Okay, since I've been getting questions as to whether Loki is coming back, the answer to that is no. When Voldemort hit Loki's mortal shell with the killing curse, he almost removed the soul of Harry Potter. The end result was that Loki, who wasn't awake just yet, absorbed what remained of Harry's soul and they merged. The current Harry is simply Loki forced to grow up as Harry without knowing who he really was until Odin brought his powers back. Harry is more or less Loki with a human's conscience. He has all the powers and abilities of an Asgardian, but with the creativity and mindset of a human.

Also, the current lead for Harry/Loki's pairing is Sif, with Natasha a strong second. I hope that clears a few things up.

Harry's first test with Sif and the Warrior's three came when news of unrest reached them from the other realms. With the recently repaired Bifrost, Harry had volunteered to join them in battle.

(He was very bored and Asgard wasn't that interesting to an Aesir who grew up there.)

Harry not only helped Thor and worked together with him, but to the shock of Thor's closest friends he used Mjolnir as a weapon...rather awkwardly because he was unused to the hammer's weight, but there mere fact he was able to lift it at all spoke volumes of his character.

Thor's beloved hammer was notorious for being very finicky about who it allowed to wield it.

There was also the fact (to the bafflement of Sif who had noticed it in the first place) that Harry was actually humming as he struck down the enemy.

When she asked Thor about it, he had laughed and said that it was something Harry had picked up from being around Tony for too long. She had no idea that Tony Stark had the habit of listening to music during fights to kill boredom. Harry had picked that up because he had spent months since the infamous trial which got the American government off Tony's case about the suit as one of his rare actual friends.

Thor had to actually drag a grumbling Harry to the victory celebrations, mostly because he knew that his brother would end up in the library if he didn't.

Harry didn't like spending time with the Asgardians. He felt that they were rather boring as a people. They were so self-assured that they were superior that they had grown complacent. There was a reason why he would rather be on Midgard, Coulson's revenge for making him a woman with a well placed prank (via Natasha's subtle dosing a cup of coffee) for an entire month notwithstanding.

Harry took Thor's no so subtle hints that he needed to loosen up with practiced grace...he dealt with Tony regularly after all.

He traded half-hearted barbs with Thor, who didn't seem to mind.

Sif however, was observing Harry. Harry, who was Loki but not.

Thor openly admitted that while Harry was in fact his brother (mostly because he was Loki in another form) he was not Loki entirely. Yet he still called him brother despite that fact.

Sif did not trust him, if only because he had been Loki before he became Harry.

Though finding out he could use the hammer had done much to at least give him the chance to prove he wasn't an evil bastard as his previous self was.

"I do believe Lady Sif has a crush on you, son," said Frigga in a tone mothers everywhere used when they were openly amused by their children. She enjoyed the fact that Harry allowed her to call him son openly, something Loki had been unwilling to do a few years before Thor was to ascend to the throne instead of him.

"I believe it's less of a crush and more of a suspicion that I am merely trying to worm my way into everyone's good graces before I betray everyone again," said Harry dryly.

"Allow your mother a few moments of self delusion please," she said amused.

"I am many things, but delusional is not one of them. Loki was a child of the worst sort, and he damaged quite a few bridges that I am only starting to repair. Tales of me using Thor's hammer, inexpertly due to inexperience, but still using it, are already circulating around Asgard. The more I act as part of Thor's group, the higher the chance people will start to open up, or at least quit shunning me behind my back," said Harry, "But, I will admit his spellwork was second to none on Asgard."

He held up a hand to stall Frigga's denial of the truth.

"I am no stranger to being the subject of idle curiosity from sheep. And thanks to the area I was banished in, I got plenty of practice learning to ignore their muttering behind my back. I find it easier to tally the bad and come up with an appropriate response later," said Harry flatly.

"Harry," sighed Frigga.

"I am called the Viper for a reason mother. A viper does not strike at the first barb, but lies in wait for the perfect moment. If the comments do not stop when I prove I am not the same man I was before, then they'll at least learn to keep their words to themselves once I unleash the full brunt of my barbs on them. Loki got a very strong taste of it on the helicarrier, and I heard from Fury that Thor had to be held back by three others because he didn't like the fact I was giving Loki a taste of cold, hard reality."

Frigga and Odin had watched the 'video' and had come out a little wiser. Harry had struck hard and deep at Loki. It had hurt Odin to see his son so broken when confronted by the truth in his own words and voice. It had also come as a nasty reminder that even the king wasn't perfect, because he had come to realize that all Loki had ever wanted was for him to show the same pride that he showed in Thor, and in the end he never even got that much.

It was little wonder Harry had only come back to Asgard as the lesser of two headaches. Or why he wasn't exactly a fan of Odin.

Harry was absolutely bored. Thor had left hours ago with his companions (he had been sleeping at the time) and he had nothing to do. On Midgard he would at least have something to occupy his time. Learning a new martial art, a new language, some new magic.

But on Asgard they had quit trying to improve and it was dead boring.

Harry hated being so stagnated.

His eyes fell on his helmet, which held the majority of his A.I. (not JARVIS, but a new one that Tony had affectionately called Gabriel after stumbling across a show called Supernatural in which Loki was actually a rogue arch angel. He rather liked it.) and an idea came to him.

He had seen the ships that most Asgardians used instead of private planes, and had wondered why they didn't have a smaller version.

He was decently versed in technology, a by-product of being around Tony in inventor mode too long, and it was more interesting than going into the library for the umpteenth time.

Mind made up, Harry immediately dove into the numerous stacks of books to find the blue prints for the original ships.

Frigga was amused at the state of her son's room. Where it had been all but dominated by random books, it now held a cursing Harry and what appeared to be parts from one of the glider ships that the guard used to get around when they didn't use horses or walked.

"May I inquire as to what is on your mind?" she asked.

"Making it smaller. I hate the fact that Asgard is so assured of it's superiority that they don't bother to invent anything new anymore," he said sourly.

Harry took his tool and started to put some of the parts together. However he found himself with a stumbling block.

He was missing a part and the only thing that looked remotely similar was too small to fit.

Hence why he was less than pleased at the moment. He didn't want the maids to clean this up by mistake, and he had a process.

"I am curious why you haven't simply enlarged the piece you require," asked Frigga.

Harry blinked. He looked tempted to bang his head against something.

"Damn wizard's stupidity must be catching..." he muttered. Snapping his fingers, the piece enlarged to the correct size he needed. It fit almost perfectly and he found the steering column working finally.

Now he needed to make it less bulky...he snapped his fingers again and the mechanism shrunk to a much more manageable size. It could fit on a small board, which had been his original intent.

Frigga had nothing better to do, so she located a free chair and piped in occasionally when he looked like he needed advice. She was no creator by any means, however this proved to be most interesting.

The old Loki wouldn't have considered creating something out of already existing technology to kill boredom.

"So what exactly sparked this?" she asked.

"Personally I blame Stark. Anyone of reasonable intelligence and free time would be inclined to make something new after several of his rather irritating invention rants," said Harry offhandedly.

Frigga decided that if she ever met this Tony Stark (someone who Thor had mentioned more than once and had clearly befriended her sons) she would thank him for being so kind to Loki.

It took Harry the better part of a week, but eventually he had a working prototype finished.

Thor, curious what his brother had been doing while he had been off killing things, took one look at the device and shook his head amused. Tony had definitely rubbed off on his brother more than he had believed. Then again he was the first human Harry had genuinely called his best friend, well out of earshot of the raving idiot of course. Jane was a good friend, but Harry and Tony tended to rub off on each other without realizing it.

"So...who wants to test it out?" he asked smirking.

Thor backed away quickly. He trusted Harry, but he wasn't going to fly that thing.

"Coward," said Harry good naturedly.

Harry firmly put his foot on the board and carefully kicked the start lever. The device hummed under his feet, but since he had spent the better part of four years flying on a broom and occasionally doing insane stunts, he was used to such things.

He carefully tested out the flying skateboard (as Tony would definitely call it once he saw it, knowing him) he found it moved fine, but it was difficult to direct with just his balance. He firmly kicked the accelerator, and the thing shot off like a rocket.

The steering column, which he had pilfered from one of the ships being repaired without anyone knowing, jerked up and flew to his waiting hand.

Harry wasn't an idiot. He knew better than to fly past a certain speed with only his feet keeping him attached. Once the board hit a certain point the manual steering 'wheel' would spring up allowing for better control.

Considering the yelp from Thor and Frigga when he performed a rough Wronski Feint, he had done too good a job. He made a somewhat smooth landing and had to deal with a worried Frigga.

"It's bad enough Thor is reckless when he's flying! What in Helheim were you thinking?" she chastised. Thor was enjoying this far too much.

"I'm thinking that I might have to tweak the steering. It's workable but the movements are far too jerky," he said evenly. He planned to ask the people in charge of repairing the current ships for advice.

Frigga didn't seem happy about that answer one bit.

"Don't tell me you plan to do that insane stunt again!" she said horrified.

An evil plan hatched in Harry's mind. One he had been dying to try ever since he saw the interactions with Loki and Frigga. Having never experienced a mother's love in Harry's body, he had savored all the instances he had felt as Loki. It was why he had picked up on the fact she genuinely cared about him.

"What if I could prove I could handle such tricks without the use of a known device or the flight suit?"

Frigga looked doubtful, though Thor seemed to pick up on the mischief he had in mind.

"You wouldn't," he said grinning.

"Oh yes I would," he answered flatly.

"Do I want to know?" she asked.

"Probably not, though it will be infinitely entertaining for me and Thor later," said Harry smirking.

Once he had some advice on how to improve his 'flying skateboard' from the engineers, he decided a prank was in order.

He went through his things and found the improved broom that had taken the place of the Firebolt four years ago. It was called the Cloudskimmer. It went twice as fast as a Firebolt and had improved charms on it.

Harry had long since found out the basic spells used to make a broom fly, along with the potion that was required.

Being obscenely rich by magical and mundane standards had it's perks.

Thor caught what was in Harry's hand and smirked. He had seen him fly once before, back before he had regained his powers and it had openly amused him that Loki, who had disliked flying because he had associated it with past experiences involving Thor and a few bad pranks, was now an open lover of the art.

Thor wasn't a fan of brooms though. Mostly because the one time Harry had let him try flying that way he had felt his manhood bounce the wrong way and caused him to be in immense pain for hours after.

Darcy had laughed herself sick when she found out what happened.

"What are those?"

"Simple prank potions that will only last for an hour. I intend to get a little payback for the idiots who've been badmouthing me ever since I came back. It won't harm them, but it will embarrass them rather badly," said Harry.

"How badly?"

"Let's just say the Son of Coul wasn't the first victim of a gender switching prank and leave it at that."

Thor laughed at the idea.

Odin was concerned about the yelling he heard, and the fact Harry hadn't been seen for hours. There was also the fact Thor was far too amused and seemed to be in on what he could only assume was a prank.

Finally he located his eldest son and demanded an explanation. Thor simply pointed up and Odin blinked in disbelief.

There, riding what appeared to be a broomstick, was Harry. And he was armed with what looked like odd potions.

"Dare I ask?"

"Payback. Not everyone is as accepting as I or mother about Loki's sudden return and change of heart, and he was bored enough to brew minor prank potions. He's simply teaching those who have been speaking ill against him a small lesson in 'learning to keep their mouths shut' according to him."

"And the broom?" asked Odin.

"Apparently the Midgard sorcerers have found a way to enchant brooms to fly with. He was introduced to the idea while he was mortal, and found that he rather liked it. When he regained his memories it managed to undo the dislike he had gained as Loki for the art."

"What is it like?"

"Interesting, though I would swear to Valhalla and back that I will never use it as a mode of transport and that riding a bucking horse is less painful," said Thor wincing.

Odin gave him a look.

Harry, having overheard that comment, floated down long enough to explain with an evil smirk.

"Thor was unlucky enough to catch a bit of turbulence and since he was unused to flying via a broom it landed in a particularly painful area. Idiot should have stayed below the cloud line like I warned him."

"I am well accustomed to flying!" said Thor hotly.

"Flying with that hammer of yours, not with a broom. You need a gentle touch to truly master broom flight, and you damn near brained yourself when you attempted to regain control and almost broke the broom I lent you," said Harry smugly...then he added "And that's not counting the sheer pain you were in when the next bout of turbulence caused the broom itself to buck under you and hit your balls in the most painful way it could."

"We agreed never to speak of that again!" said Thor.

"No, you asked that we never speak of it again after Darcy was through laughing her ass off. I never agreed to keep my silence on the matter," said Harry smirking.

Odin was chuckling at the story.