A Journal of Thoughts of Tony Stark, Loki Laufeyson, and Jamie Stark

Tony Stark June 12th: We have arrived and we are too late. Just as we land the hall that houses the race in it's entirety is blown up. "Jamie!" I shouted. I try to run toward the burning structure when Thor grabs me and yells "It's not safe friend Tony." I try to fight his grasp but I wind up snapping emotionally and start crying already mourning my little sister, thinking why did I have to be so stubborn as to accepting the truth.

Loki Laufeyson June 12th: No No no Jamie can't be dead! I refuse to accept that. She said she'd be fine and that we'd both be free of them for good. I had no clue she'd blow the place up! She must have gotten caught in the blast...she must have.

Tony Stark June 15th: The team is back home in one piece and millions of lives were saved. Thor and Loki have returned to Asgard on their father's orders. I could really use Loki right now. I miss my sister very much really I do.

Loki Laufeyson June 15th: I am out side by the practice yard with Thor when we see a flash of light...black light...black is Jamie's color along with gold. Once it clears we see a charred body...Jamie's charred body. She's growling and groaning in pain. She has been found.