Well here is a Naruto/High School DxD idea I thought up. I can't guarantee I'll continue it since I'm rather fickle and undisciplined, but I wrote so much I felt I might as well publish it. Tell me what you think.



Naruto let out a groan as he heard that. What did he do to god for him to punish Naruto so? He's a hero for goodness' sake. Saved his world. Sacrificed his life to kill Madara. So why has he been cursed with this horrible trio? Naruto lifted his head from where it had been resting on his arms to glare at the approaching trio that had become the bane of Naruto's high school existence.

Okay, that might have been a bit exaggerated, but still overall true. The three were known throughout Kuoh Academy as the 'Perverted Trio.' Put into simple terms, they were like three little Jiraiya's. No, worse. Jiraiya had been things besides a super pervert. He'd been a sage, a writer, a ninja, a spy master, etc. While it had been one of his biggest traits, being a pervert was only one of his traits. These three were like 100% perverts. They really had no other redeeming qualities…Okay, that might be a little bit harsh. They aren't that bad. Their lives just seem to revolve around perversion.

The trio consisted of Matsuda, Motohama, and Issei. Matsuda was a former jock and sports star who apparently gave it all up in favor of his perversion, which made no sense to Naruto since girls loves guys who are good at sports. It's like putting down a sword to jump into a sword fight. Giving up your biggest weapon before it even starts. He was usually referred to as 'Perverted Baldy' or 'Sexual Harassment Paparazzi.' He was also a self-proclaimed lolicon. Motohama was usually referred to as 'Perverted Glasses' or 'Three Sizes Scouter,' due to his apparent ability to calculate a woman's three sizes just by looking. The final one was Issei Hyoudou who was…pretty average. Besides his ridiculous libido and obsession with breasts. He was also the one Naruto preferred the most, if only because he seemed to scream about his perverse thoughts less. It was clear he had them…all the time, but he was less likely to announce it as shamelessly as Matsuda or Motohama. Motohama literally once screamed 'I'll rape all you girls in my mind.' That's just creepy.

Truthfully Naruto could have overlooked their rampant perversion. He had a lot of experience dealing with perverts from his training trip with Jiraiya. No, it wasn't their perversion he didn't like. It was because they damn near fucked up his reputation within ten minutes of him starting here.

Naruto had started at Kuoh Academy as a second year. It hadn't been Naruto's idea either. He had not wanted to attend school, not in the least. It didn't matter if Kuoh's school population was about three quarters female. It was still school in Naruto's mind. Naruto owed the person a favor for saving his life though, and they wanted him to attend Kuoh. Sometimes Naruto hates being so good-natured.

So he'd reluctantly applied and been accepted. He'd transferred in just two weeks after the start of the year. He'd had the misfortune of being in the same class as the Perverted Trio. He'd only needed to say his name before the three stood up and screamed out his most shameful secret.

He'd woken up from a coma in a different world. His money didn't count here. The person to save him didn't have money for obvious reasons due to their identity. He'd needed money to pay for an apartment, food, school tuition, and other miscellaneous stuff in order to repay the person who saved him.

So he published Icha Icha. He'd found a reputable publishing company and done it. He'd only had two of the series in the sealing scrolls that survived the journey over here. Even those two were only there because he forgot about them, since he hadn't liked the series enough to carry them all around on him. He wasn't Kakashi after all. Those two had still been worth enough for Naruto to live the next ten years comfortably.

It gave him bad karma though, which quickly came to bite him in the ass. Naruto had published them under the pseudonym 'Jiraiya Sennin,' but he hadn't made it too rock solid. He hadn't expected anyone to investigate…He shouldn't have underestimated how determined heavy duty perverts can be. Within a week of the books hitting the shelf, all three members of the Perverted Trio had managed to dig up that the real author of Icha Icha was apparently a sixteen year old, Scandinavian looking boy named Uzumaki Naruto. So when Naruto introduced himself to their class within days, their reaction was clear.

Declaring that he was the author of Icha Icha to the world, and then bowing before his greatness as the 'ultimate pervert.'

Kuoh Academy is like 70-80% female, so being referred to as the ultimate pervert by the three most perverted students in the school was quite possibly the worst way to start his school life in existence. No one believed him when he claimed that he had simply published books his godfather had written either. Apparently something about Naruto screamed 'pervert.'

It was thankful Naruto had thick skin. Yeah, he would have preferred being accepted as another average student in the beginning, but it wasn't like he was going to cry in a corner about his fellow students calling him names. He was Uzumaki fucking Naruto. He faced down Uchiha Madara when he was the Juubi jinchuriki without fear. Call him names and he'll just laugh in your face before pranking your ass.

In the end, Naruto viewed this as a similar, easier form of the Konoha he endured as a child. Just deal with everything, stay positive, stay true to himself, and eventually everyone's perceptions will change. He had absolute confidence in that.

It proved true. Perceptions changed far faster than those in Konoha had, although that probably had to do with the difference in initial loathing. A pervert and a jichuriki are two entirely different things. Naruto was still considered a pervert by most of the student population, but they had eventually accepted that there was much more to him.

Like his prankster side. That might be the thing Naruto likes most about going to this school, probably even more than the many beautiful girls all around. Once he had become a ninja, Naruto had reluctantly been forced to stop doing pranks. Something about professionalism and image. Now that he could once again prank to his heart's desire, well…it was like an early Christmas to Naruto. All Kuoh became his playground. He had to make sure to keep it safe and minimize the damage, except to people's pride, but that just made it more fun. No one was safe from him. He's even started pranking entire clubs at a time.

Otherwise he'd sort of settled into the role of an ordinary student. His grades were below average, since Naruto had never been one for book work. Not to mention the ninja academy didn't quite teach them the stuff they learn here. So Naruto basically lacked the middle school education of this world. The only subject Naruto excelled in was physical education, for obvious reasons. Even in his weakened state, Naruto was in fantastic shape. Easily the most fit kid in the school.

His social life was even better. Even if Naruto has been widely accepted as a pervert, he was charismatic enough that people generally can't hold it against him for long. It wasn't even a conscious thing. Naruto didn't consider himself smooth or charming, and thus didn't even try to be. He was just completely honest with himself, which had a certain charm to a lot of people who felt they had to hide parts of themselves. It also helped Naruto was probably one of the most empathetic and overall kind individuals in the world.

Even his romantic life was pretty good, considering he was widely considered the most perverted kid in the school. He was even kind of popular with the girls. He was kind, funny, and caring. He also wasn't that bad looking. Girls weren't willing to drop their panties whenever he smiled, like a certain princely bishounen at the school, but most would agree his looks were on the higher end of the spectrum. He apparently had the 'roguish, free spirit' look to him. He hasn't had an official relationship, but he has had…relations with a number of girls.

What? Don't judge him. Naruto was a straight male. Not to mention he was a bit of a pervert. Being the apparent author of Icha Icha also sort of doomed any desire for chastity he might have had. It was a turnoff for most girls, but there were the rare perverted females. They tended to volunteer as models for his next book, as well as offering to provide him 'inspiration.' Once again, Naruto was straight. So he simply couldn't refuse offers like that. Aika Kiriyuu was a regular, providing him inspiration once a week. Things snowballed from there since it quickly spread around the school that Naruto was a very, very accomplished lover. Seems plenty of high school girls don't mind the idea of starting a casual relationship with a person gifted in the bedroom arts as long as it remains on the down low…Totally awesome. Even Naruto couldn't deny that.

Back to the Perverted Trio. The three seemed insisted on treating him like an icon. It was actually annoying. Not to mention they bothered him incessantly for dating advice or asking him to set them up with some girls. It was like they thought he owed them for outing him as the author of Icha Icha, or empathized with them due to their supposed 'similar' personalities. Naruto just wanted them to leave him alone. He did not get his wish.

"Naruto-sama," Matsuda practically screamed before getting on his knees and clasping Naruto's hand. He then continued, "As always, I give praise unto your name for the blessings you have bestowed upon this world. Yes, Icha Icha is truly the greatest blessing this world has ever seen. I worshipped your work all last night."

Naruto just gave him a disgusted look. It grew even more disgusted when he looked at how Matsuda was clasping his hands. Naruto had no doubt of what those hands had been doing last night, and Naruto did not want them touching any part of him. Roughly ripping his hand away from Matsuda's, he then commented in irritation, "Great, now I need to wash my hand. Thoroughly…With industrial strength cleaning products. I don't care if my skin in burnt off. The very thought of where those hands have been is nauseating."

His words sent Matsuda crying in the corner, but Motohama quickly filled in the gap by questioning with an intensely serious face more fit for one going to war, "Please, Naruto-sama. I know you have refused to answer 127 times before, but I must know. What is the current progress on the next Icha Icha? And what is the main theme? Icha Icha Journey included many different women, and a variety of sexual fetishes. It was aimed at everyone. Icha Icha Slave was an exploration of masochism, with the main character interacting with far fewer females. It was aimed at a smaller, but more devoted fan base. Can we expect a more wide ranging book like Journey, or a more fetish focused book like Slave?"

Naruto growled as he face palmed. He asked this everyday. Sometimes twice a day. Naruto was already ashamed he had finally caved into writing a third Icha Icha because of pressure by the publishers. He didn't need this type of pressure during the process of writing it. Writing porn was really hard! Especially since Naruto wasn't a pervert on the level of Jiraiya, who could get off on just about everything. Naruto couldn't even read Icha Icha Slave due to how much he dislikes the idea of being a masochist. It makes him nauseous just thinking about it. Naruto could only write stuff that fit with his own preference, which he was rather embarrassed to admit. The idea of people reading erotica that he wrote himself was even worse than people thinking he wrote the previous two. So Motohama bringing it up everyday was just plain stressful.

Stressful enough that Naruto kicked him away roughly before ordering, "Stop asking me this for the next six months and I'll tell you how far along I am."

"Deal," Motohama replied instantly, completely uncaring of the footprint on his chest.

Grunting, Naruto told him reluctantly, "I'm about a quarter of the way through. My deadline isn't for six months. Then it will probably take a month or two before it hit's the shelves."

"Seven or eight months?! That's too long! Please, let me read what you have. I can give you expert advice on it," Motohama quickly declared as he grabbed Naruto's legs while crying pitifully.

"Geh. Get off me you perverted leech," Naruto grunted out as he tried to kick off the pervert, who proved Naruto's insult to him by sticking like a leech. Once Naruto finally managed to remove him, he said bluntly, "No way. The publisher is strict on me letting people read it before the release, not that I would have showed you anyway. And advice? You're still a virgin, so you certainly can't give me 'expert advice.'"

With Motohama now joining Matsuda in the corner, Issei stepped up. Realizing Naruto didn't like them touching him, he just leaned close and informed him with a perverted leer, "Hey, Naruto-sama. We're going to go peep on the kendo club. With a match coming up, they're practicing during the lunch periods. It's a beautiful sight. Wanna join us?"

Naruto gave him softer look than he had the other two, since he at least seemed to realize he didn't like them touching him. He still told him bluntly, "No way. I don't peep." That's a bit of a lie, but Naruto was far more subtle about it. He never got caught on the rare occasions he does, unlike the Perverted Trio who are caught every time. The claim also has helped heal Naruto's reputation around the school. They just think he's a total pervert in the sack instead of the type that constantly has sex and boobs on his mind.

Issei deflated slightly before arguing while shaking his head, "That's a shame, Naruto-sama. The female form is the most beautiful thing in the world. Peeping is simply a way to worship it as it should be worshipped."

"No, it's a way for guys who have no chance with girls to sate their lust for boobs and asses," Naruto deadpanned. Not completely true since Jiraiya used to peek, and Jiraiya was surprisingly smooth when he had actually wanted to seduce a woman. He just claimed to enjoy the 'art of peeping.' Naruto personally believed he just liked getting caught and beat up. Icha Icha Slave was a bit too detailed and heartfelt for Naruto to believe Jiraiya didn't have a huge masochistic streak in him. Back in the real world, Naruto's direct statement about their lack of success with girls seemed enough to send Issei to the corner with the other two. Naruto's kind nature quickly seeped through though since he honestly liked Issei. He was the one that reminded Naruto of Jiraiya the most. A good guy with way too much lust, and way too little control over it. So Naruto pat Issei's head with a sigh before telling him, "Sorry. I'm just a bit stressed today. I'm sure your luck with women will improve someday, Issei."

Issei's attitude quickly changed, and he looked at Naruto with stars in his eyes. Naruto wasn't surprised by it. Strong emotions in this world seem to result in sparkles, stars, shapes, and other stuff to form around people. It was weird like that. Usually they were better looking people than Issei, but Issei's perversion was strong enough to make up for that.

…Why is Naruto's mind wandering like this? He really is stressed.

Back to Issei, who still had the sparkles in his eyes. He quickly asked, "So you think I'll eventually get my harem?"

That made Naruto sweat drop. Issei and his harem. You at least had to admire the kid for being upfront about it. It isn't impossible either. Naruto probably would have ended up with a harem if he had managed to stay in his own world during the final battle with Madara. Sure, he may have been a hero, but he had been a loser and pariah as a kid. Who's to say Issei might not become a hero in the future. This world seemed a bit more against that sort of thing, but it still isn't too out there. Just rare…Very rare.

"It is…possible," Naruto told him hesitantly.

Issei clearly didn't notice, or didn't care about, the hesitation in Naruto's statement. He just fist pumped while declaring loudly, "Yes. With an Ero-God like you on my side, I'm sure to eventually succeed."

"I'm not an Ero-God," Naruto muttered, but was ignored. So he just sighed and stood up. He then started stretching as he claimed, "There's another reason I can't peep with you."

Issei looked at Naruto stretching before asking in resignation, "Who did you prank?"

Naruto grinned before answering gleefully, "The football(soccer) club. They are also practicing during the lunch period since they have a match coming up. I put some press and stick photos of men posing naked on their sports balls. Permanent photos."

"That's just disgusting. You would have had to special order those. What did you do? Search the web for pictures of naked men?" Issei questioned with a sweat drop.

"Yep," Naruto answered without hesitation. Seeing the disgust on Issei's face, Naruto rolled his eyes before claiming, "Oh, grow up. They're just dicks. You see one every time you go to the bathroom. I'm confident in my sexuality, and confident with what I was born with. Very confident in the latter. I don't need to shy away from seeing a naked man for my own self-esteem."

"Hey! I'm confident in my sexuality and tool too," Issei announced, clearly insulted by Naruto's insinuation. He then finished while shivering, "It's not lacking confidence. It's disgust. Men are just plain disgusting to look at."

"True that," Naruto admitted, acknowledging that point. He then continued, "But plenty in life is distasteful to do. Just bear with it like when you eat your veggies."

Tilting his head slightly, Naruto commented, "ETA…14 seconds. Time to go." Naruto moved to the window and opened it. He then jumped out, uncaring of the fact that they were on the second floor.

No one else in the class reacted either. Naruto's preferred method of leaving the class was using the window. It was like his interactions with the Perverted Trio. Just an everyday occurrence to the class. Although the short topic of naked men and dicks today had made a few of the girls blush.

They also didn't react when seconds after Naruto left, they heard the sound of a large group running towards them. Naruto had great hearing, so he always knew when people were approaching. When a pissed off football club opened the door roughly, everyone in the class pointed at the window and announced in unison, "Jumped out the window." The football club immediately turned and moved to start the chase that inevitably followed one of Naruto's pranks.

Ten minutes later Naruto was cackling like a maniac. Partly due to his own amusement. His main pranks against a club were meant to make them chase him, but he was more than willing to do several smaller pranks during the chase itself. That includes trip lines, paint balls, stink pellets, even a few acid pellets designed to eat away clothes. Watching the football club grow even more annoyed throughout the chase was hilarious. Mainly the cackle was for the entertainment of the spectators watching the chase though. If your going to be chased throughout the entire school, you might as well make it entertaining. Needless to say, watching fifty kids in various states of dishevelment, from dissolved portions of clothing, covered in pink, orange, and yellow paint, and stinking like a sewer, all chasing after a single kid cackling like an insane character from an anime was an interesting spectacle. It never failed to make the surrounding students laugh, especially since Naruto had a tendency to mix it up. The videos of the billiards club with their head shaved and painted to look like billiards balls, the karate club in chicken suits, and the art club painted like clowns still circulated among the students. Yeah, everyone was eventually a victim of Naruto's pranks, but 99% of the time you just got to laugh at the other victims. It spiced up the school life. Or at least Naruto claimed that.

The chase eventually entered one of the many buildings comprising Kuoh Academy. Naruto was fully entertained by this point, and calling back taunts to the tiring pursuers. Even with outnumbering him by fifty to one, they still couldn't catch him. Naruto was too fast and agile. At least the numbers made it fun for Naruto.

So he barely reacted in time when he turned the corner. Sensing two people right in his way, Naruto pulled off a desperate spin. He felt his skin run along the uniform of the closer one, but successfully managed to avoid colliding with her. Oh yeah, Uzumaki. That was totally awesome.

His self praise was abruptly ended when one of his feet slipped and he face planted on the ground. Naruto had always been a rather clumsy person. Even when he became a bonafide badass he was far from the most graceful ninja. Apparently trying to pull of a spin at full speed at the last moment was a bit beyond his current abilities. He just laid there for a second as he silently bemoaned his mistake. Yeah, real smooth.

It wouldn't be Naruto though if he didn't immediately bounce back. Within a second he jumped to his feet. He paused for a second as he grasped his spinning head, since he had face planted rather hard.

"Are you okay, Uzumaki-san?" a voice asked as he was trying to recover from his possible concussion.

"Yeah, I'm good. I'm pretty durable. Just give me a second," Naruto muttered. He finally recovered enough to open his eyes to look upon the person he had avoided running into. The first thing he saw was red. Acting without a moment of thought, Naruto stepped forward and grabbed a strand of the crimson red hair. He then looked the girl in the face and commented with a wide smile, "Wow. Your hair is such a beautiful color."

Rias Gremory just blinked. She didn't mind that he'd intruded on her personal space and grabbed some of her hair, since she didn't much care for such things. It was his words that surprised her. She'd never heard that before…Okay, she had, but never as the first thing. Most people complimented her body first(at least mentally if not out loud). Her eyes second. Her flawless skin or face shape third. Her hair was usually the fifth or sixth thing a person complimented. Yet this guy did it immediately after seeing her. It was…different.

Her surprise gave Naruto enough time to realize what he'd just done. He was naturally a blunt and improper person, saying what he thought. No hesitation whatsoever, but he did know proper manners on some level. So he knew plenty of girls would be creeped out or intimidated by him suddenly intruding on their personal space, grabbing their hair, and complimenting it. He didn't even know this girl's name.

So he quickly took a step back while letting go of her hair. He then scratched the back of his neck and laughed in embarrassment before saying, "Sorry about that. I can be kind of thoughtless. I hope I didn't alarm you, Ms…?"

Rias once again blinked in shock. He didn't know her name. Yeah, the two had never spoken before, but she was used to everyone at the school knowing her name. Another aspect of him that differed from the norm.

Rias managed to hide her shock and chuckled softly before replying with a small smile, "It is fine, Uzumaki-san. I was surprised, but I'm flattered by your compliment. I'm Rias Gremory by the way. Rias as my given name."

This time it was Naruto's turn to be surprised. He tilted his head in confusion before asking, "I'm sorry for asking, but have we met before, Rias-san? You seem to know me."

"No, we have not. You are simply rather…well known around the school, Naruto-san," Rias replied calmly, surprised but comfortable with his use of her given name. Reciprocating the level of familiarity was automatic for her.

"Ara, ara. It seems I've been overlooked," a soft voice spoke up.

"Oh, sorry. I was distracted," Naruto said while once again scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment at the oversight. He turned to look at the person. Immediately he grew pale.

It wasn't because of the looks of the person. The girl, better to refer to her as a woman, was stunning. She had the classic Yamato Nadeshiko look to her. Her eyes were a clear violet, and her incredibly long black hair was tied back into a ponytail(with an orange ribbon, dattebayo!). Two strands of her hair were sticking up, sloping backwards. She was also incredibly buxom, surpassing even Rias, who was very buxom as well. She was the type of woman every male probably wanted to settle down with.

No, he paled for another reason. His gut and training with Jiraiya told him a very disturbing secret of the proper looking woman in front of him.

Pointing at her in terror, he then yelled in panic, "Aaaahhh! Sadist! Run away!" Naruto then did just that. Turned tail and ran with his tail between his legs.

Never let it be said that Naruto was a masochist. He might have let Sakura hit him, but that was because that had simply been part of the weird relationship they had between them. He did something stupid, she hit him. If he dodged, she just got angry and would try to hit him twice. The only way to avoid being hit entirely was to not do something stupid, not likely, so he just accepted the one hit as the best choice. The idea of someone getting sexual pleasure from causing him pain scared him so much he just outright avoided sadists. Since part of his training with Jiraiya involved being able to properly identify people's sexual fetishes(yes, Jiraiya chose to teach him stuff like that instead of techniques), Naruto was very good at avoiding them.

The football club unfortunately arrived just in time to see Naruto point at Akeno, call her a sadist, before running away. Calling the prim and proper Himejima-oneesama a sadist was more than enough to reignite the fire of their determination to catch and punish Naruto. Such a lie was unforgivable…ignorance is truly bliss. So they ran past the Two Great Ladies of Kuoh Academy while screaming insults at Naruto.

"How dare you insult Himejima-senpai. Die!"

"Filthy lying pervert!"

"Burn him at the stake!"

"For Himejima-oneesama's honor!"

Akeno just watched this all occur with wide eyes. Needless to say, she had never had a guy run away from her before like that. Usually they bowed in worship when she smiled.

Too bad. She liked his book, Icha Icha Slave. Seems there is some truth to his apparent claim to not being the original writer. No one capable of writing a book about masochism so well would run from a sadist with such fear.

"Ufufu, seems someone got a perfect measure of your heart with just one look, Akeno," Rias commented with an amused smile.

Akeno just smiled as she replied calmly, "I am offended, Buchou. I am not only a sadist…I am also a masochist."

Rias just sweat dropped before suggesting, "You say that, but you always seem on S mode. Even I've never seen your M side."

"But, Buchou, you already cover the masochist base in our club. Doubling up is a waste. So I have no choice but to cover the sadist base," Akeno claimed with a wide smile. She then put her cheek in her hand and sighed before adding in an exaggeratedly sad voice, "I'm such a good friend to my king that I have no choice but to take incredible pleasure in the pain of our enemies. Oh, woe is me."

Rias just sweat dropped again before muttering, "You always say that, but I'm not a masochist."

"Yes you are. My sadist senses always tingle around you, Buchou," Akeno retorted immediately.

That caused Rias to shiver. Akeno had always openly claimed to not care about gender. 'As long as they feel pain.' She did not know what to think when Akeno says stuff like that.

Rias' mood took a 180 after that. Straightening, she grew serious before asking, "So that is Uzumaki Naruto. Never met him face to face before. You felt it too, right?"

"Yes," Akeno answered, matching her king's seriousness. She then continued, "His magic reserves are above average…for a human. We've known that for a time."

Rias just thought for a few seconds before asking, "What else do we know about him?"

Akeno shrugged at her king's curiosity before reciting from memory, "Uzumaki Naruto, seventeen years old. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Considered good looking. Just under six feet tall. Looks Scandinavian despite his Japanese name. Orphan. Second year. Transferred in two weeks after the start of the year. Below average grades. Incredibly physical fitness. Writer of the Icha Icha erotic novels. Empathetic, kind, enthusiastic, blunt, honest, and an emphatic prankster. Popular. Rumors of high sexual appetite. Not confirmed. Likely result of his status as author of Icha Icha."

"And his magical abilities and potential?" Rias quickly asked.

"He has above average magical reserves for a normal person. Many of his pranks also indicate a high likelihood that he is capable of using a form of magic, due to the overall difficulty of them. His magic reserves are low for magicians though, meaning he is likely a failed magician. He's physically fit, and claims to know many different martial arts. Possible close combatant. Potential is good, if average. Likely a long term project. Little short term potential. No sacred gear," Akeno explained easily.

"That's a shame," Rias stated with a sigh. He seems a decent candidate for a peerage if one has time to properly nurture him, but she doesn't have that sort of time. She needs someone capable of being an asset within a few months. Seems Issei is still her only real hope. She turned and started walking away as she finished by saying, "He was kind of interesting too. Not bad looking either."


"Man, who'd have thought calling out a sadist would motivate people so much," Naruto commented as he walked out of class.

The football club had chased him far longer than he expected. They still didn't catch him, but they made him late for class. The teacher gave him extra homework as a punishment. He probably isn't going to do it, but that still means he'll be lectured tomorrow. He may be a master at tuning out lectures, but that doesn't mean he likes them.

"You called Himejima-senpai a sadist. That's practically sacrilege," someone claimed immediately.

Naruto looked over in exasperation to look at the Perverted Trio. Naruto was truly fated to be surrounded by perverts. There's no escaping it. No other way to explain the Perverted Trio all being in his class, and the three living close to him. They always stuck to him like glue on the walk back to their houses.

Naruto finally just shook his head before asking, "Himejima, huh? That's her name. I ran away before I got her name because of the whole, you know, sadist thing she's got going on."

"Yes, that goddesses' name is Himejima Akeno. One of the Two Great Ladies of Kuoh Academy. Beautiful, elegant, and gentle. She is a perfect Japanese beauty," Motohama explained passionately. He then turned to Naruto with an anger he never used before when talking to Naruto. Apparently his love of Akeno surpasses his worship of Naruto. "To have that gentle and demure beauty be called a sadist is the ultimate insult. It insults the entire Yamato Nadeshiko ideology."

"She is though. I know a sadist when I see one, and she is a serious sadist," Naruto asserted stubbornly.

Matsuda and Motohama looked about to physically attack Naruto, but Issei acted first by declaring with a perverted face, "I don't care either way. Those OPPAI! Such beautiful oppai. I don't care if she is a sadist or not. I would face death itself if those magnificent oppai were the reward."

Matsuda and Motohama looked thoughtful for a few moments before gaining equally perverted faces. Matsuda quickly said, "That's true. Akeno-senpai is totally worth any cost. It would be like Icha Icha Slave. Plus, the idea of Akeno-senpai in a leather S&M outfit…*shiver*…Ama~zing!"

Naruto just looked at the trio in disgust. True, the trio had raved about Icha Icha Slave, so they were into that sort of thing, but Naruto could tell they could get off on anything if it meant a beautiful girl. He could stand perverts, but that sort of think was just ridiculous to him. People have standards and preferences. It's just a matter of pride. These three just lacked any whatsoever.

Naruto looked up into the sky and flipped the bird at it. This was just cruel, sticking Naruto with these three. If this was payback for creating the sexy jutsu, then he'd long since paid his due with Jiraiya. Now it was just someone up there laughing their ass off.

"Hyoudou Issei?" a voice interrupted.

Naruto looked towards the person. His eyebrows immediately rose up when he recognized the person. It was a girl their age. Her black hair was in a bob-cut, and her eyes were a violet color. She also had a pair of red glasses on. She was a bit on the short side, with a rather petite figure. He recognized her. Souna Shitori, the student council president. She was the one responsible with issuing him punishments for his many pranks.

Issei looked baffled that she had asked for him. Bewildered, he looked around before pointing to himself questioningly. She nodded before saying, "Yes, I mean you, Hyoudou-san. I need to talk to you."

Issei's mouth opened and closed several times in confusion, forcing Naruto to act. Moving forward, he lightly shoved Issei forward. He then grabbed the back of Matsuda and Motohama's shirts and started pulling the two struggling boys away while telling Souna, "Sure you can. Not like he has anything better to do."

Souna's eyes turned sharp when she acknowledged Naruto. He chuckled awkwardly. She had never forgiven him for when he pranked the student council. Okay, it might have been a slightly inappropriate prank, maybe a bit of a perverted one, but it was to be expected. She was the one to punish him for his pranks most of the time, it was only natural that the student council would get the worst prank. Knowing he was unwanted, he started walking away. Matsuda and Motohama being pulled along.

"What the hell? Why is THE Souna Shitori talking to Issei? Unfair!" Matsuda declared while struggling against Naruto.

"Just shut up. Issei was clearly just as shocked as you two. Now be good friends and be happy that a girl is willingly talking to him," Naruto ordered with a sigh.

"This is messed up. Souna-kaichou is one of the most popular girls in school. Why is she talking to Issei? Don't tell me. A confession?!" Motohama asked in disbelief.

Naruto rolled his eyes and just continued walking away. He doubted it was a confession. Not only was Issei not the type for girls to like, but Souna wasn't the type to do something like that. Her eyes had also been cold, calculating. Naruto hadn't sensed an malicious intent towards Issei either. So she wasn't punishing him for anything. In conclusion, she probably has some business with Issei. More boring than a confession, but anything that gives Issei more experience with woman is a good thing in Naruto's mind. He'll just have to ask Issei tomorrow about it.


Next Morning

"You're joining the student council?" Naruto asked, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. He had not been expecting that.

He had arrived this morning to see Matsuda and Motohama trying to interrogate. Issei seemed to have been holding it in though…barely. As soon as he saw Naruto, he burst out that Souna had asked him to join the student council.

Issei nodded eagerly before elaborating, "Yes, although Souna-senpai says I'll have to be an ordinary assistant because people won't elect me to a more important position."

"Why though?" Motohama demanded immediately. He then continued, "There is literally no reason she would ask you to join the student council. I have better grades."

This time Naruto detected clear signs of Issei holding something in. Issei wasn't that good of a liar. So there were many tells when Issei looked away and answered hesitantly, "Souna-senpai says I have a lot more potential than it appears. She says that that joining the student council will teach me discipline, and she can help me study."

The other two clearly bought it. Matsuda crossed his arms as he declared stiffly, "Don't see why you accepted then. Sounds like a drag. It will cut into your peeping time."

"Oh, there are certainly benefits," Issei claimed slyly. Looking around like he was trying to be subtle, he then leaned forward and continued, "Let's just say this brings me one step closer to my harem."

While Matsuda and Motohama recoiled in shock, Naruto just raised an eyebrow before questioning, "Does this have to do with the fact that the entire student council is female?"

Issei laughed uncomfortably while shifting before claiming, "Yeah, that's it. Being around all those girls all the time is a good step, right?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly when he detected that as another lie. Issei is hiding something, which is weird. Usually he blurts everything out, even stuff Naruto wishes he kept to himself. For him to be hiding something indicates it is important.

And why is Issei shying away from the sun? He keeps raising his arm to try and block the rising sun's rays from getting in his eyes. He also seems tired.

Deciding to put away those thoughts, Naruto just put a hand on Issei's head. He then ruffled his hair before commenting, "Don't really know what's going on, but you seem happy about it. That's good enough for me. Good luck with the student council."

Issei grinned happily at Naruto's approval and acceptance. Not surprising since he did honestly idolize Naruto to a rather disturbing degree.

Any further attempts by Matsuda and Motohama to interrogate Issei were cut off by the teacher coming in to start class.


"Buchou, are you in here?" Akeno called out as she slowly opened the door to the clubroom. She quickly got her answer when she saw Rias at her desk. The young devil was in her chair, her face planted on her desk. An aura of gloom and depression surrounding her.

Akeno blinked in surprise at the sight. Rias had been fine that morning. She'd gone to talk when her friend/rival Sona requested she come to the student council room. Akeno had only come here when she heard Rias hadn't shown up for her classes. Rias and her lived in the old school building, so they never really missed school. What had happened during her talk with Sona that had left Rias so…miserable?

Moving forward, Akeno touched Rias' shoulder before asking gently, "Rias. What happened?" Her use of her name instead of her title showed how concerned Akeno was. Rias eventually said something, but it was nonsensical because her face was still pressed against her desk. Akeno sweat dropped before asking, "Can you repeat that?"

Rias slowly lifted her head to show a despairing face. She then informed her queen, "Sona made Issei part of her peerage last night."

"What?" Akeno asked in shock and dismay.

"You heard me," Rias grumbled before putting her face back against the desk.

Akeno moved to a chair and collapsed into it as she absorbed the news. She then questioned in a tense voice, "What happened? I thought Sona was stepping aside on Issei since you let her pick up three of the more magically talented students without issue."

Rias lifted her head just enough to explain clearly, "She says she did. She says that she has stayed to the sideline for months, but that time ran out. That she gave me plenty of time to make him part of my peerage, but didn't make use of the opportunity. That if I wasn't going to act, she wasn't going to restrain herself."

Akeno wanted to argue, but couldn't. What Sona was saying was true. They identified Issei as a Sacred Gear holder at the end of the last year. They had immediately gone to Sona to claim him, cashing in the favors she owed them to prevent any arguments, but they haven't acted since. They had the entire summer and several more months since to induct him into Rias' peerage, but they hadn't. They had sat by on Rias' orders. To Sona, it must have appeared they had chosen to ignore Issei entirely. Since she had given Rias the chance to claim him, there was no issue in her claiming him now. From a logical standpoint, Sona had every right to claim Issei. So she did.

"This is horrible!" Akeno finally exclaimed.

"I know."

"Riser is sure to come calling soon!"

"I know."

"We have no chance to beat him in a rating game in our current condition!"


That stopped Akeno. She immediately stopped talking. She had just been repeating what Rias no doubt knew, and Rias was probably even more terrified by the implications than she was.

Seeing Akeno calm down, Rias put her face back against her desk with a groan of despair. No matter how she thought about it, things did not look good. No, they looked downright terrible.

The reason is because one Riser Phenex, her fiancée. Not by choice though. The two had been engaged since before she had even been born. Put simply, Rias didn't want to marry him…at all. The marriage had a lot of political implications though. With so few pure-blooded devils remaining, it was viewed as a way to ensure the next generation of pure-blooded devils. It would also cement an alliance between the Gremory Clan and Phenex Family, two of the remaining 34 pillar families. So the marriage was pretty much set in stone.

Almost, but not quite. Devils value power greatly. If Rias can prove her power and leadership abilities before the marriage, she could end it. She had few real options to do just that though, considering her age and current power level. The only real option was to beat Riser in an unofficial Rating Match. Rating Matches are a sign of a devils personal power, and the power of their peerage. Defeating Riser would prove Rias was the more powerful devil, thus her opinion would trump Riser's in the mind of the devil community. It was the best option.

The prospects of that occurring were at an all time low though. Riser was older and more experienced than her. He had an entire peerage, fifteen members. She had four total, one of which is useless currently. Including the kings, it was sixteen to four. Numbers don't decide a match, but they sure do help. And the numbers are currently against her. She doesn't even want to acknowledge that Riser is immortal at this point.

No matter how she thinks about it, her chance of winning the match is 0%. No strategy she can come up with, no training they can do, no forbidden spell she could learn, nothing can alter that 0%. She needs more peerage members to simply have the smallest chance of success.

She was also running out of time. Riser was not known for his patience. Since she's had her Evil Piece set for over two years now, it was only a matter of time. Riser was going to run out of patience. He'd then pressure his father, who would pressure her father, who would then pressure her to have the marriage occur. Her brother had recently warned her Riser was tired of waiting. He was starting to complain to his father. She had maybe six months before she ran out of time, but more likely just two or three months. That was an incredibly small window to work with.

She had thought Issei was the opportunity she was looking for. His sacred gear was so powerful that it could only be a Longinus, one of the thirteen most powerful sacred gears in the world. A weapon that can kill a god. The idea of such a person going to her school had practically been fate in Rias' mind. Not that Issei's assistance alone would have been enough to guarantee a victory over Riser. Longinus may be powerful, but they don't start out that way. Their wielders needs unlock such power. They need time, experience, training. It had still been enough to give Rias hope that she could beat Riser though. If Issei could gain even basic control over his Longinus, her chance of defeating Riser rose to 5%. 5% is abysmally low still, but Rias would take it over 0%.

And even that small chance had now sunk through her grasp. Sona had stolen even that chance from her. Rias wanted to scream, rant, beat Sona to a pulp with her hands. She couldn't though. Sona had done nothing wrong. She was simply a scapegoat for Rias to blame for her own failure. She finally grumbled out, "Being patient and waiting seems to have come to bite me in the ass."

Akeno somehow managed to hear, and couldn't help but ask, "Why did we wait? I mean, we've known about Issei for half a year. Why did you order us to wait?"

Rias looked nervous and embarrassed. She hesitantly explained, "I figured the fallen angels in the town would eventually identify Issei as a Longinus holder as well. They would no doubt try to eliminate him. I figured I could resurrect him then."

Akeno's eyebrows raised before she replied in a sly, but slightly disbelieving, voice, "Ara Ara. Was Buchou being manipulative? Planning to use someone's death as a way to ensure their loyalty?"

Rias' head shot up and she quickly retorted, "No. That isn't what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?" Akeno immediately asked, confused by her king's unusually flustered behavior. She was also slightly glad Rias hadn't been trying to manipulate Issei. Rias had secured her entire current peerage by saving their lives, herself included. If she showed she was willing to let prospective peerage candidates walk to their deaths in order to gain their loyalty, it would cast a ray of suspicion on how she gained any of them.

Rias once again showed clear hesitation in answering. After a few seconds of stammering, she looked away as she whispered while blushing heavily, "It would have been awkward."

Akeno blinked, having caught her words. She just didn't understand them. She quickly asked, "What do you mean?"

Rias very clearly gathered up her courage before clarifying while blushing more than Akeno had ever seen, "It would have been awkward to explain to Issei about everything. All of you already knew about the supernatural before joining my peerage. I didn't really know how to explain to someone completely ignorant. So I figured the shock of finding out about fallen angels and being reincarnated would make it easier."

Akeno just gaped. After nearly a minute just sitting there in disbelief, she managed to say softly, "So the reason we waited for six months, the reason we lost a Longinus user…is because you thought it would be awkward to explain the supernatural to him."



"I know."

"Like seriously. You are an idiot."

"I know."

"Like the most idiotic thing you have ever done."

"I know!"

"You might have just made the biggest, and most idiotic, mistake of your entire life!"

"I know, okay!" Rias screamed, tears now gathering in her eyes. She then spun to look out the window, turning her back to Akeno.

That quickly stopped any anger Akeno might have been feeling. Anything she was feeling, Rias was probably feeling twice as bad. This mistake might very well force Rias to marry Riser, who is well known for treating his peerage like a harem. Akeno would have to follow Rias in such a case, but Riser would have no right to touch her. Rias was not so lucky. She'd be his wife.

Akeno couldn't help herself from sighing though. The pure imbecilic quality of Rias' reason to not approach Issei earlier was just too much. Rias was outgoing, had no shame, was friendly, and charming. To find she had been nervous about explaining the supernatural to Issei was something Akeno hadn't ever even considered. Thinking on it, she can see a bit why. Rias, and the entire Gremory family, consider their peerage to be their family. Trying to make the process of introducing a new member as smooth as possible was likely something she hadn't even needed to think about. It was automatic. The possibility of Issei rejecting her or entering denial, which is always possible when telling normal humans about the supernatural, had likely been a nightmare scenario for her. So she instead was willing to wait months in order to optimize the chance of such a thing not happening. Still didn't make it any less stupid though.

Approaching Rias' back, Akeno laid a comforting hand on her shoulder before saying, "It's okay, Rias. I won't lie and say what you did wasn't stupid, but everyone is stupid once in a while. No need to beat yourself up over it."

"I may have just lost my only chance to marry a person I love because I was shy. That's a good reason to beat myself up about," Rias' whispered, no doubt holding back tears. Akeno really didn't know how to respond to that, so she just hugged Rias softly. The best she could do was try and show Rias she was there for her, no matter how bad things look. After a few moments of this, Rias asked, "What should I do, Akeno?"

Akeno blinked in shock before asking, "You're asking me?"

"I don't see why not. I've done a pretty good job of botching things up. I'm a complete failure as a king. If you asked me two years ago, I would have declared confidently that most of my peerage would have been filled by this point. That they'd all be well trained and powerful Ready to defeat Riser. Instead I have…this," Rias stated in a bitter voice. She then gave a weak laugh, cracking halfway through due to her emotion. Akeno decided to ignore the possible insult. She knew Rias didn't mean it like that. Rias considered all of them her family, and loved them. It was the idea that she only had four peerage members, one that had to be sealed away for his own safety. Considering she had been preparing and planning for two years to eventually face Riser, her efforts have not borne much fruit. After a few seconds of weak sobs, Rias recovered enough to finish, "Seems like anyone can do better than me right now, and you are way better than a random person. So I don't see why not."

Akeno nodded gravely. Rias had always been certain in her abilities, but this seems to have created a crack in her usual confidence. A crack that had likely been forming for months as the deadline with Riser approached. This incident was the last straw. So now she's looking around her for help, which is actually good. She's not giving up or trying to stand by herself. When weak, its better to lean a bit on your friends. That's what they are for, after all.

So Akeno lead the now outright crying Rias back to her chair. She then pulled out a tissue and gently dabbed at her eyes. Thankfully Rias didn't wear mascara or makeup, so she didn't need to worry about that sort of mess. Once Rias' tears stopped flowing, Akeno stood and started to make two cups of tea. She then gave one to the hiccupping and shaking Rias before sitting opposite her with her own cup. She then waited till Rias took a few sips. The tea did its job in calming Rias down slightly.

Placing her own tea down, Akeno started seriously, "If I am going to give you advice then I am going to be completely honest, Rias…Right now, Sona has proven herself a far superior king than you."

That made Rias flinch. Sure, she had been expecting something like that. Even asked for it. Still didn't make it any easier to hear. Sona was her rival, despite also being her friend. To hear that she had lost to her rival so bluntly was not a good feeling.

Akeno continued on though, explaining, "It isn't do to your personal power or ability or anything. It's simply a matter of the method in which you both gathered your peerage. To be blunt Rias, you did almost nothing. Myself, Koneko, Yuuto, and Gasper. We all fell right into your lap by coincidence, and you simply took advantage. That seems to have colored your expectations though. You have been waiting for it to happen again. For a sacred gear holder, youkai, devil, or whatever to fall into your lap. Even Issei. You knew about him, but it wasn't enough for him to go to our school. You wanted some perfect event. For him to be killed by the fallen angels, and you come to the rescue. You have been waiting for some big opportunity to fall into your lap."

"Now let's think about how Sona went about gathering a peerage. She didn't wait. She carefully evaluated the students in this school who had magical potential. She then recruited the one's with the most, resolving to train them up over time. She didn't wait for already competent candidates to appear. She calculated who could eventually become a competent peerage member, and then set about making them achieve that potential. While you waited for opportunities to appear, she actively worked to create her own opportunities. Thinking about it, her choice to recruit Issei was not only logical, but expected. To her, your choice to wait for a better opportunity to recruit him must have been infuriating. In her mind, if you weren't going to take advantage of this opportunity, she might as well. That she waited six months is actually the unexpected part. I would have guessed she'd have only given you half that time."

"So the answer to your earlier question about what you should do. You need to change your method, Rias. You can't wait for some hero or savior to appear. You have to work at improving your peerage. Put in a true effort," Akeno declared bluntly. She then elaborated, "We'll use our familiars to scout out any possible talent. Anyone that has above average magical potential. Three of our familiars in the school, and one searching the city for any sacred gear users or supernatural creatures. We review them all, and make a decision. We then recruit them. No delay."

Rias nodded, but still argued, "We don't have long before our match with Riser. We don't have time to properly train someone from scratch. We should focus on finding sacred gear users or those already with a proficient fighting level that are in the city."

"Didn't you listen to anything I just said, Rias," Akeno chastised with a frown. She then explained, "There aren't any of those. Or so few the chances of us finding them are low. Do you know why we were sent to this school, besides to fit in? It's because this is the place most likely to have sacred gear holders in this entire city. They don't last long, Rias. They are either killed, or recruited by someone. Don't expect to find some random, middle-aged shop keeper with a sacred gear. Stop expecting someone like that to appear. We have no choice but to look for less appealing options."

Rias lowered her head slightly at the brutal summarization. She still managed to comment, "I just don't think we have enough time to train a regular person to the point they'd be useful."

"Then I'll whip them into shape if I have to," Akeno claimed with a scary look on her face, for once not thinking of receiving pleasure at such an action. She then added, "We don't need them truly powerful. Not to the level of Yuuto or Koneko. As long as they are semi-competent, they'll fill up our numbers. The less Riser's peerage outnumber us, the better our chances. Our current members will just have to fill the gap in skill and experience."

Rias still wasn't sure, but finally gave her assent. Even if the chance of such a plan succeeding were low, it might be her only chance.


A Week Later

Rias stood looking out the window as she commented, "I guess it was only as matter of time. Naruto-san has been going around pranking clubs since he arrived. He's already passed over us several times, since he probably didn't even know this club exists. He'd eventually find out and hit us, and he seems to have targeted us as individuals instead of a group since there are so few of us. It is a weird coincidence though considering what we were going to talk about today."

Rias then turned to look at the two others in the room with her, Yuuto and Akeno. Naruto had somehow managed to dye Rias' uniform a vibrant red, which raised all sorts of questions. The only chance he had was when she took a shower, and she had placed the uniform within her sight. How the hell did he take it, and dye it all before she even saw him. She didn't even care that he no doubt saw her while she was showering. He'd also managed to write in big, bold letters across the front, where her breasts were, 'Red Hot Mama.' She didn't mind that much, since all of Naruto's prank dyes and paints dissolved once washed. So they only lasted a day. Her biggest complaint was that her entirely red clothing along with her red hair created a bit too much red, and her rampant curiosity over how he did it.

"I don't really mind either. He's done every other club at least twice by now…I did almost get mauled though," Yuuto claimed while laughing awkwardly. Naruto had somehow managed to place a crown and a cape on him, both of which he couldn't remove for some reason. Then on his shirt were the words, 'Kiss The Prince.' Needless to say, his face was decorated with lipstick marks from all the girls who were all too happy to oblige.

"I had fun," Akeno announced with a small smile on her face. Naruto had somehow managed to make her grab two things that she similarly couldn't stop holding. One was a whip. The other was the handle of leash, with a dog on the other end. Where Naruto got the dog was a mystery. On her shirt was a larger message than Rias or Yuuto. It said, 'Anyone want to switch places with the dog? I'm looking for a new pet/slave.'

Rias just sweat dropped at the message, and Akeno's apparent enjoyment of the prank. She quickly asked, "Aren't you upset about Naruto, you know…ruining your image by insisting you are a sadist?"

"I might have been, since I've made such an effort to hide my sadism to not make us stand out too much, but this was entertaining. And illuminating. Look at this," Akeno informed them as she managed to use a loose pinkie to hold up a paper.

Rias frowned and grabbed it. The frown only grew as she skimmed it. She then commented in confusion, "I don't get it. What is this? It's just a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers."

Akeno chuckled before revealing, "That is a list of people willing to become my pet or slave. All it took was walking around like this for three hours, and I got a total of 64 males and 17 females." She then grew thoughtful before asking, "Think I should walk around town like this? Just to see how many are willing. I admit to being curious. Maybe I can break a thousand in a week."

Rias and Yuuto both sweat dropped. Rias quickly answered, "No!…Just...No. That is not…recommended."

"Aww," Akeno groaned with a pout.

Rias just shook her head before looking at the door to the bedroom her and Akeno usually sleep. She then asked, "Why is Koneko hiding in there?"

Yuuto smiled uneasily before telling her, "I'm guessing it has to do with the prank. I head she ended up skipping school after being pranked, but I did hear rumors of what Uzumaki-san did."

Curious, Rias called out, "Koneko. You need to come out now."


Rias blinked in surprise. Koneko was usually one of the more well behaved of her servants. She then frowned before ordering, "Koneko. Come out now."

"Don't wanna!"

Now Rias developed a tick mark. She quickly barked out, "Koneko Toujou! As your king, I order you to leave that room this instant."

There was a pause, but the door eventually slowly opened. Koneko then walked out like she was heading to her death. A small blush was on her cheeks, and a near imperceptible pout was on her face.

Once the three saw her, they all couldn't help but burst out laughing. As expected, Koneko had two kitten ears on her head and a tail coming from her tailbone. The colors even matched her hair. That wasn't the part that made them crack up though. It was the words on her shirt. 'Pet The Pussy.'

Koneko pouted even more when they started laughing. Her eyes grew sharp as she muttered, "I don't like this Uzumaki. I suggest we get revenge. Plant magical traps in his home."

Yuuto quickly interrupted between his remaining chuckles, "Not recommended. The baseball club once tried that after he painted all their baseball to look like old, wrinkly testicles. Not only could they not get in, but he then got revenge. He put laxatives in their water right before a game…They couldn't leave the field…That was truly the messiest game in the history of baseball."

Akeno chuckled at the story before moving to look out the window. She then told them, "Plus, it looks like the other students are trying to get revenge for us."

The group moved over to see Naruto running from a group ten times larger than usual. Apparently pranking The Two Great Ladies of Kuoh Academy, the school prince, and the person who many consider to be the school mascot was too much for many of the students. He was still cackling like a maniac though, so it was doubtful they'd catch him. The fact that he could successfully evade several hundred students chasing him at once is rather impressive though.

Rias just sighed before announcing, "Okay, that's enough of that. We need to focus on what the topic of today's meeting is suppose to be about."

The group grew serious and all moved their usual spots. Koneko on the couch, Yuuto beside her, Rias in her chair, and Akeno just behind Rias.

Rias leaned forward and picked up a small pile of folders that were on her desk. She then told them, "You no doubt realize all this, but I'll reiterate. Hyoudou Issei became a part of Sona's peerage roughly a week ago. So we have switched to a different method of gaining allies that Akeno recommended to me. Our familiars have been busy scouting out the potential in our school, with one focusing on the rest of the city. The results were…discouraging."

She indicated the filed before continuing, "In our school we have four individuals who appear to have a potential high enough to even consider. In the city, we found none. Of the four, only one has a good chance of being sufficiently powerful in time for the Rating Match against Riser."

"Uzumaki Naruto. Opinions?"

The group was slightly surprised by her asking for their opinions, but quickly adjusted. They each took one of the folders to read it. Yuuto was the first to speak by commenting, "His magic reserves seem to be growing rapidly. While still nothing to be overly impressed by, they are 45% higher than our estimates were when we first noticed him a month ago. High rate of growth. His physical stats are very impressive. His stealth and trapping skills are exemplary based on his pranks. Also indicates he probably knows a form of magic. His personality is also agreeable, despite his fondness for pranks. Nothing we can't deal with. I say we go for it."

Koneko soon added simply, "Don't like his pranks, but little choice. Yes."

Akeno thought for several moments before declaring with a firm nod, "We need help. Naruto seems the best choice at this point. My answer is obvious."

Rias just sighed before stating, "Then it is unanimous. Yuuto, bring him here after school tomorrow. We'll talk to him then."


Next day

"You do know this random demand for me to accompany you to your club room is rather suspect since I pranked you guys yesterday, right?"

Yuuto just sweat dropped at Naruto's comment. The renown prankster of Kuoh sure did not make it easy. In fact, he seems to have gone out of his way to make it difficult for him. Apparently Naruto was the kind of person that if someone told him to go right, he would go left just to spite them. Basically, he really didn't like being told what to do. Yuuto demanding, if in a very polite way, Naruto to follow him counted as such. Yuuto had to deal with Naruto randomly disappearing on him, talking about inane things, and voicing his reluctance to go visit the Occult Research Club. Naruto even subtle managed to guide Yuuto into the girls locker room. That had not been pretty for Yuuto, and had left Yuuto baffled on how the bloody hell Naruto had managed it.

What would ordinarily have been a five minute walk had turned into a forty minute struggle. Yuuto had not come out of it unscathed. His clothes were torn, his face was once again covered in lipstick prints, his hair was frazzled, and his eyes were fixed on Naruto with a manic intensity. He was not going to allow Naruto to disappear on him again. Overall Yuuto was a step away from cracking. Forty minutes dealing with an annoyed Naruto had left his sanity frayed.

Sighing, Yuuto told him in his best reassuring tone, "Don't worry. We don't care about your pranks…Okay, maybe Koneko does, but only her."

Naruto didn't seem very reassured. He just raised an eyebrow at the shorter blonde before informing him, "Okay, but I'll still warn you. I have a dozen extra strength stink pellets on me, and I will not hesitate to break your window by jumping out of it if the situation turns ugly. I am also not responsible for any rubber chicken induced trauma."

"Okay. I understand," Yuuto claimed with another sweat drop. Naruto may be a nice guy most of the time, but damn if he isn't incredibly weird when he wants to be. How can a rubber chicken be used to traumatize someone? Never mind. He really doesn't want to know.

Naruto stepped in without hesitation when Yuuto opened the door. He may have made it troublesome for him, but Naruto at least had to respect how determined Yuuto was to bring him here. Must mean something serious. Probably revenge for his prank, despite Yuuto's reassurances. Naruto wasn't worried though. He had three rubber chickens on him right now, and he knew how to use them.

Naruto quickly scanned the room. The Occult Research club's room was pretty large, decorated in a style Naruto had briefly been told about. Victory or Victoria style or something. He can't remember. It was a wood paneled room a bit different than the traditional Japanese work Naruto is more used to. The room was also lighted by candles instead of electric lights, giving the room a darker or more mysterious feel to it. The main seating arrangements revolved around two couches on either side of a decent sized table. There was also an official looking desk beyond that, just before the far wall. There was a set of doors to another room. In the far corner was what looked to be a…shower? Okay. Kind of weird, but Naruto isn't a person that can criticize other people for being weird.

Naruto's eyes were quickly drawn to the person sitting on one of the couches. A petite build and silver hair, Naruto easily recognized her. It also helped that he pranked her yesterday. A 'loli' type that many consider to be a mascot of the school. Koneko Youjou. Petite, with interesting silver hair and yellowish-hazel eyes that always made Naruto picture a kitten.

Something she clearly remembered by the way she was glaring at him. Naruto was able to shrug off her weak killing intent. He then leaned closer to Yuuto with a gleeful grin before whispering loud enough for Koneko to hear, "That pussy definitely needs a good rub. So stressed and irritable. Nothing a good long petting session won't relieve though." Koneko's eye started twitching as her killing intent doubled in intensity. Yuuto tried to hide his laugh behind a cough, but failed rather dismally. Naruto pressed on by saying, "Maybe I should do it myself. Animals love my magical hands, and I give great massages. It could be an…orgasmic experience." Yuuto slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter while Koneko was now blushing while giving him a look that showed she dearly wished he would spontaneously combust.

"Ara ara, what is going on here? All I heard was 'orgasmic experience.' Seems you three got really friendly in such a short time," a voice spoke up before Naruto could continue antagonizing Koneko. The three turned to see Akeno walk through one of the doors. She looked at Naruto before giving a polite smile and saying as she approached, "Good to meet you, Uzumaki-san. I am Himejima Akeno. Vice president of this-"

Akeno stopped talking when Naruto suddenly took a step backwards. Eyebrows scrunched in confusion, Akeno took another step forward. Naruto reacted by taking another step back. Tilting her head in wonder, Akeno took two steps forward. Naruto retreated two steps.

"Ufufu, how interesting," Akeno commented, her smile widening in glee. She suddenly started walking towards Naruto.

Naruto reacted going backwards, matching her steps perfectly. Akeno's smile widened even more as she sped up to a fast walk. Naruto once again matched her movements. She quickly started doing her best to approach Naruto, only restricting herself by not breaking into a run. Naruto quickly started having trouble. The room was decently sized, but not enough to really maneuver. More than a few times he had to make a quick dash to escape a corner. Akeno quickly started closing the gap though by strategically moving to box him in. Every step she gained towards him caused him to pale and start sweating more.

He was saved by someone commenting, "As…entertaining as watching this little game is, I think it needs to end."

Naruto took a breath of relief when Akeno stopped to reply, "Aww, Buchou. We were just having a bit of fun. Wouldn't you agree, Uzumaki-kun?"

Naruto immediately dashed to move behind Rias, using her as a barrier between him and Akeno. He then growled out, "I don't know why I'm here, but my first demand to staying here is that the sadist stays a minimum of five feet from me."

"Aww, but I was so looking forward to engaging in skinship with you, Uzumaki-kun. You know, deepen out relationship," Akeno replied, thoroughly enjoying Naruto's apparent fear of her.

"Hell no. I have a feeling engaging in skinship with you would result in me losing some skin," Naruto retorted seriously.

"Can you not use me as a shield, Naruto-san?" Rias requested while sweat dropping. This was no doubt one of the weirdest situations she's ever been in. Literally in the middle of it, but completely disregarded. Her pride was actually rather stung by it. She was being overlooked completely.

Naruto blinked in surprise, having forgotten just who he was using as a shield, but he still managed to reply with, "As long as the sadist complies with my demand."

Akeno really didn't want to, but Rias sent her a scathing look immediately. So she just let out a disappointed sigh and announced, "Understood. I shall not get within five feet of you, Uzumaki-san…For now at least."

That was enough for Naruto to let go of Rias. The young devil straightened her clothes as she tried to regain her composure. That was not how she expected this meeting to start. Once she was suitably collected, she turned to Naruto and said, "Thank you for coming, Uzumaki-san."

"If this is about revenge for the prank, I warn you. I am armed with three rubber chickens," Naruto immediately declared.

Rias blinked before asking the only thing she could think of. "What?"

"Nothing, just messing with you guys. It's really fun to watch people gape when you say something totally random and nonsensical," Naruto stated with a wide grin as he put his hands behind his head.

"O~kay," Rias replied, once again losing her composure due to Naruto's pure randomness. This time when she recovered, she felt some genuine annoyance. She's stressed enough without her potential peerage member doing his best to fuck with them. So she requested in a clearly strained voice, "Can you please be serious, Naruto-san? I have something very serious to talk to you about."

Naruto tilted his head in response, his eyes raking over her form with an intensity that honestly made her feel a bit uncomfortable. It wasn't even perverted or anything. She was well used to perverts looking at her. She didn't even really care. Something about Naruto's gaze though was…powerful. There was power in it. Authority. Experience. It made her feel like she had suddenly lost control. No, she never had control here. Even if Naruto was in her club room. It was a disconcerting revelation. The thought of her desperate situation was enough for her to not completely back down though. She couldn't give up here without a fight. Her freedom was on the line.

Taking note of Rias' sudden change in demeanor, Naruto also observed that she still didn't back down. It impressed him slightly. He was sending spiritual pressure at her, so her ability to not fold under it spoke highly of her mettle. Chakra is partly composed of spiritual energy, so it can be used to convey emotions or urges. Killing intent is the most common use, quite literally just using chakra to communicate a person's desire/ability to kill another. Applying spiritual pressure is a more advanced technique, one Naruto preferred to use. Naruto didn't have any true killing intent in him, so he used a different method for intimidation. Spiritual pressure is, put simply, using chakra to try enforce your will upon another. This allows a near instantaneous battle of wills to determine relationship, who is in control, who has greater authority, who is dominant, etc. A victim can resist if they have the necessary force of will and character. That was rarely a problem for Naruto though. Naruto firm and unwavering will was one of his hallmarks. He was also a natural at exerting spiritual pressure. Jiraiya had claimed that Naruto amazing track record at convincing his enemies is partly due to his spiritual pressure. Naruto apparently subconsciously used spiritual pressure when his emotions ran high. So he uses spiritual pressure to dominate his opponents mentally while simultaneously imposing his dominance physically. It was a two pronged attack that allowed Naruto alter the mindsets of plenty of his enemies. He could still use it despite his weakened state. For Rias to be able to partly resist it is impressive, even if Naruto was holding back a good deal.

Letting up on the spiritual pressure, Naruto decided to listen to her. This must be serious. Guess he'll have to let up on the messing around. He was only doing that because of his own anxiety anyway.

Naruto was far from an accomplished sensor, but even he could tell that this group was far more powerful than most of the humans in this world. He couldn't get an exact estimate of their power levels, but he didn't really need to. He had been dragged to an out of the way building, where he was now surrounded by four people of unknown strength and intent. Now Naruto wouldn't consider himself paranoid like many ninjas, but even he was feeling a bit nervous right now. He was sure he could escape if they proved to have insidious intentions, but he might have to out himself as not being a 'normal' person in the process. He hoped to avoid that. His apprehension had caused him to act out to try and gain more control of the situation. His over the top antics and randomness interrupted their flow, and he used spiritual pressure to gain a psychological edge over Rias, the apparent leader. That allowed him to gain a better measure of her as well.

He was still far from comfortable, but he was more comfortable than when he entered. He still didn't detect any malicious intent, so he doubted they were going to attack him. Naruto was also confident in his ability to avoid being pranked as revenge.

So Naruto grew serious as he nodded at Rias. She seemed happy at the shift, and motioned for him to sit on one of the couches. Naruto decided to do the smart thing for once and not antagonize Koneko by sitting next to her. Akeno then took the spot next to Koneko, since she couldn't sit by Naruto due to his earlier demand. Kiba then took the spot next to Naruto. Rias moved in front of her desk, sitting on the top instead of sitting in her chair. Likely to be closer to the group.

Crossing her arms, Rias smiled at Naruto as she began speaking in a pleasant voice, "Welcome to the Occult Research Club, Naruto-san. Thank you for coming."

Naruto raised an eyebrow before replying coolly, "No offense, but I wasn't exactly eager. Kiba-san worked so hard though, I felt I had to at least listen to what you wanted. He did almost get raped on the way over here after all."

The group sweat dropped at his words, while Yuuto shivered as he remembered when Naruto managed to guide him into the girl's locker room. Yeah, he did almost get raped. He finally commented in a strained tone, "It is…fine, Uzumaki-san. I was careless."

"Yes, regardless. I thank you for coming. As I said before, I have something very important to talk about. Something…life changing," Rias explained carefully, having gone over what to say with Akeno before this. Naruto didn't say anything, just curiously waiting for her to continue. Taking a deep breath, Rias continued, "The Occult Research Club is a mere façade. Nothing more than a hobby. A cover. I'll be frank, Naruto-san…Everyone in this club is a devil." Her declaration was punctuated by everyone present, besides Naruto of course, unfurling black wings that resembled bat wings.

Naruto managed to keep his cool. The only sign of his surprise was a brief widening of his eyes and a tensing of his muscles. That was all that Rias needed to conclude, "You already know about the supernatural world. We suspected as much. How much do you know?"

"Let's just assume that I only know that the supernatural exists. What is the point in you admitting all this to me?" Naruto replied carefully, ready to act if they attack. He still can't detect any malicious intent, but he doesn't see why they are telling him this. There must be a motive.

"I…see. I expected more, but this changes nothing. As for my motive, you must first understand what are referred to as the Three Factions," Rias stated with a small frown on her face at his apparent ignorance. It was quickly removed before she clarified for him, "The Three Factions are the Devils, Fallen Angels, and Angels. They are also sometimes referred to as the Bible Factions. Long ago there was the Great War. Devils reside in the Underworld, referred to by humans as 'hell.' Fallen Angels are angels that have been cast down to the Underworld due to their wicked nature, with their wings turning black as a sign and punishment. There they did their best to destroy us devils to gain dominance of the Underworld, a battle that has been raging since medieval times. Then there are normal angels, the servants of the Biblical God. On the Biblical God's orders, they do their best to eliminate both devils and fallen angels. This has created a three way standoff. The Great War consists of the time period of the heaviest fighting. It ended in a stalemate. Although still in conflict, all three sides had suffered such heavy casualties that none of the three sides could continue the fight or they would be destroyed. This has resulted in a temporary state of…peace. While there is no true peace between the Three Factions, there has been no outright battles so I guess it counts."

Rias then pulled out a chess set, to Naruto's confusion. He quickly noted that there was only one side, with the pieces glowing red. The set was also missing a bishop, knight, rook, queen, and king.

Rias quickly continued, "The massive losses we devils suffered meant that we could not repopulate our numbers without mass breeding. Thus, the Evil Piece System was created. This system allows a high-class devils to reincarnate members of other species as devils. That reincarnated devil is then considered part of that devil's 'peerage.' The Evil Pieces are based on chess. The high-class devil, myself in this case, represents the king. Everyone I choose to resurrect as a devil is represented by the piece used to resurrect them. The entire set consists of eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, and one queen. As you can see, I am missing a queen, knight, rook, and bishop. Akeno is my queen. Koneko is my rook. Yuuto is my knight. My bishop is currently incapacitated."

"So am I right to guess you wish to have me join your peerage?" Naruto questioned blankly, hiding his emotions.

Rias nodded before clarifying for him, "Yes, that is why I called you here. We have ascertained that you are a good candidate. You have above average magic reserves for a human, and your physical specs are high."

Naruto just stared at her blankly for a few seconds, before he shrugged and announced with a wide smile on his face, "Sure. I don't see why not."

Now it was Rias' turn to stare. She finally managed to stop gaping to demand in disbelief, "That's it?"

"Yep. That's it," Naruto claimed with a nonchalant shrug. Seeing everyone staring at him, he added, "Well truthfully I was just waiting for something like this to happen. The person who sent me to Kuoh said it was so that I could aid someone that is of paramount importance. She also said it would be clear who when the time comes. This seems pretty darn clear."

"You were went here? By who?" Rias questioned in interest, a bit befuddled by this new piece of information.

Naruto hesitated at that. Raising a hand to rub the back of his head in embarrassment, Naruto told her awkwardly, "Sorry, but I can't tell you that. She said to not reveal my connection to her until 'the link is formed.'" Seeing Rias did not look happy about that, Naruto waved his hands as he added, "Don't worry. It isn't anything that would be harmful to you. She just seems to value her privacy, and didn't want me to blab about it to just anyone."

Rias clearly still wasn't pleased as she asked, "But you will tell me after I reincarnate you?"

Thinking for a moment, Naruto nodded while saying, "Yes. I'm pretty sure that is what she meant by the link."

Apparently deciding that was the best she was getting, Rias decided to be content with that. She quickly grabbed three pieces from the chess board before explaining, "Alright, then the final step is to decide what piece you want to be. Usually it would be my decision as king, but I'll let you decide. I still don't really know anything about your abilities, so you'll probably be able to choose what suits your fighting style and abilities best. Your three options are to be a rook, knight, or bishop."

Tilting his head, Naruto quickly asked, "And what are the differences?"

"We'll go over all of them for the sake of simplicity. A pawn is the most basic unit. A pawn piece receives no special benefits besides the normal advantages of a devil. What a pawn does have is the special ability of 'promotion.' Like in real chess, if a pawn enters deep into enemy territory it can be promoted to any other piece besides the king. Next is the bishop. A bishop is worth three pawns. Bishops gain enhanced magic reserves, thus are typically meant to be magical specialists. Their main weakness is that usually a bishop doesn't have much close combat skill, and thus must stay at a range to be effective. The knight is also worth three pawns. Knights gain enhanced speed and agility, allowing them to perform high speed maneuvers and attacks. Their main weakness is their weak defense. Their offence isn't supplemented either, so most knights are weapon specialists to compensate. A rook is worth five pawns. Rooks gain enhanced offensive and defensive capabilities. Rooks usually act as 'tanks' in battle. Their main weakness is that they don't have any speed enhancements, so hitting faster opponents can be difficult. Then there is the queen. A queen is worth nine pawns. The queen is a combination of all three, bishops, knights, and rooks. This makes the queen the most balanced and powerful piece. Queens typically use spells, but there are those who prefer close quarter combat. Finally we come to the king. The king is the most important piece. It is the duty of the peerage to protect the king above all else. Kings don't receive any special bonuses besides the ability to form a peerage."

Naruto nodded as he absorbed the information. He quickly asked, "I know why king and queen are not an option for me, but why wasn't I given the option to be a pawn? While seemingly the weakest unit, their ability to promote to any piece seems to make the pawn the most adaptable piece for any situation."

Rias nodded, pleasantly surprised at his insight, before explaining, "True. A pawn can make or break a battle if used properly, but they are also dreadfully vulnerable before they are promoted. Thus a pawn needs to have incredibly high base stats to compensate. You are not at that level currently, and we don't have the time to train you up to such a level. An…event is soon approaching where I'll need you as strong as possible."

Raising an eyebrow at the 'event' part, Naruto decided to just accept it for now. He instead looked back towards the three pieces Rias was holding. Magic reserves, speed, or strength and defense. Naruto eventually started slowly and carefully, "I am tempted to do the bishop to gain the chakra reserves I desperately need, but I choose the rook." Koneko's eyes focused on him when he mentioned chakra, he noted in the back of his head.

Everyone looked interested at his choice, and Rias quickly asked, "Mind explaining why?"

"Not at all," Naruto replied with a grin before clarifying, "Right now I am in a dreadfully weakened state. Nearly all of my ninjutsu techniques are unusable to me right now due to my current chakra reserves. The bishop would have alleviated that problem somewhat, but I doubt to the degree I would need. I'll probably have to do it the slow and steady way on that front. With ninjutsu out, I'll have to rely on taijutsu, or hand to hand. On that front, I'm more of the kind of fighter that crashes into someone and hope I can stand back up."

Rias sweat dropped at his explanation before repeating in disbelief, "Crash into someone and hope you can stand back up?"

Naruto shrugged at her disbelief before explaining, "Pretty much. In my old state the number of people who could compete with me in pure power could be counted on one hand. So I used that. I was never one for running around, jumping in and out…or dodging" That's what Shadow Clones are for after all. Absorbing absurd amount of damage in his place. Naruto then continued, "I was durable as fuck, and never ran out of stamina. So I would practically always win if I managed to force my opponent to exchange hit for hit with me." Or them getting ten hits and Naruto getting one. Naruto can't even count the number of times an opponent was throwing him around for ten minutes before losing when Naruto finally managed to return the favor. Naruto had been ready, willing, and capable of taking whatever his opponent dished out as long as he got the opportunity to land his own shot. "So the rook fits my fighting style far better than the knight. Would enable me to take more punishment, and would increase my knockout power to help take advantage of that one opportunity that always presents itself."

Rias nodded in understanding, or at least pretended to understand. She then questioned, "You keep mentioning that you are in a weakened state. What do you mean?"

Chuckling awkwardly, Naruto informed her, "I'll explain everything after this. It is kind of a long story, so we should finish this business up first."

Rias assented to that with a reluctant nod. She then ordered him, "Lay on your back so I can commence the ceremony to reincarnate you as a devil."

Naruto nodded in understanding. He gently laid himself down against the ground and waited. Rias moved to stand above him, incidentally giving him a prime view of her rather lacy panties. He ignored it, well mostly ignored it, in favor of watching as she crouched to place the rook piece on his chest. A red circle of…something immediately formed around Naruto as Rias started chanting.

"I command thee, Uzumaki Naruto, on my name of Rias Gremory, become my servant. Return to this land as a devil. You shall lead a new life with great joy as my rook!"

Naruto could only describe the sensation of the rook sinking into his chest as feeling like ice water was being inserted into his veins. The feeling was even more intense around his chakra coils. It wasn't truly unpleasant, but not pleasant either. It was just an intense, neautral feeling. Then, it disappeared within an instant as soon as Rias finished her chanting.

Naruto took a few deep breaths since it had been a pretty intense process. He quickly recovered though, and stood up. Clenching his hands and hopping lightly on his feet, he commented, "I feel…lighter."

Yuuto was the one to respond as he patted Naruto's shoulder in congratulations, "That is natural. Devils are fundamentally stronger than humans. Muscles are stronger, bones are more durable and light, overall more durable and resistant, and a greater healing factor. It may take a while to adjust completely. Especially since you are a rook. Learning to properly adjust and compensate for your raw strength will take a while. "

"I guess," Naruto replied noncommittally. While somewhat different from chakra enhancement due to it being a physical change instead of a magical one, Naruto was still confident he could adapt after a good workout or two.

He was also rather distracted due to trying to properly judge the increase in his chakra coils. He was currently at the level of a low-level chuunin. It was increase from the mid-level genin he had been at before. Not as much of an increase as he had been hoping for though. This level of chakra was truly pathetic to Naruto. He likely had more chakra than this when he was four. It also limited him a lot. Naruto hadn't ever bother to learn E, D, or C-ranked techniques, besides the Academy Three, because it had literally been easier to learn B or A ranked techniques due to his chakra reserves. Right now he could only use the Transformation, Replacement, Temporary Paralysis, and the Transparent Escape techniques. Those are literally the only techniques Naruto knows that are below B-rank. He isn't even that familiar with any of them either. So Naruto's ninjutsu abilities, his bread and butter, is almost completely sidelined. He can't even use a single Shadow Clone till he gains the chakra capacity of a high-level chuunin.

"Welcome to the family, Naruto-kun," Rias interrupted his thoughts be saying.

Naruto looked at her with surprise before commenting, "Family? No offense, but I thought we were your servants."

Akeno was the one to answer him, although Naruto did take a step back to keep a five foot distance between them, "That might be the case for most peerages, but Buchou here is a member of the Gremory Clan. They are renown for their extraordinary affection for devils. They view their servants as friends and servants."

"That's certainly better than being a servant," Naruto claimed while giving Rias a warm smile at the thought.

Rias blushed slightly at the attention, but then grew serious as she said, "Now, usually I we would do our best to familiarize yourself with any information you would need to know as a devil. I believe you owe me an explanation though."

Naruto nodded in understanding, and quickly announced, "That I do. I suggest getting comfortable because it is a long story." Everyone nodded and sat down in their respective spots. They all then looked at him, content to wait for him to start. Naruto appreciated that, and took a few moments to think on how to start. He finally declared coolly, "The first thing you should know is that I am from a different world."

"A different world?" Rias repeated incredulously. She then raised an eyebrow as she asked, "You mean you come from the Underworld?"

"No. I mean an entirely different world. A world that is typically impossible to travel to from here," Naruto answered while shaking his head. He then started hesitantly, "In my world, humans were capable of wielding power that highly resembles magic through the use of 'chakra.' The greatest examples of this were 'ninjas,' soldiers of the hidden villages. I was a ninja as well. You don't need to know much else, but you do need to know that we were engaged in a war. All the hidden villages teamed up to battle a mad man. The focus of the war was to prevent him from gaining the power to enact a plan to place the entire world in an illusion by obtaining and harnessing the power of a primordial god."

His last words caused both Rias and Akeno to gape before Akeno asked in shock, "Did you just say a primordial god?!"

"Yes," Naruto answered seriously.

With both Rias and Akeno in shock, Yuuto and Koneko were still left confused. Yuuto quickly asked politely, "I'm sorry, but can anyone tell me why that is so serious?"

Rias looked at Akeno meaningfully. Akeno nodded and turned towards the two before explaining, "You both know that Gods and Buddha's exist. That is a fact. You can think of them as the weak knockoffs of a primordial god, born from the fragments of its energy."

That caused both Yuuto and Koneko to gape as well. Rias nodded at their expressions before elaborating, "The existence of primordial gods have always been mere conjecture, since any that existed in this world have long since died. Put simply, primordial gods are the beginning of everything. It is theorized that primordial gods are the beings responsible for the creations of all worlds. Their power is thought to be infinite and limitless. Even they are not immortal though. Eventually they age and die. Their energy then dissipates, eventually birthing the Gods or Buddha's that currently exist."

"Huh, I didn't know that," Naruto commented in interest.

"Then are you sure that you are talking about a true primordial god and not just a regular god," Rias asked quickly.

"I'm sure. Kurama told me that the Juubi was a primordial god, and that it was responsible for the creation of our whole world. Even said that it could destroy our world as well. He would know. Plus, the person that rescued me on this side said that she sensed remnants of a primordial god on me," Naruto immediately replied with certainty clear in his voice.

Rias shook her head as she considered the implications. She finally managed to tell him, "Then your world must have been incredibly young. For a primordial god to still live."

With Rias still looking to be in shock or denial, Yuuto interrupted by announcing, "I'm sure we can talk about this more another time. How about you continue your story, Uzumaki-san?"

Naruto nodded in agreement and explained, "Uchiha Madara, the madman I said earlier, planned to become the jinchuriki of the Juubi. He would then use its power to cast an illusion over the entire world, using the moon as a medium."

"I'm sorry, Naruto-san, but I simply can't believe a human, no matter how powerful, could control a primordial god. The very concept is illogical. Primordial beings are those responsible for creating entire worlds. For creating humans. Their very existence is a level humans cannot even comprehend let alone match," Rias immediately argued.

"You might be underestimating just how freakishly strong Madara was. Madara had managed to unlock the Rinnegan, the legendary eyes of the Sage of Six Paths. He had been capable of pulling giant meteors from the sky, growing entire forests in seconds, creating a mountain sized samurai of pure energy, and throwing around nine, mountain sized animals just by looking at them. I hate the man, but even I can't deny he was a freaking badass," Naruto retorted, shivering as he remembered just how ridiculously powerful Madara was even before becoming the Juubi jinchuriki.

All of them were now looking at him in disbelief. Koneko finally asked bluntly, "…Are you high?"

Naruto just deadpanned in her direction. Rias managed to say in confusion, "I am really lost here. You mentioned something about a Rinnegan."

"Yes. The Rinnegan is an ocular bloodline that was said to have been possessed by the Sage of Six Paths, characterized by the entirely purple coloring and ripple pattern. The ultimate doujutsu," Naruto told them in exasperation.

"…What's a doujutsu? And who is the Sage of Six Paths?"

Naruto let out an annoyed groan. Trying to explain the clusterfuck that was the Fourth Shinobi World War to people completely ignorant was not easy in the least. Naruto finally straightened and started in an annoyed tone, "Okay, I'm going to start from the very beginning. There used to be a massive tree in my world, thousands of years ago. It was called the God Tree, or the Shinju. One day, a princess, Kaguya Okatsuchi or some weird name like that, decided to eat a fruit from the tree in an attempt to gain the power to stop a war that was going on. It worked, and she managed to stop the war with her godlike powers. The Shinju sensed the theft of its fruit and power though. The tree turned into a massive beast with ten tails, the Juubi. The Juubi had no intelligence and only one purpose. Reclaim the power that was stolen from it. It was a force of nature, razing everything to the ground in its mindless search to reclaim its chakra. Until it was stopped by a man. The princess had apparently died due to the intense power, but she had given birth to a son, Hagoromo or whatever. I'll just call him the Sage of Six Paths from now on, since I hate his real name. The Sage had been born with power surpassing even his mother, the first human to be born with chakra. He soon grew up and confronted the Juubi. He defeated the Juubi in battle, and then sealed it inside his body. Using its power, he became powerful as a god. He then gifted and taught other humans how to use chakra. He ended up having children that would go on to found two separate ninja clans. The Senju and the Uchiha. The Senju inherited the Sage's strong body, and the Uchiha inherited his mystical eyes. Madara was an Uchiha. He managed to unlock the Rinnegan by infusing the DNA of a powerful Senju into his body. In that way he gained the ability to control the Juubi just like the Sage did." Naruto took several deep breaths after the short story.

No one spoke for several seconds after he finished. Koneko was the one to break it by deadpanning, "…That makes no sense. A woman ate a fruit to become a god, which caused a tree to turn into a giant monster, and then it was defeated and absorbed by the woman's son. How high were you when you thought up that lie?"

"I'm not lying. I know its messed up, but it is true," Naruto exclaimed in annoyance. Seriously, he only learned this like an hour before he came to this world. It was just as ridiculous to him, but Madara didn't seem like a liar. Delusional megalomaniac, sure. Liar, not really.

"No, it makes perfect sense," Rias claimed while in deep thought.

Naruto looked at her skeptically before questioning doubtfully, "It does?"

"Yes, it does," Rias claimed with a firm nod. She then looked at Naruto before demanding, "Were there any other gods in your world that you know of?"

Shrugging, Naruto informed her, "Yeah, I think. Ninjas aren't very religious, but I know for certain of at least one god. The Death God, the Shinigami."

"I thought so," Rias said with a satisfied nod. Seeing everyone looking at her curiously, she quickly explained, "It does make sense it you think about it. I believe the Juubi or Shinju or whatever you want to call it, was at the very final stage of its life. It was dying. So it assumed the form of the Shinju. Instead of absorbing nutrients from the ground like a normal tree, it instead likely used this form to pump it energy throughout the planet. Laying the groundwork for later gods to come into being. It was interrupted partway through though. The princess stole part of its energy by eating the fruit. Losing part of its power like that must have entered a…self defense mechanism you could say. It changed into a different form to regain that power. Kaguya couldn't make full use of that energy, but her son could because he had been exposed to and absorbed the energy as a fetus. His body adapted to utilize it to its fullest. This Rinnegan was probably just a physical manifestation of his ability to use a divine energy. It also explains why he could successfully subdue the Juubi. He was capable of using its own power. He had literally adapted to use its energy. Thus absorbing it would be a simple affair. Since the Juubi had no intelligence of its own, his own will was able to control it. He could have been considered a mini-Juubi if you will since he could control its power, and he then in essence became the Juubi after absorbing it."

"This is still only possible because the Juubi was near the end of its life. I also suspect the process of pumping it throughout the planet was near finished. Regular gods are born from the fragments of primordial gods. That gods existed in your world indicates a vast majority of its energy was already gone by the time the princess stole part of its power. So not only was the Juubi a mindless husk of the primordial god without most of its original power, but it was also going against a person specifically adapted to use its power. No wonder it could be controlled so easily."

"Then when the Sage had children, each inherited half of the traits used to control the Juubi. Although I suspect he 'gifted' your people with chakra by using splitting a smaller amount of the Juubi's energy among your people. I'm guessing that's why your species could apparently become so powerful. A small bit, but less than what his descendants got. Once the two halves of the traits his descendants gained were reunited, in this Madara person, he gained the exact same ability to control the Juubi. Once again. A sentient being adapted to use its chakra going up against a mindless husk with power but no control or will. The result is obvious. The sentient being will absorb and gain control of the husk's power."

Akeno tilted her head as she considered that. She then nodded and commented, "That makes sense."

"Really because I didn't get half of that," Naruto admitted as he sweat dropped. Naruto might be intelligent in a fight, but things like that just go right over his head. He did get one thing though. Leaning forward slightly, Naruto questioned nervously, "Are you telling me that the most terrifyingly powerful creature I've ever met, a being with energy levels beyond human comprehension…was an senile old man on his deathbed?"

"A rather tactless way of putting it, but yes. Basically. Primordial gods are beyond comprehension for even regular gods. The concept of a human, adapted to it or not, being able to contain and use its whole power is impossible. A very small portion might just be possible though. A sliver basically. That small portion would still be enough to raise even a human to heights possibly surpassing even regular gods though. It is a terrifying thought," Rias finished.

Naruto considered all that he learned before a thought came to him. Naruto face palmed as he growled out, "We got so off topic."

"Oh. We did. Woops. I just got a bit distracted due to the nature of the topic," Rias admitted. She truly looked a bit sheepish at how preoccupied she had become. She then added, "I do think you should talk to a scientist or historian eventually, Naruto-san. You currently know more about primordial gods than anyone in this dimension."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll do it eventually. Let's get back to the important stuff now though," Naruto grunted out, fibbing a bit at the first part. All this conversation had given him was a headache, so he'd avoid talking about it again like he would a plague.

Akeno chuckled slightly before commenting, "I believe you were talking to us about what happened during the war."

Nodding, Naruto explained, "I think that's right. Anyways, the Shinobi Alliance had hoped to prevent Madara from absorbing the Juubi entirely, but we failed in that aspect. We still fought him, but it was horrible. Madara had been more powerful than anyone had ever even believed possible before, but with the Juubi he was practically a god. We were getting smacked around like children. He just kept dropping meteors on our heads. How do you fight that? Seriously!"

Sweat dropping as Naruto started to freak out from the memories, Rias eventually interrupted, "Uh, Naruto. Can you get back to the story?"

Rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment, Naruto replied sheepishly, "Sorry. Bad memories, hehe." Growing serious, Naruto then continued, "One good thing did happen though. Apparently the concentration of power Madara was putting out by doing his best to drop the sky on our heads was enough to tear the dimensional fabric. A tear just appeared in the air behind him. I knew we could never beat him conventionally, so I decided to do something stupid and insane enough to work. So I put everything I had and just tackled him into the tear. It closed up right behind us."

"So that is how you ended up here," Yuuto commented.

"Yeah, but it was not nearly so easy as it sounds. Dimensional travel is probably the most dangerous thing you can ever imagine," Naruto told him while shivering at the memory.

Akeno quickly retorted, "But it is possible to travel between dimensions. Devils travel between earth and the Underworld all the time."

"Trust me, that is a whole different method," Naruto stated with a frown on his face. He then clarified, "The tear Madara caused was simply a result of how much power he was putting out. He wasn't trying to do it. Completely different from purposefully initiating dimensional travel. Think of the two like conducting heart surgery. Proper dimensional travel is like proper heart surgery. You have a surgeon, scalpels, medicine, assistants, and done over ten hours. Clean and precise. What happened to me is more like someone shoving their hand in a person's chest, ripping out their still beating heart, and then shoving another heart into the hole. The very concept of it working is ridiculous."

"Yet here you are," Koneko pointed out while taking bites out of a snack.

"Trust me, it was a miracle," Naruto grunted out before elaborating, "It felt like every cell in my body was being shredded. Madara, the guy that was for all intents and purposes a god, died after just a second. I was between worlds for four seconds."

"Then how are you alive?" Rias quickly demanded.

"The remnants of the Bijuu's wills, oh yeah. You don't know about the Bijuu. Let's just say that the Juubi decided to try and save me. It managed to wrestle control from Madara for just a few seconds. It used its energy to regenerate any damage I was receiving. Madara was left out to dry though, and died. The energy eventually dissipated in a few seconds after Madara died, but it bought me the time I needed. I was only exposed for half a second before I ended up dropping into this world, and even then the person who saved me said I resembled a pile of shredded meat and bones more than a human. She says I had maybe two seconds before I died if she hadn't put me in a stasis to preserve my life force."

"So we have finally come to this point. Who is this mysterious savior of yours?"

Naruto scratched his cheek before announcing, "Yeah, sorry about not telling you before. She told me her real name is Selene, but apparently she is known by something else. Lady of the Water or something. Wait, she gave me something before sending me here. It's a personal seal or mark." Naruto then started unbuttoning the academy uniform to show off an orange undershirt he was wearing. Over that was a medallion or pendant on a necklace. Grabbing it, Naruto held it out for Rias to examine.

It's a silvery-green pendant. It was actually rather simple. A small circle. The only real identifying feature was a symbol in a blue material that contrasted well with the rest of the metal. Simple, but elegant. It also had a sense of power to it.

Rias immediately confirmed, "That's the symbol of the Lady of the Lake. The aura around it also indicates she likely enchanted it. For what purpose i don't know. Maybe as an energy signature, since the symbol could be copied. This way any god or powerful being that had met her could recognize this as a sign from her."

"The Lady of the Lake. Like from Arthurian Legends," Yuuto asked in interest. He then added, "The spirit that supposedly presented King Arthur with Excalibur." To Naruto Yuuto seemed a little too interested, although he wasn't sure what to make of it.

Rias quickly announced with a small frown on her face, "She's much more than that. That is just the most popular story including her, and even those stories are heavily distorted. She's usually classified as a demi-god, although she is more technically a full god. She simply hasn't ever acted in a way to facilitate worship of her like most gods. Since the overall strength of a god is directly connected to the amount of worshippers they have and the prayers they receive, this means she is one of the weakest gods overall. She does have several unique and powerful abilities though. She is said to have the power of prophecy, or the ability to see the future. She is also said to be able to confer powerful enchantments or blessings, the latter is the true way she interacted with the legendary King Arthur. She supposedly blessed him when he was young. Later versions simply switched what she gave him from a blessing to Excalibur."

"Yep, pretty sure that's her," Naruto declared calmly while shrugging nonchalantly.

The group sweat dropped at his attitude. Rias eventually commented, "Why are you so calm about this? The Lady of the Lake is a god. A secretive one that only appears during times of great change, and interacting with individuals of incredible importance and potential."

"I just don't get why you guys are freaking out. Yeah, she's hot…Totally, amazingly, unbelievably hot, but god or not, she's not a whole lot different from anyone else I've met. I'm more thankful of her for saving my life than I am in awe of her," Naruto claimed, still relaxed about everything. Leaning forward, he continued, "Anyways. Apparently I appeared just above a lake in northern Russia. She, and probably every god or being with great power, felt the disturbance. When I fell in the lake it allowed Selene to transport me to her own little pocket dimension that exists in all lakes. She then put me in stasis when she saw my condition, and she spent the last three decades healing me up."

"T-Three decades?!" Rias asked in shock.

Naruto nodded before explaining to the disbelieving group, "Yep. Specifically, thirty-two years. That's how long it took her to heal me. Apparently well over ninety percent of my cells were shredded completely. It would have been instant death if I didn't have such a powerful life force. It allowed for my life force to remain for a few seconds even after my body was for all intents and purposes dead. The stasis she placed me in then preserved it as she healed my body. It is also the reason I didn't age during that time."

Naruto then let out a depressed sigh before informing the group, "That's also why I am in such a weak state. My chakra circulatory system was destroyed. One of the reasons it took so long to heal me was the pure difficulty she had in recreating it. Apparently humans don't have them here. She couldn't finish either. She managed to recreate it, but in an undeveloped state more suitable for a beginning academy student. She could have brought it up to the state it was before I came here, but she estimates it would have taken her twelve to fourteen years. She didn't have that amount of time since I apparently had to come here during this year, so I'm stuck rebuilding my chakra reserves the old fashioned way."

"Why did you have to come here? I'm grateful you did, since I'm in a bind where I need as much help as I can gey, but I just don't see why she sent you here," Rias pointed out, her natural curiosity showing.

"Hell if I know," Naruto answered with a mystified shrug. Seeing Rias, and everyone else, wasn't happy with the answer, he groaned before telling her while trying to think, "I'm sorry, but Selene never talked about stuff like that. Not to mention she enjoyed speaking in riddles if I asked. I do know that my entrance into the world sent out ripples, for a lack of a better term. Selene is capable of seeing into the future, and no doubt sensed how the future altered when I arrived here. I'm guessing something bad, since it prompted her to spend the next three decades healing me. I assume that something important is going to happen to you, or around you, that can have massive consequences. She once admitted my presence, 'altered the reincarnation process of a select number of Sacred Gear.' So basically something bad happened because I entered this world, and thus she sent me to try and fix it."

"Reincarnation of sacred gears?" Rias muttered to herself as she thought about that. She knew all the pieces were there. She just had to put them together. Deciding to put it in the back of her mind to think on it later, she looked at Naruto to announce, "Alright. I certainly didn't expect anything like this when I decided to add you to my peerage. It is a lot to take in, but I don't see any problem. A god sent you to me, although the reason for such a thing is unknown. That is probably a good thing. You are also far more than we believed. I think it will benefit everyone if we conclude the serious business for today. Everyone can sleep on this tonight. Tomorrow we can work on acclimatizing you towards your duties as a devil."

"Finally," Naruto eagerly exclaimed as he jumped to his feet. He then stretched his arms above his head. That had been a long, complicated discussion. Naruto preferred light topics. Not to mention he wanted to go train to try and get used to his new abilities. That thought was put on hold when he heard and felt his stomach growling. Grabbing it, he then claimed in a weak voice, "I need food, preferably ramen."

"That is actually a good idea. Even if we keep it lighthearted, eating together will be a good way to bond as a group," Rias declared in thought.

Naruto reacted by grinning widely and proclaiming loudly, "Awesome. I know this awesome ramen place. They also sell other stuff. Don't know why. Ramen is the food of the gods. Everything else is just a downgrade."

Choosing to ignore Naruto's extra comments, Rias turned to the other members of her peerage and questioned, "Is that okay with you guys?"

They all thought for a moment before replying in their own ways.

"It will be nice to get to know Uzumaki-san better."

"…I guess if I must."

"It would be a pleasure. Ufufu, I call the seat next to Uzumaki-kun."

"Hell no, sadist! Five foot distance."

Rias sighed as the group left the room, Akeno starting to chase the pale and sweating Naruto. Why does she have the feeling that Naruto is going to really complicate things from now on? Oh well. At least she got a silly new brother. With that thought, Rias followed the group out the door.


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