"Ohhh, Shepard," Tali groaned, rocking back and forth on her knees. "Why did I do that? Oh, ancestors, why?"

Shepard winced as the quarian jerked her faceplate off, leaned forward, and retched into the toilet. He coughed uncomfortably.

"Look, Tali, I'm real –"

"Shut up! You did this to me! Damn you, Shepard!"

There was a pathetic tremor in her voice as she shakily sealed her helmet again. It contrasted so much with her uncharacteristic sharpness that Shepard couldn't help himself. He covered his mouth with his hand to conceal his laughter.

"My father always told me not to date a human. Oh, keelah..."

The faceplate was off again, and Tali's stomach wrenched.

"Tali, I'm sorry. I just... I didn't mean to..."

"You are a bosh'tet! Oh, keelah, I am so stupid!"

Shepard shifted his weight. He didn't quite know what to do. After all, this was partially his fault.

Well, mostly his fault. But hell, it wasn't like she hadn't understood the risks!

Besides, he hadn't expected her to take him that deep. Apparently the Pilgrimage diet of thick, tasteless goop suppressed your gag reflex. Or maybe quarians just didn't have a gag reflex. He wasn't a xenobiologist.

All he knew was that when she'd looked up at him with those pretty eyes, her lips stretched around his cock, practically trembling with the culmination of two years of her fantasies...

Well. He had a lot of self-control, but not that much.

As his dick pulsed in her mouth, shooting a nice, hot helping of high-protein levo cum right down her throat, her face shifted subtly from worshipful adoration, through realization into stark horror.

Ten minutes later, she was on her knees in his bathroom, cursing him between bouts of nausea.

"Can I get you anything?"

"Get yourself a cockring, you bastard," she moaned. "I cannot believe you did that!"

He knelt next to her and put his arm around her shoulder. Whatever she was feeling, she needed the support – physical if not otherwise.

"I really am sorry, Tali. Just, the way you were looking at me, those gorgeous eyes... Seeing them without the mask just made me lose control."

His voice was soft, loving, and she turned to smile weakly at him.

"You're still a bosh'tet," she said softly, punching him in the arm. "Oh, merciful ancestors..."

Shepard held her as she kept puking her guts out.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"Damned right you will," she agreed, her voice dark.

One Week Later

Shepard was on his knees, eyes watering as his stomach rebelled.

"You... were remarkably collected the other night," he said, his hands clutching his belly.

"Doesn't feel so good, does it?" she crowed from her perch on his bed. He turned to look at her in disbelief. She was kicking her legs in glee, and he was sure she was smiling under her mask.

"I'm positive I didn't gloat like that when you... oh, God!"

After a brief, noisy pause, he wiped his mouth.

"You tasted a lot better going down," he groaned.

"So did you," Tali said. "If it makes you feel any better, Shepard, I'm probably going to get a fever from this."

She'd already put her suit back on, but for a moment, the pleasant memory of having those long, fascinating legs wrapped around his neck as he buried his tongue in her lovely, purple-tinted pussy came back.

"Like blueberry pie," he said, his voice weak and wondering.

"You just tasted salty. And bitter. But better than food paste," she mused.

"Glad to hear... fuck, oh fuck..."

Tali laughed with the glee of unrepentant schadenfreude as Shepard bent forward again.