A/N: Hello everyone I am back with the next installment of my Pokemon Origins sequels series with Gold and Silver. This will be slightly abridged since I know you don't want to see every single detail taken. However, encounters with Team Rocket, gym battles, rival battles, catching wild Pokemon and other important events will be covered. Without further ado, here we go.

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It was a sunny morning in New Bark Town as the a new day began. For many this would be just another ordinary day but, that was not the case for Ethan. Today is his tenth birthday which means this is the day his Pokemon adventure begins.

"Ethan honey, it's time to wake up!" called his mother downstairs.

"Will you check the clock for me?" asked Ethan.

"It's 10 am." answered his mother.

"Yikes! I overslept!" cried Ethan.

Ethan quickly jumped out of his bed. His bedroom was fairly sparse with only a table in the center of the room. Against a nearby wall was his radio, computer, TV and bookcase. He quickly showered then changed. Ethan wore black shorts, a red jacket and of course his hat. Once ready, Ethan headed downstairs where his mother was waiting.

"Oh Ethan, our neighbor, Professor Elm, was looking for you. He said he wanted you to do something for him." said Ethan's mother, "Oh! I almost forgot! Your Pokemon gear is back from the shop. Here you go."

"Thanks." replied Ethan taking his gear.

"Pokemon gear is essential if you want to be a good trainer.

Ethan then departed from his home. Ethan made the quick trip from his home to the lab of Professor Elm. However, once he arrived Ethan saw a boy his age with red hair outside starring into the lab through a window.

"So, this is the famous Elm Pokemon lab." said the boy before noticing Ethan, "What are you staring at?"

Ethan felt like this was rude but, decided to simply walk away. He headed inside Professor Elm's lab and found said professor waiting for him. On a table nearby sat three Pokeballs.

"Ethan, there you are. I need to ask you a favor. I have an acquaintance called Mr. Pokemon. He keeps finding weird things and raving about his discoveries." explained Professor Elm, "Anyway, I just got an email from him saying this time it's real. It's intriguing but, we're busy with our Pokemon research. Can you look into for us?"

"Sure." answered Ethan.

"I'll give you a Pokemon for a partner. They're all rare Pokemon that we just found. Go on. Pick one!" said Professor Elm.

"Which one should I choose?" asked Ethan aloud to himself.

"They are the Grass type Chikorita, the Fire type Cyndaquil and the Water type Totodile." noted Professor Elm.

"I'll choose this one." said Ethan picking up a pokeball.

"You'll choose the Grass type Chikorita?" asked Professor Elm.

"Yes." answered Ethan.

"I think that's a great Pokemon too." replied Professor Elm.

"Mr. Pokemon lives near Cherrygrove, the next city. It's almost a direct route there." said Professor Elm.

"Okay." said Ethan.

"If your Pokemon is hurt, you should heal it with this machine. Oh, and here's my phone number too. Call me if anything comes up." added Professor Elm giving Ethan his number.

"I won't let you down." replied Ethan.

Ethan then turned to leave with this new Pokemon. However, a lab assistant cut him off before he could leave.

"Ethan, I want you to have this for your errand." said the assistant handing Ethan a potion.

Ethan put the potion into his potion bag and departed he headed out onto Johto Route 29. Ethan encountered tall grass on the route and soon after walking into it he ran into a wild Pidgey.

"Wow. My first Pokemon battle." said Ethan releasing his new Pokemon, "Go Chikorita! Use Tackle!"

Chikorita emerged from it's pokeball and attacked. It hit Pidgey but, didn't do much damage. Pidgey then countered with a tackle of it's own.

"Chikorita, use Tackle again!" ordered Ethan.

Chikorita again tackled Pidgey and did more damage. Pidgey used tackle again but, missed this time.

"Chikorita, use Tackle one more time!" ordered Ethan.

Chikorita again obeyed and hit a third time. This time, the wild Pidgey fainted. As a result of this battle, Chikorita moved to level 6.

Ethan continued on defeating several more wild Pokemon. Once he reached Cherrygrove City, an old man showed him around and gave him a town map. This map helped Ethan find his destination. On the way, Ethan encountered more wild Pokemon in tall grass and Chikorita grew to level 7.

"Hello? Is anybody home?" asked Ethan knocking on the door.

"Yes. Please come in." answered a voice inside.

Ethan entered the house and found two men inside. One was sitting at a desk while another man was sitting at a table.

"Hello, hello! You must be Ethan!" said the man at the table,"Professor Elm said you would visit."

"Hello Mr. Pokemon." replied Ethan.

"This is what I want Professor Elm to examine." said Mr. Pokemon handing Ethan the Mystery Egg.

"Cool." awed Ethan.

"I know a couple who run a Pokemon Day-Care Service. They gave me that egg.I was intrigued so I sent mail to Professor Elm." explained Mr. Pokemon.

"Why Professor Elm?" asked Ethan.

"For Pokemon evolution, Professor Elm is the authority. Even Professor Oak here recognizes that. If my assumption is correct, Professor Elm will know it." answered Ethan.

"Ah! So you're Ethan!" said the other man introducing himself, "I'm Oak. A Pokemon researcher."

"I know you. You're really famous." noted Ethan.

"I was visiting my friend Mr. Pokemon. I heard you were running an errand for Professor Elm, so I waited here." explained Professor Oak, "I understand why Professor Elm gave you a Pokemon for this errand. To researchers like Professor Elm and I, Pokemon are our friends."

"I feel the same." agreed Ethan.

"He saw that you would treat your Pokemon with love and care." continued Oak, "You seem to be dependable, would you like to help me out?"

"Sure." answered Ethan.

"This is the latest version of the Pokedex. It automatically records data on Pokemon you've seen our caught. It's a high-tech encyclopedia!" explained Oak giving Ethan the Pokedex.

"This is so cool." said Ethan as he admired the Pokedex.

"Go meet many kinds of Pokemon and complete that Pokedex." said Oak, "But, I've stayed too long. I have to get to Goldenrod for my usual radio show. Ethan, I'm counting on you."

"I'll do it." replied Ethan and with that Professor Oak departed.

"You are returning to Professor Elm?" asked Mr. Pokemon.

"Yes." answered Ethan.

"Then your Pokemon could use a rest." replied Mr. Pokemon who healed Chikorita, "I'm counting on you."

Ethan took back his Pokeball and left. Ethan headed to Route 29 but, he found a familiar face there. It was the same redhead he encountered outside Professor Elm's lab.

"You got a Pokemon at the lab. What a waste. A wimp like you." scoffed the redhead, "Don't you get what I'm saying?"

"I do." answered Ethan angered.

"Well, I too have a good Pokemon. I'll show you what I mean!" declared the redhead.

Trainer Silver wants to battle!

"Go Cyndaquil!" cried Silver releasing his Pokemon.

"Go Chikorita!" cried Ethan releasing his Pokemon.

"Chikorita, use Tackle!" ordered Ethan.

"Cyndaquil, use Leer!" ordered Silver.

Both Pokemon obeyed their trainers. Chikorita charged in and hit Cyndaquil with Tackle preventing it from getting off it's Leer.

"Use Tackle again!" ordered Ethan.

"Cyndaquil, use your Tackle!" ordered Silver.

Both Pokemon obeyed again and charged the other. The two Pokemon collided with Cyndaquil coming out the worse for ware.

"Finish it off with Tackle!" ordered Ethan.

Chikorita made once last charge toward Cyndaquil. It connected with it's third tackle and this time it knocked out Cyndaquil. As a result, Chikorita grew to Level 8 and learned Razor Leaf.

"Are you happy you won?" asked Silver clearly upset.

"I'm just proud of Chikorita for it's effort." answered Ethan.

"My name's Silver and I'm going to be the world's greatest Pokemon trainer." declared the redhead.

Silver then shoved Ethan out of the way while storming off. Ethan made his way back through Route 29 to Professor Elm's lab. Once he returned, Ethan discovered a police officer talking to Professor Elm.

"What's going on?" asked Ethan concerned.

"I heard a Pokemon was stolen from here. I was just getting information from Professor Elm." explained the officer.

"That's horrible." replied Ethan.

"Apparently, it was a male with long, red hair." added the officer.

"I just battled someone just like that!" exclaimed Ethan.

"Did you happen to get his name?" asked the officer.

"It was Silver." answered Ethan.

"Thanks for helping my investigation." replied the officer who left.

"Ethan, this is terrible." sighed Professor Elm distressed, "Oh yes, what was Mr. Pokemon's big discovery."

"This." answered Ethan handing over the mystery egg.

"But, this is a Pokemon egg." said Professor Elm in awe, "If it is, it is a great discovery!"

"Professor Oak was there and he gave me a Pokedex." noted Ethan.

"What?! Professor Oak gave you a Pokedex?!" asked Professor Elm amazed.

"Yeah. See." said Ethan showing Elm his Pokedex.

"That's incredible!" cried Professor Elm, "He is incredible at seeing the potential of people as trainers. Wow Ethan, you may have what it takes to become the Champion."

"Me. Pokemon League Champion." said Ethan, amazed at the concept.

"You seem to be getting along great with your Pokemon too." noted Professor Elm, "You should take the Pokemon Gym Challenge. The closest gym would be the one in Violet City."

"I'll do it!" declared Ethan.

"Okay. I'm going to Violet City." said Ethan.

"Ethan, the road will be a long one. Before you leave, make sure you talk to your mom." said Professor Elm.

"Right." replied Ethan who left.

Ethan made the short journey from Professor Elm's lab to his own home. Once back home, he told his mother about what happened and that he was going to take on the Pokemon gyms.

"So, you're leaving on an adventure." said Ethan's mother, "Okay, I'll help you too! But, what can I do for you?"

"I'm not sure." answered Ethan.

"I know. I'll save money for you. On a long journey, money's important." replied Ethan's mother.

"Thanks mom." said Ethan.

"Pokemon are your friends. Be careful." said Ethan's mother.

Ethan hugged his mother goodbye. Then he headed out to start his adventure.

A/N: Well that seems like a good stopping point to me. Sorry if this seemed dialogue heavy but, it's the start of the story so that's expected. Of course, some important stuff did happen too. I'm going to try and keep my chapter lengths around the same but, that might change. Next time, Ethan continues his adventure: notable events include encountering a certain Youngster (as well as his top-level Rattata) and his first gym battle. Please review.