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Chapter 3

She waited a week.

One whole week of planning on what she would do to Daryl.

One whole damn week…

Beth laid in her bed staring up at the bunk on top as she went over her plans in her head. She wanted to corner Daryl, much like he did her in the library with no escape from her clutches. Really she was starting to feel like a cartoon villain with these thoughts. Every time she thought of how she could corner him that idea blew up in smoke.

She first thought of doing it in the guard tower that would be perfect, not to mention Glenn and Maggie always got it on in there too. But then he could always escape, she needed to find a way to keep him put and stuck while she did…whatever it is she was going to do. Beth had yet to figure that out but it will come to her, they always came to her at the last possible moment. Location was the real issue here. So the guard tower was out.

The library was a possibility but Beth wanted to use a new location, somewhere different that would be more shocking. There was no guarantee that anyone would be in the library when she did corner him, so once more that location was out as well. The showers were another rather entertaining idea she thought of but the blonde quickly disposed of that as fast as it came to mind. Way too much and way too soon. She wanted Daryl but she didn't want to be a stuttering, red faced mess either. So a big ole fat 'X' on the showers, maybe at a later date…

Beth nibbled on her lip as she thought. The cell block was another entertaining idea but that seemed too much as well. Not only that but she wanted to corner him without others knowing and walking right into his cell block where everyone could see was…everyone knowing…

Why must this be so damn hard?

It was like Daryl always got the easy out when it came to her so why wasn't it the same for him? Well maybe it was her who made it so easy for him; she wasn't exactly the best seductress, if at all…

"If ya thank too hard yer head might explode." Beth jumped and then glared at the entrance to her cell as Daryl's hulking body leaned against the threshold; he was smirking down at her which caused a light blush to erupt on her cheeks. Well that was just great…

"I don't have that issue, nice tank by the way." Her eyes zeroed in on the light pink tank top he was sporting underneath his vest. He merely shrugged his shoulders acting like it was no consequence to him.

"Someone said I looked good in pink." Daryl replied back smoothly still smirking at her. Beth threw her legs out over the side to sit up on her bed.

"That someone must be a very smart, beautiful individual. Maybe you should kiss her?" She said back, airily grinning from ear to ear. Daryl frowned; looking like that was the most absurd thing he had ever heard before.

"I like Tyreese but I don't exactly wanna kiss him." Beth felt her jaw drop in disbelief at him. Daryl arched a brow in question. "What? Ya said I should kiss the beautiful, smart individual who complimented me, well Ty was the last one ta say I looked good in pink." When he wiggled his eyebrows Beth snorted in laughter, falling back on her bed and wiping tears off her cheeks.

"I said her, kiss her!" He walked in further, shrugging once more.

"Yer sister was the last 'her' that complimented me too." Beth reached over and flung her pillow at Daryl, he caught it with ease. "Anyway ya said ya thought I could pull it off, not that I would look good in it."

She rolled her eyes while sitting back up. "It was insinuated."

"Then ya should have specified." Now he was leaning back against her dresser, toeing away one of Judith's many toys that littered her floor. Beth felt completely at peace, at ease with Daryl in here. Their playful banter was only one of the many times they've talked over the past week.

Daryl hadn't kissed her since the library incident but there were fleeting touches between them during the passing days, including little visits by her cell before he was off on a run or getting ready to go to the guard tower. Usually though, these only happened when no one else was around, when it was just only them in the cell block. That part Beth tried not to remember when he would come by.

"Still waitin' for my kiss ya know." Beth quickly stated, looking up at him expectantly. Daryl shook his head lightly, pushing away his long bangs from his eyes.

"Still waitin' fer ya ta pay me back ya know." That statement brought another, brighter blush to her cheeks. She glanced down to the ground then back up to connect with his blue eyes; they stared down at her almost longingly, like he wanted to just walk over to her and hug her and kiss her.

So why didn't he?

"I've been figuring that one out, it's a lot harder than ya think." Beth spoke slowly, softly. Her hands fiddled in her lap as she thought about her plans of getting back at him.

"It's real simple, Beth. Jus' do it…" his words were spoken in a husky voice, sending chills and goosebumps up and down her arms and spine. Her eyes were directed to the ground at her fiddling fingers so she could see him slowly approaching her.

"Right here, right now." She whispered out, staring intently at his feet as they came to a stop right in front of hers. Her face felt immensely hot; like it was on fire and honestly with the way he spoke to her she should be on fire. Just the tone of voice alone was making her burn up, just imagine what she would feel if he touched her.

When he touched her…

"It's all yer show…"

Slowly her eyes trailed up from his legs, still wearing torn up jeans to his belt and up his pink tank top and vest, gliding her eyes over his broad chest to his tanned neck and then finally his scorching blue eyes. Scratch that, Beth was now burning alive more a keen to being dropped into a volcano over standing in the sun for too long. Now it was Daryl looking at her expectantly, waiting for her to make the move. She's done it before, been extremely nervous before too but now it was like those nerves changed their minds. It was natural feeling to be like this with him, no longer did she feel nervous about him rejecting her or pushing her aside.

Of course, they were by themselves so no pushing her away would be happening. And if they weren't, well he was just damned either way.

Beth pushed off the bed to stand, her eyes instantly coming close to his chest with her nose barely a millimeter from touching said chest. She lifted her head up to see Daryl looking down at her, waiting on her to make her move. Like he said it was her show, she would dictate what happened while she was in control. Just like with her loss of control that week earlier in the library Beth felt a thrill of being in control of the situation, in control of Daryl.

"I dunno what to do…" Beth admitted bashfully, ducking her head down to avoid his eyes. She had him where she wanted him but she didn't know what to do with him. Where was that last possible moment idea again?

"Do like ya always do…kiss me…"

She didn't need to be told twice.

Beth flung her head back up and grabbed Daryl's shoulders leaning him down towards her as she got to the tips of her toes to kiss him deeply. His lips scratched her back, tickling her softer ones so she pulled away giving them only a little space. "Your lips are dry." Beth stated then stuck her tongue out to lightly ghost over his lips, wetting them from the moisture in her tongue. Hearing Daryl groan made her clenched her thighs together for no reason at all.

Then his tongue joined hers, wetting his lips as well as touching hers and wetting hers. It was quickly becoming a sloppy tongue kiss. Beth scraped her hand over his shoulder then neck before crawling up the back of his neck into his hair to grip it tightly in her grasp. Another groan had her quivering from the sound, her insides clenching tightly. Her tongue was now in his mouth, exploring all around as his scruff brushed against her chin and cheeks. Beth had always thought facial hair would be painful to feel on her face, it had always been that way when Jimmy had kissed her when he first started getting hair on his face. She guessed it was like shaving her legs and armpits. The shorter the hair the coarser it is, the longer the softer it is.

Though his facial hair wasn't exactly soft either…

Daryl's hands came to rest on her hips, his thumbs lifting her shirt out of the way to lightly brush the skin there sending tingles all up and down her sides. Beth's other hand not preoccupied with Daryl's hair came up to cup his cheek softly as they kissed then she was pushing him backwards 'til his back hit the wall, gaining a grunt from him at impact. He didn't protest the movement though, just kissed her harder before his hands moved to her back to rake up under her shirt and on her smooth, pale skin there.

Beth shuddered at the sensation, pushing her breasts up into his chest and rubbing up against him like a cat getting it's back scratched would lift up its butt. Her lips broke away from his while his hands kept skimming up her back to encounter her bra. For a moment there she thought he was going to unhook her bra but then his hands went back down her back as her own hands anchored her to him. Her legs shook and she strangely throbbed between her legs causing her to press her thighs even tighter against one another.

"Beth! Ya in here?" Hearing Rick's voice echo around them startled her and this time it was she who pushed away from Daryl sending her to bump her head against the top bunk of her bed. Hissing at the pain Beth leaned down over her legs as she seated herself on the bed with her hands over her throbbing head. Feeling another set of hands caressing her skull told her Daryl was assessing her bump.

"Everything a'right in here?" she didn't spare a glance up to know Rick was right at her cell door. Daryl spoke for her. "Yah, jus' came ta check on her. Bumped her damn head on the bunk is all." Beth hissed again when his fingers touched the knot slowly forming on her skull.

"Should I git Hershel?" Rick asked, sounding deeply concerned.

"No, no I'm fine. No need to get my Daddy." Beth finally said looking up to catch Rick's worried eyes. She cracked a small smile then whined when Daryl put his palm against the knot and pressed down, hard.

"Sorry, gotta put pressure on it ta keep from swellin'." Daryl commented, his other hand coming around to cup her cheek and chin as he pressed down. Beth gripped his wrist by her chin tightly, letting him do what he had too. Glancing over she could see Rick still standing there, watching them like he was assessing them and the situation.

Does he know? From the looks of it, he was speculating their interactions between each other with careful eyes. He didn't look disapproving or even disgusted, just thoughtful.

"Ya wanted something Rick?" Beth quickly questioned, hoping to get him to stop staring at them so intensely. He snapped his eyes from gazing at Daryl back down to her.

"Carol needs some help in the kitchen, asked me ta come find ya."

"Okay, well once Daryl deems it okay I'll be right there." Rick nodded looking between the two of them again before turning away and walking off. Though he left there was now a strange tension in the air around them, it wasn't suffocating but it wasn't soothing either.

"How ya feelin'?" Daryl asked quietly, now lightly brushing his finger tips through her hair and over the knot that was now definitely smaller. Beth gulped then shrugged.

"Okay, feel like I'm gonna have a headache though." She lifted her head to up stopping his hand from combing through her hair.

"Shouldn't have pushed away." Beth gazed up at him questioningly. What does he mean she shouldn't have pushed away?

"I thought ya wanted to keep this secret?" she whispered, sounding just as confused as she probably looked. Daryl shrugged in response, looking over to his right and out of her cell.

"Ya wouldn't have gotten hurt if ya stayed put." He mumbled back.

"But then Rick would have seen us…" Beth was really trying to understand what he was getting at, she really was but this back and forth shit was starting to give her a headache making her now headache into a migraine. Either he didn't want others to know, or he did. One or the other, ya can't have both ways!

"I know…" Daryl sounded like he was going to a funeral or something, sounded so defeated; like expecting the death penalty. She didn't like hearing him sound like that, so hopeless.

"Ya don't want others to know right." Beth stated sternly, her eyes narrowing up at him.


"Then just consider my bump as collateral damage to the greater cause of staying hidden. If this really means something to you, Daryl…then I'll keep us quiet…" Daryl looked torn to her, like he wanted to stay quiet to please him but also let it all out to please her. It was sweet, she knew but she couldn't push him if he wasn't ready. That just wasn't fair of her.

"It ain't what you want." Daryl said deeply, with downcast eyes. Beth shrugged a shoulder then stood up to wrap her arms around his chest.

"All relationships have to have compromise." His arms wrapped around her and she smiled.

She would compromise…for now…

Helping in the kitchen later that day Beth let the movement of hands and cooking occupy her mind and keep the thoughts of Daryl at bay. He had walked her to the cafeteria before heading off to find Rick and do…whatever it is Daryl does when he's not around her. Beth instantly started working with Carol and a few others in the kitchen, stirring things and cooking things up. She mostly was helping with preparation and such. Apparently Daryl had caught a wild turkey earlier that day from his hunting trip and everyone was excited about what to make.

It was easy for her to lose herself in cooking. It took a lot of Beth's concentration to not nick her fingers as she cut the raw turkey meat into pieces for the stew Carol had planned out. Karen was at one of the stoves frying up pieces of turkey while an older lady from Woodbury helped Carol with the stew and can veggies that were still edible.

Beth worked in relative silence while the other women in the kitchen chatted away joyously as they worked. After that moment in her cell Beth just wasn't up for chatting and giggling, she felt incredibly somber and wanted to get through dinner without mishap. Apparently the women noticed her lack of attention because suddenly she became their focal point of conversation.

"Very silent over there, Beth. Got something on your mind?" Carol smiled encouragingly, giving the blonde a wink when she caught her eye. Beth directed her gaze back to the meat.

"Nothing really," she replied back.

"Maybe a certain guy on your mind?" Karen piped up giving her a cheeky smile and knowing look. A blush came to Beth's cheeks as Daryl came to mind. "See, I knew it."

"That boy, Zach, is a very nice man." The older lady, Mrs. Nancy added.

"My sediments exactly! You should go for it Beth!" Karen smiled more widely at her. Beth could see Carol shaking her head, she knew better.

"Beth, just focus on yourself. Don't let anybody push you into something you're not ready for." Carol said sternly.

"Oh please! Life is too short to be picky and unsure. You gotta take the reins of life and steer it to where you wanna go!"

Though Karen had the wrong man in mind for Beth, she did make a good point. Anything could happen on any given day, wasting it being safe and cautious just didn't seem right.

"Thanks for the advice." Beth said gratefully, turning her attention back on the turkey meat.

A little idea hatched in her brain and it was too good to pass up. Daryl might not be so happy with it, but technically Beth never did rise up to the challenge even if they did have a rather hot make out session earlier. He made her squirm while others were just around the corner, made her hot and bothered to the point of insanity. She felt it was time she repaid him that favor, ten times over. And she knew exactly when to do it too!

It was later that night when everyone was heading into the cafeteria for dinner that her plan came into play. Beth helped hand out food to everyone alongside Karen and Carol, even making sure she handed Daryl his own bowl of dinner. His fingers lightly brushed hers as he took the bowl from her hand, the bowl was warm in her hand but the backs of her fingers were hot from Daryl. He nodded his thanks then proceeded over to a table where Rick and her father were sitting at.


Once everyone had food Beth was quick to make her own, her hands trembled just a little but for the most part she kept her composure together. As she walked over to the table though, her legs felt like both lead and jelly at the same time, it was the strangest feeling she had ever felt. She was almost struggling to get to the table with this unknown weight while her legs wanted to knock her knees together too. Still it didn't deter her from her plan, if anything it motivated her to continue on.

Beth made sure to seat herself right across from Daryl with Rick on his right and her father on her right and soon enough Carol joined on her left locking her into place. She smiled brightly at everyone at the table before jumping into her food while everyone else talked. She listened vaguely to what was being said but mostly kept her mind on her plan waiting for the opportune moment to employ said plan. Her stomach bubbled at the thoughts running through her head, it was almost too much for her to bear eating anymore.

"I think tomorrow we need ta clear out the south side of the fence, too many walkers gatherin' up there." Rick said tightly, he was staring down intently at his food. Worry lines littered his forehead.

"I can git the troops on it then. Been more of 'em lately." Daryl added just as strained. Beth took notice of how tired he appeared. His eyes were directed at a point on the table between them then slowly looked up to connect with hers. She smiled lightly but he only blinked before returning his eye sight back to the table.

Then slowly Beth reached her right foot forward 'til it brushed his underneath the table. He frowned deeply at the table, giving her a brief glance of confusion. Her other foot then joined to brush his just as she swallowed a spoonful of soup. Daryl looked perplexed and mighty confused by her actions; it only encouraged her to go on. It was better than him looking tired and scowling. After a moment more Daryl pushed back at her feet alluding to him telling her to stop.

The conversation around them kept going though with Hershel talking about going on a supply run for medicine and medical equipment as well. Beth quickly added that they needed to get more teething gel for Judith before lightly smirking over at Daryl. He arched an eyebrow, slowly bringing his spoon to his mouth while watching her in suspicion. She then wiggled her boot off her right foot including pulling off her sock along with it to let her foot be bare. Beth reached forward again to brush her toes along the tops of Daryl's boots then up at his ankle, tugging at his pant leg.

Rick asked Daryl a question about something, Beth wasn't too sure since she hadn't paid anyone any mind with all her concentration on Daryl. Her foot skimmed the side of his shin just as he went to answer, resulting in him choking on air for a second.

"Ya a'right Daryl?" Rick asked as he cleared his throat. Beth felt quite evil in doing this, despicable even but that wasn't going to stop her from continuing on though.

"Yah, yah fine." Daryl grumbled quickly answering Rick's previous question before quickly turning the evil eye on her. Beth bit her bottom lip gingerly as her toes lightly moved up his shin then back down again. It was amazing for her to see the color slowly appear on Daryl's face, his eyes wouldn't meet her again though staying directed at his bowl that was still pretty full. Usually by now he would have inhaled it.

Reaching down back to his ankle she slipped her foot underneath his pant leg to comb through the hair on his shin up to his knee. She felt tingly through her toes and foot up to her ankle and leg as she rubbed against his skin. There was a glazed look in his eyes from what she could make out, the same look he got when they were kissing and touching. Beth felt heat flare up in her cheeks; her continued ministrations were causing a similar affect to her as well. Her breathing became just a tad strained as she pulled her foot from under his pant leg to travel up and down the outside of his shin again.

"I think we should have a meetin' after dinner tonite." Rick suddenly announced gaining everyone's attention.

"Right after dinner though?" Carol inquired, pushing away her empty bowl as she gazed at Rick.

"There's a few things we need ta talk 'bout amongst the council anyway. Ya up fer it Daryl?" Beth had been looking at Rick as he spoke so turning back to Daryl she felt her heart jump into her chest as she took in his dark gaze directed on her.

"Yah." His voice came out gruffly and almost huskily sending chills down her spine, especially with the way he was staring her down like that. It was like he wanted to eat her instead of his stew. Beth gulped at the look before pushing her foot further up his leg than before; the look only seemed to egg her on, to push further than she had been.

It was when her toes brushed his thigh and further, pressing down on a bulge that had definitely not belonged there before hand that left her shocked to her core. Her foot dropped from touching Daryl just as he shot to a stand. He gave an excuse that made absolutely no sense before rushing off leaving everyone in his wake. Beth felt shell-shocked to her seat as she realized she had turned him on with her touching. That was definitely an erection he was sporting and though it made her nervous it also excited her to no end.

Had she really caused that sort of reaction from him?

The next thought that came to her afterwards was that he ran out. Daryl flat-out took off and it made her feel bad. Had she gone too far?

Beth wasn't sure if she had pushed Daryl too hard or if he just couldn't handle the pressure. She was leaning more towards the former though. Sighing she pushed away her bowl; she quickly slid her foot back into her boot as she moved to stand. Maybe she should go find him and talk it over?

"Going so soon, Beth?" Carol asked, gathering up her bowl along with Beth's and Daryl's.

"Yeah, I kind of wanna lay down for a bit." Beth replied back.

"Well in 'bout thirty minutes were gunna have a meetin' so don't be too long." Rick piped up, she nodded


As Beth wandered through the hall back to her cell the thought that maybe she shouldn't have changed tactics like that and gone so drastically on Daryl came to mind. He looked mighty embarrassed when he took off, even stumbling as he went. Still she did rise to the challenge at least, and if she finds him before the meeting then she can tell him exactly why she did it. Daryl had to understand right.


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