I have written a Mason story consisting of A Prologue, 27 Chapters and an Epilogue.
All 29 chapters are EXACTLY 55 WORDS long each.
They are mini scenes; mere glimpses into the relationship Jason and Mimi build together over the course of 23 months.
I wrote it because I've always wanted to write a Mason fic but lacked the confidence to try.
I was experiencing severe writer's block and my usual cure for that is a 55 fic (As complete a story as possible in exactly 55 words.). Unfortunately it didn't work.
I then challenged myself to write a multiple chapter story with each chapter containing exactly 55 words.
I did it.
Admittedly the story is kind of corny but it really is not easy limiting oneself to just 55 words per scene.
Also Mimi and Jason are perhaps not true to character in the story, but since DOOL has never clearly defined either character, IMHO anyway, I took some creative licence.
If this interests you then please read and review.

Thanks.~FM :)