Harry and Matt managed to diffuse most of the outcry against superheroes within a matter of weeks. They worked together on a case-by-case basis, and Matt found that Harry was only snarky when he felt he was about to deal with idiots...like his brother Thor for example or the majority of the US Congress.

Harry put up with Matt's rather foolish partner, mostly because while the man was a bit of a naïve idiot he was also the only one who had been brave enough to partner with a now former blind man.

Matt had a special pair of glasses that transmitted images directly into the sensory organs of his brain, so for the first time in years he could actually see.

Because they bypassed the eyes, Matt still had his super-sensory abilities...and he had confided in Harry that he was in fact the Daredevil.

Harry hadn't cared one whit about his super identity, only with his ability to handle case work without leaving the bulk of the workload on him.

So when Matt called him in to deal with a rape charge against one of the Kingpin's worst offenders, Harry was there in a heartbeat.

Matt was loving this new partnership. The look on the defendant's face when they realized who the man hiding behind the rather dorky looking glasses was... well if he wasn't busy enjoying their expressions he would have been laughing.

Harry however was chuckling evilly as the defendant's legal team all but pissed themselves when they realized who he was. The Viper pin on his lapel gleamed silver as he waltzed up to the stand and started tearing down the man's defense.

Harry had little tolerance for murderers and none for rapists. It was a sick, depraved crime and one he was all too happy to help out if it meant putting scum like this behind bars.

By the time they left the court, the man was put into prison for the next ten years without even a chance at parole, and the defense was tearing their hair out wondering where a hooker had gotten the cash to pay for someone like Harry bloody Potter.

"I must admit, that was very enjoyable," said Harry. He had never actually gone into cases like this...he had started straight at the top and the chance to defend the little guy had never come up.

However putting people like that rapist behind bars had been particularly satisfying.

"Did you see the look on their faces when they finally realized who you were?" grinned Matt.

"Totally worth waiving my fee," cackled Harry.

"You up for breakfast tomorrow?"

"And miss on you pranking your friend? Of course I'm in!"

"You're paying," deadpanned Matt.

"Just make sure he gets the mustard instead of the honey and I'll throw in lunch," snickered Harry.


Matt only wore the glasses when he really wanted to see something. Most of the time he went without them, despite Harry's assurances that they were unbreakable. So the chance that he could prank his partner was too fun to miss up.

Harry was beside Matt while he was adding to his coffee when she walked in.

Elektra, the Greek beauty who separated herself from her father's criminal business. Very rarely did he have any prophetic visions, but he could see that Matt and Elektra would make one of the ultimate power couples. Seeing Matt prank his friend before going over to try and introduce himself, Harry grinned.

He sent a fake familiar to watch the show, and it was very entertaining indeed.

"So you impressed Elektra enough that she sent you an invite to the ball? Thank Valhalla," said Harry.


"Now I have someone to talk to while Natasha and I outclass almost everyone there," said Harry grinning.


"That reminds me, I should really introduce you to Steve. You two would likely get on pretty well, and he could definitely use a break from Tony."

"Steve as in Steve Rogers?" asked Matt.

"You a fan?"

"My dad was. Back when he first started out Steve Rogers saved my granddad, and he always loved telling people how he was the first person to meet the Captain America," said Matt.

(I'm talking about the kid who was thrown into the water in the movie.)

"Well look at the bright side...you can at least see what your girl looks like all dolled up?"

Matt perked up at that. Thanks to his new glasses (he had two pairs...one for everyday wear and one for dressing up) he could at least see what Elektra looked like without having to get wet.

Tony had already outfitted a phone for Matt when he heard about his unique skill that turned him into a living bat. All Matt had to do was tell the A.I. Tony had made to start the program and it would send out a ringtone that had been made for people under twenty that adults couldn't hear...but with Matt's super hearing he could still hear it just fine.

It was a little echo-location just for Matt. It made getting around just a little easier in quiet areas.

So the fact he was going to see Elektra all dolled up made Matt's day.

"If I could only give you my eyes for one night," whistled Matt's partner.

"No need. He has something just as good," said Harry.

Matt's partner looked to find him wearing the more classy glasses.


"You do remember how I got my start as a 'lawyer for heroes' do you not?" said Harry amused, "Magic allows Matt to see, or close enough that it doesn't make a difference."

"So why don't you wear them all the time?"

"I'm so used to being blind, I prefer not to wear them out of habit," said Matt.

His attention was almost entirely taken up by his girl, which made her very pleased.

Natasha was just happy Harry wasn't even looking in their direction, just on her.

However that quickly changed after Elektra's father spoke to the man Harry knew for a fact was the real King Pin. However he would have some difficulty proving it since he had learned it from reading the man's mind. She had been less than happy about leaving the party, but Matt was quick to follow because his super-hearing had caught something he didn't like.

"I'm surprised the infamous Viper has lowered himself to fighting for the little guys. Don't you stick to heroes?" asked the King Pin.

Harry gave him a rather pointed smile. Natasha would almost swear he had fangs that looked like a snake's instead of canines.

(He did.)

"I found myself with a rather large amount of work...too much for me to handle without going batty. So I went looking for outside help."

"Why not make your own company?"

Harry's smirk turned a bit more vicious.

"Companies make mistakes, and I dislike working with idiots. I chose Mr. Murdock solely because he was one of the rare few who was decent and wouldn't be motivated by money but by justice."

Well that and the fact Matt was a super hero himself who tried to help in ways that cops couldn't complain about didn't hurt.

Harry had liked Matt so much he had started helping to clean up Matt's home turf. If a few new homeless shelters and youth centers had started up after he had partnered up with the blind lawyer, they weren't going to brag about it.

"Justice can come in many forms."

"Matt may be blind, but his hearing makes him a human polygraph in quiet courtrooms... Besides, the looks on those their faces when they realized who Matt brought with him to cross examine the other side was hilarious," said Harry unashamed.

He had been in a trollish mood... and still was, to Tony's amusement.

King Pin gave a rather thin smile. This was someone he couldn't bully or pay off to leave him alone. Harry was notorious for being able to evade his countless stalkers and no one knew where he lived...only that it was in the US.

Harry heard about the crash the next day, and he was quick to defend Daredevil's innocence in the death of the so-called 'King Pin'.

Harry hated the press. The only real difference between the nuisance that had been Rita Skeeter and the persistent tabloid reporters that seemed to thrive on celebrity gossip was that he was allowed to sue the tabloids if they got their facts wrong.

Rita herself was currently spending the rest of her days in a nice bug sanctuary after the introduction of libel laws to the magical press.

The Daily Prophet almost had to shut down because of the sheer amount of very important people suing for all the damage they had done since employing Rita and others like her. The Quibbler, a rather amusing magazine that Harry was a long time subscriber to, had actually taken over as the top magically-run newspaper because unlike the Prophet, Luna and her father had always backed up their facts whenever they printed anything that wasn't pure fiction or speculation...and they had made sure to include a disclaimer in each issue noting which articles were pure speculation or just for laughs.

Harry had laughed evilly when he found that out.

"So how did you cover yourself when you openly defended me from the people claiming I killed him?" asked Matt. He had been curious how Harry kept the press from eating him alive.

"Simple. I remind them that I am a lawyer, not a hero. Unlike me, you spend your nights trying to keep people safe through action. I do it with words... well, that and I've never lied about my actual origins," said Harry.


"Odin's favorite punishment when his sons screw up is to force them to take mortal form, or in the case of Loki, forced him to grow up all over again to relearn some humility."

"Isn't Loki the one who set those aliens on New York?" asked Matt.

"Like I said, he had to relearn humility," deadpanned Harry.

"And what about the magic?"

"Loki was reborn to a pair of magical parents, so he didn't have to unlock his old skills the hard way. People were aware I was magical shortly after I left England, but they couldn't do anything about it because I was the one who brought the whole mess to life and I had never used a lick of magic to do it. I'm a lawyer, not someone who wants to deal with annoying super villains all damn day," said Harry flatly.

It was a statistical fact. Whenever a superhero was born, made or came into being through some weird situation, a super villain was always there to counter them within the first year. Harry had enough on his plate keeping the super heroes from being hated by the public and arranging the clean up for their fights. He wasn't about waste his time dealing with some super-powered moron who was determined to prove his worth.

He had Thor to deal with that.

Matt considered that, and conceded his point. He had two villains after him, and he had been fighting one of them for years.

"Any idea who I'm dealing with?"

"An Irish assassin named Bull's Eye. He prides himself on his accuracy, so the fact you made him miss is guaranteed to royally piss him off and make you his next target...if he doesn't go after Elektra first. If King Pin is trying to blame all his crimes on her father, he'll go after her as well."

"What are you working on now?" asked Matt, changing the subject.

"Fury sent me some files on the King Pin. Looks like he's in contact with Victor Von Doom...and there's another organization that has ties to old money and what appears to be old blood."

"But?" Matt had worked with Harry enough that he could pick up the subtle queues the other let off...and his enhanced abilities worked in his favor too.

"But some of these dummy companies have popped up in a few magical-related businesses. And I know for a fact that the King Pin only knows of the magical world from my work. And there's a recurring name in most of these. Erebus."

"And that is?"

"A rather large and irritating group of 'pure blood' vampires. They mostly try to keep their heads down...but recently there was another vampire, a turned one by the name of Deacon Frost, who took out the clan heads. So the vampires are in a bit of a disarray and it's made hunting them easier."

"How is that a bad thing?"

"I never said it wasn't. But that means that it's harder for the magical clans, who have learned how to use volunteers and magic to avoid detection from people like the hunters, to hide. At the moment there's a fine balance of power, and if something happens it would turn ugly in a hurry."

And he had been hearing some rather worrying things about a 'vampire final solution' from his informants inside the homeless shelters. Several of their number were going missing, and the number of those going to the shelter rather than risk being out in the open had jumped in the past few months.

They knew. They might be invisible, but even the most insane of them knew that something was targeting them specifically. Harry was one of the few in the know and was doing his best to keep them safe.

At this point, he was doing everything in his power to find the one called Blade. If they really were trying an end game, they would target him. Finding Blade meant that he would find the nest and end this nonsense.

Besides...they had a shared country of origin.

(Yes people, Blade is actually British according to the Marvelverse.)