Chapter I: Twin Bites

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Sam McCall was listening to rock music as she threaded the rope on her lacrosse stick. Even though she, along with her twin brother Scott, were horrible at the sport, they still took good care of their equipment. Her long, dark hair hung in a loose braid over her left shoulder.

No one said if you were horrible that it meant that your equipment had to be in equally bad shape!

Shortly after she had finished up, Sam heard a clunk outside. Then she heard another one. Picking up the crowbar that she had from the shop, Sam saw that her brother had the baseball bat.

Once they got to the door, brown eyes met brown and Scott opened it. No one was out there; perhaps they were just hearing things.

For good measure, they decided to check the whole wraparound porch. The twins hadn't gone far when their friend Stiles suddenly appeared from above. He was dangling by his legs on the roof.

At this sudden, unexpected arrival, they yelled out in shock before Scott and Sam said at the same time, "Stiles what the hell are you doing here?"

"Neither of you were answering your phones," was his reply. Upon noticing that Scott and Sam were holding a baseball bat and crowbar respectively, Stiles asked, "What's with the weapons?"

"We thought you were a predator," Scott replied while Sam rolled her eyes.

Knowing that he had to make his point quickly he said, "Look, I know it's late, but you two have got to hear this. Saw my dad leave 20 minutes ago, dispatch called. They're bringing in every officer from the Beacon Hills department and the state police."

"For what?" Sam asked. Nothing interesting ever happened in Beacon Hills.

"Two joggers found a body in the woods," Stiles said as he flipped off the roof of the porch.

"A dead body?" Scott asked disbelievingly.

"No a body of water," Stiles deadpanned. "Yes, dumbass a dead body." he said as he climbed up over the railing onto the porch.

"You mean… murdered?" Scott asked.

"Nobody knows yet. Just that it was a girl, probably in her 20s."

"Hold on, if they found the body, then what are they looking for?" Sam asked Stiles.

Stiles looked entirely too giddy for the situation before saying, "That's the best part. They only found half."

Before either twin could say anything more, their friend said, "We're going."

Their curiosity piqued, the twins got their shoes on, and grabbed their inhalers. Shortly thereafter, the trio left for the Beacon Hills Preserve.


As Stiles drove up to the chain link gate at the entrance to the preserve and everyone got out of the car, Scott asked,

"Are we seriously doing this?" Sam also shot Stiles a look that let him know that she wondering that as well.

"Look, you two are the ones that are always bitching about how nothing ever happens in this town!" Stiles said while turning on the flashlight.

"I was trying to get a good night's sleep before practice tomorrow!" Scott explained.

"Right, because sitting on the bench is such a grueling effort," Stiles snarked.

Taking a breath Sam cut in saying, "Because we're playing this year. In fact we're making first line. The both of us."

"Hey, that's the spirit. Everyone should have a dream, even a pathetically unrealistic one." Stiles wasn't being cruel, he was just stating the facts. All three of them rode the bench.

After a few more moments, Scott asked Stiles, "Just out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for?"

"Huh, I didn't even think about that." Stiles sounded suspiciously sheepish.

"And uh, what if whatever killed the body is still out here?" Sam asked with narrowing eyes.

Sounding even more sheepish, Stiles said, "Also something I didn't really think about."

At that point the questions stopped, because they had to climb up a little hill in the forest. Scott remarked sarcastically, "Nice to know that you've planned this out with your usual attention to detail." Stiles was notorious for making plans, but forgetting vital details.

Breathing heavily, Sam said to Stiles, "Perhaps you should give the flashlight…" she had to reach for her inhaler.

"…To one of the severe asthmatics, huh?" Scott said before reaching for his own.

"Wait, come on you two!" Stiles yelped.

"Stiles wait up!" Sam called out. She'd just finished taking a breath from her inhaler.

"Stiles, Stiles!" Scott called out as well.

Then Scott and Sam heard the German Shepards and immediately dove behind a tree and some bushes to hide. They'd found the police.

"Hold it right there!" An officer said to Stiles who immediately threw his hands up in the air.

"Hang on, hang on. This little delinquent belongs to me." Thank god that Stiles' dad the Sheriff was there before things got too out of hand.

"Dad, how're you doing?" Stiles asked in an attempt to distract his father.

"So do you listen to all of my phone calls?" He asked.

"No, heh, not the boring ones." Their friend confessed.

"Where are your usual partners in crime?" the sheriff asked.

"Who? Oh you mean Scott and Sam? The- they're at home. They said that they wanted to get a good night's sleep for the first day back at school tomorrow. It's just me. In the woods. Alone." Stiles tried to hide the fact that both of them were with him.

Not buying it for a moment, his dad called out, "Scott! Sam! Are you two out there?" Apparently satisfied by the resounding silence, he turned to his son saying, "Well, young man, I'm gonna walk you back to your car. And you and I are going to have a conversation on something called invasion of privacy."

With that, Stiles was marched away. With the flashlight. This left the two of them in complete darkness. Once the cops were gone, Sam got up from her hiding place and said, "That was close."

"Too close. Let's get home and get some sleep." Scott said tiredly. It was raining and he didn't want to get any more soaked than he already was.

The twins were walking towards home doing their best to stay aware of their surroundings. Both of them jumped at the flapping of wings. Shaking themselves, they moved further on.

It was then that they noticed that the woods had gotten quiet. As Scott got out his inhaler, the forest burst into a surge of activity in the form of a herd of deer stampeding past. Scott tackled Sam to the ground in order to protect her, though in the midst of that action, both of their inhalers went flying.

The stampede was over as soon as it began. Sam said to Scott, "Thanks." Nodding his head, "You're welcome", he began to brush the leaves off his clothes. Sam did the same.

Noticing that their inhalers were gone, they started to use the light on their phones as a method to try and find them. Their mom would murder them if she found out that they'd lost them!

As Scott was waving his phone around, he let out a startled yell.

Upon hearing him, Sam came running. Coming to a stop beside him she saw what had gotten his attention.

It was the other half of the body!

In their attempt to try and get as far away from the body as possible, Sam and Scott tumbled down a small hill. They came to a stop with Sam lying across her brother's back.

Pulling themselves up on a log, they looked around and then got up, wincing slightly. They were going to have bruises. Good thing that lacrosse was starting tomorrow.

As the twins walked away from the log that they'd pulled themselves up on, they heard a growl. Very slowly turning around, they saw this… creature with red eyes. It moved towards them so quickly they couldn't move other than falling over themselves for the second time that night.

Scott and Sam got dragged, and then thrown through midair, landing with loud thuds. Scott heard Sam get up, and then screech in pain. The thing had bitten her. He barely had a chance to move before he was bitten himself. Barely wasting any time to check that they were alright, they got up and ran like the Devil himself was chasing them.

Sliding out onto the road, they barely avoided getting hit by a compact car. As the car drove away, they slowly drew up their t-shirts. Looking at each other's wound; they saw that the bite marks were identical. They were toast. Slowly the McCall twins made their way back home, silently praying to whoever would listen that their mother didn't find out that they'd been out this late on a school night.

"Are you alright Scott?" Sam asked worriedly.

"We need to get these wounds cleaned once we get home. I'll be alright for now, how about you, Sammie?"

"I'll be fine too, Scott." Sam smiled at the old nickname. "Let's get home, get our wounds cleaned up, and get to bed. We've got a busy day tomorrow."

Throwing their arm around the other's shoulder, they walked the rest of the way home in that manner.


Sam had barely gotten up in time to hear the alarm clock go off. She and her brother had taken quick showers before getting dressed. But before getting dressed, Scott had checked both of their wounds. They were still there, marks of their night in the woods.

Once they were done with breakfast, they cleaned up, got on their bikes, and went to school.

No sooner had they began to put their bikes in the port, Sam noticed a masterpiece of German engineering driving up. Whoever was driving opened the door and "accidentally" hit her brother. She wasn't surprised at who was driving it. It was Jackson, the captain of the lacrosse team. Top student, star athlete in two other sports, and most of the girls in the school thought he was hot. And boy did he know it!

Sam was among the few girls that were immune to his charm.

After he shut the door, Jackson said to her brother, "Dude, watch the paint job."

Another one of the guys on the lacrosse team, called out, "Yo Jackson! Let's go bro."

After giving the twins a dirty look, Jackson threw his backpack over his shoulder and followed him into school.

"Who would give their seventeen year old a Porsche?" Scott wondered aloud.

"People with more money than sense. Do you have any idea how expensive those things are?" Sam stated. She knew this due to her after school job at one of the local mechanic's shops.

After walking towards the school's entrance, they ran into Stiles. After a small discussion, they'd decided to tell Stiles about what had happened to them the night before after he'd been nailed by the police.

"So let's see these things of yours, ooh!" Stiles visibly winced as their bandages came into view.

"Yeah, Whoa!" Scott jumped back as Stiles tried to examine his bandage. Both of them covered themselves, pulling their shirts back down.

"It was too dark to see much, but we're pretty sure it was a wolf," Scott continued.

"A wolf bit you two?" their best friend's voice was full of disbelief.

"Uh-huh." Sam replied.

Stiles scoffed saying, "Not a chance."

"I heard a wolf howling," Scott told him.

"No you didn't." Stiles replied.

"What do you mean 'No I didn't'? How do you know what I heard?" Scott shot back.

"Are you calling us liars?" Sam hissed.

Stopping for a moment, Stiles turned to them and said, "No, I'm not calling you liars. It's just impossible. Because California doesn't have wolves. California hasn't had any wolves for like, sixty years."

Both of them mulled this information over, trying to work through it. It didn't really make sense with what they remembered, they were sure that it was a wolf they had seen. Scott then asked,


"Yes really," their friend said.

Smirking Sam said, "Well then if you don't believe us about the wolf, then you won't believe what else we have to tell you…"

"…We found the body." Scott finished

That got their friend's attention. Sputtering a bit, he asked, "You- are you guys screwing with me?"

"I wish. I think the both of us are going to have nightmares for at least a month." Scott shuddered as he said that.

Sam also made a small gesture against evil while she shuddered as well as she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand straight up in memory.

Stiles was excited saying, "Oh god, this is freaking Awesome! I mean this is seriously going to be the best thing that's ever happened to this town since…" Stiles trailed off, noticing that the girl of his dreams was walking by, "Since the birth of Lydia Martin. Hey Lydia-You look- Like you're gonna ignore me," Stiles said with a dejected tone to his voice.

Looking at her friend with pity, Sam said, "Stiles, she's not worth the effort. Lydia is a superficial, spoiled princess. You're too good for her."

Ignoring Sam's remark, Stiles turned to them to say, "It's your fault, both of you."

Scott and Sam rolled their eyes. Continuing on, their friend said, "You've both dragged me down to your nerdy depths."

All the twins did was roll their eyes. He'd said this many times before.

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