Chapter 15

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Lunch with her parents had gone incredibly smoothly; far more smoothly than Elsa could have ever anticipated. She remembered the last time the subject of her sexual orientation was discussed…her father was practically enraged. Her mother was confused, and had no idea what to say in response.

In the end, her father plainly stated that it was simply a phase she would have to "get over". She was fifteen.

When her father brought her to the loft for the first time, she could hardly believe it. As soon as he was gone, leaving her alone, she really did sweep the place for hidden cameras and microphones, but found nothing. It was her space. Her space, and she would be free to bring home whoever she wanted.

She wasn't fifteen anymore, she was a grown woman with a good head on her shoulders and a heart that knew what it wanted. And it wanted Anna.

At the end of Thursday's session Anna snuck them into one of the smaller therapy rooms and drew her in for a hug. "In case I can't do this tomorrow, and since everyone is occupied right now…I just want you to know that I'm so proud of you, baby."

Elsa smiled and wrapped her arms around Anna's waist, tilted her head to softly kiss her cheek. "Thank you…for everything you've done. I couldn't have made it through this without you." She closed her eyes tightly to prevent herself from crying as she held Anna; revelling in the brief private moment.

"Sure you could have! You can do anything, Elsa."

"You're the only person who has ever told me that, or made me feel like that is possible…" Elsa sighed contentedly and scratched at Anna's lower back affectionately. "Hey, I just remembered something. What are you doing this Sunday?"

"Nothing, why?"

"Well, my father has kind of…closed a huge business deal, and there's going to be a party…"

Anna blinked and leaned backward to look up at Elsa. "You want me to go with you to a party?"

Elsa nodded, biting her lip as she smiled. "Please, be my date?"

"Date!?" Anna's eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly. "Y-you want me to go as y-your…date?"

"You have no idea how happy it would make me." Elsa leaned her forehead against Anna's, her hands grazing up and down now.

"I just…I'm not used to…" Anna was caught in a state of shock, pleasant shock. Any past girlfriends she had were either still in the closet, or just didn't want anyone to know they were with Anna. Sure, she and Elsa were also hiding in a way, but Elsa was asking her to go to a party with her; as her date. As her…girlfriend?

"Elsa…are you sure? I mean, what would you want me to say if anyone asked me who I was?"

"I'm sure. And you can tell them whatever you feel comfortable telling them." Elsa smiled and kissed the tip of Anna's nose. The redhead smiled and carefully stroked Elsa's ponytail.

"What kind of party is it? I don't know if I have any fancy dresses…"

"I can take care of that. We can go shopping on Saturday." Elsa grinned.

Even the thought of going to a mall couldn't dampen her spirits. Anna said yes. Anna would be her date. Anna would be there.

Saturday. Elsa knew exactly which dress she was going to wear for the party, but which accessories would she choose? She pulled the jewelry drawer in her walk in closet open, and browsed the various pieces. One in particular caught her eye; a platinum Tiffany snowflake pendant. She smiled as she skimmed her fingertips over the intricate metal work.

"Anna should wear this…" She nodded to herself and reached for its box, carefully placing it onto the little velvet pillow.

She would be picking Anna up in a bit to head over to the mall for a dress; her mother suggested a shop called Valenti's, a high fashion dress store, but ultimately Elsa only cared about what Anna wanted. After over an hour of walking in and out of various stores, Anna was almost ready to give up.

"You can come back to mine and look through my dresses if you want." Elsa offered a pouting Anna.

"We might have t-" Anna's eyes went wide and she suddenly took off; Elsa blinked and watched her run up to a store's window. A gorgeous empire cut viridian green dress was draped over a mannequin, and Anna had clearly fallen in love. Elsa smiled as she imagined Anna in that dress while she joined her.

"You want that one?" Elsa whispered as she wrapped her arms around her from behind, pressing a kiss to the side of her neck. Anna nodded and leaned into her blonde's chest.

"Think it would look good on me?"

"That color would bring out your eyes, and your hair would look dazzling." Elsa smiled and nuzzled into the copper locks she had just mentioned.

Soon Elsa found herself sitting in a chair in the dressing room area, eagerly waiting for Anna to reveal herself. When she heard the metal latch slide, she reared up in her seat and unconsciously licked her lips as Anna stepped into view. To say that she looked beautiful would have been an insult; she was the most beautiful thing Elsa had ever seen.

As her eyes wandered over the form-fitting fabric and up to Anna's chest, she imagined how perfect the snowflake necklace will look, and a wave of excitement washed over her. I can't wait until tomorrow night…

Once again Elsa had the best luck when it came to parking whenever she was visiting Anna; she very carefully stepped out of her car, lifting the fabric of her dress to avoid getting it dirty. She held the box containing her little gift tightly, and headed up after being buzzed in.

Anna was frantic with butterflies in her stomach. She had spent almost two hours doing her make-up and getting her hair to curl just the right way. She unlocked the door and ran back to her bathroom for some final touch-ups, when Elsa walked in.


"I'm in the bathroom! Just fixing my eye shadow." Anna carefully brushed her eyelid with the very tip of her pinky finger. "Perfect, okay!" She turned and stepped out into the hall, and her jaw dropped. "Elsa…"

Anna stared unabashedly, drinking in the ethereal sight before her. Elsa's hair was styled in a pristine French braid, as usual hanging over her shoulder. The dress was a steel blue, V-neck, column style skirt that fit her like a second skin. The paleness of the blue color contrasted flawlessly against her milky skin. A modest crystal necklace adorned her neck, with a length of chain that poured halfway down her chest, resting at an appropriate height so as not to draw attention to the pronounced cleavage. Anna looked anyway, and they were as perfect as the rest of her.

"I can't wait to peel you out of that dress later…slowly." Anna smirked and brought a hand up to cover her mouth as she giggled. A vibrant red was suddenly added to Elsa's palette of color.

"You l-look…I can't even describe, Anna. It looked stunning at the mall, but now…" She bit her lip as her eyes glazed over her. Anna's hair was wavy, and sat on her shoulders beautifully. "I have something for you." She smiled as she started walking towards Anna's bedroom, beckoning her to follow.

"What is it?" Anna questioned as she came up behind Elsa, who was now standing in front of the large mirror of the vanity. She reached over and pulled Anna in front of her.

"Close your eyes."

Anna obeyed, letting out a soft breath. Elsa set the Tiffany box down and opened it, retrieving the trinket. She carefully draped it across Anna's chest and secured the delicate clasp, planting a warm kiss at the back of Anna's neck before whispering "open your eyes".

She gasped, bringing her hand up to hold the snowflake in her fingers. She felt tears well up in her eyes, overwhelmed by this gesture. "Elsa…this is the most beautiful necklace I have ever seen." She turned to face Elsa, a single tear rolled down her cheek and Elsa quickly caught it with her thumb.

"Do you like it?" She smiled, watching Anna's eyes light up with delight.

"It's…too much, Elsa. I couldn't possibly wear it."

"Of course you can…it's yours." Elsa smiled and leaned in to kiss her softly. Anna wrapped her arms about the taller woman's neck and moaned happily into the kiss. "And before you ask, yes, I'm very sure. I want you to have it."

Anna chuckled and kissed the corner of her mouth, brushing the back of her neck with her thumbs. "Thank you, Elsa. I'll treasure it."

"We should get going; my parents are already at the hotel."

Anna nodded and they set on their way.

It was spectacular; Anna felt like she was really getting the royal treatment. Even something as simple as parking the car was a new experience. Having a valet take Elsa's keys without her even giving it a thought was even exciting. The hotel was breath taking, the floors were marble tile and everything seemed to be gilded with gold.

Elsa held her hand as she led her toward a hallway that seemed to have conference rooms and ballrooms. Their destination was at the end of the hall through an open set of large oak doors. The floor was parquet patterned wood, and couples were already dancing. Elsa drew in a breath and exhaled as they entered.

Anna felt nervous. She was still holding Elsa's hand -wait; no, now Elsa had taken her arm.

"Elsa!" A woman was waving at them from the hors d'oeuvres table. Anna pursed her lips as Elsa directed them over.

"Hey Elsa! It's good to see you." A man approached, smiling pleasantly at Elsa.

"Jentz, Hannah, it's good to see you." Elsa smiled and looked to them both.

"We heard you were recovering well, and coming back to work soon!" Hannah chimed.

"Yeah, I thought I saw you the other day with your dad." Jentz reached over and grabbed an appetizer.

"In a couple of weeks, I'll be back. With this merger dad needs mom and I to look through Volkswagen's books."

Anna stood there politely, eyeing the various finger foods on platters when Hannah touched her arm.

"I'm so sorry! We've been completely ignoring you. You're a friend of Elsa's?"

Anna's heart shot up into her throat and she nervously glanced over to Elsa, who just smiled and gave her hand a little squeeze.

"I…I'm Anna, and yeah, I'm her…" Anna suddenly found herself at a loss for words, unsure of how Elsa wanted her to introduce herself to these people. Thankfully she came to her rescue.

"Anna is my girlfriend, Hannah." Elsa gave Anna's hand another squeeze.

Anna couldn't believe it. For the first time in ever, she was with someone who was proud to present her as being 'the girlfriend'. She smiled up at the bewitching blonde and gave a nod to Hannah.

"Oh, wow! Elsa I had no idea, that's wonderful!"

"Congratulations, she's lovely." Jentz grinned, stuffing another serving into his mouth.

"Thanks. Have you guys seen my parents?" Elsa glanced around the room.

"They were out on the balcony the last time I saw them." Hannah answered.

"Alright, we're going to head off that way then. See you guys later!" Elsa smiled as they walked away. Anna looked up at her azure eyes and felt her face flush.

"You called me your girlfriend…" She whispered, smiling when Elsa leaned in to kiss her temple.

"That's because you are, and I think that probably means that I'm yours as well, doesn't it?" Elsa grinned and nudged her lovingly with her nose.

"I can't tell you how happy hearing you say that makes me."

"I'm not going to be like your past girlfriends, Anna. I told you my feelings are very strong, and I take pride in the choices I make." Elsa purred and kissed the rim of Anna's ear. "Come on, you still need to meet my mother. She has been eager."

Elsa's parents were still out on the balcony, chatting with a short, ridiculously thin man with an enormous silvery mustache.

"Ah, Elsa. You finally made it." Mr. Nordstrom beckoned them over. "This is Mr. Weselton, of Weselton Motors. He will be the head of operations at the new Volkswagen dealership.

Elsa let go of Anna's arm to shake Mr. Weselton's hand. His shake was firm, and he seemed friendly enough, until his eyes roved over her as if she were a mouth-watering meal. She grimaced slightly but hid it with a nervous smile. "A pleasure to meet you, sir."

"Aaaand you! You are as lovely as your parents suggested, particularly in that dress!" He sounded like a weasel, chattering away.

"You must be Anna." Mrs. Nordstrom extended her hand to Anna and smiled. Anna looked a little uncertain, but took the hand and shook it nervously.

"Yes, ma'am." Anna nodded and looked to Elsa, still caught in conversation.

"We can't begin to thank you for all you have done for Elsa; we've never seen her so happy and confident." Mrs. Nordstrom gave her a thankful smile and looked to her husband, who nodded his head in agreement.

"You've…you've done well, Anna. You're a real credit to the clinic you work for." Mr. Nordstrom offered briskly before turning to Mr. Weselton. "Duke, come. We should meet with the sales team."

Elsa was relieved to be rid of him, and quickly returned to Anna's side. Her mother wore an expression of approval as she regarded the couple. "Well, I'll leave you two be. Enjoy the night air." She smiled before returning to the party. Anna reached up to scratch the back of her neck, also feeling relieved.

"That went well, I think." She chuckled. Elsa took her hands and kissed each one before leading her to the bench in front of the railing. They sat, still holding hands.

"I told you my mother wanted to meet you; I'm pretty sure she likes you." Elsa smiled. Anna leaned in and rest her head against Elsa's shoulder.

"The next time my parents come see me, it'll be your turn."

"I'll look forward to it, then."

They held each other for a long moment, rubbing one another's backs and just enjoying the cool air. The live band inside the ballroom began to play a slow song, and Elsa smiled when she heard it.


"Hmm?" She lifted her head and lightly touched Elsa's cheek.

"I love you..."

Anna smiled and brushed her thumb along Elsa's jawline, looking deeply into her eyes. "I love you, too."

Elsa laughed, satisfied. She took Anna's hand and quickly kissed her. "Let's dance."

In the following months Elsa's life fell back into a normal routine; she was back at work with her parents, preparing for the merger with her mother as everything was being set in motion. She and Anna managed to see each other almost every day, and Elsa finally met her parents.

When winter had returned to Arendelle, Elsa finally managed to convince Anna to go skiing with her. They of course only stuck to the novice slopes, but Anna was right; Elsa was able to ski again, rather easily in fact, and Elsa was right: Anna enjoyed it immensely.

Even if she would never go up to the southwest slope like she used to, she had found a new love in life, and she gave her just as much of a rush.