The impossible had happened. Hell freezing over was more likely than this. How had it come to this? Weiss Schnee had fallen for none other than the incompetent, bumbling, foolish, pseudo-womanizing, underconfident, sweet, kind, and maybe a little charming, Jaune Arc.

It had started with a letter. Of all the letters from home Weiss had received this proved the most terrifying. Her presence was expected at a ball, normal enough, her parents had often brought her to such occasions. Their heiress met potential suitors, and other important people there. She was to build connections when ever she attended. And to try her damnedest not to pull her hair out when she met the suitors. Without exception they had all been pathetic. Most couldn't command respect worth a damn, a few probably couldn't even have bought respect. They were all weak willed, and weak looking. The heiress expected she could have defeated any of her suitors wielding Myrtenaster in the wrong hand. It wasn't that she wanted some sort of strong, domineering man, Weiss was too fierce for that, it was that none of them were worthy. Worthy of marrying into the Schnee corporation, and worthy of Weiss herself. But this ball was to have the worst suitor yet, Weiss was to be escorted by none other than Cardin Winchester. If there was anything she wanted less in life, she certainly couldn't think of it. Cardin was insufferable, with no redeeming qualities. If she was to be escorted by him that meant he might be considered to be in the running to be her future husband. The cocky bastard was bad enough to have as an acquaintance, but marrying him? Weiss would do a lot for her parents, she hadn't encountered a duty she was unable to do. That was before this. No way, no how would she even consider it. Nothing in the world would drive Weiss to marry, or even be escorted by, that walking slimeball that passed for a human. She may have had her duty to her family, but she also had standards. But all the same, she didn't have a way out. She couldn't refuse, it would anger her father, and undoubtedly the Winchester family, which would cause problems for the business. If she faked sick, they would only have Cardin escort her at a later date, she couldn't postpone it for ever.

She was saved by a small line of post script, scrawled in her mother's handwriting. PS. I know you are popular with the boys, but remember you need to keep in mind your heritage. If you are already with someone, I will make your father understand. It was just what she needed. They still hadn't decided for sure who she was to marry, she just needed to already have a date to get out of this one, someone of sufficient enough lineage. There were only three she knew of at Beacon. Cardin himself, but the thought repulsed Weiss, Ren, who came from a distinguished line, but was also off limits to anyone who enjoyed functioning legs, finally, and least likely, Jaune Arc.

Looking at the knight you would never know his family was a distinguished line of officers and generals. The Arc family contained four different folk heroes, and more lauded hunters and commanders than could be named. It was a small wonder Jaune was so nervous, he had a lot to live up to.

Even if the knight didn't look it, or act it, Jaune was the best choice Weiss had. As such, she found herself outside JNPR's dorm, readying herself to knock.

"Weiss? Is there anything I can help you with?"

The white-haired girl spun on her heel and noticed Pyrrha approaching. "Hi Pyrrha, I just need to talk to your team leader."

Pyrrha sighed. "What did he do this time? Was it more flowers in your locker?"

"He hasn't done anything recently, I need to speak to him about something else."

"Alright, he should be in here." Pyrrha seemed a little confused, but opened the room, and invited Weiss in.

"Hey Pyrrha." Jaune casually greeted his teammate, hardly looking up, his eyes went wide when he saw the heiress as well. "Why hello there Snow Angel." He tried his hardest to sound smooth.

"I need to talk to you." Weiss stated. When Jaune didn't move Weiss continued. "In private." The blonde finally clicked in and followed the white-haired girl out of the room.

They walked for a while until they reached the fountain where Weiss sat down on a bench, motioning for Jaune to do the same. It pained Weiss to say the next words out of her mouth.

"I need your help."

"Pardon?" Jaune had a look of utter shock on his face. He had expected Weiss had found out about his current plan to impress her and was putting a stop to it.

"I need your help."

"I heard, but I don't... I don't understand... What could I help you with?"

Weiss sighed and pulled out the letter and handed it to Jaune. "Read the third paragraph."

Jaune did, and promptly recoiled. "They expect you to go on a date with Cardin? Alright, that's pretty terrible, but how can I help with that?"

"I need you to pretend we're dating and escort me to the ball."

Every thought left Jaune's mind, all except the words Weiss had just said. She wanted him to escort her to a ball, and pretend that they were dating.

"I'll make it worth your while."

Jaune was honestly considering it even before she said that. He was a decent man, a man that wouldn't let anyone be forced to date Cardin. Plus he could hopefully show Weiss how amazing of a boyfriend he would make. He would have done it for free.

"Name your price, within reason."

Jaune knew exactly what to do.

"One date."

Now it was Weiss' turn to be shocked. "What?"

"One date, that's my price. One honest to goodness date."

Weiss had been expecting many things, but this hadn't crossed her mind. In retrospect it made sense. It seemed harmless enough. One date with the knight was a small price to pay.

"Alright, one date. After the ball."

Jaune nodded. "Alright, it's a-" He was cut off by Weiss suddenly kissing him. "Wha- What just happened?"

"Cardin spotted us, we need to make this seem real, or else the entire plan fails."

"So I get to kiss you?"

The other members of their teams had to be let in on the plan, if they spent the time questioning their relationship it could tip Cardin off. Yang had laughed, but understood. Blake didn't even look up from her book. Ren had shrugged it off. Nora and Ruby had either missed the pretend part of pretend relationship or had gotten really into it. They both kept going on about how adorable of a couple they made, and would not stop suggesting date ideas. On the whole the teams accepted it well enough, except Pyrrha. She didn't seem happy at all with the idea. She agreed to not interfere with Weiss' plan, but would have no part in it.

That night Weiss penned a response back to her mother, explaining that she was indeed already dating someone, and within a few days received a response back. Her mother had done a great deal to pave the way, but it went on to explained that while her father was not the happiest about the present arrangement, he would hold off his judgement until he could meet the Arc boy. If he didn't pass the test, Weiss was still to be escorted by Cardin. Which meant Weiss only had four days to make sure Jaune passed.

The training was fairly mundane things, table etiquette, proper greetings, how to waltz, which the blonde picked up surprisingly quickly, and any other skills he may have lacked. They did lessons in an abandoned classroom after dinner. But they had to spend considerably more time together than just the lessons. Weiss may have had a reputation for being a little frigid, she had to bring herself to sit beside the blonde in class, and walk with him in the hall and even had to act a little flirty towards him. It was embarrassing, and more than once when Jaune got too into it, she had to remind herself exactly why this ruse was required. The knight didn't take any care in making it easier on Weiss. Every morning at breakfast he made a great show of giving her an incredibly public what he called "good morning kiss." The first morning it had startled Weiss, she had been carrying her breakfast when suddenly the tray was whisked out of her hands. She was surprised enough by it that when the blonde who had stolen her tray captured her lips she had been instinctively ready stab the knight. Once she realized it was just the foolish knight she calmed a little, if only visibly. It would have proven detrimental to stab her fake boyfriend on the first day of their fake relationship. He had then slipped one arm around her waist and carried her food, placing it in the seat beside his. Ruby and Nora gushed over it, going on about how adorable it had been. Even Weiss had to admit it had been smooth, but to Weiss' displeasure the two hyperactive redheads hadn't been the only people to comment on it, she could hear students all around them talking about it. While she understood it needed to be public, she hadn't wanted it to be that public. Jaune didn't let up with the public displays of affection the entire day. By dinner the entire school had either seen or heard of the fake relationship. By the third day they were still the centre of the rumour mill. This didn't surprise Weiss, everyone wondered just what the heiress saw in the blonde. What did surprise her was that she was getting used to Jaune's attention. It had only been three days but the morning kisses, the holding hands on the way to class, sitting together, and everything, was becoming a part of her routine. It worried the white-haired girl how quickly she had accepted it.

By the fifth day a new pair of rumours had sprung up. The first was based on the fact that Pyrrha was absent from the table JNPR and RWBY used. The amazon also refused to sit near Jaune and Weiss during class. Most of the school though Pyrrha had wanted Jaune, causing even more speculation as to just what they saw in the blonde. The second rumour was about how Weiss and Jaune had been seen slipping into an abandoned classroom. Weiss was extremely annoyed to hear of that rumour. She had been extra careful to ensure no one saw them, but had failed, and now the entire school thought she- she didn't even want to think of it. That day she had purposely made sure someone saw them enter the classroom and to leave the door ever so slightly ajar. When the student eventually peaked in they were disappointed to just find Weiss tutoring the knight. That quieted the second rumour, not entirely, but enough that there were only a few who still thought Weiss was doing something distinctively unladylike with Jaune in empty classrooms. The first rumour went unchecked though. Weiss didn't know how to address the first rumour. There was the distinct possibility it was true. Pyrrha hadn't been happy about the deal from the start, and had grown to like it even less with each passing day. It wasn't until the next day Weiss discovered what was happening.

The sixth day started on a strange not for Weiss. She had found herself actually looking forward to her good morning kiss. Realization had suddenly and quite shockingly dawned on her as she had idly chatted with Ruby on their way to the cafeteria. The day continued on it's strange path when during a test Weiss had missed sitting close the awkward blonde. The heiress wasn't sure what to do, she'd felt weird all day, and was to spend the afternoon with Jaune in town, she needed to help him pick out a suit. Eventually classes had finished they returned to the dorms in order to change, but Weiss was still confused. Luckily Ruby had returned to the dorm ahead of Yang and Blake.

"Ruby, I need to ask you something." Weiss sounded a little nervous, and mentally scolded herself. The heiress of the Schnee dynasty couldn't be nervous.

"Okay, what is it?" Ruby responded in her usual chipper tone.

"Have you ever liked someone?"

"Yep, there was a guy I liked back at Signal. He tried to build a shotgun on a stick, the the recoil kept making it hit him in the face. I tried to help him, but he got all jerky and then I didn't like him any more."

"Shotgun on a stick?" Of all the dumb weapons Weiss had seen, that took the cake. "How is that a good idea at all?"

"It increases the range. If he'd use a longer stick and better bracing it wouldn't have hit him in the face every time he shot it."

Strange weapons aside, Weiss could finally ask her second question. "That's still pretty dumb of a weapon. But enough of that, what did it feel like?"

"Well it was pretty light, that was half of his problem, all the weight as at the front. But other than that like any other shotgun."

"Not the stupid gun you dolt, liking someone." Weiss really wished this conversation was over by this point.

"Oh. Kinda warm and fuzzy, and kinda sad at the same time. You feel all warm and fuzzy when they're with you, and sad when they're not, but thinking of them makes you feel it again. Why?"

"No reason." She quickly responded

Ruby frowned. "Weiss, as leader of team RWBY I order you to tell me!" She tried, and failed, to strike a commanding pose.

"Really Ruby it's noth-"

"I know! You like someone! Ooh who is it?! Oh no, Jaune's going to be heartbroken, how could you break Jaune's heart!"

"It isn't someone else!" Weiss exclaimed, and immediately regretted it.

"You like Jaune! This is going to be great! Your kids will look so adorable, do you think they'll look more like you or Jaune? I know, if you have a daughter you should name her after your favourite team leader: Me!"

Weiss sighed, there would be no calming down the excitable girl, it would be best to cut her losses and flee. "I've got to go now. Promise you'll keep this between us?"

"I promise." Ruby was quick on the response, too quick. It unnerved the heiress, she would just need to play the game Ruby's way to ensure her own safety, as low as she had to sink.

"Pinky promise?" She held out her finger. Her childish leader hesitantly did the same.

"Pinky promise."

Feeling sufficiently safe, Weiss left the room and crossed the hall. Before she could knock she heard a voice from the other side of the door. It sounded like Pyrrha's.

"She's just using you! Once the ball is over she'll just toss you aside. You can't keep doing this, it'll hurt even more when she tears your heart out!"

"It's not like that."

"It's exactly like that!"

Weiss decided it was best to knock then, before she heard any more of the argument. There was a silence before the door opened, to reveal Jaune. He looked a little frazzled.

"Ready to go?" Weiss tried to act as though she hadn't heard Pyrrha.

Jaune nodded and stepped out closing the door behind him. The blonde didn't say much as they began walking. On instinct Weiss held out her hand, waiting for Jaune to take hold of it. He soon noticed and placed his hand beside hers, but before he could take hold of her hand, Weiss entwined her fingers in his.

"Finding you a proper suit may take some time, we will probably miss dinner. Do you know of anywhere good in town?"

The blonde perked right up at the idea. "Why yes I do Snow Angel."

As Weiss had predicted dinner had ended by the time they finished finding a suit. It was almost guaranteed with how long the knight had spent deliberating of suits, the heiress expected he was either extremely indecisive, or had done it on purpose.

"So where do you have in mind?"

Jaune didn't reply, instead he smiled and lead her down a side street until they finally stopped outside a small restaurant. "Here. It's not as fancy as anything you're used to, but the food's good." He opened the door for Weiss and stepped in after her. She had to admit it had a pleasant ambiance. A jovial older woman sat at the greeting podium. She smiled at Weiss before she noticed Jaune.

"Oh hello Jaune, and who's this pretty lady? Your usual table is free, come along now." The jovial older woman escorted them to a table not far away.

"Thanks Mrs. H." Jaune said as they took their seats.

"She knows you by name, you must come here often."

"I come here to eat while I do my homework sometimes. Nora can be a real handful, and I need a quiet spot every now and then."

Weiss nodded knowingly. The sisters on her team could be quite the handful, but even combined they weren't as rowdy as Nora could get.

"Hey there Jaune, oh you've got a date. The cooks have got to hear about this. Anyways what'll you two be having?" The server quickly took their order and disappeared back into the kitchen, but not before mouthing 'Nice' to Jaune when he thought Weiss couldn't see.

"Does everyone here know you?"

Jaune nodded. "I found it a little bit into the school year and have been coming here ever since."

Their dinner lasted a while, the pleasant atmosphere brought about a lot of conversation. Weiss noted that Jaune had been a little charming. He didn't try as hard as he had before they started their fake relationship. It was pleasant, spending time with Jaune, not Jaune trying too hard, not Jaune in their fake relationship, just Jaune.

Once their dinner was finished they stepped out on to the street. Jaune offered Weiss his hand, she took it, then reached up to kiss Jaune. The blonde was surprised to say the least. But not as surprised as the white-haired girl. She was surprised at how warm and fuzzy it made her feel.

Hey guys and gals, Theeubernoob. So this was going to be a one shot. But then this happened and the first roughly half of the story was about three thousand words. So It's going to instead be a two shot. I hope you like it so far, and see you all soon.