"Well their date must have gone well."

"You call that well? They're both still clothed."

"Don't be so crude Yang."

Weiss' eyes fluttered open, why were her teammates waking her up.

"She's waking up!"

"Yaaang, be quieter, they're too cute to wake up."

"Do you have to be so loud? I'm trying to sleep." Weiss had woken up.

"On Jaune."

It took Weiss a moment to process what Yang had said. She felt something mildly uncomfortable under her and finally realized what was happening. She shot upright with speeds that rivalled Ruby, earning a laugh from Yang.

"Didn't realize you were that kind of girl Weiss. Bit of advice though, works better when you're naked."

"We weren't doing that!"

All the commotion finally woke up the blonde sleeping across Weiss' bed.

"Huh?" He groggily sat up and looked around. "Where am... Oh..." The fog of sleep slowly cleared from his mind. "Ah! It's not what it looks like! I swear I wasn't trying to put the moves on her!"

After calming down from a bout of laughter Yang managed to speak. "So how'd the date go?"

"In a word-" Weiss started before being cut off by Jaune.


"I was going to say disastrous"

"What did vomit boy screw up? I mean it's gotta be bad enough to ruin a date, but she invited you in so it can't be that bad."

"I'm back down to boy? And it wasn't my fault."

"He didn't screw anything up, everything screwed us up. And would you seriously stop calling him that?"

"So what happened then? I wanna know." Ruby pulled up a chair and plunked down into it, staring intently at Weiss and Jaune.

"Alright, I'll tell you what happened."

"Shouldn't the airship be here by now?" Jaune asked, nervously pacing.

"Here and gone, it should have left here fifteen minutes ago." Weiss had never seen the airship this late, it was a definite annoyance, but Jaune was taking it much harder.

"The reservation is in ten minutes, we'll never make it." His pacing continued.

"They usually wait a few minutes before giving someone else the table." Weiss calmly stated. Well, as calmly as she could. The delay was annoying her, as was her boyfriend's constant pacing back and forth, she may have liked him, but he had been pacing for well over twenty minutes now and it was starting to get on her nerves. She was saved the annoyance when he suddenly stopped.

"There's the air ship." It finally pulled in.

They boarded, someone came on the intercom to apologize about the delay, citing technical issues. After a few minutes they were off, in a few more they had landed. They quickly disembarked and hurried to the restaurant. Unfortunately by the time they arrived it had been almost ten minutes since their reservation.

"We should go in and check anyway. Just in case. I mean maybe they're not busy and we can still get a table." Jaune held on to his hope, his delusional hope, it was all he had at that moment.

Weiss, not wanting to further break the knight stepped into the restaurant after him.

"Arc, party of two." He timidly said.

"You're too late, we gave your table away five minutes ago." The host was blunt and disinterested, Weiss stepped forward to help Jaune.

"Perhaps I can-" She had hardly started her sentence before he cut her off.

"Look lady, I've heard it a hundred times before, what ever you're offering isn't worth my job."

"I'll have you know I'm a member of the Schnee family." Weiss proudly asserted.

"And I'm the King of the Grimm. Look, you've got two options. You can go wait over there for another no-show, or you can leave."

"Fine. We're leaving Jaune, we can find somewhere else to eat." She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the building. "I refuse to eat at such an establishment."

"Now what?" Jaune asked.

"We find somewhere else to eat. Do you know anywhere else near here?"

"There was another place near here that looked promising, we can go there."

"So did you get to eat there?"

"I'm getting to it Ruby, settle down."

Jaune groaned the moment they came in sight of the restaurant. There was a line out the door that went on for longer than he cared to wait. They would likely have to wait over an hour.

"Alright, there was another place I checked out, let's go there."

Weiss quietly nodded in response, she was also too hungry to wait out the line.

"What about the next place?"

"Ruby, stop interrupting."

"What the hell?"Jaune was astounded. Three in a row. How was it even possible? What sick force was cursing his planned date? He had a whole evening planned and now they were already an hour behind schedule.

"Why does it have a tent over it?" To say Weiss was confused would be apt. They had arrived at the restaurant only to find a tent over it and a sign saying closed due to termites. What good would a tent do against termites?

"To keep the chemicals in, the stuff to kill the termites."

She had to admit that made sense. It was quite the effective solution. "Two questions, how did you know that, and do you know of any other places to eat?"

"I've watched a lot of TV. And no, but I'm sure we can find somewhere."

"I give up." Jaune flopped on to a bench.

"You give up?" The heiress didn't seem happy to hear that.

"We've been to eight restaurants so far, we've been looking for two and a half hours, they'll even have stopped serving dinner by the time we would get back to the school. We're three hours into the date, I say we should just try again another night."

"There has to be somewhere near here." She refused to admit defeat.

"That's what we've said the last seven times. But then it was lines, then termites, then a sports bar while a game was on, then you saw Cardin in one, Pyrrha in another, the next place was too filthy, then we were here. There isn't even anywhere here any more. It was open three days ago, three days! Now it's abandoned! How does this even happen!" Throughout his outburst he stood up, walked around a bit before flopping back down.

"Aren't we near the shopping district?" Weiss asked.

"Yes, it's just over there." Jaune vaguely gestured.

"Isn't the hole-in-the-wall place you go there?"

"Yeah... It is, we're not far from there. It's not really fancy first date quality but it'll have to do."

"So you finally got to eat?"

"Let her finish, Ruby."

They were there, seated, and waiting for their food in good time. The staff had all congratulated Jaune on getting another date.

"I'm starting to see why you were made a team leader." Weiss casually stated, earning a confused look from Jaune. "You're quite good at getting people to like you. It can be useful in leading. Perhaps not the best way to lead, but it works."

"Awwwe, that's gotta be the sweetest thing Weiss has ever said."

"Don't interrupt, Yang."

"Oh, um, thanks." The knight awkwardly stammered out.

Their appetizer soon arrived. They had hardly eaten when a loud alarm went off in the back.

"I wonder what that's-" Jaune started.


"Never mind."

The restaurant was evacuated while they got the fire under control. Jaune flopped down into a nearby bench. Weiss followed suit, giving an inelegant, exasperated sigh.

"I give up."

Jaune silently nodded.

"Let's just go back. We'll try again another time." Weiss stood up, and Jaune followed in defeated silence.

They were both exhausted by the time they made it back to Beacon. When they reached the doors to their dorms a thought suddenly struck Weiss.

"Do you have any food in your room?"

"Nothing that doesn't require cooking, Nora'll eat anything ready made we have."

"I keep some snacks to help keep Ruby focused, it's not a meal but we really should eat something."

"You gave him my snacks?!" Ruby gave Weiss and Jaune a hurt look

"I payed for them, they're mine, I just let you eat them!"

"So you two were eating snacks and feel asleep? I was hoping for something interesting. Sucks about your date though. Oh well. I'm going to bed so vomit boy over there's gotta get out."

He quickly stood up, hitting his head off of Ruby's suspended bed. After a moment he quickly kissed Weiss goodnight and left.

After that Weiss changed and settled down to sleep.

"Good morning Snow Angel." The fencer heard someone say. It was the weekend so she had the entire day free. It didn't seem right to waste that freedom by waking up quite yet. She ignored the voice and rolled over.

"I know you can hear me." She felt something press down on her bed. As this was the first time in a month Ruby hadn't waken Weiss up early on the weekend, the heiress continued to ignore the voice.

"I usually just shout and that wakes her up."

"I'm trying to be romantic though, shouting isn't that romantic."

A second voice, Weiss was starting to doubt she would get to savour the last of her sleep.

"You could always kiss her, isn't that what they do in movies?"

"Good idea."

Weiss felt the weight on her bed shift, then felt a hand on her shoulder roll her back over. She was about to start fighting back when she felt a familiar pair of lips press against her own. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning Snow Angel." Jaune sat beside her, wearing a winning smile and what looked to be a dress shirt."


"Yes my darling?"

"What are you doing on my bed?"

"I'm making up for last night."

"With everyone else in the room? Damn vomit man, that's bold." Weiss heard Yang call.

Jaune immediately clammed up. "What, no! Not like that! I meant for the date, making up for the date!"

The heiress ignored Yang's outburst. "How did you even get in here?"

"Ruby let me in, I asked her not to wake you up and to let me in once I got the supplies. But anyways, now that you're up I'm going to go wait in the hall." He hurriedly exited the room.

"Come on Weiss, don't just lie there, you've got to get ready for your date." She was pulled out of her bed by Ruby, and had clothes thrust into her hands.

A little while later she emerged into the hallway to see Jaune standing there with a basket.

"I thought since restaurants didn't work we could try having a picnic." He held up the basket.

Weiss checked the time on her scroll. "It's only 11, you're pretty quick on the recovery."

"Can't let the bad ones get to you." He held out his arm in a strange way, Weiss wasn't sure what he was trying to do.

"What are you doing?"

"You have to link arms if you're having a picnic."

"Firstly, no, that's too formal for a picnic, secondly who even told you that?"

"Ruby... She helped me get the food... And it totally is not." The knight said, looking a little dejected.

Weiss made a mental note to scold Ruby. "Linking arms is too formal, how did we enter the ball?"

"With our arms linked."

"Exactly, and how did we walk around the ball?"

"With our arms linked... Okay I get it." He held out his hand to the white-haired girl, who took it in her own. They set out walking.

"So where are we having this picnic?"

"On campus, I found a spot that looked nice."

True to his word the spot did indeed look nice. It was one of the many times Weiss was glad about how large Beacon was. There wasn't another person anywhere near them. They were free to enjoy their picnic.

Jaune set out a blanket and began to pull out the food, a large assortment, and likely more food than two people could eat. Jaune immediately began eating.


"Starving, I skipped breakfast to get everything." He spoke between mouthfuls of food.

"Slow down a bit, you'll make yourself sick." Weiss began eating as well, considerably less food, and considerably more refined.

"I'm stuffed, I don't think I could eat another bite." Jaune lay down on the blanket, patting his stomach.

"Considering you ate at least three quarters of the food yourself I'm not surprised."

Jaune laughed a little. "Hey, Weiss, I actually wanted to ask you something."

"Oh? What would that be?"

"Things are still pretty awkward between me and Pyrrha, but I still need extra practice. Could you help me train?"

Weiss thought long and hard about her answer. At the surface it seemed like a good idea. Jaune needed training, Weiss was extremely skilled in combat. They even already spent a lot of time together, it wouldn't be hard to divert some of that too training. But they didn't have similar fighting styles, the only real similarity between their fighting styles was that they both used a sword. The heiress was also a perfectionist, which meant she had a tendency to hold her students to her own standards. It had caused problems when training with Ruby before and could caused problems now.

"Pretty please?" Jaune tried his hardest to look like an injured puppy.

Weiss supposed it couldn't hurt to try.

"Alright, fine, but it's only a trial, and only if you stop that."

Jaune sat up and fist pumped. "Alright! The hurt puppy look worked!"

"Only because of how disturbing it was."


Alright, so been a while, how's everyone been? I personally just emerged from finals, which ended up taking more out of me than I expected. I wanted to make this chapter a bit longer but it just seemed like a good place to stop. Now that finals are over, I'll endeavour to put out more chapters. One more thing though, I am awful at naming things, and I've grown to hate the current title, so if you have any suggestions for a new title, I'd be happy to hear them. See you all soon. Theeubernoob, out.