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Mind. Blown. Really.

Why has nobody else jumped on this already?

This is the first part. Enjoy.

What had he been thinking?

"Sign here. Initial there. Write a couple short responses here before signing..."

Yes, he was desperate to find a place within a mile radius of the pizza parlor that had hired him, and yes, he had a very limited budget.

"Okay, now onto page 26. I'd like you to write a short essay about why you'd make a decent roommate. I'll give you 15 minutes. If you finish before the time allotted is up, then you can flip ahead to the next page where you can fill out an application for what times you'd like to be registered for the bathroom schedule."

Bathroom schedule? Really? Glenn raised an eyebrow skeptically before just shaking his head and bending down to write a few sentences on the essay. For goodness sake, he was just looking for a short stay while he figured out how to pay for college. Was all this really necessary? Surely, he hadn't sunk so low that he needed to jump through hoops for this guy.

Once Glenn wrote about 2 paragraphs (because surely that had to count as having made some sort of effort), he switched to the next page since he still had about 7 minutes left.

Oh, man. No. He wasn't that desperate! Really. Maybe he should reconsider that small room that had been offered two streets away. Except... well, that room had really been smaller than a supply closet in his opinion. He needed more room than that. He could do this. Really. He had already devoted the last two hours of his life to filling out these applications. He was going to get through this, damnit. He was.

"Okay, time's up! I see you've already jotted down a few notes for the bathroom schedule. I shall review that later tonight, and I will let you know whether the application is accepted or denied."

He would just use the restroom at that gas station the next street over if he really had to. He needed a place. His parents weren't talking to him anymore. They had already staunchly told him that no gay Asian was a son of theirs. He had already been cut off from any possible inheritances. He was lucky he had managed to grab a box of his things and a backpack and his trusty hat. He was going to have to make do. Right now: that meant getting a room cheap enough to pay for with the small budget he'd get from working at the pizza parlor. Later, he'll start saving up. He'll get to college one day. Maybe not right away, but he would get there. He just had to keep his head held up, and he had to stay strong.

He also had to give in to every ridiculous request made by this Dr. Sheldon Cooper since so far he had the only viable living arrangement he could afford. He's surely dealt with worse.

Okay, that's a blatant lie. Only ten minutes into the interview he had realized just out of his depth he was. Dr. Cooper had bombarded him with personal questions about his life, hygiene, and work placement. Then, he had watched Sheldon run the calculations of how much he made before deciding it was doable enough. Glenn had felt relieved for all of maybe ten seconds that he had been offered the place before Sheldon had pulled out the huge book that was The Roommate Agreement.

Glenn had gulped and seriously considered bolting before realizing this was his best offer and the chance of another similar one coming along were none. He had then taken a deep breath and steeled himself as he tried to listen closely as Sheldon started reading page one.

Finally, after 6 extensive hours with a short 15 minute break at the 3 hour mark, Glenn was being handed a key after he handed Sheldon his first deposit. He was also told he could move in on Monday. Glenn smiled. He could crash at his friends' place another weekend. His friend would just be relieved to hear he had finally found a place.

Right as Glenn was about to get up and go, because clearly Sheldon wasn't the type to just chit-chat idly, Sheldon nonchalantly added one more condition, "Oh, also, if you wish to remain past the one month mark, you'll need to present me with a SIZA certificate. Make sure you take the full official course offered. Print out the results, so I can be sure you've learned everything you could from the course."

Glenn paused. "What? SIZA?"

What the hell was SIZA? Oh, please, let this be doable, Glenn begged silently in his head. He needed at least a few months stay - if not a year - before he'd have enough to pay for a semester of college.

"Oh, surely you've heard of it? SIZA. Surviving the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Why, I would have thought any sensible person would have gotten certified as soon as the program was made available. Make sure you take the in-person portion too. Don't opt out. That's where you'll learn the real necessary skills the course can offer to teach you. It takes about 3 weeks of training, so I'd sign up for one right away if I were you."

Glenn was confused. Inevitable zombie apocalypse? Did people really believe that? He decided to voice his doubts out loud.

"Is that really necessary?"

"Why, of course!" Sheldon exclaimed. "I need to be certain that you won't be a hindrance to me if the zombie apocalypse ever does occur. Also, I'll be building you a pack of items that will be necessary. I need to be sure you'll know what to do with the items I include. Besides, you'll thank me later."

Glenn sincerely doubted that. He already had a couple full shifts planned. He wasn't sure he had the time to take a course - let alone one as useless as surviving a zombie apocalypse that would probably just never happen. He looked down at the key in his hand. He sighed. He needed this. He really did.

"Right. Okay. I'll do that." Here's hoping he could actually afford it.

"I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford it though."

Sheldon looked at him considering. "Well, I suppose you shouldn't have to since this isn't your idea. I'll pay for the course then, but you better pass it the first time around. I'll only pay for it once after all."

Glenn nodded gratefully. "Okay, then, I'll manage. I can get the certificate. Thanks, Dr. Cooper."

"Sure. See you Monday, Mr. Rhee."

Glenn nodded again before he turned around swiftly and headed for the door.

Hey, who knows. Maybe he'll be able to use the training for when he came across any trouble at his job. It didn't happen often, but he was a pizza delivery boy. He should be better equipped to defend himself. He'll find a way to make this course somehow useful.

I mean, it's not like there'll ever be a zombie apocalypse, but the training would surely come in handy someday.

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