, her silver convertible ready to go, bags in the backseat. Sunglasses were on her face to hide her stormy eyes.

Nico hopped into the seat next to the driver's, sliding his bag between his feet, Bianca climbing in later.

"Shouldn't we tell Dad we're going?" Nico asked her.

Bianca chuckled. "Hell, no." And she slammed her foot on the accelerator, speeding onto the high-class streets of Los Angeles.

Nico gripped the oh-shit handle so tight that he was sure made little crescent moon indents. When their phone rang, Bianca's turned hers off and Nico followed suit.

Nico felt like a teen rebel in one of those old American movies where the main character would defy the authorities – and their parents – by doing sometime explosive and running away.

Nico put on the heater in the car to a comfortable temperature that it sunk into his bones.

"So, um, Bibi," Nico used her childhood endearment for his sister. "Where are we going?"

"San Francisco, Neeks," she answered. "I have a meeting there with one of the Hunters Company people in a week."

It was night at Los Angeles, a blur on skyscrapers, the high-end Hollywood scene where many naïve teenagers' stars came to seek their fame. Not many made the cut turning to teaching, sucky jobs or back home with broken dreams.

Nico knew this because their father owned DOA Records, one of the biggest record companies in the world.

Nico leaned back into his seat comfortably when his sister slowed down in a seventy zone. "The dance thing, you were serious about it."

"Yes, I am," she stated, focused on the road in front of her.

"Well, uh, good for you. That Hunters thing is pretty big. In fact, congratulations. You should have told me. I would have thrown a party!" Nico chuckled.

Bianca grinned, lightening up and then her expression darkening. "Dad doesn't seem to think so. It's always "no, Bianca, you can't do that" and "Bianca, that is silly!"" she whined irritably. "Well, you know what, Dad," she hissed. "I don't give a rat's ass about you say anymore!"

"But what if Dad –"

"You and your buts, Neeks! We are never going back!" Bianca interrupted him loudly. "Don't worry! I know you and Dad were never … on the best of terms."

True. Hades loved Bianca – at least until her spectacular rebellion – while he tended to holler and put Nico down on a daily basis.

"But … San Francisco … it's going to be a new beginning for us. I'm going to be a dancer, you … well, I don't know about you but I'm sure you'll be big," she said, "or do something important."

"God, why are we having so much rainy weather?" muttered Bianca, climbing into the car, Nico sitting on his usual seat.

Ripples and waves of rain soaked the dash heavily. Nico heard of San Francisco's weather before. Nice and sunny but apparently ever since the di Angelo siblings arrived to the city it had been cloudy, cold and really rainy.

"Maybe it's crying," said Nico quietly. He was tired and exhausted. Three weeks. The hardest three weeks of his life.

They had gotten a crappy apartment in the more slummy parts of the city, with a three-star view of a derelict street that dealt with gangs, hoodlums and drugs. Nico had been working a job before and after school, Bianca four jobs plus dance rehearsals with the Hunters.

She had been good – really good. Already she had gotten a lead part in Swan Lake, an upcoming production as a fairy or forest animal, Nico wasn't sure. It was still tough though. Bianca mentioned that there were some unpleasant characters.

"Maybe," Bianca sighed, starting the car.

No word, letter, or even hint came from their father. Nico decided that Hades didn't want anything to do with his children anymore. It still worried him greatly.

Bianca had sorta changed. More independent, demanding, bossy – tougher. Nico and Bianca still talked and did sibling stuff like fight. She had stopped cooing over him and grown more mature.

Since Nico couldn't sulk about it, he was … adjusting.

"Be careful, it's night-time, Bibi," Nico told his sister, warily eyeing the darkness outside and the blurry shape of the car lights.

Bianca raised her eyebrow and smiled. "Look who's suddenly my driving instructor."

"Look who's suddenly a prima donna. Out all night practicing and coming with lead parts."

Bianca's grip on the wheel tightened and color flushed to her cheeks. Nico knew he stepped on a touchy subject.

"Look, Nico," Bianca said. "There's something I need to talk to you about. Are you …" Bianca looked uncomfortable. "Are you okay with being out here with me? You're not eating as much and you're working two jobs, not to mention you're really busy with school."

Nico groaned and then smiled at his bigger sister warmly. "Bibi, I – am – happy," he assured her confidently – well, mostly. "If I went back, I would be chewed out by Dad. If I never went with you then I'm sure the Underworld would get hotter. There's no place I'd rather be than right here with you."

Bianca gave him an admiring, beaming face, her eyes off the road. "Nico …"

"Eyes on the road! Eyes on the road!" Nico pointed to the road. Bianca gasped and turned her attention back on the road before they swerved off the lane.

Bianca turned on the radio, a song washing over the sombre atmosphere of the car.

"Can we pretend that airplanes/ In the night sky are like shooting stars/ I could really use a wish right now/ wish right now …" "Airplanes" came playing. Nico banged his head against the back of his seat when Bianca began singing.

"Oh, c'mon, Neeks," she urged him. "Sing a little! I could really use a wish right now/ wish right now/ wish right now!" she sang in an off-tone voice that irritated his ears.

"Urrgh, fine," he groaned. "Yeah, I could use a dream or a genie or a wish/ To go back to a place much simpler than this/ 'Cause after all the partyin' and smashin' and crashin'."

Bianca whooped enthusiastically. "That's my little brother! Immature rap star subservient little brother!" she took one hand off the wheel just as they crossed a street on a green light to wrap around his shoulder. "Love you," she whispered in his ear.

"Love you too, Bi –"

He never finished what he said. All he could was alarms blaring in the air. The horrible sound of alarms.

A wish right … a wish right … beep … beep … beep …

Nico blinked his eyes open that suddenly wailed out in pain, trying to adjust to blinding white. His head felt groggy, hot knives being pressed into his skin and … ow! What the hell?

Nico tried to sit up, a hand coming to his chest to gently push him back down on his bed and a sweet voice that told him to go back to sleep. Nico listened and went back to sleep.

That stranger's hand felt like his father's when Nico was younger.

When Nico was fully awake and better – better as in a pounding headache and a bland taste in his mouth – a doctor came to his private hospital room.

There was an accident. Nico was sure. There was an accident. Bianca was his recurring thought in his head. Bianca. Where was she? What happened to her?

Dad had found them. How else would he have gotten the private room with a view by the garden? Nico stared aimlessly at the space next to the doctor who droned down that he sounded like sheep.

"You suffered a broken arm, minor bruising, a few scars but other than that, you're healing," the doctor listed. Nico couldn't care less. It wouldn't have matted if half his face was melted off or he lost an arm. He wanted his sister.

"Bianca …" Nico said raspy, looking at the doctor straight in the eye. The doctor tensed uncomfortably. "Where's my sister?"

The doctor gulped. "Mr di Angelo, there were, um, complications before the paramedics had arrived on the scene," the doctor said. Dread filled Nico. It wasn't nice. "Your sister – your sister, she had made a spilt second to protect you from getting harmed."

"Where is she?" Nico demanded.

"She – she –" the doctor stammered. "I'm sorry. She died before she even got to the hospital. Mr di Angelo? Mr –"

"Get out," he growled. Something sick was rising in his stomach, threatening an unpleasant release. His head began to pulse in pain. "Get the hell away from me!"

The doctor said nothing, gravely nodding and exiting the room quietly. Nico brought his hands up to his eyes.

One minute Bianca and Nico were singing along to that god awful song, the next he was here, hearing that his sister was dead. It couldn't – it can't be true. His world dizzied and he felt like he was going to be sick.

They … they … Bianca was going to become the best dancer in the Hunters and Nico was going to see every performance and they were going to travel the world and –

"Bianca," Nico moaned, hoping that this was all a dream and out of nowhere she would be there. "Please … Bianca … come back."

The funeral was a quiet affair. Almost everybody was crying since they all love her. Bianca was the golden girl in the family, not Nico who was an overenthusiastic Mythomagic maniac good-for-nothing piece of shit.

The minister was reciting the usual "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" sermon that Nico was beginning to hate. He sat next to his stepmother, Persephone, who was sobbing despite herself. She had never been nice to Nico – he strangely remember a time far, far away from now the time she had him dressed as a freaking dandelion for Halloween – but she loved Bianca like her own daughter. When her tissues became too soggy, Nico clenched his jaw and tossed a black handkerchief into her lap.

Strangely, she quickly glanced at him and took it, going back to crying.

His father, sitting next to Persephone, was staring at the coffin solemnly. He wasn't crying. Men of his family never cried in public.

And that also included Nico.

When he heard Bianca was dead and screamed for the doctor to leave, he hadn't cried. Not in public or in private. He just hurt.

It wasn't Bianca's fault that she died. It was a drunk driver's fault driving way past the limit who couldn't tell his right from his left. Nico was furious, more than he ever been in his life. He wanted to kill the man.

"Nico," his father said, coming beside him once the funeral had ended as they both stood before Bianca's grave, and continued, "Persephone and I are going … home," the word didn't sound like home on Hades' lip. "Are you coming?"

"I'm staying," Nico answered. "I need to be by myself right now, Father."

Hades cursed in Italian and took something out of his pocket. Nico opened his hand to accept it, his eyes opening fractionally once he realized what it was. It was a large signet ring, a skull wearing a Greek style helmet, feathers sticking out at the end, separating a "D" and "A".

His family's ring: the di Angelo family heirloom. Nico looked up for his father to find that he was already walking back to the car with Persephone. Nico stuffed it in his pocket.

He stared blankly at the tombstone. Now several meters underground was his sister's body. One day Nico was like that.

There was rustling not too far away from him. Nico saw a man with ruffled black hair sticking to one side of his head, the brightest sea green eyes staring at him and god-like features, wearing a black suit.

Nico recognized him. He saw the picture the police showed him. The drunk driver.

Instantly, Nico saw red. "What the …" he started out slowly. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

The man held his hands in a sign of peace but Nico was far beyond reasoning. "I'm came here to apologize –"

"For what?!" Nico hissed, stomping towards him. "Driving drunk? Running a red light? Killing MY SISTER!" Nico shoved the man backwards roughly. Nico didn't know if whether he was too weak or the man was too strong to fall back.

"Please," the man rasped. Oh look, he was teary eyed. Like Nico cared! "That night, I wasn't –"

Nico raised his fist to hit the man straight on his face. The man stumbled back, not losing his balance, holding his nose. "I deserved that," he croaked.

Damn right you do! Nico thought bitterly, wishing a thousand – no, wait, more – pains on this man. Nico clenched his fists, watching as the man straightened up. This guy was way too handsome to be a killer.

"I'm sorry," he said. Nico looked down, biting down his lips so hard that it drew blood. "I just … I wasn't thinking that night. And I know you don't my excuses because it isn't worth it."

It wasn't worth that his sister was dead because of this drunk bum. "I don't need your apologies," Nico hissed, not standing to look at the man out of fear that he would snap and do something he would regret. "Go away."

Nico didn't know how long he stood there but when he looked up in the cool night air, the driver wasn't standing there anymore. Something fell on Nico's hair and then another fell.

It started raining.

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