A Journal of Thoughts of Tony Stark, Loki Laufeyson, and Jamie Stark March 23rd to May 31st

Tony: My name is Tony Stark the Iron Man. Until March 23rd 2014 I thought I was the only Stark child. How wrong I was when I bought the ruins of the Opera Populiar. I met a girl who looked a hell of a lot like my mother. Jarvis couldn't access a file that my father had locked with a very clever password. The girl's A.I Conner was able to and it was discovered I had a sister. Blood test further proved the document's words.

Loki: My name is Loki Laufeyson the god of mischief. Tony Stark is my boy friend. In March 23rd 2014 Tony learned he was not the only one. I found that out later that night...in bed. I was stunned at the news, then I was shocked that Tony was denying it. Even though he had proof and I too had seen it. I for the longest time denied that I could bare to be called the son of a man that killed my own kind of the Jotun...even then I denied that I was one of them. I'm not much help to Tony

Jamie: My name is Jamie Ellea Stark, the leader of the Darkness brothers as Zero. March 23rd 2014 will always hold the most meaning to me for it was the day I learned I was not an orphan but a rich kid. I learned I was Tony Stark's long lost little sister. Between Conner and Jarvis, Tony and I learned that we were brother and sister. He denied it. It hurt a lot to see him do that but as Jarvis informed me, Tony hardly let any one close to his heart. Funny that sounded a lot like me. I am the same way to most people. The only one who knows me well is Erik. As I lay with my opera ghost I wonder what the future holds for us both.

Tony: Days have pasted since that day. It is May 29th 2014 and I turn 44 today. I keep my birthday low key since March is still on my mind. I keep thinking about how my life may have been different if I known Jamie. D.N.A and official records say she is my sister, but I can't find it in my heart to accept her. I feel horrid that I am ignoring this blatant truth but I am a stubborn man.

Loki: It's Tony's birthday and I can see something is wrong with my boy friend. He's been acting strange since he learned about Jamie. While Tony is out at work today I ask Jarvis to show me what Tony has on Jamie. I learn a lot about this young girl. That cult brand on her neck is bugging me. I have seen it before but where? Hmm I must study my books once more.

Jamie: Tony's birthday. I have Conner send Tony an e-card and then have him search information on Tony Stark. Conner's glowing ring of information forms around me and spins rapidly signifying that he is searching. When it stops spinning all the information on Tony Stark is at my finger tips. I sort the information into folders and read the ones that really interest me. My brother has built seven versions of his suit thus far. It appears an eighth one is in the works. I also learn my brother is in a way sick. He has metal fragments in his chest that threaten his heart. The glowing circle is the arc reactor, it keeps the fragments away from his heart. Without it he could die. I must find away to help him.

Tony: Jamie sent me an e-card. It was kind her to do for my birthday. She cared about me that much was clear. I heard from Jarvis that Jamie's A.I had copied files for Jamie. At first I was upset but then I thought hey she had back ups for me! OK I'm being selfish but it is my technology after all. How the hell did Conner get through Jarvis' fire wall? Was he that good? I asked Jarvis to do a search on Conner him self. It turns out Jamie wrote her own code called Drabbel that the government uses, hence the large checks she gets from them, heck even S.H.I.E.L.D uses it after I hacked into their computers two years ago. Jamie is a mother fucking genius like my self. She also built her self a car called S.I.N or super intelligent nanno droid but she had to give it up because it had plans for the weapons my company used to create. I had to find a way to get S.I.N to get my technology plans and return her to Jamie. But how?

Loki: Tony is a stubborn man indeed. He worked on a clever yet legal way to get his sister's car back from the government. I wasn't sure that it would work but knowing Tony Stark it would in some way. While he was out I was rereading my books to try to find the symbol I asked Jarvis for some help. Funny just as I found it so did he. It was a little known cult on Asgard, Asgard of course that is why it was familiar. Odin often warned Thor and I of the Grifta cult for they stole young children in the night for their evil plans. I thought it just a tale to scare young children into obedience. However it is true I recalled seeing their mark on the body of a dead Jotun.

Jamie: Loki called me asking to meet at my place to talk. I was sure but agreed to meet him. He appeared and we sat down to lunch and we talked. Loki said he knew about the brand on my neck. I blushed and he explained about how he knew about it. So they were Asgardian? That explained a lot, like how they were able to walk free to continue to do their evil works. Loki was worried they may come after me and vowed to protect me from them. I smiled glad to have some one who cared about me to a degree. Ever since I left Erik in Pairs I have been lonely, as has he. He calls me often and we talk for hours. I miss him as he misses me. Tony is my brother and he needs to accept that.

Tony: I got a hold of S.I.N but not the technology plans. Yet when I rebooted the A.I, I got a surprise. S.I.N was an annoying piece of work. I could tell S.I.N was created first. The vehicle handled nicely other wise S.I.N was an ass.

Loki: Tony Stark pulled up to Jamie's home in a sleek black Ford Mustang. He knows I am here. I've been keeping watch on Jamie. Waiting for those bastards to try something.

Jamie: Loki has been keeping me company lately. It feels weird that my brother's boyfriend is so protective but it's not like I don't mind it is just...different. Conner is his usual glowing ring of information self as a female voice comes through that I have not heard since collage. "S.I.N!" I shouted and S.I.N that snarky A.I of mine was glad to be with me too. Tony called me down stairs to see that he had my car the same as the day I gave her up. I hugged him happy as high heaven to have S.I.N back.