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Chapter 1

Beth laid in grass with her arms crossed cradling her head as she peered up at the sky. A sense of déjà vu came over her as the clouds were practically non-existent and the day was warm with a bit of a breeze. Judith was off playing with Carl and the other kids for a change and with nothing of significance to do she decided going out and enjoying the nice day was in order. It had been two weeks since the supply run with Daryl, Tyreese and Sasha. Two weeks since Daryl slightly revealed his inner workings to her and they kissed for the first time.

Two weeks.

She sighed blissfully closing her eyes and letting her mind wander. Things were going great here at the prison. Rick was starting up a farming type area in the corner of the prison yard hoping to start producing vegetables before the seasons up and they even managed to find a farm not totally destroyed to harvest seeds and tools including a male and female pig as well. They smelled awful, Beth thought but if they were able to get those two multiplying that would be fresh meat for the winter months when food was scarce. A better find was the horse that Michonne had been growing quite attached to. Beth liked the horse too, very sweet even with the walkers around and never skittish like Nelly had been.

Aside from that everything else was pretty much the same. After waking up that morning in bed with Daryl still surprisingly cuddled up next to her they had gone back to the town and pharmacy. Unfortunately her bag was snatched up but Daryl had a mind to hide his from sight and so they didn't come home empty handed at least, not that anyone cared they were all worried when no one came back. Tyreese and Sasha appeared mid-day only a few hours after she and Daryl got back.

Tyreese's wound was much worse than Daryl's had been with the bullet hitting his arm and staying lodged in. Her Daddy had quite the work cut out for him as they worked on removing the bullet. Aside from that and getting squeezed to pieces by her family everything else had went fine. Another supply run where things hadn't went totally right in her case but in the long run she was still alive and that's what mattered most at this point. At least it wasn't her screw up that got them in trouble like last time.

Guess she'll never let that one go.

Beth decided to think about the even better times of the last two weeks since that supply run. The number one thing on her list had to do with one person.

Daryl Dixon.

A sigh escaped her lips as it stretched out on her face into a smile. Though Daryl was pretty adamant that they kept their relationship (her words, not his) under wraps right now with the group, he wasn't one to care what others thought of him normally but he did care about everyone at the prison and so didn't want to be looked down upon. She understood best she could but Beth was a tab bit hurt by his persistence to keep quiet about them, whatever they really were.

There were quite a few moments stolen behind closed doors of the library and shadows of the cell blocks where he would get close to her with a kiss or a tender touch, anything that set her face aflame and her skin tingling in pleasure but it never bordered what it had back at that house. They never made out like they had before which was rather disappointing for her but she was trying to be understanding and so kept her mouth shut and went with the flow.

Unfortunately the flow did not include hickys which she had strangely grown fond of but only by Daryl himself. The thoughts and memories of her best friend telling her about them were made that much more special since she now part-took in that act, still Daryl was extremely hesitant in going that far. What bothered her most about it was he didn't seem to have a problem before they acknowledged their feelings (her words, not his) and done this stuff so why now?

Daryl was confusing the hell out of her but again she was trying to be understanding of his issues with coming out and was willing to meet him half-way.

Luckily she realized a rather big loop hole and she had tried for most of the last week trying to exploit it so they would get caught and have to come out. Beth felt a bit bad about it but 'shit happens' as Daryl so lovingly states from time to time and she was trying to make this 'shit happen'.

The best thing about being close to Daryl that came to her advantage was that he would get sidetracked by her presence and if they were being flirty or touching even more so, he sweetly drops his guard probably without realizing it with her. Beth felt extremely privileged that he would subconsciously bring his ever standing walls down when she came by to talk or just be close. Still the redneck was quick to retract his walls and put a good amount of distance between them whenever anyone came around.

To say it was an uphill battle was an understatement.

Beth had also tried reasoning with him on more than one occasion. Maggie knew of her crush on him so it wasn't so far-fetched that something came out of it, not only that but Carol had already caught them in the act once and though she looked a tiny bit hurt from time to time she didn't discourage either of them from pursuing whatever it is they were pursuing with each other. She tried telling him that no one would think ill of him or down upon him but Daryl just heard through one ear and out the other.

The damn man was a stubborn mule, much like herself which meant she wasn't one to give up on this issue just like he wasn't one to be swayed by her. And so that left her with the only option available; trying her damnest to get caught in the act with him. Beth would never tell a soul about their involvement with each other (that was a better word for them actually), it would be like taking Daryl's trust that he so rarely gave out and wiping her ass with it then tossing it over the fence for the walkers to enjoy.

She really needed to watch when she hung around that man though; he was starting to rub off on her but not in the most endearing ways.

She knew where he was right now, over by his bike tinkering with it and such. Beth thought to leave him be for the time being since everyone was busy doing their own thing so no one would take notice if they were around each other, that and it was starting to become normal that she hung around him to chat. On a normal day it wasn't uncommon to see Beth Greene talking to Daryl Dixon or even helping him with something or just hanging around him in general.

Beth opened her eyes when she noticed the sun being blocked out by the one cloud in the sky, irony. Sighing in dismay she turned her head to the left to see Daryl working on his bike, she figured there was something up with it since she could hear him revving the engine then stopping to do something with the engine then rinse and repeat. She set her gaze upon him and decided to watch him for a bit before going over there. Watching Daryl had become somewhat a pass time for her as well. He was so interesting to watch, not to mention he was such eye candy alone she couldn't help but watch.

When he eventually took a glance her way she instantly closed her eyes acting like she was napping instead of watching him. She should have known better than to think he wouldn't know otherwise.

"If yer gunna watch me Beth then ya mind as well help me." She jumped at his voice suddenly being so close, that man walked so lightly it was startling in comparison to his broader body. Slowly Beth opened her eyes blinking a few times for the effect then looked at him quizzically. His shadow came over her body; he was standing there with only maybe a foot between them with his arms crossed staring down at her.

"Hmmm, I have no idea what you're talkin' about Daryl. I was nappin'." Beth said softly giving out a yawn and full body stretch like a cat; she tried to not smile widely when he followed the length of her body during the stretch.

"Ya ain't foolin' anyone especially me, c'mon ya damn vixen." He mumbled it out like he was annoyed but his facial expression said otherwise. He probably enjoyed the show and she definitely liked giving it to him. Smiling at her little success Beth got to a stand then followed him back over to his bike.

"What are ya doin' anyway?" She asked clasping her hands behind her back as she leaned over his shoulder. Daryl looked at her from over his shoulder then back to the engine.

"Somethangs rattlin' inside the engine. Have ta pull it apart ta figure out what it is." Beth hummed her answer back still leaning over his shoulder to peer down into the engine.

"And you know how to get it apart and back together again?" She had a vague feeling Daryl had at one point in his life worked on cars possibly with Merle and probably lost that job cause of him too. He seemed knowledgeable enough about vehicles; at least he was the one everyone went to when having issues with one of the vehicles. He grunted at first wrestling the inside of the engine with a wrench.

"Yah, Pa use ta have a small garage where I spent my summers when my Ma died. Worked thair fer a bit 'fore Merle came back from prison." He barely glanced her way after he spoke seemingly okay with giving her this information but at the same time just a bit nervous as well. Beth felt taken back by his words; she knew he was opening up to her but to reveal so much in only a few words and only to her.

Her heart raced at the knowledge that he truly trusted her. Biting her lip she considered her words before saying them, sometimes she had to consider her words with Daryl otherwise he might clam up. "Sounds interesting, did he teach you how?" She bit the inside of her cheek when he tensed up then after a moment relaxed a little.

"Yah…sort of. I mostly learned from my uncle, he won't really my uncle but I known him since I was real young so in my eyes he was my uncle. He went outta his way ta teach me shit while Pa…my old man did whatever he fuckin' wanted ta. Guess it was good I learned somethang tho." Daryl did something else to the engine before looking back at her with serious eyes. Beth smiled reassuringly. "Sit on the bike and rev the engine fer me." He then stated standing a back from the engine first.

Slowly she straddled the bike making sure to keep her balance before twisting the handle and revving the engine for him. It roared to life loudly then made a choking noise like someone choking on food then a whole bunch of oil spilled out by the bike drenching the ground in blackness. Daryl cursed then waved his hand for her to stop.

"Shit!" Beth stayed put letting Daryl investigate the bike's engine while she waited. A few more curses escaped his lips as he tinkered around the engine then looked quite exasperated by what he found. "Fuck, the damn oil tank blew…damnit!"

"I take it's not a good thing?" Beth inquired looking unsure as she leaned over to see the oil black pool on the ground. Daryl pulled out his red handkerchief to wipe off his dirty hands as he thought.

"Nah," he huffed barely containing his anger, "it means thair's a damn crack in the oil tank, I'll have ta find somethang ta patch it on a run soon."

"Is there anythin' I can do?" She knew there really wasn't but it was the settlement of her asking that mattered. Daryl shook his head then crouched down at the engine once more tinkering with it and doing whatever it is he was doing. Five minutes passed by in silence between them as he worked a bit more on the engine using tools from the tool box beside him. Watching Daryl concentrate keep her busy and Beth wondered if that was weird or not?

Wasn't it kind of creepy to just sit there and stare at him like that? She guessed if he wasn't bothered than she didn't need to stop, would she feel creeped out if someone stared hard at her?

Another few minutes passed by before Daryl was standing up again looking still grim but just a bit hopeful. He then waved at her, "A'right git off." Beth stuck her tongue out at his tone towards her but moved to get off like he said. She avoided the oil spill not wanting to get any on her boots then watched as he revved the engine like she did but now messing with the gauges on the bike, obviously something she couldn't help him with so silently she forgave him for his brief attitude.

Beth stands there watching as he fiddles with this and time when she's suddenly struck with the urge to kiss him. Again they've only had brief pecks but not full long kisses like their first kiss and she missed the feel of his lips on hers and the intense rush of his tongue sliding against hers. Quite suddenly she just couldn't go another minute, another second without them kissing each other again. It was never like this with Jimmy, maybe because what she felt for Daryl paled in comparison to what she use to feel for the teen. Her heart pounded in her chest as she waited for the opportune time to catch him by surprise and get a kiss.

It wasn't even trying to get caught at this point for her; she just wanted to feel that amazing rush that made everything around her melt to nothing that her focus became only him and what he was doing with her. Beth just wanted to kiss Daryl like no tomorrow (ironic since they weren't promised a tomorrow with this world). She felt jittery as she waited almost feeling like she's about to jump out of her skin any second now. Finally though all that waiting came to a head when Daryl turned towards her speaking, "Hey Beth can ya git me-."

He never got to finish his sentence. Beth stepped right up to the bike as he spoke letting her knees brush his bent leg then placed a hand on his knee to help lean over and as his eyes took her in and his voice died in his throat with his question forgotten she leaned the rest of the way to touch her lips to his. They stared at each other openly as she moved her mouth slowly against his frozen lips then slowly he kissed back still staring his dark blue eyes into her light blue ones. Beth brought her other hand up to cup his dirty cheek then let her eyes drift shut as they kissed.

The same intense sensation she felt two weeks earlier was there again only this time better. Wasn't it 'second the best' anyway? As they gently kissed each other she felt his hand move off the handle closest to her to grasp her pony-tailed hair tightly and force her to angle her head slightly for him to dip his tongue into her mouth like before. Again the explosion of nerves and pleasure left her head feeling dizzy and light especially so when her tongue met his half way to battle between their mouths. She was finally getting that make out session she was dying for and it was almost worth the wait.

Maybe she should be more assertive with him more often huh?

Beth licked Daryl's bottom lip then closed her teeth gently around it. A groan sent warmth traveling from her chest down to her tummy warming her up more. She then tugged on his bottom lip letting it release from her teeth as her eyes opened. His were still shut tightly like he was in pain or something but she was pretty sure he was feeling very good. Her lips then kissed his stubbled jaw and cheek then ghosted her lips down the column of his neck before sucking on the skin of his collarbone gaining yet another quiet groan from his lips. His fingers gripped her hair even tighter which happened to be a bit painful to be honest but she would deal with it, this was for him.

Daryl works too hard, she felt he needed to be shown how much at least one of them appreciated him. Beth knew that wasn't entirely true, she wanted this a bit more than him deserving it but still…details, details…

Her teeth slowly joined her lips deciding to give him a hicky, her first one. Her hand on his thigh slowly brushed up from his knee closer and closer to his stomach, she wasn't even mindful of what her hand was doing Beth just kept kissing and biting his collarbone darkening the hicky she was giving him. Daryl didn't seem to mind all that much. Then as her fingers drifted further north, the tips brushing a hard lump in his pants did they hear voices.

Quick like all the times before Daryl went to push away only he was still seated and she was standing a bit unstable on the ground. His hand pushed Beth back and she lost her footing from being so close to the bike. Her arms waved outward trying to catch her balance as Daryl realizing his mistake went to grab her back, only it was too late.

Beth landed hard on her butt hearing a soft splash then her hands felt the squishy, wetness of the oil between her fingers as she sat there. It took her a minute to register that she was sitting in the oil spill from the bike. It was slowly seeping into her jeans and she lifted her hands to see them coated in blackness. Looking up at Daryl with her jaw dropped he nervously righted his shirt collar to hide her hicky then offered a hand to her.

Though she understood he wanted to be discreet, she was trying to be understanding of his issues…

That did not mean she was not the least bit pissed that he pushed her into oil. Her eyes narrowed into a glare then she turned away from his hand instead relying on her own self to stand up from the oil. The voices that were coming around the corner revealed themselves to be Rick and Tyreese.

"Wow Beth are you alright?!" Tyreese asked looking quite concerned as both men took in her painted black bee-hind and hands.

"I'll be fine; I just need a shower…" Beth mumbled out not sparing a glance at Daryl before she started walking away from them. She felt stiff and wet and just plain gross.

The oil that seeped into her jeans dripped through and down her legs. It sucked more that these were one of her good jeans too and now it would definitely have to be thrown away, even if they were salvageable there would forever be a black stain on her butt and the back of her pant legs. As she made her way through the prison ignoring the looks directed her way and answering vaguely concerned questions she tried to tell herself that Daryl didn't mean it.

Of course Beth knew he hadn't meant to push her like that, if anything he would have jumped away had he been standing but seeing that he was sitting there on the bike there was no way he could get from her without tipping the bike over and further damaging it. Still aggravation burned in her tummy and she made sure Daryl knew she wasn't happy with him and so he had better make it up to her soon as in tonight.

Better yet seeing his reaction and retaliation Beth felt revenge was called for, this time she wouldn't resort to silly childish things like licking his nose. No she would go further than that, though vaguely remembering it she knew her hand brushed something that wasn't part of Daryl's jeans or belt buckle. He was enjoying her attention to him more than he either realized or wanted too. Either way she was starting to have a rather wicked idea to pay him back, it would just take some strategizing on her end more so than last time to get the fine details right.

Oh Beth was vowing revenge now, Daryl Dixon; you're in a world of trouble now!

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