Title: Can hardly wait
Author: lilyme (aka. redslilstories aka. me ;))
Summary: This was set to become one of the best days of their lives. And it scared the crap out of her". Takes place sometime in the future.
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: T
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The car had barely come to a halt when little hands made short work of the seatbelt holding a little body in place and threw open the door to make way for a sprint the heavy-booted little feet wanted to make along a wintery pathway.

The destination: a woman who was pretty much the grown-up version of the girl running her way. A woman who was obviously... "Mami! Mami!" the widely grinning girl spurting towards her older lookalike.

Only to be slowed down by a concerned, "Oh, easy, Sofia, there is still ice in some spots". The girl obliged as she looked down and saw that her mother was right.

The weather had warmed up some over the last few days and the worst was behind Seattle, but the conditions still required some precautions.

A little slower than she really wanted to, she now reached her mother who instantly scooped her up and held her tight. "Hi, sweetie," Callie smiled and pecked her in greeting. "Did you have fun with grandma and grandpa?"

Sofia nodded vigorously at that and spontaneously started off a narration of activities she and her grandparents had engaged in during her stay. "Yeah! We went to the zoo, and I saw a real giraffe and a bear and I could pet the goats and the rabbits and... and zebras and...! And we went to the amusement park and we went on merry-go-rounds and roller coasters and auto scooters... Well, me and grandpa did. Grandma just watched," she scrunched her eyebrows and moved her mouth nearer to Callie's ear to what she thought was whisper conspiratorially. "I think she was scared," before breaking into a giggle.

"Well," grandma's voice spoke from behind them and startled the little girl somewhat, "someone had to stay behind and keep an eye on things," Barbara Robbins smiled as she approached them carrying the jacket Sofia had forgotten to take with her when she had ran towards Callie and putting it around the girl's shoulders to protect her from the still chilly temperatures.

Callie gave her a grateful smile and moved to give her mother-in-law an one-sided hug. "Hey, mom".

"Hi, honey," Barbara hugged her back.

"I hope those couple extra days didn't trouble you both too much," the brunette grimaced slightly. She knew that Sofia could be a handful, and that spending a few more days with her than originally planned might have taken a toll on Arizona's parents and they were just too polite to admit it.

"Oh, I told you not to worry about that," Barbara waved Callie's concerns off. "We had a great time. And Daniel was happy he had a little helper to paint our birdhouse with. You wanna see her covering him in paint?" she produced a photo camera from one of the pockets of her jacket. "It is all on here," she chuckled but was stopped by a stern-sounding clearing of a throat.

The throat of Colonel Daniel Robbins.

"Laughing at my expenses?" he set down the bags for their overnight stay he had been carrying and addressed his wife who only shrugged with a wink at her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. He ignored her and turned his attention to the woman his wife had just been talking to. "Callie," he stood before her with his arms behind his back and a stoic expression and nodded firmly in greeting.

"Colonel," she returned the gesture.

They sized each other up for a few moments before both broke into a grin and he hugged her with a kiss to her cheek. "Hello, sweetheart".

"Hey, dad," she hugged the man back.

Colonel Daniel Robbins loved to pretend like he was tough and intimidating. And he managed to fool a lot of people with that. Had fooled her as well - she had almost wet her pants upon their first meeting, hours of stern looks and cold silence had her on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

But over the years she had gotten to know his real personality. Had learned that he was a big, big softie with a big heart and a good sense of humor. Definitely the best father-in-law she could have wished for.

"Come on, let's go inside, it's cold," Callie nodded her head towards the house. It really was freezing. But of course Callie also had another reason.

They didn't know yet.

Neither of them.

About who exactly waited for them inside.

They wouldn't just find Arizona there.

They would also find their newborn son.

And Callie couldn't wait to see all of their reaction.

And apparently unsuspecting Sofia couldn't wait either. Tried to wriggle out of Callie's hold and run ahead to greet her momma who she knew was waiting for her inside as well. And greet her little brother or sister still on the camp out in momma's belly.

But Callie held on.

"Mom, you can let me down. I'm not a baby anymore!" Sofia whined.

And Callie knew she was right - a five year old was surely starting to be a little too old to be carried around... But still, "Oh, you'll always be our baby," she laughed. "You could be a hundred and you'd still be our baby".

"A hundred?" Sofia asked, trying to bring what sounded like a really big number in relation to something. "Is that how old you are?" she asked her mother with her innocent, childlike curiosity, and Callie almost lost her footing at that. Barbara's equally as surprised laugh at the question didn't make it any better. Not at all.

Callie smirked as she simply returned, "No, honey. A hundred is, like, when you put momma's age and my age together and add your's about five times," the older explained, the calculation more or less adding up to that certain number.

"Wow... that's old," Sofia agreed and Callie nodded as she smooched her cheek and elicited a still disgruntled giggle from their daughter.

Sofia asking her if she was a hundred... Oh, Arizona was gonna love this story.

And, speaking of...

"So, Sofia, honey," she became more serious and looked at her intently to really make her get what she was about to say, "promise me to be really quiet when we go inside?"

"Whisper voice and floaty feet?" Sofia leaned into her mother's embrace, having given up the fight. And she understood what Callie was saying, already knowing the drill. There had been several times when Callie had asked her that, times when her pregnancy had Arizona in a terribly cranky and head-achey state.

And Sofia squealing and trampling had only added to that.

"Yeah, baby, whisper voice and floaty feet," the older brunette agreed.

"Oh, is something wrong?" Barbara asked, suddenly a little concerned, not having heard of this 'agreement' before. Certainly Callie didn't ask their granddaughter this for no reason.

"Oh, don't worry," Callie quickly reassured her with a big smile. There was really nothing wrong. Just that their boy had had a bit of a long day already.

Places to go. People to meet.

Because earlier today Callie had taken her wife and baby to the hospital to finally have them checked out.

As predicted by Arizona, she was as well as she could possibly be. As was their son – Baby Boy Robbins-Torres weighing 6.95 pounds and being 19.29 inches long at two days after his birth.

And, of course, there had been no way for them to just sneak out after the exams. The hospital's grapevine was fast – and once it had picked up on the fact that Torres and Robbins were at the hospital with – surprise – their newborn baby, it had only been a matter of minutes before half the staff had flocked around the threesome. Oohing and aahing, grasping his tiny hands and feet and gushing about his adorableness.

But after a couple of hours of happily retelling the story of his birth to various nurses, doctors and even some of Arizona's long-term patients, and after finally prying him from Bailey's baby-loving arms, they had been more than ready to make their way back home – Callie seeing that the unusual hustle and bustle had both of her blond sweethearts tired out.

After quickly feeding the boy, she had tucked both him and Arizona into bed to sleep a bit before it was time to get up and and ready once again to meet yet a few more people.

Something that would happen in only a few moments.

"Okay, come on in," Callie opened the door and ushered them inside and out of the cold.

Putting Sofia down and making sure she didn't just take off her coat but her wintery-muddy boots as well, Callie motioned for her daughter and parents-in-law to go sit in the living room.

The movements coming from there already telling her that three people would be in for a big surprise in three – two – one ...

A shrill yelp escaped Barbara Robbins as she set foot into the aforementioned room. Expecting to find her very pregnant daughter there. Not remotely prepared for what she really came face to face with now.

"Grandma!" Sofia scolded in a much lower voice as she stepped in behind her, "didn't you hear what Mami said about..."

But as soon as her eyes took in what had startled the older woman, Sofia fell silent beside her as she herself looked on in awe.

Daniel scrunched his brows at their odd behavior and followed them, instantly finding himself mimicking his wife's slack-jawed expression.

Because right there she stood.

Arizona. With a yet again freshly fed newborn held securely to her chest. The boy seemingly pretty undisturbed by the earlier yelp and even more unimpressed by the display of three gawking people and his smiling Mami standing eight feet away.

His birth-mother was far less composed. Tears brimming in her eyes and a quivering smile on her lips.

The moment she had waited for was finally here. Sure, ultimately it had been her call to to wait to tell them, to surprise Sofia and her parents. But still, she had never thought that two days of waiting – or more precisely fifty-four hours and twenty-three minutes – of happiness could be this gruelling.

"Honey, mom, dad," she addressed the new-arrivals that were still staring on in stunned astonishment. "This is our son".

"You really made me a brother?" Sofia was finally the first to approach Arizona and the baby.

"Yeah, we did our best," Arizona laughed as Sofia leaned in for a quick cuddle in greeting.

"But you said it would still be a few more weeks till he would be here," she wondered as she craned her neck and got on her toes to look bigger and hopefully catch her brother's attention.

"Well, he couldn't wait to meet you so he came a little early," her momma explained and bent down a little so Sofia could see better.

The girl's face lit at hearing that and she went to stroke his tiny foot. She had felt the same about him, had pestered her mothers with questions about when her little brother or sister would finally be here for months.

"You wanna hold him, baby girl?" Callie suggested when the boy still failed to look at his sister who was so excited to meet him. Gnawing on the burp cloth Arizona had hanging over her shoulder seemed more interesting at the moment. Sofia nodded excitedly and Callie knew that Arizona would be happy to hand him over for a while – needing her arms for a few emotional exchanges with her parents.

Callie took him from her wife's arms with a gentle peck to her lips and waited till Sofia was seated securely in an armchair. "Okay...," she carefully placed him in the awaiting arms and guided Sofia in how to hold him, "support the head," she adjusted the girl's arms a little. "There you go".

Behind them Barbara approached her daughter with teary sobs that almost made it impossible for her to speak. "Oh, honey," she took her girl in a long loving embrace as Arizona herself began to cry. "When... When...," Barbara asked, obviously needing to know when exactly that little surprise now cradled in Sofia's arms had decided he wanted to come out and meet the world.

"Two days ago," Arizona laughed as her mother slapped her on the arm lightly in a reprimanding manner.

"How dare you not tell us sooner?" the now two-time grandmother gasped before she shook her head with a disbelieving, yet pleased smile and released her daughter so Daniel, who had waited so patiently, finally had the chance to engulf her in a less tight but not less loving hug.

"You two are so mean!" Barbara chuckled as she approached Callie and once more pulled her daughter-in-law into a hug. Together they stood and watched their now two kids or grandkids respectively looking at each other in curious wonder.

The boy gurgled contently as Sofia's hand stroked his side gently, the siblings for the first time ever making eye contact.

"He is so cute!" Sofia said excitedly "Can I take him to preschool tomorrow so we can play with him?"

After explaining to Sofia that her brother wasn't really up for playing just yet, but that surely they could bring him to preschool one day so she could show him to her friends, they slowly went to prepare and eat dinner.

Arizona and Callie all the while once more retelling the story of the surprise home birth in icy Seattle. How the baby had just decided it wanted to be born right then.

The baby who everybody in the house got plenty of opportunity to hold throughout the night.

Right this moment he found himself once more cradled in his grandma's arms. She was sitting on a couch in the living room, with Daniel sitting next to her, still equally as enthralled, and Sofia standing close by, imitating any of the unintentional facial expressions her little brother produced.

Callie and Arizona sat on a smaller couch near them, watching their daughter and the overjoyed Robbins' with their baby.

The pride and happiness were more than visible on the grandparents' faces.

The happy and loving grandparents' faces.

They had called Callie's parents two days before, delivering the exciting news to them. Carlos had been elated to no end, immediately requesting they'd send him tons of pictures so he could see his grandson and go off telling and showing him to everyone.

Lucia... had still been Lucia. Reluctant to make even the slightest step towards them, bringing out hardly more than a strained "Congratulations" before handing the phone back over to Carlos.

Callie was used to this by now. Was used to receiving a cold shoulder from her mother. Used to the harsh ignorance Arizona had gotten ever since. Used to her not interacting with Sofia whenever they happened to meet.

She was used to it. And she would get used to their son receiving the same attitude from his other grandmother.

But this didn't mean that it would ever stop hurting.

It never would.

And Arizona knew that as well. She saw the sad eyes as Callie observed Barbara Robbins playing with the baby's blond hair and just knew what the look was all about.

She gave the hand she had cradled in her lap an extra tight squeeze and her wife mustered a smile. Not fooling her with it. Not needing to.

It was Lucia's fault that she couldn't accept her daughter's family. And they both knew they couldn't change that.

But Carlos would make a visit very soon. And he certainly would spoil Sofia and her baby brother enough for two grandparents.

Spoil them as much as Daniel and Barbara did. Arizona couldn't believe how many new toys Sofia had brought with her from her trip to her grandparents. Any other day she would have had a word with her mother for pampering Sofia this much, for buying her everything she wanted – knowing the girl had her grandparents wrapped around her finger. And, as if that hadn't been enough, Barbara had also brought along plenty of things for the – as she had still believed – yet unborn baby. Mostly baby clothes and a blanket she had knitted that would provide the currently wide awake baby with some safe and sound sleep.

"Girls," the grandmother in question suddenly addressed them, "you do realize that eventually he needs a name, right?" she looked at Arizona, Callie and also Sofia respectively.

"He does," Arizona agreed with a smile in Callie's direction who returned it with one of her own.

They had stuck to the nickname Speedy for obvious reasons, but they knew that it was time for a real name. And, after all, they had only waited for the return of a very important person to discuss them boy's name with.

"Sof, come here a sec," the blonde patted the small space between her and Callie. Their daughter complied – a little reluctant to leave her brother – but nonetheless hopped on the couch sit with her mothers.

"Okay, big girl, you know we have a very important decision to make?" she combed her fingers through Sofia's hair as the girl looked up at her with a nod, having heard her grandma as well.

"And we need your opinion," Callie added and looked into their daughter's eager eyes. Their daughter, who also hadn't had a name for the first couple of days of her life. Because she had been born long before her three parents had even considered thinking about a name all three could agree on.

All three of them. Callie, Arizona and Mark. The daddy Sofia had long forgotten and would only know from pictures, videos and stories told.

It had been him who had proposed the name 'Sofia' back then. Two days after she had been born. Not wanting to have the label above her incubator read "Baby Girl Torres" any longer.

'Sofia' had been the first thing all three of them had agreed on since... Callie's pregnancy had become known to them. It had just been... perfect. Perfect for the tiny girl that now enrichen their lives.

And now they needed to find a name just like that one for their boy.

"So, we've been thinking," Arizona started. "Maybe we could name him Johnny or Jacob...or Joseph..."

"Or Elijah, Max," Callie returned. "Or Sam".

"Joshua or Jeremy..."

"Well, Momma is obviously fixated on names that start on 'J'," the brunette teased and received a beaming shrug from her wife. Not that Callie was a hundred per cent against any of them … but none of them had really been it. "Hm, what about Adam, Gabriel... or Rob".

"'Rob'? Rob Robbins-Torres?" Arizona now full on laughed and made Callie realize that it might sound a little weird.

"Oh, right...," Mami mumbled before the room fell silent as they thought about a possible name.

"Shouldn't," their little daughter sitting in between them finally spoke up, "Shouldn't he decide about his name?" she asked and looked at her mothers quizzically. It was only logical; everyone should decide themselves about what they wanted – and she was gonna make sure her brother would have that right as well.

Arizona looked over to the boy still being fondled by her mother, lying contently in her arms while her hands caressed and tickled all over him. "You know what? You're right," she nodded and squeezed their daughter's shoulder.

There was really no saying 'no' to that. They could have him have a say in it, and gladly they had Sofia, the wise one – and that not only by name - here to make them realize that.

Looking at her wife, she saw a smile of approval. "Um, mom, can we...," she addressed Barbara who was so focussed on the newborn she had probably missed most of their name discussion. "Mommy," she tried again and Barbara finally looked up from where she had watched her yet unnamed grandson wrap his tiny fist around her finger. Arizona smiled, "Can you do without him for a few moments?"

"Oh! Sure...," the older blonde returned and stood up to bring him over, but actually a little reluctant to hand the cutie-pie over. And the three girls sitting on the couch together could certainly understand.

But eventually she did, and the boy was resting in Arizona's arms, looking up at his parents and his big sister. And it seemed he was almost wondering what they were up to, his tiny eyebrows raised and his shining blue eyes big as he watched them.

Soon watched and heard their mouths sound out several of the names mentioned before, some news ones like 'Adrian' and 'Kieran' added as well as 'Charlie' and 'Linus' by Sofia – she just loved her Peanuts characters.

The threesome observed him closely for his reaction, but he just kept looking at them with certainly fascinated eyes, but ultimately indifferent.

Callie and Arizona looked at one another, thinking about what to do now. The brunette was about to quip that they could each pick their respective favorites and this time really toss a coin for it, when Sofia suddenly drew her mothers' attention back to the baby.

"Look!" she almost yelled as the boy showed the first stirring of emotions in minutes, releasing a strong yawn, first forming something that sounded like an 'o', closing his mouth and then continuing with an 'a' sound.

The mothers just smiled at his cuteness, whereas Sofia thought hard about what he had tried to tell them with that. "Did he say 'Jonah'?" she finally asked, to her the name coming closest to what her brother had just mouthed.

"No, he," Arizona chuckled, and was about to explain that their boy couldn't talk yet, when... "Oh... 'Jonah'...," she repeated and slowly a smile spread across her features that grew with every passing second. "You think he said 'Jonah', baby girl?"

Sofia nodded eagerly with a bright smile of her own, and two sets of imploring eyes turned towards Callie. The brunette seemed wary, for her 'Jonah' being one of those names that were a little too cute for her liking. But then she looked at the three people sitting before her. Her amazing wife with her shining blue eyes and adorable dimples grazing her smile, their endearing daughter smiling just as sweetly at her, and even their son now seeming to look and smile at her expectantly. That threesome was too cute to be true, and it made her realize that the name Arizona and Sofia and apparently their baby as well seemed to have already decided on... simply fit.

Slowly her mouth tugged into a smile as she nodded, "That's him".

"Yes!" Arizona cheered but not too loudly, as not to startle little Jonah and went to first kiss her wife, then her daughter and then the little guy who was no longer nameless.

"Awww...," Barbara gushed and Daniel looked on, obviously content with the name chosen.

"Um, I want to propose a middle name," Callie raised her hand after a few moments and looked around the room full of expecting and excited eyes. Well, except for a pair of bright blue ones that widened in apprehension of Callie stating the name she had once put on her baby name list as a joke. A joke that seemed to have backfired since the brunette seemed to have really taken a liking to it.

"'Agamemnon'?" Arizona had intended to whisper, but it had still been heard by everyone in the room.

"'Agamemnon'?" Barbara Robbins, who had just taken her time to snap some pictures of the foursome, asked and almost dropped her camera.

"'Agamemnon'!?" the colonel repeated with raised eyebrows and Arizona gulped, trying to think off a way out of this. Well, for one, the fact that in Greek mythology Agamemnon had intended to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia – as is well known Callie's middle name – was a valid point against this name. And also...

"What?" Callie interrupted before she could think about it any more. "No, that can be his third name," the brunette waved Arizona, Barbara and Daniel's question off and once again Arizona wasn't sure if her wife was joking or not. "No, um...," she became more serious. "I want to suggest...," she looked at Arizona and prepared herself for what she was going to say. "I want 'Timothy' to be his second name," Callie nodded and hoped she wasn't doing the wrong thing.

She knew that this specific name meant more to Arizona than life itself, and she guessed that it was the same for her parents-in-law.

It had taken Arizona a long time to talk to her about her brother. To even tell her about all the fun and sometimes dangerous adventures the two Robbins siblings had engaged in as kids. And even the most hilarious anecdote had always ended on a sad note as Arizona, her mind fully wrapped up in fond memories, had suddenly realized all over again that her partner in crime wasn't there any more.

And this is why Callie had fought long with herself to suggest the name 'Timothy'. Knowing that all the good memories the Robbins had of her late brother-in-law would always ultimately be linked to that one bad one. To that day they had learned that Tim had died.

Would this middle name be accepted. Would it only be a eternally painful memory or would it serve the purpose she wanted it to? To honor him and the role he played in all their lives, even though she and their kids hadn't gotten the chance to meet him.

Looking at the three remaining adults in the room, she saw what she had expected... and feared.

Barbara had sat down again by now and sought comfort in the arm her husband had protectively around her shoulder. Daniel's lips set tight as he fought to keep his emotions in check. Arizona looked down at their baby, the thumb of the hand she had on him securely caressing the boy's tummy gently as she vainly tried to stop her tears from falling.

The blonde turned her head away when the first drop rolled down her cheek, and Callie wanted to apologize, regretting what she had done. She should have checked in with Arizona about this topic. The last thing she had intended to do was cause her family unbearable pain.

In her own panic she almost missed the three Robbins exchanging nods and tiny smiles of consent. A hand cupped her cheek and made her gaze into into bright blue ones that, yes, shone with tears... but nonetheless looked happy

Arizona finally nodded to Callie's proposal and leaned in to put the gentlest of kisses onto her wife's lips before whispering a soft "Thank you" against them.

She hadn't suggested the name herself for the reasons Callie had already thought off. But Callie proposing it... it made her happy, and she knew that the same thing was true to her parents.

Callie sighed in relief, now herself having to take care of tears wetting her cheeks.

Despite her young age, Sofia had understood what the sombre mood that had fallen over the room had been all about. She knew that Momma used to have a brother named 'Timothy', and she also knew that she would never meet him. She couldn't even begin to imagine how her momma must feel. She's known her own brother for less than three hours and already she couldn't think of a life without him in it.

But when she heard a laugh above her head, she was a little more relieved. Momma was smiling again, at having a new Timothy in her life, so maybe things were okay.

"So," Arizona guffawed, "I guess we have a name. Jonah Timothy...," she dared a glance at Callie to see if she was going to attempt to squeeze in the 'Agamemnon' after all...

… and found herself at ease when the brunette simply finished her thought with "Robbins-Torres".

It was official.

Jonah Timothy Robbins-Torres.

"Oh, I so need to call your aunts now. They're gonna be so excited to hear all that," Barbara rejoiced and made a move to get up and retrieve her phone from her purse...

… when once more Sofia brought everyone's attention back to Jonah. "Oh, what's he doing now?" she asked a little concerned when the baby's head turned a shade of light red and his entire face pulled into something of a weird and strained grin, it seemed.

After a moment this spectacle was over and her mothers went to explain that the baby boy had most likely just pooped a little.

"You know, I think it's diaper changing time, anyway. Any volunteers?" Arizona joked, almost on her way to do it herself when unexpectedly both Sofia and Barbara's hands shot up, followed by an eager "me" respectively.

"Huh, so easy," Callie laughed out loud as Barbara carefully took the baby and her and Sofia went to do the task at hand.

She as well as Arizona knew that it wouldn't always be like this. Surprise volunteers to help with baby duty. And they knew that Sofia and her brother wouldn't always get along this great. Some sibling quabbles were probably in order at some point in their later life.

But at the moment they were happy with their little family of four. And they couldn't wait to see what else future had in store for them.

THE END ... for real this time

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