"Long ago, the people of Kupa Keep suffered once Saddam Hussein became their dictator. Many suffered and many lost lives. Their only meals were mud and grass. They were not allowed to pick from trees or eat the normal food we have now.

Until one day, a kid, wearing orange rags, saved us using his greatest power from his heart. Though the power is still unknown up until now.

Once Saddam Hussein went to hell, the people cheered. From this day, they decided to change Kupa Keep into the land we know up until today: South Park.

Many years went by and the old people foretold a new prophecy with a new evil coming along. The man who was proclaimed hero will be gifted the power of immortality and will use his power once again to save us all. He will be known as..."



Kenny and Mysterion. Two persons in one body. A secret they've kept from the world. Living in the shadows in fear that the truth might be revealed. While one is wild and cheerful, the other is matured and serious. While one is at the sidelines, the other takes all the spotlight. They both share a curse, a curse almost everyone is nonchalant of. Together, they carry the cross of sorrow and wear the crowns of guilt. Together, they are inseparable.

But sometimes, Kenny wonders if if this is the life he deserves: carrying a curse as if he was carrying a heavy cross. All his life, he's been carrying that cross. From the day he was born, he's been carrying it. To Kenny, it's invisible pain. He hates the numerous times where he had to die (save for the times when he needs to sacrifice himself). He hates waking up the day after his "death". But worst of all, he hates the fact that no one even remembers his death. No matter how many times he died, no one even fucking remembers. Not even when he shot himself in front of his friend. The only time when they remembered his death was when he died of a muscular disease. But not even his friends were happy to see him. I mean, they were glad but not the way he expected. He's been absent for a year! He expected a touching moment. But like the silent fish he was, he was still silent.

Why was it that I'm useless to the world?He thought. True, he was useless. His parents don't really give him the attention he needs and his big brother was the worst brother he could have asked for. Up until now, Cartman is still a jerkass. Stan and Kyle were just decent. The only person who thought she cares was Karen. Truly enough, Kenny was at least thankful that at least only one person cares for him. But sadly, Karen doesn't remember about his deaths (save for that time in the hospital) so Kenny was still hopeless.

Kenny remembers that time. He tried telling about his deaths to his friends. But sadly, no one believes. He kept telling them. But no one remembers. This really made Kenny frustrated. Why haven't they noticed it when they saw it in front of their own eyes? Clearly, he must be blind. Maybe his friends do care for him. But once he felt his heartbeat, he would remember that this is reality and not a dream.

Speaking of superheroes, it's been three years (they were six when they first played superheroes) since they've last played. He remembered: Cartman thought this was boring so they just gave it up. But somehow, Kenny was not done proving to his friends about his curse. This curse is very important to him, yet on the outside, he doesn't care. But on the inside, he does care. He cares about all of it. So he thought, Should I play hero for old times' sake?

Only one word appeared in his head: Yes.

Quickly, he brought out his costume and threw it on the floor. He immediately took off his parka, shirt and shorts. Then, he wore his costume carefully and wore his belt around his waist. Finally, he went back to his closet, took the mask that was just sitting on the floor and wore it.

Once he was done, he looked at the night. For a normal person, it's quite oblivious. But Kenny knows that evil is just around the corner. So he jumped out of the window, landed perfectly and ran to the city. He then jumped each floor of the staircase until he reached the rooftop.

With a loud scream, he yelled,


Several hours passed by and there was still nothing to stop. Mysterion soon started flipping a coin and guessing if i's head or tail but still, he was still bored. Nothing is going on. South Park is still the quiet, redneck, mountain town they knew.

Mysterion then stood up. He began stretching his arms and yawned.

"I knew it. Nothing is going on here. It's still the mountain town I once knew."

But just as he was about to give up and turn away,

"Fuego! Fuego!"

Mysterion looked around to see if there was fire around his corner. It was not until he looked at his west. He gasped once he saw the fire at the hospital. He knew a lot of innocent, ill people were trapped.

"I must save them."he muttered. Quickly, he ran down the staircase and ran to his west.

"Hang on!"

Luckily, almost all of them were here. Except for one.


He gasped. He looked and saw Randy calling for him. He knew that he was calling his friend. But the question was, why was Stan was in the hospital?

Then, everything came back. He remembered: Stan was hospitalized due to flu. It has been a day since he was there.

"Don't worry Stan! I'll save you!"

Using his cape, he covered his nose while entering the burning hospital. he knew it was contagious but he had no choice.

"Think, Mysterion. Where was Stan again?"

Then, he remembered: he was at the third floor. He knew that the elevator was dangerous. So he ran up the stairs, avoiding anything that might kill him.

Once he got there, he ran to the room closest to the window at his left.

315. Exactly.

Opening the door, he gasped once he saw Stan. Stan was coughing, coughing badly. Maybe it was the smoke?

"Stan! Over here!"

Stan then turned to Mysterion and gasped. "Who are you?!"

"No time! Come on, I'll help you!"Mysterion then let Stan ride on his back. He's lighter as I thought. He thought. Once they got out of the room, they gently walked down the stairs. But every step they took was worse than when Mysterion went up.

"Stan, this might be stupid, but if we die, just accept it. We can't make it!"

"No, Mysterion. We can. We can get out. But in case I die, tell Cartman that I stole his bike."

Mysterion smiled. Even if he was still suffering from flu, Stan never lost it. Immediately, he ran down the stairs, trying his best as not to lose balance. But half of the staircase was burned. But he had no choice. He had to do this. For Stan.

Once he reached to the first floor, he gasped once he saw half of the staircase burnt. He gulped. He didn't want to do this. But he had to.

"Stan, we need to jump."Mysterion said. Stan gasped. "Are you fucking crazy?! We can't! Look, there's some steps we can step on! Come on!"

"No Stan! It's too dangerous. If I burn my foot, we won't make it. We have no choice."

Stan nodded. "Go."


Closing their eyes, Mysterion jumped over the burnt staircase. When they landed, they were relieved. No one actually got killed.

"Let's get out."Mysterion said.

Immediately, both of them got out while the hospital burnt to ashes.

"I guess it's over."Kenny mumbled, putting his costume back in the closet. Though he found this treacherous. it was also quite fun for him. He never felt so free. So happy to help people. Then again, he's tired. What's worse was that it's Monday. He hopes that Kenny will recover in time.

Once he put on his parka, he grabbed his bag, went out of school, and got ready for another day.

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