(A/N: This was a hard place to go to. That's one of the reasons it's so short-it was somewhere I didn't want to stay for very long. It's my take on that spoiler pic for 2x23 that made Tumblr explode with feelings. The title comes from the Doors' song "The End.")

Finale—The End of Our Elaborate Plans—2x23 spec

Felicity should have been terrified. There was a sword at her throat, and the man wielding it could take her head off her shoulders without expending much effort. She was afraid—of course she didn't want to die—but if this was her grand finale, she was okay with it. At least she'd go out on her feet.

With the hood down and his mask off, Felicity could see the progression of emotions playing across Oliver's face. Recognition, confusion, anger, fear. He vacillated between anger and fear, anger and fear, in time to her heartbeat, it seemed. It was hard for her to watch and not be able to do anything. Slade was shouting at him, roaring in her ear, and she could feel the cold edge of the blade on her neck.

She couldn't speak to be heard over Slade. She couldn't shake her head or anything. She was afraid any movement might draw Slade's attention from Oliver to her. All Felicity could do was hold Oliver's gaze. The despair in his eyes was almost more than she could take, trapped as she was, but she didn't look away.


It was all he said, all she needed to hear. Oliver had always been able to pack a world of meaning into something as simple as her name. She had no idea what her expression looked like, so she concentrated on communicating through her stare everything she'd said to him in the clock tower, and everything she hadn't been able to say.

Felicity saw the moment when Oliver got the message. So she smiled at him, closed her eyes, and jammed the syringe with the cure into Slade's thigh.